Singing in the skies—a BCIT alumna writes about being a pilot

It’s International Women’s Day and Women of Aviation Worldwide Week, so we thought we’d give some props to one of our pilots.

Jamie Sedawie is an alumna of the Airline and Flight Operations program. In 2008, she became one of the first students to graduate from BCIT Aerospace Technology Campus.

“Jamie is one of those individuals making her mark as a pilot, and even more importantly she is a young woman in a male dominated field,” says Cheryl Cahill, Chief Instructor of Aviation Operations at BCIT.

Since graduating, Jamie has wracked up more than 2500 hours of flight time. Her first job out of school was as a jump pilot at Pacific Skydivers (now called Vancouver Skydive). She then went on to Orca Airways, where she flew cargo, scheduled and charter flights. After that, she moved to the British Virgin Islands to work for Island Birds, a charter company.

“It was amazing,” reminisces Jamie. “Being a pilot allows me to travel, which is why I became one in the first place. I’ve had the opportunity to see untouched land and meet interesting travelers.”

She has since come home to BC. An experienced aerial survey pilot, Jamie now works at Peregrine Aerial Surveys as a Training Captain.

“I have a passion for flying because it feels like it’s a different world when you’re in the sky. It’s a completely different experience than anything else. It’s very freeing. You take off and immediately feel this calming affect,” she says. “And happiness,” she adds. “I always feel happy when I take off.”

Happiness and calm are feelings she also gets through her hobby—music. “My personal meditation is music,” she says. “I’ve been singing and playing and writing since I was a kid.”

Below is a song Jamie wrote. Written at the time of her graduation, it’s about learning how to fly and her experience at BCIT. It speaks to the 300 nautical miles she had to fly during her training.

“This song reminds me about my experience at BCIT and going through the process of figuring things out and exploring this new world,” says Jamie. “BCIT was an adventure that has obviously turned into a long-term career. The greatest benefit, I think, of studying at BCIT was the connections I made. I still talk to many of my classmates. There’s a trust there. We want one another to succeed. It’s about picking each other up and carrying each other along.”

Congratulations and happy travels, Jamie!


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