Uncle Tetsu Grand Opening Draws Big Crowd at Metrotown

Hundreds of eager shoppers lined up to get a taste of Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese cheesecake Friday as the store celebrated its grand opening.

Despite the long wait, patrons were in high spirits.

We’ve been in line for 3 hours. We saw it on Instagram and it just looked so jiggly and fluffy that we had to try it. I was in Toronto a month ago and I had it and it was really good. There’s an Uncle Tetsu in Toronto, it’s amazing, and I guess I just wanted to check it out. It’s like angel food cake but it’s like really moist.

Located at Metrotown mall, this is the first Uncle Tetsu to open in BC.

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Squamish Chief Ian Campbell hopes to become first Indigenous mayor of Vancouver

Ian Campbell, the Squamish hereditary chief, has recently announced intentions to run for mayor for the city of Vancouver.

Campbell’s campaign manager, Ginger Gosnell-Myers says the potential to have the Chief from the Squamish nation run for mayor is tremendously exciting.

Mr. Campbell is aware of the needs of Vancouverites in regards to affordable housing, in regards to the strain the downtown east side community is facing. He’s getting some sense of what people would like to see and what he can do to help alleviate a lot of the stresses that people are feeling right now.

If elected Campbell would become Vancouver’s first Indigenous mayor.

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Vancouver Cannabis Dispensaries May Be Forced to Change Suppliers

City council is discussing a potential motion that will require dispensaries in Vancouver to carry cannabis grown by federally licenced producers.

At this time it is reported that the majority, if not all, dispensaries, licensed and unlicensed, obtain their cannabis supply from producers that are not regulated by Health Canada.

Rachel Costales, a local dispensary employee, shared her thoughts on the situation.

It really depends on your resources, like you have to know your people, and like obviously trust is a big thing with that too right, like we’re selling their product right? So it’s like we have to know what’s in it and what’s going on. Our stuff is tested and stuff like that, so- and we’re not even with the government.

If the motion’s approved, council staff are to report recommendations to strengthen requirements in licensing dispensaries by this coming July.

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Year of the Queer

2018 marks the celebration of significant anniversaries for 15 LGBTQ community organizations in Vancouver and a staff report at Tuesday afternoon’s council meeting recommended the city recognize the contributions made by these organizations.

One such organization on Davie Street, celebrating 35 years of business, is the Little Sisters Bookstore.

Abby Hipolito has been with Little Sisters for more than ten years and expressed her thoughts on the stores 35th anniversary.

We’re very honoured to be part of the Year of the Queer. We’ve-Little Sisters has a history of being like, you know, a center of Queer everything. It’s good to see this kind of rec- uh this kind of like, recognition, um, but for us it’s honestly another day.

During this year’s annual Pride Week Mayor Gregor Robertson will read a proclamation designating the Year of the Queer.

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Potential Plastic Straw Ban in Vancouver

According to the city, roughly seven million straws are thrown away every day, and with an estimated 40 bubble-tea shops in Vancouver, they’re one of the largest businesses producing plastic waste.

Nelson Poon, an employee of Café Eggstatic in Burnaby, spoke of concerns surrounding these potential changes.

So in terms of straw size right, so are the manufacturers able to generate the size so we can actually fulfill what we need for business? And most of them, they’re gonna use straws that’s made out of wheat right, so we gotta do that, are they gluten free? And how can we guarantee someone is not allergic?

If the motion is passed, council staff will meet with affected businesses and come back with a report by December.

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