Troitsky Bridge Competition Update

Popsicle sticks.. Everywhere. I see them in my sleep, find them in my bag, I can’t escape these small wooden boards.

Why? Because myself and six other 4th year Civil Engineering students are competing in the 2017 Troitsky bridge building competition!

For this competition we need to build a bridge out of only popscicle sticks, glue and dental floss.  Since the old design of an A-Frame bridge has been banned this year (unsafe failures) we decided to go with a glue-lam arch design.  The image below is similar to our planned design.

We’re about 3/4 done building the arch and have laid nearly 6000 popsicle sticks! Each stick needs to be cut to trim off the rounded ends.

We should have the final part of the last arch done soon. Then it’s on to joining each piece and braiding dental floss.
Check out the update video below! It gives a good feel for the late nights we’ve been putting into this.

The competition is March 3rd-5th in Montreal at Concordia University. It looks like we’re competition against 60 other teams from engineering programs across Canada

Wish us luck!




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