Musical things to do This Weekend

It is finally Friday, for most of us the work/school week is coming to an end. If you do not have any weekend plans yet, it is not too late to go and see some excellent live music, in some cases for free.

Mariana’s Trench Live in Stanley Park

Popular Vancouver Pop / Rock band Mariana’s Trench is live at the Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park tomorrow night, the 18th, at 7:00. The band has only played one show since January 2020 and will be excited to get back on stage, especially following the news of their 2015 album Astoria hitting platinum status during the week. You can find our more about this show and the band here.


An Orchestral Tribute to Daft Punk

Concept Eventz and Alternative Symphony have teamed up to bring Daft Punk to life on stage once again. After the duo announced they were finished together six months ago, this is the content fans have been craving. A live orchestra, including everything from violins to DJs and singers, will perform a collection of Daft Punk’s greatest hits in the Imperial on Saturday night at 8:30pm. Find more information on the event here.

Fourth Annual Monstercat Comound

The fourth annual Monstercat Compound is set to take place, rain or shine, in Railtown on Saturday. The event will feature two stages, 16 different artists and groups, food trucks, beer gardens, video games and more, all for free! You only need to RSVP on the Monstercat  website to gain yourself a spot in this all day block party. For more information on the event, click here.

Sound Sculptures

Local musician Ben Brown has made it his goal in the last year to learn how to play Vancouver as his instrument, and his work is coming to a head in a series of free live performances. For four weeks, Ben will drum on four different sculptures, statues and landmarks around the city, accompanied by live dancers. Last week was show #1, this Sunday afternoon will be show #2 at The Gate to the Northwest Passage at 3:00. For more information on Ben and his show, click here.

Mariana’s Trench Concert Tomorrow: Tickets Still Available!

Mariana’s Trench is live in Stanley Park tomorrow night, you haven’t missed out yet, tickets are still available!

Mariana’s Trench is a Vancouver based Pop Rock band who have found international stardom in the past 20 years. The band has not played a concert together since October 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and related restrictions. The band’s last live show before October was in January 2020, also due to pandemic restrictions. After almost a full year away from the stage, the band and their fans are excited to see them back in action, starting in their home town Vancouver.

This concert is coming just two days after their 2015 album ‘Astoria’ officially went platinum, having sold one million copies. Likely to be in high spirits because of this news and being back on stage, this could be a concert to remember. Ticketmaster still has tickets available for the Malkin bowl show Saturday night, the band has suggested “bringing a trench coat, just in case” the weather is not ideal but the show must go on, rain or shine.

The band has not announced any other plans to play in Vancouver, the lower mainland, or BC in the near future as they begin to schedule shows again. While it looks as though Alberta is off the table, the rest of the world is itching for live entertainment, and it may be some time before they loop back home.

Bublé’s ‘Christmas’ Album to get 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Michael Bublé is one of Canada’s most famous musicians, and one of Vancouver’s most famous people. He has had multiple albums chart #1 in Canada and around the world since his debut album in 2003. One of those albums was ‘Christmas’ which will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. This is his most successful album to date, selling over 15-million copies.

‘Christmas’ was announced yesterday to have a deluxe edition coming out in November. The album will release on its own as well as alongside a “Super Deluxe” limited edition box set on both vinyl and CD, as well as digitally on all major streaming platforms. There will be an additional seven track CD included in the deluxe edition with three newly released songs: “The Christmas Sweater,” “Let It Snow,” and “Winter Wonderland” which is a duet with Rod Stewart.

The box set also includes a 48 page hardcover book said to contain “a personal letter from Michael, a numbered lithograph; behind-the-scenes ‘The Making of Christmas’ DVD; an exclusive Christmas Ornament, and Christmas Wrap and Cards set,” according to Michael’s official website.

The collection is set to release on November 12th in Canada and the United States, and November 19th everywhere else in the world. You can find more information on the album and preorder

Fourth Annual Monstercat Compound this Weekend – For FREE!

The sun is setting earlier, the nights are getting cooler, summer is in our rearview mirror. The days of outdoor concerts and festivals are coming to a close for the season, it is time to get your last kicks in now or forever (a couple months) hold your peace.

On Saturday, September 18th the fourth annual Monstercat Compound is set to take place. Live music, food trucks, beer gardens, and other activities are going to turn Railtown into a day long block party.

With two stages to choose from, the artist lineup is as follows: on the Monstercat stage: The Funk Hunters, Tony Romera, Sabai, Eminence, OBLVYN, Rylan Taggart, and Sam Steele. On the Westwood Recordings stage: Defunk, Jessu and Pyka, Kotek, Case of the Mondays, Shylow, Sivz, and SoSus.

On top of the huge selection of music over the seven hour festival, there will also be an assortment of places to eat and drink, carnival games, and The Gaming Stadium will be providing a gaming zone, including Rocket League, Just Shapes and Beats, Street Fighter, and Mortal Combat.

If you are interested in more than just the party and the festivities, but the artists and their processes, there will be two live panels to attend before the festival put on by all local artists and those in the industry. The first at 11:30am: Follow Your Career Compass – Path to Professionalism in the Music Industry, with panelists Ariel Swan (of Slow Jam Sundays), OBLYVN, Jon Winter, and SoSus. The second at 12:30pm, NFTs x Music: Leveraging New Media, with panelists Fvckrender, Baeige, Nick Middleton (of Midnight Agency and Westwood Recordings), smeccea and Victor Mosquera.

Once again, all of this is absolutely free to attend. All you have to do is RSVP for free online, which you can do here. You can also find out more information on the festival on their main website here.


Dua Lipa is Vancouver Bound!

Announced yesterday over an Instagram post, pop sensation Dua Lipa is headed to Vancouver as the final show of her North American Future Nostalgia spring tour!

Future Nostalgia, Lipa’s second album, found incredible success over the last couple years. The album’s first single “Don’t Start Now” peaked at number two on the billboard hot 100 chart, only behind “Dance Monkey” by Tones and I. The album was the top of the charts in fifteen countries, was top ten in sixteen more, and was the most streamed album on Spotify in the year 2020. She also won the 2021 Brit Award for British Album of the Year.

In a press release to her fans regarding the tour, Lipa says: “When I was writing Future Nostalgia, I imagined the songs being played in clubs on nights out with your mates. I’m so excited that this fantasy is finally coming true. I can’t wait to experience these songs with you together live!”
Vancouver is the final stop on the 28-city tour, and only one of three Canadian cities on the list. She will be here on April first, tickets go on sale this Friday, September 17th. You can find your tickets to the show right here when they become available.
The tour will also feature Megan Thee Stallion, Caroline Polachek, and Lolo Zouaï.

Next Week: VSO presents Back to the Future Live!

Back in the early days theatre, when films were silent and Charlie Chaplin was king, going to the movies was a much different experience. Patrons would dress to the nines, tickets were expensive, and an orchestra would play the track of the film live below the screen. Next week, from September 23-25, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra is taking us BACK (heh) to those days with Back to the Future in Concert!

Fire up your DeLorean and take it back to 1985 in a brand new way. Attendees will watch the movie on the big screen in the iconic Orpheum as the orchestra plays Alan Silverstri’s masterpiece soundtrack in time with the film!

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra is entering its 103rd season this fall after surviving 20 months without a single show due the covid-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions. The Back to the Future show will be their second show back following a gala performance on September 18th. You can find tickets to either or both of these events here, prices range from 35-110 dollars.

This is a great opportunity to get dressed up and get out of the house with friends or a date, opportunities that we have largely been denied over the last year and a half. This is an excellent way to revisit a timeless classic with a great soundtrack, or, if you have been living in a hole, an incredible way to experience the movie for the very first time.

The September 23rd and 24th shows, Thursday and Friday, both kick off at 7:00pm. The Saturday show on the 25th is a matinee, starting at 2:00pm. This is a one time event, so don’t miss out!

Mariachi band to tour Vancouver on Mexican Independence Day

Canadian / Mexican Mariachi band Mariachi Las Dorados is set to tour downtown Vancouver on Wednesday, September 15, Mexican Independence Day. The tour includes five venues between 7:00 and 11:30:

7:00pm Tequila cocina Granville st
8:30pm Mezcaleria commercial dr
10:00pm Lucha libre 722 Nelson st
11:00pm Mangos Restaurant Howe st
11:30pm Level night club 560 Seymour st
Mariachi Las Dorados last played in Calgary last weekend:

The band has been together and touring since 2003 and is recognized as Canada’s premiere mariachi band. They had a featured performance in the Vancouver Olympic games, as well as two of Calgary Stampede events.

The band has three albums out now, “Guadalajara,” “Si Tu Te Vas”  “Los Dorados.” The third album is a smaller compilation featuring ten tracks. On their website they are teasing a fourth album, perhaps a sneak peak could be coming on Wednesday?

Also on the website, no upcoming events. This could mean this week could be the last chance for a while to see the group perform live.

Local Percussionist makes Vancouver his Instrument

Everyone can relate to the child banging away on pots and pans in the kitchen trying to make something musical. Or, more likely just something loud and annoying. The joy of drumming and experimenting with new sounds is engrained in human culture for as long as it has been recorded, and a local artist is taking it to the streets for the next step of this musical evolution.

Musician Ben Brown has made it his mission to play Vancouver as his instrument this year, titling this project “Sound Sculptures,” and his work is coming to its finale this month. Brown has selected four public structures to play like a percussion instrument: Dragon Skin Pavilion (UBC), Gate to the Northwest Passage (Kitsilano), Solo (Coal Harbour), and The Swimmer (Vancouver Aquatic Centre).

Brown’s journey to explore the “playability” of the city is at its climax after practicing on and learning the ins and outs of these structures for nearly a year. He is now playing four live shows, one every Sunday at one of each of the four structures he has learned to play. His first performance was yesterday, the 12th at the Dragon Skin Pavillion. Footage of his work is already available on his instagram @benbrownsounds

Ben’s next show will take place on Sunday the 19th at the Gate to the Northwest Passage at 3:00pm. The show will also feature a live dance performance from two local studios, All Bodies Dance and Dancing the Parenting. This event is free to attend and is an incredibly creative and unique way to spend a Sunday afternoon. For more information on Ben and the event, check out his website here.

THIS WEEK: A Live Orchestral Tribute to Daft Punk

In February of 2021, popular electronic band Daft Punk announced they were finished as a band after 28 years together.

This news was heartbreaking to many lifelong fans, the end of an era. These fans have spent the better part of 2021 looking back on the band’s legacy, and Vancouver fans will have an incredible opportunity to enjoy the band one last time on Saturday, September 18th.

Live at the Imperial, Concept Eventz and Alternative Symphony present an orchestral rendition of Daft Punk’s greatest hits. The event will kick off at 8:30pm, and will feature a wide range of musicians, from trumpets to DJs, coming together to pay tribute to the legacy of Daft Punk. Everyone preforming on stage are daft punk fans, an authentic and quality experience can be expected. Tickets are still on sale for $60 each, proof of vaccination will be required at the door. Obviously, being a tribute event, Daft Punk themselves will not actually be present.

On February second, 2021, the Daft Punk duo announced they were splitting up via an eight minute YouTube video titled “Epilogue.” To date, no reason has been given as to why they have decided to go their separate ways after 28 years. Songs like “Get Lucky,” “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger,” “One More Time,” and “Around the World” have become culturally iconic during the bands run. All of these songs and more can be expected to make an appearance live at the Imperial this weekend. You can find tickets here, get them fast as attendance is limited due to covid restrictions.

Cryptocurrency Mining: a Pandemic Discovery for Some.


andrew binetter / flickr

Almost everyone has tried something new over the pandemic. Some people picked up a new hobby, some a new interest, others assembled supercomputers to to mine cryptocurrency. Different strokes.

Taylor Braet, a BC native, discovered the world of cryptocurrency when investigating the stock market earlier in the pandemic and realized he may have a buck to be made. Since, he has been using it to help make up for the job he lost due to the pandemic.

“How it started out was a friend asked me if I was interested in stock market trading. I gave that a whirl and that didn’t really work out and I realized what the crypto market has been doing. I crunched the math and realized, wow, I could make a little bit of money doing this.”

Braet started to look deeper into the crypto market and it was not long before he was building his own computer to mine with.

“If you can get into it, the sooner the better. The problem right now is [that] the market of graphics cards is through the roof, semiconductors are through the roof right now. If you can find graphics cards for cheap, have at it. My initial investment was for 10 cards was 6-thousand dollars that I bought second hand off someone.”

Still upgrading and adding graphics cards to his computer, Braet has spent an estimated $20 000 on parts. He is making the equivalent of a minimum wage job off his operation and is reinvesting back into the machine.