Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time I was able to sleep in and stay out all night. That was a time long ago, when the sun was shining and the birds were singing.

Just remember to use those precious breaks in between classes to free up time.

With school in full swing, sometimes I wonder where all the time in the day goes and how I am able to accomplish so much. The one thing I love and hate about BCIT are the timetables. I love that I have a set timetable and I’m with the same people everyday, but I hate the breaks that occur because I would rather just go to school for 5 hours straight and go home and study.

However, I learned that those little breaks we have in between class are precious times that slip away from us. Before I would just hang out with my classmates and just kill time before the next lecture or lab. Now, instead of killing time, I free up time in the night to be able to do whatever I want. When you do your homework during the breaks it helps lessen the load a bit.

If you’re struggling with time management try this tip and see if it helps you and frees up time later in the day.

Thanks for following my journey at my life at BCIT!


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