New program to help engineers and electricians build renewable energy careers

BCIT is proud to announce the new advanced certificate in Renewable Energy Electrical Systems Installation and Maintenance (REESIM).

The program has already garnered a lot of interest from prospective students. Renewable energy is a growth sector. Technological advances in the area have moved from the theoretical to industry.

There is a demand for engineers and electricians who know how to work with these emerging technologies. A trained workforce is needed now — men and women who can install, commission, repair, and maintain the new equipment.

This program will help established professionals expand into this area.* Aimed at working engineers and electricians, the program is offered in a part-time studies format. Graduates will be ready to step into the renewable energy sector as installation and maintenance experts.

REESIM is designed for people who enjoy change and adapting to new technology. It emphasizes hands-on, practical training.

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*Please note, entrance into the program is reserved for electricians or engineers with Canadian Electrical Code training.

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