Vancouver Music Scene: Check Out Delhi 2 Dublin

If you’re looking for a Canadian group that blends many genres of music in one, look no further than Delhi 2 Dublin. A world Music group that formed in 2006, the band fuses sounds from electronic, funk, reggae, hip hop, and even Celtic music. Their tracks can be blasted in the car or on a morning run to get your heart pumping. With a pace that never seems to stop, Delhi 2 Dublin have established a promising career ahead. The band originated from a performance at the Vancouver Celtic festival way back in February, 2006. Funny enough, the event was called Delhi to Dublin, which the group decided to call themselves as a result. Their music was widely well received after starting out, and the band has seen its share of success ever since.

Although they started in Canada, the band has driven all around the US and grown their international fan base as well, playing in Dubai, Indonesia, Australia, Germany, and many more. Their sound also works perfectly for large music festivals such as Shambala, which they have performed at. Their largest fan base however is in California, which they even wrote a song about, aptly titled California. The band also recorded their first live album at Vancouver’s own Commodore Ballroom on their 8th birthday. As of 2015, their most recent album has been released, paying homage to their favourite Bollywood records, and including a plethora of bass- ridden tracks ready for bass heads everywhere.

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Vancouver Music Scene: Discover July Talk!

You may have heard this group from Toronto at some time. The deep voice of singer Peter Dreimanis resonates through any set of home speakers, as the sweet sound of Leah Fay adds to the sound of July Talk. Guitarist Ian Docherty, bassist Josh Warburton, and Drummer Danny Miles add depth and background to the group’s unique sound. The band started up in 2012 in the month of October, and dropped their second album four years later in September.

The group has had its fair share of awards throughout their career, including a Juno for Alternative Album of The Year in 2015. The album also went gold in Canada that same year. Anybody that has witnessed this group holding down a stage will note that the group are no stranger to explosive live shows. The group has covered Canada, Europe, The United States, and Australia, as well as many festivals all over the world.

Of the songs they have released, my personal favourites have been:

  • Picturing Love: Which talks about how everyone nowadays tries to find love through a screen, whether in online dating, or other forms of social media.
  • Lola + Joseph
  • Push+Pull
  • Beck + Call

Throughout their career, the band have shared the stage with:

  • Billy Talent
  • Arkells
  • Weezer
  • Matthew Good
  • Tegan and Sara

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Vancouver Music Scene: Royal Oak ( Not That Royal Oak You’re Thinking..)

Okay, when you hear these two words: Royal Oak, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If it’s the local SkyTrain station in Vancouver, then you have figured out exactly how this band got their name.

Royal Oak are a group of four dudes who hail from the West Coast, and started learning all their instruments together as a group. Now with 15 years under their belt and changes in the members and names of the band, Royal Oak come together and will rock your socks off! No joke!

The group boasts impeccable on stage chemistry and an incredible live performance. Releasing their first album in 2017, aptly titled Younger, and more recently a new EP called Pretend, released this year, the band have presented a pop sound with infectious energy from indie rock, and a great use of instrumentation and composition. The EP was also produced with the same person behind other successful Canadian groups, such as Dear Rouge, and Said the Whale, so you know what you’re going to get when listening to Royal Oak. Royal Oak are a young group of guys who are always hungry for more shows and definitely have the chops for it! They are here to stay!

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Vancouver Music Scene: Who is Serena Ryder?

If for some reason you were living under a rock in 2012 , you have no doubt heard the absolute catchy as hell pop- rock tune, Stompa, from Canada’s own Serena Ryder. Ryder hails from Toronto, Canada in a small town called Millbrook. She grew up listening to Beatles Records and Leonard Cohen, and always had an ear and a voice for music. At the young age of eight, Ryder had the opportunity to sing at Royal Canadian Legion Halls. She began learning and playing guitar at the age of thirteen. She introduced her voice to the world in 2005 when she released her debut album. Just a year later, her second album dropped. Fast forward to 2008, and Ryder had been the recipient of a Juno Award for Best New Artist of the Year.

In 2011, she had the pleasure to tour with Melissa Etheridge all across Canada. A year later, her fifth studio album was released, Harmony, which included the killer track, Stompa, which would go on to be played everywhere! Since then, Serena Ryder has appeared on many awards shows, and sports programs, including singing O Canada for the 2014 NBA All Star Game. Today in 2018, Ryder has ventured into many other venues including starting her very own radio program, The Serena Ryder Radio Show in CHFI- FM, rebroadcast all over Canada.

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Vancouver Music Scene: Discover The Japandroids!

Ever heard of The Japandroids? Get this.. none of the members of the band are Japanese. Who would have thought 😛 In fact, the band originates from Vancouver, BC, and consists of only two members ( guitar and vocals Brian King, and drummer and vocals David Prowse.) Their name came about because it comes from two other band name ideas: Japanese Scream and Pleasure Droids.

Formed in 2006, these boys are clearly influenced by the punk rockers of The Replacements with their edgy classic rock and punk rock sound. They also attribute classic rock legends like Bruce Springsteen as well. The band got their name out there with their first album in 2009, Post- Nothing. Their second album however garnered critical acclaim, especially from that of Rolling Stone Magazine.

The band toured heavily during the next few years and became known for their high energy live performances. It is a known fact though that the two had a very rough time breaking into the Vancouver music scene, so often set up their own shows, organizing practically everything themselves. As of January of last year, the band released their third studio album, called Near to the wild heart of life, and currently the band is touring in support of their third studio release.

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Vancouver Music Scene: Who Are The Beaches?

The Beaches are an all-female alternative rock quartet consisting of sisters (Jordan and Kylie Miller) Eliza Enman- McDaniel, and Leandra Earl.Their look and sound lends itself nicely to glam rock and a hint of garage. Don’t underestimate these girls though. They are a rock and roll band and will party with the best of them. The four Canadian women come from Toronto, Ontario, and started music in high school when the two sisters joined with Enman- McDaniel and guitarist Megan Fitchett to form Done with Dolls, a pop punk project.  Done with Dolls toured in 2011, and even performed the theme song to the family channel show, Really Me.

However, two years later in 2013, Fitchett left to pursue other interests, and the band switched gears completely, ditching the name for a different one and adopting a far more adult sound, which would become The Beaches. Following the change, the band released two Eps, before eventually signing to Universal Music Media and Island Records in 2016.

Their debut album, Late Show dropped last year in 2017, and was actually produced by fellow rocker and lead singer of Metric, Emily Haines, and James Shaw. The band even headlined a show this November at the Commodore Ballroom, playing to a large crowd of Vancouverites. The band saw success this year at the Juno Awards when they walked away with Breakthrough Group of the Year. You definitely can’t go to any alt rock station without hearing one song from these women, and they are definitely not going away any time soon.

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Vancouver Music Scene: Wait, Aren’t They Called Hotel Mira?

Ever wanted to form a band while you were in high school? And how did that work out? All jokes aside, for these four Vancouver guys, they have had nothing but success come out of this. Forming in 2010 originally under the name JPNSGRLS, the band set out to achieve nothing but greatness early on. They appeared in many battle of the bands contests, and did their very best to pack all ages venues in the beginning. Now you’re most likely wondering where they got their name from. I mean.. not a single member of them are girls. Well, their original name was actually selected as a tribute to another band they admired, that were an all- female Japanese group called Mass of the Fermenting Dregs.Pretty cool fact, I must say!

The group quickly became a staple of the Vancouver music scene, and word spread rapidly of their hyper energetic live performances. More on that later. Several changes eventually led to the Co-founding guitarist leaving the band after recording of the second major album had finished. Other members exited as well, leaving a hole in the band’s progress. However, in April 2018, after finding a new guitarist, the band decided to completely scrap the original name in exchange for a much easier to digest name, Hotel Mira. The band’s sound can be described as aggressive and energetic, and borrowing from a post-punk kind of style , but also seamlessly combining with other genres, such as indie, and blues.

I had the pleasure to see this group open up for USS at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, and their set was nothing short of pure energy. Charlie Kerr, who fronts the band exudes charisma, and moves about the stage as if its nothing. His performance and look, as he came dressed in a red striped suit, reminded me of Brandon Flowers of the Killers. If nothing else, Hotel Mira has a bright future ahead of them, and if their live performances are something to show for it, the band will be going for quite some time.

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Vancouver Music Scene: Who Are The Glorious Sons!?

Formed in 2011 in Kingston, Ontario, The Glorious Sons come ready to play exploring topics such as young adulthood, hard partying, and the tough times and amazing moments of relationships. The band is fronted by Brett Emmons, who is joined by his brother, Jay, and their friends, Chris Koster, Adam Paquette, and Chris Huot. The band quickly got to work getting their name known, and once signed with Black Box Records in 2013, the band soon released their first EP, and then two full length albums to follow after. Their debut album was recorded in Hamilton, Ontario, and the band went on tour supporting artists such as Airborne, and The Trews. Their debut album was eventually nominated for a Juno Award for Best Rock Album. The band was also nominated for and won Group Of The Year and Rock Group Of The Year at the Siriusxm Indie awards in 2015.

Following the release of their new single, Everything is alright,In 2017, the band signed international label deals with Earache Records in the UK, Europe, and Japan, and with BMG Rights Management in the United States and Australia. The band released their second full length album in October of 2017, titled “young beauties and fools.” The Glorious Sons walked away with yet another Juno Award this year for Rock Album Of The Year. Just this month, The Glorious Sons, joined by The Beaches performed to a large crowd ready to rock at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver.  The Glorious Sons are an absolute gem to come out of Kingston, and if you ever get the chance to see them live, don’t miss out!

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Vancouver Music Scene: All About Nikki Yanofsky

When you first listen to this artist, you may not immediately recognize her sound, but Nikki Yanofsky was the powerful voice of the Olympic theme, I Believe, on CTV’s broadcast in 2010. The young artist rose to fame as a result of her feature throughout the Olympic games and has been a driving force in Canada ever since. I believe made her the very first Canadian artist to have a number one song on the chart. Along with this, she also performed throughout the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Paralympic games. Fast forward several years later to 2018, and Nikki’s career has only improved. Following 2010, Nikki released her debut album under Dekka Records titled Nikki, which subsequently earned her a Juno nomination for Vocal Jazz Album Of The Year. And In 2014, Nikki released her second studio album, Little Secret.

As a young girl, Yanofsky began her singing career at the age of 12, where she performed at the 2006 Montreal International Jazz Festival. This made her the youngest performer to ever headline this concert experience. Since then, she has had many opportunities to perform throughout Canada, including: Toronto, Ottawa, Fredericton, Vancouver, Quebec, Edmonton, and Saskatoon. Along with festivals, Nikki has also had the pleasure to perform with the Vancouver Symphony.

She may have once just been the voice of the Olympics to some people, but Nikki Yanofsky is on her way to being a household name.

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Vancouver Music Scene: Check It Out! Walk Off The Earth

This band may often get mixed up with Ohio based Group, Walk The Moon, but make no mistake, they are far from the same sound. Multi-instrumentalists, Walk Off The Earth are a commanding presence that hail from Burlington, Ontario. The 5 member band, who formed in 2006 quickly gained notice while performing unique renditions of other pop songs on YouTube.  For example, their cover of Gotye’s, Somebody I used to know saw the band gain 175 million views on YouTube in just four months. Gotye himself even praised the band for their unorthodox style they used on this cover. You might think that this was just an ordinary cover, but you would be sorely wrong.

Utilizing non-conventional instruments such as ukuleles, the Theremin, banjos, mandolin, harmonicas and looping samples, and so much more, the band made a name for themselves as something new to watch from Canada. Some of their other noteworthy covers today include: Gangnam Style, Rude, Hello, Payphone, Shape of you, and many more. By 2016, the band had acquired a Juno Award to mark their success.

Whether you are into pop, or rock, or indie, or even hip hop, you are sure to find something you will enjoy. I had the chance to check them out this past July at Holland Park in Surrey, and the wait was definitely worth it. The band opened with their popular cover, Shape of You from Ed Sheeran’s newest album Divide.  This eventually erupted into a crowd roaring performance of Bohemian Rhapsody later in the night. The group sure knows how to start up the crowd and leave them wanting more.

Although the group has five members consistently performing, you would think there was much more. With their huge production and infectious energy, this Ontario band is always certain to put on a spectacular performance that you will not soon forget.

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Vancouver Music Scene: Learn all about A Tribe Called Red

With the rise in electronic music, and DJ fueled bangers, this Canadian flavour should be next on your list. This 3- member group creates a familiar yet distinctive enough sound for anyone to sink their teeth into. Combining traditional drums from their homeland with the electronic producing of today from styles such as Hip Hop, Dubstep, Reggaeton,  first nations music, and more,  A Tribe Called Red have created something unique for generations of speaker destroyers to get a taste of.  The Ontario duo comes from Ottawa, Canada, and have already been fortunate enough to have toured Canada, Australia, Europe, and the United States.  Just this year, the group graced the stage of the Commodore Ballroom at a sold out show in July, here In Vancouver. The demand to see this group was so high that they even had to add a second show to accommodate the overwhelming demand. The group also headlined the Vancouver Mural Fest this past August at Jonathon Rogers Park in Vancouver. It’s clear to see the band has definitely made their presence known in Vancouver.

When speaking about their name, A Tribe Called Red has said that it is a homage to the hip hop group, A Tribe Called Quest, that also had songs that referred to African American social grievances.  The group was formed ultimately because they wanted to be able to throw parties in their community. They also wanted to indigenize the club space in a political act. Throughout their career, the band has garnered many accolades, including winning Group of the Year at this year’s Juno Awards. They also won two Juno awards in 2014 for Breakthrough Group of The Year and Electronic Album of The Year. Next time you’re driving home from work after a hard day or getting ready to hit the weights, put this band on, and feel the energy course through your veins with the infectious sound of A Tribe Called Red.

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Vancouver Music Scene: Who is Dear Rouge?

Dear Rouge comes from our very own Vancouver,British Columbia, and is a result of Drew and Danielle’s continued efforts to provide a spectacular, energy infused performance. The electronic rock duo formed in 2012, and has been going hard ever since. Both Drew and Danielle were both touring musicians working under different projects before meeting, and eventually dating, and marrying shortly after. This led to the creation of their band today, Dear Rouge. Danielle has said that their name is derived from the name of Danielle’s hometown, Red Deer, Alberta. Very clever, I must say! The band was put on the map in November 2012 as a result of the Peak Performance Project put on by the radio station, 102.7 The Peak. The duo walked away with a crisp 102,000 dollars in their pocket.

After they released their single, I heard I had, is when they started to gain even more notice. By 2016, the band were recipients of the Juno Award for Breakthrough group of the year. The group toured all over Canada in 2013 supporting another Canadian artist, Lights. In 2018, they also had the amazing opportunity to perform at the inaugural Skookum Festival held this past September in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. I had the absolute pleasure to check this out, and was not disappointed in the slightest. Dear Rouge hit the stage hard with a mix of strobe lights, and loud, boisterous guitars that never missed a note. Danielle’s voice cut through the crowd and reminded me of the rock star she truly is. I was fortunate enough to meet her after the show, and she was kind to take pictures with everyone too. If you ever get a chance to check out this amazing talented duo, do not miss it. This band is only going to get bigger and better by the years, and I cannot wait to see it unfold.

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Family Van Destroyed as Result of Police Officer’s Driving

It’s not every day you hear about an officer being at fault for a civilian’s totaled vehicle. However, that is the case here. A British Columbia Judge has ruled that an RCMP officer was driving at almost 90 km over the posted limit shares almost all of the blame for a crash that destroyed a family’s camper vehicle. The B.C. Supreme Court decision says Constable Chad Gorman was going 147 km/h in a 60 zone as he responded to a priority call when he crashed into the van in a Langley, B.C., and intersection in July 2014.

The driver of the van, his three family members and the officer miraculously all walked away unscathed. Judge Butler says in his decision released this week that the officer should take 80 per cent of the blame for the crash because he was travelling at such a high speed.Twenty per cent of the blame goes to the driver, Shiraz Meghji because he failed to drive through the intersection with sufficient care, although no damage award has been determined.

The judge says Meghji entered the intersection because he didn’t see the officer’s car as being an immediate hazard.

I have no hesitation in concluding that Const. Gorman breached the standard of care of a reasonable police officer in travelling on the Fraser Highway at 145 km/h on a weekday afternoon through a commercial and residential zone at a speed that was close to 90 km over the speed limit, the judge says, noting the officer passed a number of intersections without slowing.

Judge Butler has said that even though this was a priority situation that did not give the officer the right to drive the way he did without care.

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22 Year- Old Left Dead After Surrey Shooting

Neighbours in Newton, Surrey have been left on edge after a shooting took place on Friday night, killing a 22 year old male. Police were called to the scene after shots rang out at 1:30AM , and arrived to find a young man suffering from serious gunshot wounds.

Investigators spent hours searching the area for evidence and interviewing witnesses, but haven’t said whether they have any information on a potential suspect.

A neighbor provided insight on the situation after waking up to the scene the next morning.

It’s really a surprise, and I’m feeling scared right now. I’m very new in this area, and this is my first experience like this in this area.

IHIT is expected to release more on the shooting later on Friday.

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Poppy Boxes Stolen From Coquitlam Tim Hortons

With Remembrance Day getting closer to us, more people can be seen with poppies on their jackets. These are of course worn to help support and commemorate veterans who fought in the war many years ago. Many businesses will have donation boxes on display as a way to bring in money to support this cause. Unfortunately, one of the donation boxes was stolen from a Coquitlam Tim Hortons last Friday night, and another this past Tuesday, from a library. Laurie Chapman of the local legion branch said that volunteers will be stepping up the frequency of checking on the boxes between now and Remembrance Day. Police are looking into this further.

This is something we take seriously and, like everybody, we want to make sure that we get to the bottom of this.

 At the moment, police are currently going through surveillance footage looking for any sign of the suspect.

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Suspect Arrested After Same-Sex Couple Assault on SkyTrain

We may already be in 2018, but unfortunately, we still do have some instances of homophobia here in Vancouver. Transit Police have arrested a man in connection with an assault on a same- sex couple riding the SkyTrain.

The Victims had been assaulted on September 28th after boarding at Waterfront Station. Police said a man confronted the couple, punching one man in the face and trying to kick the other while yelling obscenities and homophobic slurs.

Police released surveillance images of a suspect in the assault Wednesday, and announced they had managed to make an arrest only hours later.

What’s most concerning about this particular incident is that the precipitation factor appears to be the sexual orientation of these two individuals.

The Suspect was located in Vancouver and taken into custody willingly. Police said the 36-year-old Vancouver resident, whose name hasn’t been released, is known to law enforcement, but does not have a criminal record.

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Calgary Man Caught With Pot-Pipe Issued $230 Fine

A Calgary driver has been fined $230 when BC Police found him with a Pot Pipe within reach of the driver’s seat at a roadside check on the Lions Gate Bridge on November 6th.

The police wrote the 23 year old driver a ticket for violating the cannabis control and licensing act. This marks the very first time West Vancouver Police have issued a ticket under the new B.C Cannabis Act.

The pipe wasn’t lit – and presumably neither was the driver. But the law still prohibits the use of cannabis by anyone while driving or in a vehicle.

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Vancouver Whitecaps Welcome New Head Coach

The Whitecaps have now acquired a new head coach, after the firing of their previous coach, Carl Robinson last season. 41 year old, Marc De Santos joins the team from Los Angeles FC, where he was an assistant coach under Bob Bradley.

De Santos holds many accolades, including being a two time winner of the North American Soccer League Coach of the Year. He also made three consecutive appearances in the league championship, winning the 2017 Soccer Bowl Championship with the San Francisco Deltas.

We are excited to welcome Marc Dos Santos to our club. It’s not often that you find a coach who seeks out the unique learning opportunities and challenges that Marc has accumulated around the world. We believe having Marc now in place as head coach, combined with the additional resources we are putting into our scouting and recruitment department, will set up the club for consistent success.

Marc De Santos has agreed to a 3 year contract through 2021.

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Fatal Surrey Crash Closes 2 Lanes On Highway 1

If you take the main highway to work each morning, you’ve probably noticed the increase in volume of traffic to get to your destination. As of Tuesday, two westbound lanes in Surrey have reopened. RCMP said a dump truck had struck the median west of the 176th street exit shortly after 3am, and burst into flames. It is believed that, the driver had died in the crash. All westbound traffic had to exit before 176th street during the commute Tuesday Morning.

Well I’ve noticed a big increase in regards to volume on the Port Mann Bridge, most accidents happening in Coquitlam for Westbound Highway 1, especially in the Cape Horn area.

As of Today, the 2 lanes previously closed are now open again, clearing up busy commutes.

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Speed Limits to be Decreased in Parts Of Lower Mainland

The BC Government is cracking down on speed limits posted on 15 stretches of road in British Columbia. This includes between Squamish and Whistler, and between Cowichan Bay and Nanaimo. After the province reviewed the impacts of speed limit changes made previously in 2014, the decision was made to decrease speed limits by 10 kilometres per hour. Speed safety engineers had found that when these limits were increases, there was an immediate change in the collision rate on 14 highway segments. The province spent three years focusing on the impact of speed limit changes before coming to this conclusion.

We know people want to get where they’re going quickly. Our job is to help make sure they also get there safely.

The RCMP are now being tasked with strategic enforcement efforts in area where collisions have gone up and vehicles are going well over the posted limit.

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