BCIT Civil Engineering degree celebrates 10 years

Photo, Civil Engineering Degree faculty, retired faculty, staff, alumni and industry gather to celebrate milestone.

In 2003, the Civil and Structural Engineering department at the BCIT School of Construction and the Environment began transitioning our two-year Diploma of Technology program into a four-year Bachelor of Engineering degree. The first graduates of this new Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering received their degrees in June 2007 and BCIT has proudly added over 200 BEng graduates to the professional workforce since that date. “Congratulations and thanks to the Class of 2007 for stepping forward to enroll in the first class of the degree,” said Paul Thurston, Program Head, Civil Engineering. “By stepping into the unknown with a then-unapproved program, you helped create the program we see today and have left a valuable legacy behind for many future engineering degree graduates of BCIT.”

Class of 2007 – the first class of the Civil Engineering degree program

Our Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering was nationally accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board in 2010. The BCIT Civil Engineering degree was the first non-university-affiliated program in Canada to receive accreditation. 2017 represents the 10-year anniversary of this respected program and is an excellent time to acknowledge all Civil Engineering BEng alumni, and particularly those from the first graduating class who put their careers on hold back in 2005 to return to the as-yet unapproved degree program.

Congratulations to all the faculty, retired faculty, staff and alumni involved!


2 thoughts on “BCIT Civil Engineering degree celebrates 10 years”

  1. Congrats on developing a really strong program (Polytechnic – University) hybrid program, hats off to you. seriously wish BCIT could be elevated to University status accreditation. Either way nice work and hopes more of your programs ascend to the status of your Civil Engineering Program.

    • Thanks, Karl. We’re really proud of the program and of the partnerships we have with our fellow post-secondary institutions. Thank you again for the kind words.


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