BCIT dedicates mining lab to benefactor

The John Salisbury Mining Lab and the John Salisbury Memorial Endowment will support future students

For immediate release: April 12, 2012

BURNABY, BC: The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is proud to announce the naming of the John Salisbury Mining Lab, in recognition of the significant gift from Mr. Salisbury to BCIT which establishes the John Salisbury Memorial Endowment.

Before his passing in 2011, Mr. Salisbury generously donated one million dollars to BCIT for the creation of an endowment. This endowment will provide important awards and bursaries supporting students in the Mining and Mineral Exploration Technology program and provide funding for various activities, including key field trips. In addition to this donation, he also left a significant portion of his estate to BCIT, which will also go towards supporting programs and students.

Mr. Salisbury’s legacy will continue grow and make a significant impact, not only on current and future BCIT students, but it will also support the School of Construction and the Environment – the school overseeing mining programs at BCIT.

“We are honored to name a mining lab after alumnus John Salisbury,” said Robert Stevens, Associate Dean, School of Construction and the Environment (Natural Resources) at BCIT. “His passion for the mining industry is very encouraging for students, and his desire to support the lives of future students is truly inspirational. Due to the strong demand for our grads in this industry, Mr. Salisbury’s donation will significantly support the growth of the Mining and Mineral Exploration Technology program at BCIT.”

Throughout his life, Mr. Salisbury had several business ventures within British Columbia and had experience working in plumbing and auto wrecking. He was also previously trained as a paratrooper in World War II. He was inspired to continue his mining hobby by BCIT instructor Alfred “Moose” Manifold, even when his career took him in other directions.

Mr. Salisbury, described as a private man by those close to him, wanted to ensure he made a difference in the lives of BCIT students. With the endowment and proceeds from his estate, the positive impact will be felt for years to come.

For more information, please contact Christina Minton, Media Relations Coordinator at 604-456-1217 or at christina_minton@bcit.ca.


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