Reviews and Features

DSC_9875Our Evolutionaries tackle a wide variety of topics with our features, reviews, documentaries opinion pieces.

  • Documentaries – Docs are integral in hearing the in-depth details of a story. Through research, sound, interviews and editing, our Evolutionaries share the stories of people, places and groups, locally and around the world.
  • Free Pass – Ever wonder how good (or bad) something is before you take the time to see for yourself? Our Evolutionaries review movies, plays, concerts, restaurants, albums, exhibits and more – and give you the straight goods on whether or not you should bother.
  • Our Planet Earth – Find out about important environment and sustainability issues! Our Evolutionaries chat with leading campaigners and experts to explore topics about our environment from your own backyard to issues affecting the entire globe.
  • Plugged In – Technology is constantly changing and it’s sometimes hard to keep up! Listen as our Evolutionaries find out what’s new, popular, cutting edge, weird, educational, entertaining or just plain interesting in mobile apps, web technology, social media, gaming, electronics and more.
  • Soap Box – If you want to hear a thought-provoking, intelligent point of view, then Soap Box is for you! Our Evolutionaries express their opinion, supported – of course – by facts and solid research.