The Department

We are a department of women and men who share an interest in the application of mathematics to technology. (Click here to see the faculty list.) We come from a variety of backgrounds such as engineering, physics, chemistry (and in some cases even mathematics ;-). Most of us have worked in industry and have used mathematics in technology and our goal now is to teach it to our students.

Our responsibilities

Our department is responsible for teaching mathematics courses to full-time students in almost all of the programs in the School of Energy, the School of Health Sciences and the School of Construction and the Environment..

We are also responsible for ensuring up-to-date mathematics curricula for these programs.

We differ from most other programs at BCIT in that we do not offer a program in mathematics; rather we offer courses in mathematics to prepare students for their other technology courses and for their future careers.

Our relationship with other departments within BCIT

In our interactions with the rest of the BCIT and the external community we are represented by our program and department head, Andrew McConnell.

We are part of the School of Computing and Academic Studies together with the departments or programs of:

The Dean of our school dean is Steve Eccles and our Associate Dean is Patricia Sackville. Our administrative support is Judy Dahl.

The Mathematics Department is not the only group that teaches mathematics at BCIT. The Operations Management Department teaches business mathematics and the School of Part-Time Studies teaches mathematics through part time courses and correspondence courses.

Math Department

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