Suit up! It’s a Networking day

Technology Industry Days are about to happen next Monday, September 25 Room 280 & 284 at the Downtown Campus, from 4:00-6:30 p.m.

After studying so hard at colleges, many students are certainly busy with their resume and cover letters. How can we find the right career path? Networking is the next step, a stepping stone towards our future career. Why not start now?

Each month, companies receive thousands of resumes and cover letters, so human resources departments are probably overwhelmed with information. How do they know that our profile ever exists? One of the easiest ways is for students to sign up at recruitment events, but some are an expensive cost.

However, there is not much to worry as we are at BCIT now. This event is probably a good networking session for all students. Technology Industry Days may make our career change in just two hours.

Last term, the event was held on March 1st at the Burnaby Campus, with many tech students and professors who can give you a general idea about the tech industry and market. For anyone who has questions about the programs at BCIT, this is also an opportunity to meet new people, explore, and discover your abilities. Particularly, graduates seeking jobs should not miss this event.

Now, what should we prepare? Because it is kind of formal, people can wear a nice suit or formal clothes to attend. However, do not forget your resume and cover letter. Also, it is important to review your communication skills to provide a positive first impression.

I hope everyone finds something for themselves at the event!

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