New Student Life Blogger: Merina Leong

What’s up BCIT?

New Student Life Blogger - Merina Leong

My name is Merina, and I’m a second year student in Computer Systems Technology (CST). I’m excited to share with you my journey at BCIT!

Like other bloggers, I came to BCIT straight from high school with a passion for Software Development. Why software? It’s a compelling, fast-pace, team-oriented industry. Today’s emerging technologies drives curiosity to explore the technical limitations.

Fast forward to today, I’m on an 8 month internship at a tech startup in Yaletown called MediaValet, a Digital Asset Management Software as a Service company.  As a Product Owner intern, responsible for prioritizing work for the Development team, no two days of this internship are alike. With two terms of CST under my belt, I never would have imagined working with big customers around the world in a 50 person company.

Although skills specialization is a strong emphasis at BCIT, I would like to share with you my journey through the diverse software industry. From an unpaid QA, to Product Manager, software development opens many doors.

More to come! Until next time,
Merina Leong

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3 thoughts on “New Student Life Blogger: Merina Leong”

  1. It will be great to hear more about your internship experience. BTW, I am starting CST in Jan’18- super excited and nervous.

    • Hey Prabhdeep, writing a blog right now about the lessons that I learnt during the last 6 months of my internship. Let me know what you think, should be posted in a few days. I totally remember that feeling of nervousness and excitment before I started CST. Let’s grab a coffee sometime, would love to chat.


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