Newlywed alumni include BCIT in their love story — and wedding shoot

Ares Lee and Michelle Sun pose outside the Gateway building at the Burnaby Campus.
Ares Lee and Michelle Sun pose outside the Gateway building at the Burnaby Campus

It was a sight that turned heads.

We see a lot of different fashion choices on the BCIT Burnaby Campus—but this might have been the first wedding dress.

On August 21st, newlyweds Ares Lee and Michelle Sun, both grads from the Computer Systems Technology Diploma program, posed on campus for wedding photos.

“We have had so much sweet memories at BCIT and want to reserve them in our wedding pictures,” says the groom.

“What a wonderful story,” says Steve Eccles, the Dean of the BCIT School of Computing and Academic Studies. “Although our reputation is built around graduating successful students, perhaps we should market BCIT as a Plenty of Fish kind of service which also offers a brilliant educational experience at the same time!”

Ares says this love story is an international one.

“Michelle and I both started in BCIT’s CST Diploma in 2009, back home in the Tianjin Sino-German University of Applied Sciences*,” says Ares.

Ares and Michelle pose outside Maquinna Residence.
Ares and Michelle pose outside Maquinna Residence

The Chinese university is a BCIT partner school.

“[But],” he adds, “it wasn’t until 2011 when we started to get to know each other in the Summer Camp organized by BCIT International.”

Ares has high praise for the international partnership program in Tianjin.

“Instructors like Feng Sun and Fuqiang Qiao taught us very solid and practical technical skills, which were valuable for my further education in the BTech program,” he says. “As well, English instructor, Ronghai Lei, helped us gain the competency and confidence needed in the language to study abroad.”

Both students completed their diplomas in 2011, when they decided to come to Vancouver to further their education. Michelle opted for a business diploma at Douglas College. Ares came to BCIT’s main campus, where he completed his Bachelor of Technology in Computer Systems, specializing in Games Development.

“We are very grateful for all the guidance, support and encouragement from BCIT faculty and staff,” says Ares.

I especially want to thank CST instructor, Medhat Elmasry, for being our long-time mentor and friend since when we were in China; Director of BCIT International, Tracy Wang, for introducing us to the CST program in Tianjin and helping us with the logistics of coming to study in Canada; BTech Program Head, Elsie Au; and Games Option instructor, Borna Noureddin, for the valuable guidance on my education and career; as well as instructor, Aaron Hunter for being my subject matter expert who guided me in my capstone project!”

“And,” he adds after some thought, “we also want to say thank you to Steve Eccles and Dean Hildebrand for being dedicated to improving international student experience.”

“Looking back,” he adds, “we have had a truly wonderful BCIT experience – in both China and Canada!”

Congratulations to both alumni for beginning their lives together!

* previously known as  Tianjin Sino-German Vocational Technical College
(Thanks to Shebia Leung and Medhat Elmasry for the story!)

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