Top 6 secrets of success at BCIT


It’s Megan, and here are some of the BCIT tips I received during my orientation that I’d like to share with you guys! Everyone has a different way that helps them succeed but these are the ways that help me keep my head on straight with a full course load!

1) Use your agenda

This one may seem like a very simple one but I highly recommend it. This helps you stay organized with all the due dates and midterms coming up (yes, I know we just started school but they are just around the corner or already here for some of us). Also it’s great that we get one for free in from the BCIT Student Association. You can find yours at the Library or in the Great Hall if you haven’t already grabbed one.

Stayed organized and keep your agenda. Also don’t forget to put the due dates into it!

2) Come Prepared

Make sure that you are always coming to class prepared with with all your class notes in one binder, writing utensils, and snacks (yes, might seem a bit weird but thats what helps me stay motivated).

3) Communication with your Classmates and Teachers

You may feel very stressed out and overwhelmed during your time here at BCIT having a full course load of seven to eleven courses, but keep in mind you are not alone. You are lucky enough to have 20 people going through the exact same thing you are.

All the teachers are very helpful at BCIT, they understand you are absorbing a lot at once. So if you need a bit of help in a subject, don’t be afraid to ask them for help or extra clarification.

4) A Good Night’s Rest

Some people are okay with functioning with about 3-5 hours of sleep a night, I’m definitely not one of them. I set aside about 8 hours of sleep when I can so I can avoid being grumpy during my morning lectures. I have to admit that I am a morning person and I don’t drink coffee to help me wake up thanks to having a good night’s rest!

If only we could all be koalas and sleep 22 hours a day. They are living the dream.

5) Pick your Battles

You will be so busy with a full course load. Sometimes things irritate or frustrate us easily since we are so busy. Some things aren’t worth your time or your stress. At times it’s just best to let it go and move on to the next thing so you can get everything done.

6) Listen to yourself

With everything going on at BCIT remember to take care of yourself, this is the one tip i’d like to focus the most about. When we leave BCIT no one is ever going to remember the 95% you got in one subject (I mean that would be impressive). You will remember whether you took care of yourself during your time here at BCIT. What I like to do when I feel overwhelmed is turn off all my communications and just do one thing I like for 30 mins to relax. After that I go right back into putting my time into studying.

If you ever feel overwhelmed just take a nice deep breath in and out. Surprisingly it does help you calm down if you continuously do it.

I hope these tips help you succeed here at your time at B.C.I.T.. Let me know if you have any tips that help you succeed that could help others.

Thanks for following my journey at my life at BCIT!

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