Trades Entrepreneurship Panel helps students build trades businesses

On May 11, over 70 trades and technical students turned out for the Just Sayin’ Trades Entrepreneur Panel, an event hosted by BCIT Student Association Entrepreneurial Services and Career Services in partnership with the BCIT School of Construction and the Environment. The esteemed panel members are proud BCIT Alumni, business owners, and instructors. Each of the panelists captivated the students’ attention as they spoke about their personal experiences and shared invaluable advice on how one can save time, money, and energy when building a business.

Students listen to panel members discuss the essentials of starting a trades business from best practices and key success factors to negotiation techniques and pitfalls and traps to avoid

“Learning more about entrepreneurship is so important for trades students because, along with traditional ‘hard skills,’ today’s tradespeople also need entrepreneurial, communication, and other ‘soft skills’,” says BCIT School of Construction and the Environment Business Development Manager Marita Luk. “Learning how to think and act like an entrepreneur is crucial to success in any career.”

Special thanks to our panelists:

Thanks also to Sara Kandathil, Entrepreneurial Services Manager, BCIT Student Association; Marita Luk, Business Development Manager, SoCE; and Craig Woods, Career Specialist, BCIT Student Association.

7 thoughts on “Trades Entrepreneurship Panel helps students build trades businesses”

  1. I for one, think there needs to be much more available education of entrepernial info, for trades graduates. As I’m a TRU Heavy Equipment Operator, I find it difficult to obtain employment in the field. My operator experience is extensive, & even with earned certificates from T.R.U school of trades & technology, the more trudge along on my search, it is gittin more plain to me that,,, I probly would be working sooner if I started my up my own company, & created a successful company, that gives some or hopefully a lot of newb ppl who earned Operator & heavy construction certificates a place to git those all important apprentice hours needed to get that “Trainee” word off of there certificates.
    I have this idea, & I just want to be working, & a secret joy I have found now that I’m a bit more matured, is; I love helping people.
    It’s not the fear that holds me back, it’s mostly that I just don’t have the knowledge, of where to begin, but??? As a newb certificate earner, I’m certain that if I had more small business “savvy”, I could be helping newbs, & completing contracts successfully, a few years ago if I had more entrepreneurship knowledge.

    Just want to help people be what they trained for,….Wayne a Tomma.

    • Hi Wayne

      I love your mindset! We need more trades people out there with a passion for helping people.

      Definitely take a look at what the course I teach has to offer. I think that there is a lot in it that could help you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have or if you just want to chat.


  2. As an Apprentice Electrician who plans to have his own business as soon as I get my ticket the course that Chad is teaching sounds perfect. It doesn’t hurt that Chadd Flinn is one of the best instructors in the electrical building.


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