Computing welcomes new Associate Dean Dr. Bethany Edmunds

We’re happy to announce that Dr. Bethany Edmunds is taking the helm of BCIT Computing as its new Associate Dean.

Bethany has been at BCIT for almost seven years, most recently as the Program Head for the Computer Information Technology (CIT) Diploma. While overseeing CIT, Bethany initiated and planned the relocation to the Downtown Campus, and the upcoming move into newly designed state-of-the-art modular learning space. The reinvention of its teaching facilities comes with an overhaul of teaching methodology in CIT, enabling a more individualized educational experience. Watch her explain further in the video below.

Bethany did her undergraduate and graduate degrees in the United States, most recently graduating from Rutgers university with a Ph.D. in machine learning.

Collaborating with researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University, and the University of British Columbia, Bethany has authored numerous publications on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

She has been a champion of getting girls into technology—presenting at events like Microsoft DigiGirlz Day—and, as a co-organizer of the 2007 international Women in Machine Learning Workshop, keeping them in tech.

“It’s an exciting time to be in both computing and education, with both fields evolving considerably,” asserts Bethany. “I look forward to furthering our student-centered learning experience, and to working with the growing tech industry in BC and beyond.”

Bethany is a versatile educator with extensive experience and success in design and development of software technologies and programs, and is a great asset to BCIT Computing and the high-growth sector it supports. Steve Eccles, Dean of the School of Computing and Academic Studies, spoke to the impact of Bethany’s appointment and what it means to BCIT’s plan to support students, and BC’s rapidly expanding tech sector.

“At a time when increased access to highly skilled computing and tech talent has never been more important to our industry partners, Bethany is bringing proven expertise and leadership to BCIT’s expansion strategy,” explains the dean. “She’s a brilliant teacher, mentor, industry partner and  innovator and, most of all, she’s a collaborator. Bethany will accelerate our plans to further increase our intake of students, and that means more highly qualified, BCIT-standard grads who can meet the expectations of our tech sector partners. All we hear from employers is that they want more BCIT grads—Bethany, simply put, will make that happen”.

Special thanks to Dr. Dean Hildebrand who oversaw Computing for a number of years in addition to his continuing role as Associate Dean for Forensics and Science.


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