Hawker Jet lands at Aerospace Technology Campus

BCIT faculty, staff and students gathered at the Richmond Aerospace Technology Campus last week to celebrate the donation of a Hawker 700 corporate jet, valued at $975,000. The jet was generously donated by Jake Kerr and Jeff Mooney through the Air 700 Limited Partnership.

“With this exceptional jet, Jake and Jeff are helping to ensure our students secure the highest level of hands-on training possible,” said BCIT President, Kathy Kinloch. “[This donation] contributes to richer subject understanding and empowers students with the experiences necessary to become leaders in their field.”

The jet will serve as a impressive, hands-on training aid for all of the programs that run out of the ATC.  Aircraft Maintenance Engineering student Kevin Lee said, “As graduation nears I am confident with the skills I’ve gained at BCIT because of working on aircraft like this. To my understanding that this is BCIT’s first business luxury jet – I hope to have one of my own someday!”




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