BCIT computing student helps disrupt the online entertainment space

BCIT student, Nathan Miles, is making the most of his summer co-op placement.

The second-year Computer Systems Technology student landed a coveted spot with online distribution start-up dotstudioPRO. The much-lauded company has given Nathan hands-on experience in the emerging industry. For example, he’s got to help launch the company’s major new initiative for online content creators —  the mySPOTLIGHT.TV Video Competition.

The competition is exciting because it facilitates monetization — getting paid — for every single creator who enters right from the very first video view.

The creator with the most video views or VOD purchases will be crowned the winner. Prizes include an $1000 cash prize, a one hour session with the Robert Kosberg, founder of Moviepitch.com — a man known in Hollywood as the “King of the Pitch,” a feature in the digital issue of Talent Magazine, and an Apple TV4.

dotstudioPro is a Vancouver-based start-up that calls itself  the next evolution of video distribution. It helps creators control their content and build their brand. Its goal is to disrupt the online entertainment space.

Nathan Miles at work in the dotstudioPRO offices in Yaletown.
Nathan Miles at work in the dotstudioPRO offices in Yaletown.

With a passion for coding and revolutionary technology, the company has been a great fit for Nathan.

“Choosing dotstudioPRO was simple,” he says. “It was easy for me to see that the company was not only up-and-coming, but constantly innovating and truly disrupting the digital distribution space. The people were also extremely inviting and made me feel very comfortable; I really like the company culture.”

Nathan says he appreciates being part of a company that gives him autonomy, trusts him to correspond directly with clients, and allows him to learn on the fly.

For its part, dotstudioPRO is thrilled to have Nathan on board, too. Selena Paskalidis, the company’s Chief Financial Officer, came to the BCIT Open House to seek out top students.

“We love having BCIT students work with us,” says Paskalidis. “All the students are equipped with practical and transferable skills that can be easily applied in the work environment. They have learned the latest technology languages, and are up to date with the frequently changing tech industry. Nathan is no different.”

Nathan agrees BCIT has prepared him for the role.

“The skills I learnt in school were the perfect platform to allow me to thrive in such a fast paced technical environment,” he says. “At BCIT, we were consistently challenged and pushed to our absolutely limits, whether that was with our heavy course loads or difficult assignments. BCIT taught me how to properly manage my time, to work hard and to never give up, all things I have applied here with dotstudioPRO.”

The mySPOTLIGHT.TV competition runs until August 3rd. 

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