Human Resource Management Orientation


I just wanted to give you a little update about what happened on orientation day earlier this month. Although it was a just a week and a half ago I feel like it i’ve been at BCIT for the past 2 months (time really flies here).

So before we started class we got an e-mail stating to come meet at a location so we can all grab our orientation folder and sit in a lecture hall and listen about all the opportunities we have at BCIT. It was a little nerve wracking meeting all these new people that would be in my program for the next 9 months.

We all sat in the lecture hall and got to know about joining clubs and services offered to students like JDC West, Peer Tutoring, Studying Abroad, and many more to remember. There were a couple of ice breakers that allowed us to meet the people beside us and got the conversations going in the room.

Later the room was divided into 3 groups and all got a quick tour of the BCIT campus. The student volunteer brought us to a room where the HRA (Human Resource Association) welcomed us with chocolates and a scavenger hunt around campus so we could become more familiar with it. Here was one of the hints:

You might need to relax and have a drink once in a while. Where will you go to achieve this goal?

The location was The Habitat. For those who do not know about The Habitat, it’s a cool pub on campus that serves drinks and delicious food (my favourite is the tater tot poutine).

After we finished the scavenger hunt we came back to the room and got to know about the HRA and the opportunities we have with the events they host. This marked the end of Orientation Day.

Thanks for following me on my journey at life at BCIT


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