Thank you, from Team JDC West

This past weekend, a group of BCIT students competed in JDC West—Western Canada’s largest annual undergraduate business competition. It was the first time a polytechnic has entered the contest. They faced about 600 students from 12 of Western Canada’s top-tier business schools. The team was made up of 34 School of Business degree students, all with varying diploma backgrounds (Marketing, HR, Accounting, Operations Management, Finance, etc.). While we can’t yet tell you how they placed, we can confirm they came back exhausted and proud. They’ve asked to post the following thank-you letter, giving special props to faculty advisors Jennifer Figner and Nitasha Naicker.

The BCIT team gathers for a group shot at the end of the weekend.

This weekend, our team at JDC West made BCIT history. Coming into a competition with well-seasoned competitors is never easy, but our teams held their own and made BCIT proud.

Sending only a half delegation in the first year, BCIT delegates competed in 5 academic disciplines (Accounting, Taxation, Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing), as well as Debate, Athletics, and Social aspects of the multifaceted JDC West business competition.

The feedback we received from judges, faculty and candidates was that BCIT was the missing link in the existing prestigious competition – coming in with only half a delegation and proving to be equal contenders. This was evident not only by displaying high academic competency, but by demonstrating teamwork and school spirit that was second to none. Most definitely a weekend of a lifetime!

We want to thank everyone who was involved with supporting and sending the BCIT JDC West team to Edmonton, including faculty, volunteers, and the student executive team. We would like to especially thank our faculty advisors, Nitasha Naicker and Jennifer Figner, who worked tirelessly alongside with the executive team for months to prepare the team and ensure that the team would have the support framework needed to compete in Edmonton.

Other faculty who have continually supported this initiative include Harj Dhaliwal, Jennifer Kerr, and Tim Edwards!

Testimonial from BCIT delegate, Tammana Pandher:

My experience at JDC West was tremendously exciting and overwhelming. I had the chance to compete with top-class students and also had the chance to showcase what skills BCIT has taught me. I had the opportunity to meet top executives, students from other universities, and meet students I never would have otherwise spoken to from BCIT. Over the course of the weekend, the team and I shared tears, laughs, and most importantly, we shared in each others’ successes. We went into this with the mindset that we were there to show what we’ve got; through networking events, presentations, and interactions with other students, I am more than confident that we put BCIT on the map and showed the top schools that we are a force to be reckoned with. I truly look forward to working with the future BCIT teams and getting the chance to show the skill, class, and intelligence of our institute.”

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  1. Congrats Team BCIT! As an Alumni, I’m proud of what you achieved and know that you can match even the highest levels of competitors! I’ve proven that again and again over the course of my career….we have been taught to think outside the “box” and indeed, that works! Madeline (class of ’79)


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