Are You Happy With The Game Of Thrones Season Finale?

It’s the biggest TV show airing right now, but not everyone is happy how the storyline is going.

More than 850,000 people have signed a petition asking HBO to remake the season finale of Game of Thrones. Fans have been annoyed by the two writers David Benioff and DB Weiss and how they are creating some characters in the final episodes.

An account under the name “Dylan D.” created a petition on, insisting on a remake. The petition says Benioff and Weiss “have proven themselves to be woefully incompetent writers when they have no source material to fall back on”.

“This series deserves a final season that makes sense,” he continues. “Subvert my expectations and make it happen, HBO!”

Many people complain that the season has been rushed, character motivations are unfaithful and the plot twists haven’t been adequately set up to expectations.

Julia Roberts in an Interview with Patricia Arquette for “Variety Studio: Actors on Actors,” shares that she had never watched the show, saying that she has no idea what’s going on and it’s “Too scary,” Roberts said. “Maybe too much sex”

Riverdale star, Lili Reinhart on the other hand, stepped up and lashed out on Instagram “This is not how television works. TV shows are not fan-service. It’s ridiculous of people to think they can demand creative change from artists.” But after that, she received lots of backlashes. One person in the comment section said “Television works because fans watch it. So if they don’t like someone they have the full right to ridicule it so please keep quiet Lili. Also, the last episode of Riverdale is utter nonsense. Please try and redo season 3 as well.

However, it seems like both shows will get a revamp. HBO is working on a prequel to its medieval fantasy while CW is going to release the fourth season and announced a spin-off for Riverdale.

Tati Westbrook and James Charles- It’s Time To Stop The Feud

Just a few days ago, beauty guru Tati Westbrook posted a video 43-minute long, calling James out to the public for to his behavior. For most people, that video ended James Charles’s career. But 4 hours ago, she then posted another video titled “Why I Did It”, and this time is to clarify her intentions.

The 18-minute video shows how she reflects herself after the previous video was posted and said that she never thought the drama would reach this magnitude.

Tati explains her intention was never to drastically effect James, but rather to teach him a lesson, and it is a wake-up call to James. She also wants people to stop hating and dragging him online.

“I do want the hate to stop. I want the picking sides and the abusive memes and the language, and all of that… I really hope on both sides it can stop. That’s not why I made the video.”- Tati

She did what she did so as a “last ditch effort to be really loud and vocal” in reaching out to the 19-year-old star, who she’s mentored since the early days.

Tati then shares that she would be meeting with James face to face to try to clear the air.

“I don’t hate James Charles. I don’t want you guys hating on him. It’s painful to watch someone that you have cared for be dragged and to know that this started because of me. I don’t think anyone deserves that. I think people deserve a wake-up call and people deserve to be called out or actions. I think someone’s got to do it. I hope that this inspires parents to have more conversations with their kids because we are losing that.” – Tati

The 37-year-old confirms that she is taking a break from filming for a while to focus on healing from the feud.

Tea-lor Swift

We all have those times where we’ve wanted to expose someone in front of the entire world for their behavior or what they did to you. But don’t let that saltiness get to you, or else you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Want an example? Taylor Swift.

No hate, but Taylor has a “reputation” for putting her exes out there, mostly through her songs and interviews.

Just a few days ago, Taylor returned to The Ellen Show for the first time in four years to promote her new hit single ”ME!”. While playing “Burning Questions” with Ellen, the singer was asked what the most rebellious teen activity that she regretted was, and she revealed that it was calling out her ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas – a member of the famous band, Jonas Brothers on the show, nearly a decade ago.

She was on Ellen’s show in 2008 after the split and she spilled the tea on how she was dumped by him. “It’s all right. I’m cool.” “When I find that person that is right for me, he’ll be wonderful. When I look at that person, I’m not even going to remember the boy who broke up with me over the phone in 27 seconds when I was 18.” – Taylor Swift

That wasn’t the only time Joe was mentioned by Taylor. A year later, she dragged him again on Saturday Night Live by saying “You might think I’d bring up Joe / That guy who broke up with me on the phone…”

The singer answered the Burning Question with “Probably when I put Joe Jonas on blast on your show. That was too much. I was 18. Yeah. We laugh about it now but that was mouthy, just some teenage stuff there.”

Taylor Swift is now in a happy relationship with actor Joe Alwyn while Joe Jonas is now married with Game of Thrones star, Sophie Turner after a surprise ceremony in Las Vegas. Joe says there’s no bad blood between him and Taylor.



Detective Pikachu was released on Friday and scored just 63% on Rotten Tomatoes. It wasn’t until yesterday that I had a chance to watch it in theaters.

To be honest, all I know about Pikachu is that it’s an adorable yellow fluffy little thing. Sometimes, I even got confused between Pokémon and Pikachu, let alone knowing about the Pokémon world (Yes, I’m not proud of that #guilty). Only starting a few months ago did I learn more about the different types of Pokémon, Pokéballs, the evolutions, attack modes, and abilities through the Pokémon Go app.

I would say that viewers need to be familiar with the Pokémon universe, or even just dabble in Pokémon Go to understand and fully enjoy the movie.

Stand alone, it’s not a blockbuster. The plot is pretty basic rather than compelling, and the characters aren’t really well-written in my opinion. But the movie still entertained me. It was cool to see a fictional city in which humans and Pokémon co-exist, and how everything came to life. (Not to mention all the Pokémon were adorable)

It’s definitely a guilty pleasure for anyone who grew up playing Pokémon games or trading cards.

Fans of video games are really hoping for a good video game movie since traditionally, all video game movies have been pretty bad. With the new Sonic movie also not looking promising, video game fans need a win, and Detective Pikachu might have to do.

Social Media – A Double-Edged Sword

We’re living in an era where social media is a big aspect of everyone’s life.

Social media has drastically changed the world we live in, and it’s even hard to imagine a life without it.

It’s a double-edged sword, but why?  Well simply, it can either make, or break you. There’s no in between. It can bring you the world but from just one mistake, it can destroy everything you have.

Just take a look at James Charles’s case. Yes, the one that was, and still is making waves all over the internet in the past days. We can’t deny the fact that the kid has talent, and being a boy in that industry is hard. James started making YouTube videos back in 2015, mainly focusing on make-up and beauty. His popularity on the streaming site rose quickly everyday. After about three years, he had more than 16 million subscribers, even got into the Forbes “30 under 30” as a young millionaire.

It’s inevitable, with someone of his stature, that he has lots of drama and many feuds with other people. And the most recent one pushed him to the edge of his career path.

Tati Westbrook- a 37-year-old beauty guru posted a video 43 minutes long exposing and telling people that she will cut off the “sister relationship” with James. The tea has been spilled on both Tati and James’s channel. Afterwards, other influencers also took sides and most of them are with Tati. Pooling all the “tea” together, the male beauty blogger has had millions of people basically turn over and hit that unsubscribe button.

The whole world is hating on this 19 year-old boy. Yes, he made many mistakes. But aren’t we all? People make stupid mistakes. That’s what growing up all about. He just happens to have the world looking and judging him. And how did that happen? Cause James is social-media famous.

This is not about defending James Charles and his behavior. This whole fiasco is a hard lesson to teach him to snap out of the whole “I’m a celebrity, I can do whatever I want” attitude, and change himself to be better in the future.

Make one mistake and the world goes against you. That’s the power of social media.


Free Birth Control For Everyone, Not Just Ones Under 25!

There are growing calls for birth control to be free for everyone in Canada

Yesterday, the Canadian Pediatric Society recommended everyone under the age of 25 should get access to free birth control. But Options for Sexual Health- a health care group in BC believes in people’s right to have free birth control at all age.

Though to make this work, it would need to be funded through the Ministry of Heath, some health care programs and the Federal Government of BC.

Executive director of the B.C’s Options for Sexual Health, Michelle Fortin notes that it’s important to give people choices.

“My understanding from the Pediatric Society is that they’re talking about access to contraception not just for pills, but including Depo and IUD, kind of the full complement of options.” – Michelle Fortin

She wants to provide to those that a woman or a person who has a uterus to make the best decision for themselves.

“We know that the cost of unwanted pregnancies is financially high but it’s also an emotional cost that we’re not weighing and it’s giving folks an opportunity to plan when they’re going to be parents.” – Michelle Fortin

According to the Canadian Pediatric society, the direct costs of unintended youth pregnancies exceed $125 million a year


Where’s The “High” For Edible Cannabis?

Just less than six months from now, edible marijuana products will be legal across Canada. Though, it seems like Canadian’s interest in them has dropped compared to two years ago, when it was first mentioned in 2017.

A new study titled “Edibles and Canadian consumers’ willingness to consider recreational cannabis in food or beverage products: A second assessment” by Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, Senior Director at the Dalhousie University Agrifood Analytics Lab, shows the comparison between the Canadians’ attitudes toward cannabis products in 2017 until recent days.

Overall, the support for legalization has dropped from 68 per cent in 2017, down to 49 per cent. But the Executive Director of the Cannabis Council of Canada- Allan Rewak – doesn’t think it would affect the sales in general.

“What we’re seeing is an overall increase in quantities of cannabis sold and larger volumes and vape products. We still expect dry flowers are not going anywhere anytime soon, but in time, we will seeking new innovative products.” – Allan Rewak.

He believes that everything will be fine.

“We know the market is there. We’re scientifically driven purposed company. And we provide cannabis legally. We’re not trying to bring non users into trying cannabis. We’re trying to migrate the illicit market to a legal one, and more importantly serve the needs of medical patients.”- Allan Rewak.

The government has set October 17 as the latest possible date for edibles to be legally available to consumers.

Happy McHappy Day

Everyone knows McDonald’s – the world’s largest fast food chain.

Today, McDonalds is celebrating its annual McHappy Day across Canada and it’s their 26th year.

For every Big Mac, Happy Meal or hot McCafé beverage sale, $1 will be donated to local children’s charities across the country, and Ronald McDonald Houses- a place that provides homes for families to stay at and be closer together while their sick child is being cured at the nearest hospital.

“So, McHappy day has been happening since 1977. And we call it a Canadian tradition. On behalf of McDonalds, Ronald McDonald Houses are so appreciate to have the support of McDonalds, who hosts McHappy Day.”- Suzanne Pescod, Director of Communications at the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Alberta.

The Ronald McDonald Houses are doing their best to create a calm, nurturing environment within the hospital for families to rest while being right by their child.

“Family room across the country are spaces inside the hospital, where families can get some relaxation and have a little bit of decompression from all the activities and craziness that can happening in the hospital.”- Suzanne Pescod.

The proceeds are expected to help more than 25,000 families and children in Canada this year.

Port Moody Just Unveiled Its Very Own Rainbow Crosswalk


Rainbows are a symbol of the LGBTQ+, and the rainbow crosswalks have been a way for cities to show support and acceptance for the community.

Another Metro Vancouver municipality has just launched the rainbow crosswalk, and this time, it’s Port Moody’s turn to acknowledge and celebrate its LGBTQ+ community.

Take place at 200 block of Newport Drive, it uses all new material, including skid-resistant, and high level of color stability.

“It is a wonderful thing that we that we’ve shown our communities support for diversity, especially to the LGBTQ+ community, so I think it is one of the many ways that our community supports our collective support so overall, that’s a great way to show the support.”- Darae Lee- Senior Manager of the Settlement Programs for I BELONG- an LGBTQ+ community resource hub

The symbol of pride, diversity and strength is a message that the city wants to send to the people, but some think it’s too late for them to actually make it official.

“Well I think it’s better doing it now than never. I think it’s a positive thing that at least the city is recognizing it. I think it’s a good thing.” – Darae Lee.

The rainbow crosswalk cost $13,000 and have been either approved or under consideration in many of the British Columbian territories.


Emergency Preparedness Week at BCIT

No one wants to find themselves in natural disasters or emergency situations, but there’s no guarantee that it won’t happen. Knowing what will happen and what to do is the ultimate survival package.

May 5th till 11th is the National Emergency Preparedness Week and this year’s theme is “Be Emergency Ready”.

On Wednesday, May 8th, BCIT Burnaby Campus will have a one-day pop-up booth in the courtyard behind The Rix in SE06, from 10:30am to 12:30pm, to prepare ground knowledge for students and staffs, in order to stay safe in unpredicted circumstances.

It’s an opportunity to prepare and protect yourself and your family in emergency situations.

As a student, there are things you can do when dealing with hazards on campus and at home.

“First thing you need to do is always make sure that you’re personally prepared, it is the responsibility of every individual to make sure you have an emergency preparedness case. And at BCIT, we do have an Emergency Management Program where we encourage awareness on how to get personally prepared on what kind of things you can expect if there was a disaster here. And what BCIT would do to take care of its community.” -Tam Bremner- Manager of the Emergency Management Division Department.

The booth offers samples of different kinds of emergency kits from family, home, vehicles, and personal care.

“We will show you different ways that you can put the emergency preparedness case together, that’ll be like a family kit, a patch kit, something for your vehicle, just to get you going on after getting personally prepared.” -Tam Bremner- Manager of the Emergency Management Division Department.

Visit and for more information.