TEC Hub at Downtown Campus launches

Walking into the newly launched TEC (Technology Education and Collaboration) Hub in the BCIT Downtown Campus is a bit like walking into the offices of a high-tech Vancouver start-up – and that’s exactly the point.

The traditional classroom model has been replaced by collaborative working spaces, break-out rooms, modular furniture, moveable walls, and flexible working areas.

Over 150 BCIT staff, faculty, students, and industry partners gathered together on Wednesday night to celebrate the launch of this high-tech space and toast to the prospect of even more skilled talent headed into this booming industry.

The TEC Hub serves as the full-time home of the Computer Information Technology program, but will soon see an influx of even more student and industry collaborations.

Computer Systems Technology faculty Bill Klug and Medhat Elmasry try out the Vive virtual technology at the BCIT Tech Hub launch.
Computer Systems Technology faculty Bill Klug and Medhat Elmasry try out the Vive virtual reality technology at the BCIT TEC Hub launch.

The next phase of the space will add 150 computing student seats and will serve as a ‘Tech Collider’ that will integrate student learning with on-site industry projects, applied research, and entrepreneurship.

President Kathy Kinloch encouraged current (and prospective!) industry partners to join us as we imagine this next phase and help us inform our plans for the future of IT learning in BC.

Hot on the heels of a very complimentary presentation by Microsoft President Brad Smith at the Vancouver Board of Trade, Edoardo De Martin, ‎Director of Microsoft Vancouver spoke to BCIT’s commitment to industry-integrated programming and how our graduates come to table with job-ready skills.

Also on-hand to say very nice things about BCIT were Greg D’Avignon President and CEO of the Business Council of BC, Kirsten Sutton, VP & Managing Director of SAP Labs Canada,  Ryan Hanawalt, President of Domain7 and Bill Tam, President and CEO of the B.C. Technology Industry Association.

Guests had the opportunity to check out the virtual reality and augmented reality technology being incorporated into BCIT curriculums, learn more about Cloud Computing, and mingle with students who were demonstrating their industry-sponsored projects. Watch the Facebook Live tour or hear from Associate Dean Bethany Edmunds about how this space is changing classroom learning dynamics.

Stay tuned to BCIT News to hear more about the growth of the TEC Hub and to learn more about BCIT Computing programs.


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