Munich Only Kilometers Away From Vancouver This October!

It ain’t October if there ain’t Oktoberfest! The Vancouver Alpen Club is hosting an authentic and traditional Oktoberfest where you can find German food, beer, and live music! What a classic!

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Oktoberfest is the largest beer festival, originally held annually at Munich Germany. Because beer is one of the key celebratory beverages anywhere around the world, the festival is also celebrated worldwide.


To accompany beer, the feast traditionally serves pork sausage, spit-roasted chicken, potato pancake, mushrooms in garlic sauce, and pretzels.


This month, Munich is literally kilometers away from Vancouver. On Fridays and Saturdays starting today until October 26, Vancouver’s very own Schuhplatter dance groupthe ‘Alpen Platters’ are performing traditional dances. ‘The Continentals’ also flew to Vancouver to serenade us with original Oktoberfest tunes.


This event is so popular that five of seven Oktoberfest days are sold-out! Only Octobers 11 and 25 have yet to fill.


Regular tickets are $35.00 (plus taxes and fees) but special discounts apply for groups o 20+.


VIP tickets are $80.00 (plus taxes and fees) which provides guest access to VIP section where a German buffet is served with a dedicated server to assist with drinks.


The event is held at Vancouver Alpen Club – 4875 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Tickets can be purchased here.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #DasOriginal when you’re posting photos/videos from the event! Everybody needs to know how fun this is 😉

Luke Combs in Vancouver for “Beer Never Broke My Heart” Tour

Calling all country fans who could use a beer and heartfelt music in this cozy weather. Luke Combs is coming to Rogers Arena on October 19!

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The CMA and ACM award-winning musician will extend his “Beer Never Broke My Heart” tour with special guests Morgan Wallen, The Cadillac Three, and Jameson Rodgers.

In March, Combs made history as the first-ever artist to top all five Billboard country charts for multiple weeks. They are: Top Country Albums, Hot Country Songs, Country Airplay, Country Streaming Songs and Country Digital Song Sales.

As a country artist, Luke’s music speaks about the typical country topics: beer, women, and trucks. However, his adds a personal touch and unique story that connects him with his audience.

In his hit song “Beer Never Broke My Heart”, Combs describes the situations that may bring him down:

A couple beautiful girls tell me, “Goodbye”
Trucks break down, dogs run off
Politicians lie, been fired by the boss

Of these incidents and more, to Combs, beer was never one to break his heart.

Combs won both the New Male Artist of the Year for ACM Awards and CMA Awards. Additionally, he was also nominated as the Best New Artist at the 61st Grammy Awards and won 2019 Country Artist of the Year awarded by iHeartRadio Music.

More information about Luke Combs concert can be found here.


Brace Yourselves for Bastille “Feels” on October 8

Photo from site, Genius

UBC is about to experience the real concert hype as Bastille performs at Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre on October 8.

The alternative rock band from London are on tour to promote their album Doom Days. As reviewed by fans, the album will give you that “feels” as it captures “a vivid snapshot of humanity.”

Reading the lyrics of the song itself, one can tell that the song is inspired by how humans operate the world today.

“We’ll stay offline so no one gets hurt
Hiding from the real world
Just don’t read the comments ever, ever
We fucked this house up like the plant
We were running riot
Crazy that some people still deny it”

Bastille is popular for writing songs about heartbreak, nihilism, and the state of the world. But their album “Doom Days” is not specifically concentrated to the world at large. This time, it’s more personal. Bastille is looking at people, as human beings who tend to feel powerless at times.

In an interview, Dan Smith revealed that “the whole album is about escapism in these slightly weird times… It’s about finding solace in people.”

This statement can be reflected on the lyrics of Divide:

Why would we divide when we could come together?
Just bodies that collide, lost and found each other
So don’t, don’t leave me alone
Don’t leave me alone, don’t leave me alone
Why would we divide when we could come together?

So if there’s an album the world should listen that unites everybody in this time of crisis, it’s Doom Days.

Tickets and more information about the concert can be found here.


Charli XCX coming to Vancouver Possibly Bringing an *Iconic Guest*

Another iconic star is coming to Vancouver this October! It’s Charli XCX!

Photo from Wikipedia

And when I say iconic, I also meant that iconic appearance of her tampon during her performance last Sepember 27. Even Charli finds this iconic that she gave the tampon a shout out. “My tampon string is out tonight” she said as the crowd started to cheer in delight.

She even posted a video of this exact scenario and promoted her concert saying “TICKETS FOR TOUR AT LINK IN BIO. IF UR LUCKY SHE MIGHT MAKE A GUEST APPEARANCE AT YOUR DATE.” Yes, they’re all in caps.

Kudos to her for turning this rather ‘epic fail’ situation to something her fans can admire more about her. In an interview with Glamour earlier this year, Charli expressed that her fans allow her to be honest on stage, and vice versa. “[My fans] really care about me, and I really care about them,” she said. “We’re speaking the same language, and maybe nobody else gets that language, but we totally understand. I just feel my music is now a safe space for me to be really honest. I don’t feel afraid.”

Charli XCX rose to fame after her first hit: “I Don’t Care, I Love It” followed by the global pop hits: “Fancy” with Iggy Azalea, “I love it” with Icona Pop, and the solo single “Boom Clap.”

She is finally on tour to promote her third LP “Charli” after that five-year wait from the previous album. She’ll be performing in Vancouver on October 5 at Commodore Ballroom with special guest, Brooke Candy.

Tickets and more information about the concert can be found here.

Jonas Brothers’ First Comeback Tour Coming to Vancouver

Before we get down to this madness, I just wanna mention how I find it hilarious that upon researching “Jonas Brothers Comeback” in hopes to finding headlines that relate to their ‘comeback’ story, they’ve actually already released a song with this title in July. They saw that coming, clueless media people.Photo by A Beautiful Mess

Anyway… so it begins!!!

Kid born in 2005: What does?

Happiness Begins!!!

Kid born in 2005: But Post Malone left Vancouver already.

I wish these kids would just understand what happened back in 2005. It’s the time teenage girls basically fantasized the same good-looking teenage boys. It’s the time MySpace and Friendster were the social media hype.  3 years after that, it’s the time girls hated Taylor Swift for stealing Joe Jonas from them. And then what? Wrote a song about him, of course.

It seems that now, Taylor Swift is out of the picture though. She’s been replaced by Joe’s wife, Priyanka Chopra Jonas who both had one of the most remarkable celebrity weddings of all time! The Jonatics can only dream now.

With all the jealousy and bitterness aside as the Jonas Brothers’ enjoy the love-life a lot of late 90’s kids dreamed to have, their comeback is really something to celebrate about! These siblings molded the childhood of today’s young adults. This was the time they painstakingly tried to learn guitar, held sleep-overs to watch Hannah Montana, and shamelessly wore Jonas Brothers t-shirts to school. I shouldn’t forget the big posters that ate up much of their bedroom walls.

Photo by MTV

Their abrupt disappearance in 2013 was a shock and devastated a lot of fans. These guys were at the peak of selling 17 million albums that time. But it seems that their strength was also their weakness. In this article, Joe Jonas mentioned experiencing family problems that contributed to their break-up: “The music wasn’t as strong as it had been, we weren’t selling as many tickets. And our relationship was unhealthy. We weren’t communicating as we should have been.”

But despite being idle for 6 years, the brothers managed to get back at it again.

On October 11, the Jonas Brothers will perform their first-ever concert in Vancouver upon reunification. The band will be on tour promoting their album Happiness Begins around North America until October 20.

The concert will take place at Rogers Arena at 7:30 pm. Doors open at 6:30. Tickets can be purchased here.

The Mysterious Lana Del Rey is in Vancouver Today!

Photo by Illuminaija

If there are music genres you should be listening in this cold weather in your 6 am commute or on your way home, resting your head on the window of the bus, they should be Indie pop, Dream pop, Alternative pop, and Baroque pop. Okay that’s a lot to listen to, right? No stress. You can listen to all these with one artist: Lana Del Rey.


To everyone missing her concert in Vancouver today, well that’s unfortunate. You’ll miss that moment she’ll finally say “Fuck it I love you” in person! 🙁 Just listen to it over and over again on your commute until it becomes your reality… eventually.


Lana is on her Norman F-cking Rockwell Tour and will perform at Rogers Arena at 8 pm today. This is her fifth major-label record which was released on August 30, 2019.


Interestingly enough, Lana has been reviewed to be the “next best American songwriter,” according to the site Pitchfork. The review also adds that the Norman Fucking Rockwell album illustrates idyllic images of American life and its history, which again is Lara at her deepest moment. When you listen to her songs, the lyrics seem to be a mystery, that a music critique is needed to unfold the message behind them. But the fact that the messages were so deep that fans who can connect to her songs are very specific in nature, won her the most devoted audiences of the 2010s, says Billboard.


While most people find her mysterious, one person doesn’t. And it’s Lana herself. “I know everything about myself” says Lana in her cover story with The Rolling Stones. “I know why I do what I do” she added.


Even if she knows the true meaning behind her lyrics, the public doesn’t seem to interpret them like she intended to. Her song “Video Games” has garnered some feminist commentary shortly after its release. According to Slant Magazine, “it’s ostensibly a love song in which [Lara] rhapsodizes devotion to her man” interpreted from the lyrics: “Heaven is a place on Earth with you/ Tell me all the things you want to do,” as well as “Open up a beer/And say get over here… It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you/ Everything I do.” Basically, the public thinks this song was written in reflection of a desperate woman who’d do everything for someone who’s “clearly no good” for her.


But all there is that Lana meant of it was that she ‘was so happy when [her man gets] home, and heaven is a place on earth with [him]. [She’s] never been happier.’ She didn’t get what’s so submissive about those lyrics. She only felt blessed as a young girl to find someone who made her happy, she explained to The Rolling Stone.


See how unpredictable she can be? Needless to say, at least she’s very authentic. And the fact that she has to the courage to get real in her songs made her connect strongly with her fans.


If you’re going to her concert, let us know if you felt more curious to put together the puzzle pieces that make up Lana Del Rey…

Dear College Life: I Love You, But I Hate You Too

A letter written by every sleep-deprived college student

Photo by Quickmeme

Dear College Life,

Long before you and I met, I was excited to leave your friend, high school. I just want to get real life started (as if it hasn’t really started yet.) I want to finish those high school courses that didn’t really mean much to me; I only took them because they’re pre-requisites to get to you. I had to accept the fact that I’m not seeing my closest friends as much anymore because they’ll be doing other things eventually. I had to sacrifice not seeing my family often because you and I will be spending most of our time together for the next few years. See what I’ve gone through just to be with you?

But you shook me. You shook the living innocence out of me. The adults weren’t kidding when they said you’ll open the magical door to reality. I’ve never consumed caffeinated drinks like a newborn consumed milk from its mom. You made me write a research paper with a word-count that’s more than the steps I can make in a month.

I’ve also never had to multi-task like a McDonald’s employee working at a busy hour. I had to be like that good employee who can manage to calm down while a customer complains about not having extra pickles in their Big Mac, right when the burger is almost done. You know why? Because if I stress more and don’t do work, I’ll be doing this course all over again. No thanks.

You also gave me a handful of individual and group projects while knowing that some of us have jobs that we had to stay in so we can stay with you. Your character really fascinates me, college life.

As much as I despise the fact that you’re kicking my butt better than my parents, I actually appreciate everything you made me do. That Taylor Swift song? I bet she wrote that for you.

The adults weren’t kidding when they said you are the most memorable part of their life. (Of course, next to getting married and bearing a child like me who now talks about you.)

You made me realize that I can write a full research paper by myself if I am willing to learn and strongly believe in my ability. You made me realize that I can overcome what I expected to be the hardest part of being with you.

You made me set priorities and get rid of my filthy, disorganized habits. I still procrastinated; that probably won’t change. But at least I was able to organise myself and meet strict deadlines. Thanks to you, my subconscious tells me to be productive when I’m not.

Also thanks to you, I valued my time for myself. With all the work you gave me, I have been talking to myself more. I motivated myself when nobody else did. I spoiled myself with bubble tea when I felt stressed. I was basically my own best friend (no matter how lonely that sounds.)

Halfway through my first year with you, you made me realize who my true friends are. You told me that I didn’t have to fit-in with a group I don’t feel belong. You basically slapped me with a lot of “Be Yourself” quotes.

I can keep going on and on about my feelings about you, college life, but I have other things to do (thanks and no thanks to you.) I want to end this letter by saying, I love you, but I hate you too. I hope you feel the same way because I don’t want to stay here too long. Another life is waiting for me after you.


Sleep-deprived College Student



Everyone can be a Filmmaker

Image source: Adobe

These days, everyone can be a filmmaker.


Simply because you have a pocket phone that is definitely better than the revolutionary 2-megapixel ginormous camera from the 90’s to somewhere in the early 20’s.

Guess what camera has 2 megapixels these days…

Instax Minis!

So if you think you are a hopeless filmmaker because you do not have a sophisticated DSLR, a mirrorless camera, or an iPhone, Samsung, Huaweii, or Google Pixel; well, think again.

Okay so you have those, but don’t have a tripod? Or a nice light for dramatic effect? Maybe it’s not even that, maybe you think you don’t have the framing or editing skill?

Honey, I think those are accessible to you. What you may not have is motivation.

This is the age for limitless boundaries.

The gear? Start with your smartphone. Don’t get me wrong, $100 phones have good cameras.

The tripod? What’s the table and a bunch of books or shoe boxes doing? They shouldn’t only serve one purpose.

The skills? Learn them on YouTube.

The actor? Start with YOU. How can you act two, three, ten different roles? (well ten is kinda a lot)

Easy, you pretend like you’re ten different people. Who needs to see this anyway? Unless of course you want to share it with others. But produce this one moving picture by yourself.

As stupid as it may sound, be the only audience too. Laugh with yourself, cry with yourself, face-palm yourself!

These are all just the first few steps. Without Step 1, Step 2, Step 99; you won’t get to Step 100.

You may not even need 100 steps to make a great film. But as every successful person will say: Start with something.

Feeling intimated to start your first video? Read “5 Steps for starting your video”

Vincelen Salvaloza

Mindset to stay motivated for the last week’s of school

Every single college student just couldn’t wait to finish this semester already, amirite?

Most full-time students probably have about 2-3 weeks left of school. But with all the demands and late nights the past few months, we indeed need a time off.

If you’re feeling tired and didn’t want to give your best anymore, maybe these tips can lift you back on track.

#1 Remind yourself of your goal. What do you want to be and how do you think you’ll get there? Will the work you are doing right now a practice for your future career?

#2 Find yourself a good example. Did your idol get there without going all through this? Do you think they became successful for not pushing their boundaries?

#3 Think of your life before today. Didn’t you go to school to become a better you? Now is the test of how much more you can handle work.

#4 Think of how satisfying the aftermath would be. You should have those moments by now. That time when you were so proud of yourself for accomplishing too many difficult tasks. For getting over the first time you slept in school, the first time you wrote a research paper, the first time you presented in front of many, and etc. Remember that feeling? It’s coming again soon.

#5 Tell yourself how amazing you are for reaching this far. Just sit down for a moment and reminisce all the work you’ve done this year. Aren’t you proud of yourself? Don’t you think that you’ve overcome enough that you can handle anything? As long as you trust yourself that you can do it, you will do it.

We all can’t wait for summer; but summer is best to experience while feeling accomplished.

5 steps on starting your first video

Okay so you want to start your first film, or to be modest: video.

But you feel intimidated because your expectations are Hollywood-class.

Well, that’s the first thing we need to work on. Remember, it’s okay to have self-expectations because it pushes your boundaries. But also make it absolutely clear to yourself that whatever the outcome of your first video will not, in any way, summarize the rest of the films you will produce in the future. It will not.

You see, film may be a short four-letter word; or a video may be a short 5-letter word. But it expands a broad spectrum. There are different genres, styles, techniques, medium, etc.

Nobody expects you to apply all of them in your first video. And besides, nobody expects you know all of those. In fact, even the most successful filmmakers are still discovering new styles and genres.

So if you get rid of that high expectations, then you can start.

#1: Educate yourself with framing scenes. Instantly, when we watch movies, our minds picture scenes. And those scenes are, of course, professionally shot or framed. Our minds are awesome! They automatically screenshot those frames. But we don’t usually remember the shots in every single detail. It just subconsciously helps us the next time we point a camera to something. This is why you can tell if it’s a good photo or not, experienced or not.

#2: Go in a room and point the camera at you.

“Okay Vince, that’s a little too fast.”

Is it, though? Look around. Is anyone watching? God? As far as I know as a Catholic, the Judgement Day hasn’t come yet. So pointing the camera at you isn’t such a big step-up. It’s just like looking at the mirror, but this one can record.

So, go on. Hit that record button, and do whatever you want. Again, do whatever you want.

#3: Get comfortable. For you to be able to act, direct, or do anything related to the film industry, you gotta get comfortable. Overthinking and anxiety won’t get you anywhere but doubting yourself and thinking film is not good for you. Decide when you’ve actually tried it; not when you still haven’t hit the record button!

#4: Hit the god-given record button! If you really don’t wanna point it to yourself, at least point it at a subject (could be a person, thing, your pet.) And in your mind, just imagine a story that you could make out of this subject. Do you think it sets a happy tone? Sad? Neutral? How about colors: Would this shot look better in Black and White? Fully saturated? Slightly blue or slighty yellow? Can you see it?

Now you’re starting.

#5: Watch what you shot. What did you like? What did you not like? (Now don’t say you don’t like ‘everything’ this fast) There has to be something that may like; even if you have that slightest feeling of like. Now look at it, and see how that shot can be better. And then, go back to step number 1 again. Educate yourself.

Like every skill or trait, it needs repetition. It needs practice. We may think we are good at everything we do; and so set a high expectation on everything we do the first time. And if it did not turn out as expected? Quit.

Hell nah.

Now go on, read those 5 steps again and CREATE.


Richmond Night Market is Back!!

It’s another end of month; though it opens new exciting opportunities come what May.

One of your weekend’s best—the Richmond Night Market—opens next week; May 10.

You know what that means: Tornado potatoes! Mango and Watermelon desserts! Bubble waffles! Illuminating bulb drink! Korean Chicken! And many many more!

Richmond Night Market continues to excite Vancouverites and even travelers from across Canada and the world.

It brought the tasty, diverse, and unique Asian cuisine and experience in a casual, market setting.

Every year locals and travelers witness new food and new styles to make your tummy happy and your Instagram feed splashed with arrays of vibrant colors.

Richmond Night Market has all you need to enjoy while eating your delicious treats.

There are a variety of performances on-stage from very talented locals. The acts range from singing, dancing, and playing of instruments.

Also one of Asia’s best are cute and unique knick-knacks like stationaries with your favorite characters on them, t-shirts filled with faces of your favorite artists (trust me, probably not the aesthetic type, although it’s funny to wear), and all other trendy toys and electronics at street side prices.

FYI: You may be able to negotiate if you’re buying in bulk!

The Night Market opens 7 pm to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. While 7 pm to 11 pm on Sundays and holidays.

Tips for your visit’s ease?

Bring cash and take the train!

These two advices will save you from the lineups ahead (other than the entrance) and so give you more time to decide from hundreds of food choices, walk around, and even try out the mini amusement rides.

Happy Night-Marketing!

Vincelen Salvaloza

Coffee Makes Successful People

Image source: The Well Being Group UK

Some of you probably didn’t start drinking coffee or get into drinking coffee more than usual, until you got to post-secondary.

Very relatable.

Coffee has become the go-to drink for college/university students, and most productive individuals in general. Why? Other than having caffeine, it’s also so good! Especially with that roasty after-taste.

With all of the components of coffee, the caffeinated part of it which acts as a mild stimulant is what makes it the ideal drink to a lot of workaholics.

Here’s why caffeinated coffee can help kickstart you for your journey to success and productivity:

  1. It increases focus and concentration.

With all the distractions that can veer your attention away from your work, coffee can help you stay focused. When you feel pumped and brought to life after halfway or finishing the cup, you can set your intention again to get the work done. While your brain is active, you can better concentrate.

  1. It increases alertness.

The stimulant from the caffeine content of coffee can improve attention. This specifically helps when doing long, tedious, and stagnant work like reading thick textbooks.

  1. It enhances mood.

Long hours of sitting down and working can definitely bring your mood down. This is why the term ‘Coffee break’ is invented. We all just need a doze of caffeine to regain our positive element back.

In order to do well in school, we need to put in the time, effort, and focus in our work. Although mindset is a big part of it, coffee can help ease your struggles somehow.

Vincelen Salvaloza


Famous and accessible film locations in Vancouver

I’m sure at least one in five Vancouverites have coincidentally came across a film set by just roaming around Vancouver.

Don’t be jealous, but I stumbled into the Deadpool 2 film set in Downtown!!

Image source: Vancouver Sun
It’s okay, it’s not that big of a deal. I only saw a fraction of Deadpool’s mask worn by either Ryan Reynolds or his stunt man.

But my point is, we all know Vancouver is such a film-location worthy area. From local to Hollywood films, Vancouver is a sweet spot for a film shoot.

If you’re ever feeling adventurous, wanna go for a quick tour around, and have slight hopes of ranning into a film shoot, here are the most-popular film locations in Vancouver:

  1. Obviously, Downtown Vancouver. Some movies and TV shows shot in Vancouver are: Supergirl, Big Eyes, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, and Apollo 18.
  2. Area around Science World. The TV show Flash was filmed here. Flash is also Vancouver’s landmark location. They either film around the city or in the studios.
  3. In and out of the Vancouver Public Library. The unique architectural quality of this library is what makes it one of the landmark filming locations. Some scenes from Supergirl were also filmed here. Another one of the many films include The Interview (with Vancouver’s Seth Rogen).
  4. University of British Columbia! Must be so cool to live in a dorm in UBC. You come out everyday at a film set! UBC is one of Canada’s most beautiful university campuses. It is where the American sweet flick If I Stay (with Chloe Grace Moretz) was filmed.
  5. Last is the secondary high school—Templeton. Look it up and you’d agree that it’s the absolute high school you envision to be in a movie. I’d bid for my alma mater, Carson Graham Secondary. It’s the new campus, and believe me, the moment I stepped inside the school, I thought there’d be a flash mob ala-high-school-musical style.

There you go! You can also access these locations through bus; a free and convenient tour.

I hope you stumble upon a film set!

Vincelen Salvaloza

Top Instagrammed Film Shoots in Canada on April 2019

Gosh! 4 more days and it’s already May?! I haven’t even paid my March phone bill! Oops.

Anyhow; April brought some pretty remarkable films in Vancouver.


I’m sorry, what?! YOU ALSO GOT A PHOTO?!?!

From the BOTH OF THEM?!?!?!

Well you are officially banned from watching the film because you have no more right to experience their greatness ‘cause obviously, YOU’VE HAD ENOUGH.

I’m obviously kidding.

Let’s recap two of the most envied and LOL-able movie shoots in Canada this April.

You guessed the first one: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 2. It was spotted filming at Langley on April 1st. You may have thought the Instagram photos with Noah Centineo was with an impostor of his ( ‘cause #AprilFools.) Although that would’ve been a really good impersonation of him; no. IT IS NOAH.

The ladies especially, went cray-cray and lost their poise upon seeing Noah’s adorable face and #boyfriendmaterial personality.

Gather around ladies who missed this opportunity. Let’s all cry in the corner, and wait ‘til Netflix release the date we can watch To All The Boys I Loved Before!

Image source: Narcity
Another filmed movie scene in Canada is Jumanji. And guess what Kevin Hart is complaining about?

“It’s extremely cold out here.”

I’m not the only one LOL-ing, am I?

Kevin also commented about his mouth being almost “as white as snow.

That’s understandable, Kev. Even Vancouverites can probably handle the cold from up the mountains of Calgary.

The Jumanji in 2017 with Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Nick Jonas, and Karen Gillan was pretty enjoyable. It’s always hilarious to have The Rock and ‘his son’, Kev be in the same movie. If you want a good laugh from those irreplaceable bromance, you know what to do.

I wonder what the upcoming sequel brings us… We’ll see just before the year ends! December 2019.

Vincelen Salvaloza

We love a pitch gone wrong!

While everybody watches Riverdale, Grey’s Anatomy, or the Kardashians; I watch Dragon’s Den Canada and UK, and Shark Tank.

I’m one of those who are so absorbed on real life stories than fiction (no offense for fans of the first three TV shows mentioned above *insert monkey covering its mouth emoji*).

Why wouldn’t you though? It opens you to the real world—that people invest thousands to millions of dollars in hopes of their businesses to thrive, that people risk their life savings for an idea they believe would be world-class, and that people have no age limitation to becoming successful.

Those are only three of the many reasons to admire about Dragon’s Den and other reality shows related to it.

The reason that keeps me intrigued, however, is when pitches go wrong. I probably would be such a jerk for saying

I find pleasure watching those, especially ones that were obviously bad.

Let’s just use Martinis On-Wheels as an example. I can only watch too many of this episode. It’s that entertaining.

This pitch was in one of Dragons’ Den Canada’s Season 8 second chance episode. Note: second chance.

Basically, the first time this woman (who hasn’t moved on from the 90’s) was pitching Martinis On-Heels, a travel bar service serving only Martinis and featuring women mixologists. She didn’t get a deal as Dragons’ don’t find her idea investible, and her committed.

Yet she comes back to prove her commitment! Guess what she brought at her return?

Martinis On-Wheels!

Love how she keeps her brand.

But how do I find ‘pleasure’ watching this? (That sounds really bad, but I’ll be brutally honest.)

First of all, her passion is admirable; she’s clearly pushing her boundaries. Look, he got men mixologists this time and Martini balloons!

But with all honesty, the fact that she keeps trying—despite how Canada’s respected venture capitalists laugh at the idea and how most people altogether find this more entertaining than a serious business pitch that it should have been—it’s very motivating.

Especially in the sense that you can see how she didn’t care for trying (and attempting to read her script on-hand again) to come back and pitch almost the same idea as she did the first time.

Another observation is how she was just herself. She’s the fabulous woman that she is the first time and she levelled her sass the second time.

People may laugh at the idea, but behind it is just like many other entrepreneurs in the show: committed, passionate, and driven risk-takers.

What this article really is for, is to thank her for bringing joy and for inspiring us to continue striving no matter what other people think (hopefully not to the point where we get really stubborn).

Full Martinis On-Wheels pitch available at:

Vincelen Salvaloza

Are you a passionate entrepreneur with a business idea?

What really is ‘the limit’ these days? Did you know that Samsung just released the first-ever foldable touchscreen phone? Fold-the-effin-able.

Well if you’ve got an investible business idea, there is absolutely a more accessible opportunity for that to be in everybody’s hands.

Image source: IMDb
I’m not exactly saying you should invent an invisible phone that would only show up when you think about it. You could, but hey, what are the chances that it’s going to be invented in the next few years anyway?

Whatever idea it is, it could be a million-dollar idea.

For Canadians, this is what Dragon’s Den is for; as well as in the UK. In the US, there is Shark Tank.

But we will focus where the investors are nicer: Canada (also because it’s more relevant to us.)

Dragons’ Den Canada is in its 13th season, solely broadcasted in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation or CBC.

In a nutshell, Dragons’ Den is a reality TV show and a place for Canadian entrepreneurs to pitch their idea and possibly win a deal that could totally change their lives.

It is hosted by Dianne Buckner, a well-known Canadian TV host and reporter prominent for being in award-winning TV shows and News channels including CTV and currently, CBC.

Among the country’s respected and renowned venture capitalists (or Dragons) include:

          Image source:

  • Arlene Dickinson (Net worth: CAD $125 million; owner of Venture Communications)
  • Jim Treliving (Net worth: CAD $700 million; owner of Boston Pizza company)
  • Lane Merrifield (Net worth: CAD $350 million; work with Walt Disney)
  • Manjit Minhas (Net worth: CAD $200 million; co-owner of Minhas Breweries)
  • Vincenzo Guzzo (no net worth result; owner of Cinemas Guzzo)
  • and Michele Romanow (Net worth: CAD $200 million; co-founder of Clearblanc)

There are also a few episodes where Kevin O’Leary, a.k.a Mr. Wonderful with a net worth of CAD $500 million and is highly known for his roasting remarks from Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank.

As you can see, these people acquire the skills and money to invest in you and your business. However, they are very picky and intelligent in their investment decisions.

Some of them started from nowhere too so they understand the difficulty of getting to the top.

Dragons’ Den pick no particular age, race, or life status. However, the Dragons would rather have a fully committed business partner.

Do you think you are one along those lines? Well, get up or get off the bed and prepare for a hustle like you’ve never experienced or known before.


The math behind IMDb’s rating system

Image source: Variety
One of the most fulfilling achievements of every filmmaker—is to be in IMDb. It’s only “the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV, and celebrity content!” – IMDb

It is also one with the ratings system that people rely the most when deciding on a film to watch or just knowing how well the movie stands in the majority’s eyes.

Who wouldn’t respect IMDb’s ratings, though? Other than collecting the overall votes from IMDb’s registered users, they also use (to me) a complicated math equation to calculate a fair rating.

Here is the formula called true Bayesian estimate that IMDb uses to calculate the Top Rated 250 Titles:

Weighted rating (WR) = (v / (v+m)) x R + (m / (v+m)) x C

R = average for the movie (mean) = (Rating)

V = number of votes for the movie = (votes)

M = minimum votes required to be listed in the Top 250

C = the mean vote across the whole report (currently 7.0)

Let that sink in for five minutes (more like five months).

(You get the math basics: as long as you have the correct values figured out, solving it shouldn’t be a problem.)

Contrary to Rotten Tomatoes who pretty much rate per number of stars from registered critics, IMDb shows a more systematic process of weighing what rating a film deserves based on the votes of its members.

Food for thought: Marvel’s End Game hasn’t been rated anywhere yet, if you have seen it, what rating would you give it?


Vincelen Salvaloza



How to be fresh for Rotten Tomatoes?

Image source: DigitalSpy
Familiar of the movie Baywatch? You should be. Only The Rock is there. Well, it ONLY got rated 19% in Rotten Tomatoes. Not fresh.

How about the Emoji Movie? You should be. It’s basically the characters we use with our phones everyday. Well, it ONLY got rated 6% in Rotten Tomatoes.

How about the movie The Room? It’s only the movie that has been labeled ‘the worst movie ever made.’ It’s rating in rotten tomatoes? 26%. Still bad, but not as bad as where the legendary Dwayne Johnson is starring at.

So really, is it that hard to be fresh at rotten tomatoes?

It all depends on the critics. No matter how high the production quality is, or the film budget, the consensus is what matters most. Opinions.

According to Digital Spy (United Kingdom’s popular website for movies) on their review between Dunkirk VS. Anabelle: Creation; they rated Dunkirk with five starts while Anabelle: Creation with 3 stars. They claim that Anabelle: Creation is “no better than Dunkirk.” However, in Rotten Tomatoes, Anabelle: Creation has a score of 100%.

For viewers who decide which movie to watch based on ratings, give all movies a chance. Ratings are defined by many people who think differently or have different tastes. A movie rated 50% is not exactly half worse than a 100% rated movie.

Though Baywatch has an 18% rating even with the combo Zac Efron and The Rock, it still is a fun watch. The storyline probably just did not turn out as phenomenal as people expect especially with the participation of those two stars and many more well-known actors and actresses in the film.

This just proves that story is still the most important aspect of every film!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Do you agree with Digital Spy that Dunkirk is waaaaay better than the 100% rated Anabelle: Creation???

Vincelen Salvaloza

3 Proudly Canadian Films from 2018 TIFF

Missed out on the National Canadian Film Day? Well, you have more than one options to catch up! Let’s briefly look back into the top 3 features and shorts from the Toronto International Film Festival that would remind us of true Canadian culture and talent.

First on the list:

Image source: YouTube
An indigenous film, Sgaaway K’uuna (Edge of the Knife) is described by author and Vancouver film critic Tom Charity as both ‘visceral and austere, with unexpected dashes of comedy and melodrama’

This film is directed by our local British Columbians Helen Haig-Brown and Gwaii Edenshaw.

Second on the list:

Image source: IMDb
Anthropocene: The Human Epoch
 is a poetic documentary that displays high quality visuals of the ‘reengineered planet.’

The huge machineries in deserted and crowded areas, the trash people produce that other people making a living of, the natural resources destructed to provide people the convenience of today, and many more modifications done in our mother earth.

It is directed by Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier, and Edward Burtynsky.

The film can be purchased in iTunes and the Cineplex e-store.

Third on the list:

Image source: Microsoft
The Fireflies are Gone
 relates to a lot of teenagers today who want to find themselves somewhere else that isn’t the place they grew up at.

While unsure of what the lead teenager wants to do after high school, she finds connection with metal rock and friendship with a metalhead guitarist.

The film is Quebec’s pride, directed by Sebastien Pilote.

You can rent and buy it on Google play, Cineplex, Microsoft, and YouTube.

The next TIFF will begin on September 5 to September 15, 2019.

Vincelen Salvaloza


“What movie???” – This is why you rarely know & watch Canadian films

While reading articles online about the list of Canadian films, I only wish I could pretend to be familiar with them. I wish I did support the films produced by and at the country I reside at.

But should I entirely blame myself for my ignorance?

Or is part of it because nobody around me is too crazy about some Canadian films, that I have no motivation to check them? (Yeah, that’s ignorance)

You see, when we think Canadian films, we may think Deadpool or Star Trek Beyond. But these are hollywood (American) films shot in Canada. Add
Image source: JustWatch
Titanic on the list too. (I know, I’m shook myself.)

But where has the Canadian films gone? Why have we Canadian residents not been exposed to them as much as American films? Don’t we have a respected and grand Toronto International Film Festival?

Well, here’s what I found.

Canadian filmmakers who get their films in TIFF, gets an advantage of having distinguished themselves from other national filmmakers.

Not only that, it also provides them the opportunity for distribution. However, if the film does not involve any well-known directors or actors, chances of having great publicity is very low especially that there are over 300 Canadian features and shorts shown in the film festival. As a result, distributors and audience can’t see all the films. This is usually the case to many Canadian movies.

Adding to that is the marketing budget. Despite having impressive and ‘good-on-paper’ reviews from critics, with small marketing budget, the film will be left unknown to the majority of audience. A famous example is the movie Wet Bum which had two sold-out screenings in its premiere at TIFF in 2014. By the time it was shown at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, its revenue during the opening weekend was only $3,301; not something you would expect from a two-time sold-out film in such grand festival.

Nevertheless, in the history of Canadian films, big budget ones don’t usually strive as Hollywood does. One good example is the movie Foolproof by director William Phillips. This movie cost $7 million to produce and a stunning $2 million for marketing. The revenue on the opening weekend? $200,000. That’s only 2% of the total spending.

A video from CBC shows the perspective of the filmmakers and actors themselves. They expressed their outrage as to how Canadian theatres must have a regulation to “force” Canadian films in their line-up.

According to the National Film Board, Canadian films only have about 1.5% of total screen time.

Food for thought: Whose fault do you think it is that Canadian Films are not striving as expected despite having high budgets and quality reviews? Could it be Hollywood for controlling the entire chain of distribution? Or do we viewers partake in that too because we can easily judge a film based on the culture behind it?

Vincelen Salvaloza