SonReal Surfs Hometown Crowd on the ‘One Long Dream’ Tour

B.C.’s own singer-songwriter/rapper, SonReal held his third show of the One Long Dream Tour at the Vogue Theatre on November 10, 2017. With two openers – DJ Seko and Blaque Keyz – the hometown crowd was ready to get the party started.

Doors opened at 7 with DJ Seko set up at the stage. Fans began to pour in while he played remixes at center stage.

Blaque Keyz

Blaque Keyz, the Vogue Theatre, November 10, 2017 / ALEXIS DAYFOOT

Blaque Keyz followed after with a flag bearer coming out on stage with his trademark flag. With a flag in the air and the blind fading in and out of vocals, the DJ hyped up the crowd with an instrumental introduction. The flag bearer left and Blaque Keyz came on stage. Performing an introductory music-less monologue, he told the crowd a bit about himself. Feeling the music in other songs, he kept the crowd hyped for the main headliner with a consistent bounce step and occasional dancing. Ending his set off, he grabbed an Instagram video of himself and the crowd.


SonReal, the Vogue Theatre, November 10, 2017 / ALEXIS DAYFOOT

A house was set up on the stage with the address – 1851. Fans would know it as the location SonReal used to record, rehearse, and film within in Vancouver. Along the rest of the stage was a white picket fence, a Christmas tree and a BBQ. Visually it was appealing with the band placed around the empty spaces.

SonReal came out and the entire crowd cheered for days. After attempting to start the show, he hesitated and stood there in awe. With one last roar from the crowd, he began to sing an acoustic song with his guitar. Vocally he had a distinctive nasal voice that elevated his performance.


SonReal, the Vogue Theatre, November 10, 2017 / ALEXIS DAYFOOT

The lighting and technical aspect of the show was done well. As per timing with his songs and dance moves they highlighted and hyped up the show to a new level.

Caring about the fans, if he didn’t hear them singing along, he’d stop in the middle of the song to get the crowd back on track. With his biggest radio single “Can I Get A Witness,” specifically, the song initially ended with him singing along with the crowd, then moving to a preaching moment. At the end of that segment he mentioned two words that have gotten him to where he is today…”shots fired.” The song continued again making the crowd go crazy.


SonReal, the Vogue Theatre, November 10, 2017 / ALEXIS DAYFOOT

Walking across the stage similar to a duck waddle with rigid legs, his stage presence was amazing because he gave love to all sides of the stage, even the crowd on the balcony. He kept the crowd engaged by hopping off the stage at three points in his set: first, to get a fan to sing along, second, to stand on the barricade to get real close to the fans, and third, to crowd surf. He made the crowd close in tightly so he would be secure and then dove right into the middle of the crowd like one would at a swimming pool. Later, he dove in again and was followed by his guitarist, who was a bit larger, and unfortunately fell through the crowd to the floor.


SonReal, the Vogue Theatre, November 10, 2017 / ALEXIS DAYFOOT

Arms were high in the air as most of his songs had persistent beat droppings. With a nice variety of slow and fast songs, SonReal gave a positive, humorous vibe throughout the entire set.

Not expecting it to be as fun as it was. The hometown crowd definitely enjoyed it as much as SonReal did. To see him at a larger venue would be different, but I don’t doubt that he could get the larger crowd any less hyped than it was for the Vogue.

Niall Horan’s Debut Album Flicker Shines Brighter than Just a Mere Spark

One Directions’ Niall Horan recently released his debut solo album, Flicker. The Irish native was much involved with this album from songwriting to being a session musician.

The album starts with a rich guitar and drum beat as if you were on the run. I assume that this was his musical intentions because the track is title, “On the Loose.” Following that, you notice that this folky soft pop album is guitar oriented, as Horan plays the guitar. The albums sound is like a mixture of Bob Dylan and Vance Joy.

Flicker includes his chart topping singles, “This Town”, “Slow Hands”, and “Too Much To Ask.” All these songs are musically contrasting as most of the other tracks on the album. “This Town” is an acoustic song including a guitar, a piano and a hint of strings. “Slow Hands” instantly comes in with a drum kick, a heavy bass and an electric guitar. “Too Much To Ask” is piano based track that’s intimate and emotional.

Lyrically there’s a string that’s weaved throughout the entire album that revolves around the theme of one or more girls who have either broken his heart or made him feel different in a positive way.

With deep personal stories, you feel the emotional connection Horan has with each song. The album’s title track, “Flicker” is one of Horan’s most difficult and lyrical songs. “I’m afraid that what we had is gone, then I think of the start, and it echoes a spark.” Contemporary and, once again, guitar based, Horan takes you on a reminiscing journey. Stripped down and rooted it’s about how relationships can die, but when you think back to the beginning, when there were the unknown and exciting emotions, the flickering spark might still be there shining. You can only hope and pray it doesn’t fade away.

“Seeing Blind” the only duet track off this album which features the American female artist Maren Morris. Horan seems to enjoy the hard strike of a guitar because this song has a heavy beat with the subtle use of palm muting on the guitar. Throughout the song there’s a good use of the xylophone as well. On top of the instrumental choices there’s the precise pleasing harmonies. The two of them mesh well vocally making this song that more flattering.

Niall Horan’s solo career seems to be pretty bright from the large positive reaction after his album release. I think this album is really suitable for many occasions, like going for a drive after a breakup, outdoor camping with someone special or sitting alone in the night, making it relatable to many.

Horan is already touring the world with this album. Fans had so much faith in his music they sold out the whole tour. Needless to say, it may have been a good choice to branch out from One Direction for a little to sky rocket as high as a solo artist.

Canadians Speak Out Against Weinstein

The entertainment world was dealt a heavy blow when, allegations of sexual assault started popping up about Harvey Weinstein. The claims stated that Weinstein, an American film producer and former film studio director, had performed sexual misconduct towards women over a large time span. The allegations included several counts of rape, harassment and assault. Many women have finally came out to state that they have experienced situations with Weinstein from Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd. Canadians in the industry have taken charge by creating an awareness hashtag on Twitter.

Canadian actress, Anna Paquin, has invited men to show support by using the Twitter hashtag #WomenBoycottTwitter. The power of social media has its power to spread word quickly and effectively.

This all started when actress, Rose McGowan tweeted the accusation that Weinstein had raped her. Twitter later suspended her account (@rosemcgowan) because her account had “violated the Twitter Rules.”

On Thursday, Canada’s Ryan Gosling stepped up to support women and share a message on Twitter that said:


“He’s emblematic of a systemic problem. Men should stand with women and work together until there is real accountability and change,” he said. Gosling was also disappointed in how oblivious he was having worked with Weinstein in the past.

So with this news, Mcgowan has claimed today as the day to #WomenBoycottTwitter, to spread awareness. You can tweet to support all women who are treated unfairly because no one deserves any of this.

Should You Watch Blade Runner 2049?

The Blade Runner sequel has received critical acclaim despite its slow traffic at the box office. Blade Runner 2049, the long awaited sequel, features the legendary Harrison Ford and Canada’s own, Ryan Gosling. What some are calling “one of the greatest sequels of all time” is a display of amazing artistry and with a production cost of only $150m, it’s a shame that the first week only raked in $86.5m. Hopefully the second week does better based off the low competition rate and positive word of mouth.

Many have said that the world envisioned in the sequel looks just as beautiful as it was in the original. If you haven’t gone to see it yet, you’re probably seeing if it’s worth your time. If you were my mom you’d go to see it just for Ryan Gosling, but if you’re interested in the plot and story line, it could go two ways. If you truly love Sci-fi, art, or cinematography this is an excellent choice for a Friday night film. If you aren’t that interested in any of that, you could save this movie for another time, because some say it’s a bit pretentious and drags on. Personally, I’d watch make sure you watch the first one before seeing the second one.

Based on the trailer alone, the artistry overall looks stunning. Every scene is a painting of its own with vibrant colours and spectacles. Captivating, Gosling hasn’t been in a film quite like this, so it’d be interesting to see how far his acting horizon can span.

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Vancouver Filmmakers hit the New York Film Festival

A unique group of young, hardworking filmmakers have a fiery passion to create and share art. From writers to actors, producers, and directors, these graduates from Langara’s Film Arts Program produced a striking film that spreads awareness about mental health and depression. (Again, With Feeling Teaser)

A nine minute film, the New York Mental Health Film Festival has recognized the 19 year old director, Max Blanche, with the Changing Minds Young Filmmaker Competition Award. This category notices those with films with a length of 10 minute or less focusing on mental health issues affecting young people. Again, With Feeling follows an autobiography of a sweet, thoughtful and unique teen. Vancouver’s Jarod Kaplan plays the lead, Cody, alongside three other actors. Cody attempts to figure out how to engage with the world while dealing with his depression.

Writer and Blanche’s roommate Tyler Gilbert, 23, mentions “for this film I wanted to try and represent that experience [mental health]. Some of the icky aspects of it and also the positive stuff that comes out of support from professionals and the community and all that good stuff.”

Shot over four days, the film avoids the stereotypes of mental health, but rather offers a broader vision of the community. The screening will take place October 14, 2017 at the NYC Film Festival and Blanche will receive his award the following night.

‘Riverdale’ Brings Milkshakes to Your Local Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe

Death, seduction, and suspense, Riverdale’s highly anticipated Season 2 premiered last night on the CW. Ratings were high as expected, but they nearly doubled from last season’s 1.38 million to an astounding 2.3 million, despite the change to a different night. Fans can’t get enough of the dynamic foursome, Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica. Continuing directly after the end of Season 1, you were struck with suspense… will Fred Andrews survive? After, the drama continued with the blossoming romances to some new and unsure faces.

What’s the name of the diner the gang always goes to? Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe. You probably wish you could get the chance to hang out there with your squad. Maybe you’ll find your very own Archie or Betty in a booth there? Well that fantasy can come true because across Canada, for one day only, the famous diner will be opening near you. There are eight different locations across the major cities in Canada, I bet you’re wondering if one of them is opening near you.

Vancouver lucked out, probably because Riverdale is filmed here. You have two options. Tonight you can go to the original Rocko’s Family Diner (32786 Lougheed Hwy, Mission, BC V2V 1A7) where the pilot of Riverdale was filmed. The first 200 guests will be getting them for free. The event starts at 7PM until 11PM. Based on the amount of love Riverdale has received, I suggest going early because it will be packed.

The second location is in the heart of Downtown Vancouver at the Templeton (1087 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L2) which is a lot smaller than Rocko’s, so get there early! This one will be open Friday from 7PM to 11PM. You never know, the cast might even pop up at the Pop Shoppes.

Make sure to Tweet @Evolution1079 your experience and some photos if you get the chance to go.

Check out details about the Season 2 premiere as well:

All the locations of the diners are listed here:
Celebrate the return of Riverdale, beginning Thursday, Oct. 12 from 7 p.m. ET/PT to 11 p.m. ET/PT at the following locations:
Mission, B.C.: Rocko’s Family Diner (+ screening of Season 2 premiere)
Calgary, Alta.: Boogie’s Burgers (Marda Loop)
Ottawa, Ont.: Zak’s Diner (ByWard Market)
Toronto, Ont.: Fran’s Restaurant (College Street)

The event is also happening on Friday, Oct. 13 from 7 p.m. ET/PT to 11 p.m. ET/PT at the following locations:
Vancouver, B.C.: The Templeton
Edmonton, Alta.: Route 99 Diner
Toronto, Ont.: Fran’s Restaurant (College Street)
Toronto, Ont.: The Lakeview (1132 Dundas Street West)
To find the Pop’s closest to you, fans can visit

36th Vancouver International Film Festival

B.C. filmmaker, Kathleen Hepburn has been smashing the Vancouver International Film Festival with her feature, Never Steady, Never Still. A film about a devoted mother that works in Alberta’s oil fields, struggling with Parkinson’s and a son dealing with the tough development of adulthood attempting to get a hold of his sexual identity.

Never Steady, Never Still – Trailer from Experimental Forest Films on Vimeo.

Hepburn has received a handful of prizes and recognition from: Union of B.C. Performers/ ACTRA ($7,500 cash prize), William F. White. ($10,000 equipment credit), the Directors’ Guild of Canada ($2,000 Emerging Canadian Director Award), Sea to Sky Award ($20,000 which recognizes the effort from a female key creative in a B.C. – produced feature or short film)

Another B.C. feature film, Wayne Wapeemuka’s Luk’Luk’I captures the Downtown Eastside on the last day of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. With the use of nonactors playing semi-fictional versions of themselves, Wayne mentioned that “it wasn’t a calk walk in any way, shape, or form.” The feature was recognized as the Best B.C. Film ($10,000 development bursary), from the Harold Greenberg Fund and a $15,000 reward for post-production service from Encore.

Other artists that were recognized were Yassmina Karajah’s Rupture, for the Best B.C. Short Film award ($5,000) from Creative BC. Rupture is about four Arab teens on the search for a public swimming pool in their new Canadian home.

Cory Bowles’ Black Cop received the Best Canadian Film, ($10,000) from the Directors Guild of Canada. This mysterious film features an unnamed character who uses his title against the privileged white folk.
There’s a ton of local talent in our province and country.

If you get the chance to see any of the films tweet us at @Evolution1079 on your thoughts or what film was your favorite.

If you want to buy tickets to the VIFF you can find more details:

Flarrow Wedding Crossover on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow


CW’s The Flash premiered Season 4 last night, and Arrow premieres tomorrow at 9 PST. These two shows are easily the most popular DC superhero shows on air, and they have an impressive fandom to prove it. So whenever there’s a cameo or even a full cross over, fans are sure to have their PVR’s are set. Last season, both The Flash and Arrow featured marriage proposals, between Barry(The Flash) and Iris alongside Oliver(Green Arrow) and Felicity. Get ready because the Flash and Arrow’s main couples have set the date for a special wedding. To add more icing to the cake this two-way crossover is turning into a four way cross over, as seen last year across all the CW Superhero shows (last four way cross over video below.)

Of course some fans are upset because they say “Barry and Iris deserve their own wedding,” that isn’t crashed by Olicity. Others might be too shocked to even react. At least, now we know Barry and Iris are going to formally tie the knot.



The latest photos below show the two couples together near the beautiful Vancouver waters at Stanley Park yesterday. With this exposure to our beautiful city, people have started to appreciate the place we live in that much more. This episode won’t air for a while because the teams are in production it right now.



Earlier that same day stars from Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow were filming together. The episode is set to be an exhilarating crossover and sure to hype up the fans for upcoming action in each show’s respective season.

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If you want to find out more about other CW Superhero Crossovers, check this out:

DC Legends of Tomorrow Crosses Over with The Flash

Superhero and action fans should be excited for this week’s TV schedule, The CW’s crop of “Supershows”– The Flash, Supergirl, The Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – all premiere this week. Supergirl set the flame last night with their premiere to season three. Tonight you can catch the Flash, 8 PST, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, 9 PST.

The Flash kicks off Season 4, with “The Flash Reborn.” If you watched last season and know what happened to Barry, you’re ready for some answers tonight.


The last thing we saw was Barry getting himself stuck in the speed force. Fans immediately developed theories that the comic story line where Kid Flash, Keiynan Lonsdale, becomes the new Flash, could be headed to the CW show. But the fandom has grown such a huge support and love for their preferred Flash, Grant Gustin. The writers wouldn’t kill the Barry Allen after three seasons…Right?

As for DC’s Legend of Tomorrow, the Season 3 trailer definitely left some people in awe. The benefits of having all the CW Superhero shows filmed in the same city, Vancouver, is the constant opportunity for crossovers. When you love one all the superheroes and see them assemble together, there’s nothing better.

If you saw the big gorilla… and you’re a fan The Flash, you’d instantly know that that gorilla is Grodd. Kid Flash also makes a special appearance in this season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. There’s probably going to be a lot more cameos within all of these shows this season. With many other incredible shots from the trailer, both shows should not disappoint.

Fans continue to build relationships with these shows because the cast takes time to connect with Vancouverites on set. The film industry in BC has been booming since all four of these hit shows made Vancouver their home. BC’s Film industry seemingly can’t stop growing, let’s hope more shows make us their production home, and continue to build North Hollywood.


Supergirl – Mondays, 8 PST

The Flash – Tuesdays, 8 PST

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Tuesday, 9 PST

Arrow – Thursday, 9 PST

Remember to tweet Evolution (@Evolution1079) your thoughts about the shows.

Riverdale Season 2 Premiere

For those eagerly waiting for Riverdale’s Season 2, set your PVRs because it premieres tomorrow on the CW 8 PST. Most locals know that it’s filmed in Vancouver, and fans have been hunting down stars KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart, in hopes to get that selfie.

The Riverdale craze hit last winter when the pilot episode launched on January 26, 2017 on the CW and a day after on Netflix. A lot of anticipation grew over the year before it actually came out. Romance, humor and drama, everything a typical teen drama needs, Riverdale bleeds. The dark take on Archie Comics is returning with plenty of mystery and some new faces appearing in this new season, like Veronica’s rich dad and a “new” Reggie.

A recent announcement was made for the casting of Betty’s long lost brother, Chic. Newcomer Hart Denton is going to be the latest addition to the large and complicated Cooper family. If you thought the drama and the complications were going to settle after season one, you better brace yourself for this season. With the invitation of new characters and the deaths of others some might just have some vengeance.

With new photos, the cast has already begun filming their Christmas episode. Houses and of course Pop’s diner is all decked out for the occasion already. From trees to stockings and lights, don’t be deceived, Riverdale looks like it’s everything but jolly this season.

With all of the hype after season one’s massive cliff hanger, high expectations are in the air. If you haven’t caught onto the hottest teen drama yet, binge watch all of the first season tonight and be ready for tomorrow at 8 PST on the CW (a day behind on Netflix.)

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Vance Joy in Vancouver

Vance Joy began his Lay It On Me Tour in Vancouver on September 27, 2017. With his newest single, Lay It On Me, which has over 16 million streams on Spotify, Vance Joy performed four new songs at the show. Fans are eagerly waiting for his newest album release, which still doesn’t have an official release date.

Is Kermit [the frog] packed with you?

He’s not. I love Kermit. I do have a Kermit. It was given to me by two girls who interviewed me before. He is in my house and I love him. A bit of Rainbow connection.

You’ve been here in Vancouver since Sunday, what special things have you been up to?

I went to a place called Jinya. This place is nearby here, it has a really good vibe with authentic Japanese vibes. The staff yelling in Japanese, really motivational… I brought my book to read and it didn’t happen. It was busy. It was good.

Whenever you whip out the ukulele [during Riptide], everyone starts screaming, what’s that vibe and feeling like?

 It’s great. I did it recently. The vibes are so good. People are engaged. It’s fun. When people sing along, it’s awesome. I really enjoy singing that song. Whenever people sing the songs, its good.

A fan designed one of your merch with the hoodie last year. What other creative things have you seen fans do?

That merch was a beautiful design, by an amazing artist, she’s from Milwaukee. She made this beautiful picture of my face using lyrics. I saw it on Instagram and I said this is so cool. This is better than the merch ideas I could come with. Her name is Megan. We contacted her and we put it onto a t-shirt. It might be hard to beat that. I think it was a special thing. We might have to talk to her for some new artwork. I think we did the right thing. I love her artwork.

Take a listen to the full interview.

This is WILLA – Vancouver’s Dark Electric Pop Artist

WILLA, BC’s home bound, dark electric pop artist chatted about her background, her music and her life. Growing up in Whistler, WILLA found her passion for music at her local choir. After that she knew that performing was the end goal. She got into acting later on in her life and has been finding a good balance between both arts. Originating from the jazz scene, she found her groove with the unique vibes of electric pop. Her songs offer a great beat and great lyrics. WILLA, her stage name, is actually her middle name. A lovely name to go along with her new sound. She always wanted to use that name and it fit perfectly.

Finding inspiration from her surroundings, WILLA writes and produces her own songs. From solo composition, she also enjoys collaborating with other artists to explore new paths that she may not have been able to discover without the wider landscape of creativity. Throwing out the puzzling question of “which was the most difficult song to produce,” she ended it with saying that some songs are more effortless, then others are difficult that you may think that nothing fits or will ever be right.

Playing piano at the age of fifteen, she mentioned how she would love to learn how to play guitar. Also recently moving to Toronto, WILLA has begun a new journey to find new inspirations and meet new people. We can definitely expect fresh music and projects. She said the process of some tours are in the works too. Recently stopping in Surrey for the Party for the Planet celebration, the rain poured hard, but the fans showed up and her show went perfect.

WILLA’s popular single “Dreamers” will keep you dancing for days. As played on Evolution 107.9, it’s also found on SoundCloud and YouTube. The full interview is up on SoundCloud and linked below.

Surrey Canada Day Celebration Full Line Up Released

Summer is almost here and what’s the best part of summer? Canada day! The full line up for Surrey’s Canada Day celebration was released yesterday and I think there are some familiar names on there that you might appreciate. Canada is turning 150 years this year, so Surrey is coming in with a bang.

This celebration is an outdoor festival, fun for families and concert fanatics. Besides all of the fun activities, rides, sports zones and other family activities, the main stage is going to share some of the best musicians in the country.  Because it’s an outdoor festival we urge you to pack up for the sun and long day. Now to the lineup…

Headlining the show are the BC boys, Hedley. The popular Canadian pop rock band will be taking on the main stage. They went on tour a year ago and you’re probably desperate to see them all again. With their most recent album, Hello, they’ll have a ton of new songs like “Can’t Slow Down,” and “Lose Control” to perform, but of course some of their old favorites like “Never Too Late,” “Cha-Ching,” and On My Own.” You never know what they’re going to do on stage, especially Jacob Hoggard (lead vocals, guitar). The last show they performed at the PNE, Jacob sliced a piano in half with a chain saw. So… make sure you catch the next wild thing they’ll do at this show.

Alongside Hedley, is the Toronto based reggae fusion band… Magic! Most known for their hit singles “Rude,” and “Don’t Kill the Magic.” They won two Juno Awards in 2015 and have been continuing to break through the music industry.

With a list of other acts like Good for Grapes (Winners of the Peak Performance Project), Sam the Astronaut, One More Girl, Chilliwack, Sway, The Big Shiny Band, and DJ Flipout, this summer celebration will be a memorable day. Enjoy Canada’s birthday alongside a wide variety of great music!

Who Are You Going to See at BC’s Pemberton Music Festival for 2017

(Photo Credit: Pemberton Valley Real Estate)

Get ready to feel the hot sunny days with music, food, and camping at the annual Pemberton Music Festival. After a long wait, the festival’s line up was announced last Friday. Fans bought tickets way before they even knew who’d be performing at the festival. Happening July 13 – 16, 2017, this four-day event brings out the biggest music fans. Tickets started at $299, with three layers from general admission, VIP to super VIP. The early bird tickets sold out in an instant. They also offer a variety of camping options for your convenience. This is BC’s most popular summer music festival, featuring rock, indie, hip hop and electronic music.

Inaugurating in 2008, Pemberton is a hay field site discovered north of Whistler. Previously, it has drawn out massive crowds the past years. Last year, they expected only 100,000 people, but it ended up almost doubling at 180,000 people over the four days. A change in this year’s lineup was that it doesn’t involve the same amount of performers as it did previously. Downsizing by at least 10 performers, people were a bit disappointed. They used to have comedic acts too, which got removed completely his year. A previous promotion video will give you the vibes to the festival.

Pemberton Music Festival from Huka Entertainment on Vimeo.

Luckily, the lineup includes some of the most popular artists in the industry like Chance the Rapper, Muse, A Tribe Called Quest, Major Lazer, to Big Sean. For Chance the Rapper, he is a Grammy winning artist for Best Rap Album. Familiar to most, he was the headliner that caught most of the fans attention. As for Muse, they’re a legendary rock band from England who have won two Grammy’s (one being Best Rock Album), as well as two Brit Awards. This festival will also capture local talent from Said the Whale, Tegan and Sara to Son Real. Who are you most excited to see? Expecting a huge turnout this year, make sure you pack up hopefully for sun and long days.

Harry Styles’ Making His Solo Debut in the Music Industry

Harry Styles is back in the music industry with two new singles, one that was just released today titled “Sweet Creature.” It follows an acoustic vibe that you’d listen to while road tripping. This calm tune may sound a bit similar to the occasional soft One Direction songs, Harry’s old band, but comparing that to his other releases Styles has created his own independent sound. He got to focus all of his ideas into his music, instead of having four other people place their input and create something that was not 100% his idea. The other song already killing the charts, “Sign of the Times,” offers a 70’s British rock sound. It was placed at the number one position on Billboard and Twitter Top Tracks.

Hitting Saturday Night Live right out of the blue, he performed “Sign of the Times” along with another new one off his album, “Ever Since New York.” He also appeared in a few SNL skits, which the fans definitely appreciated. Specifically, his rendition of the iconic Mick Jagger. You may have made the comparison of Harry Styles to Mick Jagger previously. Now you finally got to see his own take on the musician. Were you satisfied with his performance?

Harry Styles as Mick Jagger in the Family Feud “Time Travel” skit. (Photo Credit: Billboard 2017)

His solo debut self-titled album, “Harry Styles,” is expected to have vibes in-between Queen and David Bowie. It will for sure consist of old school British rock. The release date for the album is May 12, 2017. With songs involving ‘personal deep lyrics,’ most know that it will feature stories and experiences from past lovers, Taylor Swift and Caroline Flack. Fans all around the world instantly created buzz about a tour. Styles later announced the Live On Tour on April 28, 2017. Unfortunately, he isn’t stopping in Vancouver, but he is stopping in Toronto.

After this long awaited new music, fans got a glimpse of him filming a music video too. Styles clearly hasn’t disappointed his fans yet. With all of his current success, he’s bound to stop by Vancouver sooner or later.

The 1975 in Vancouver

The popular British Indie Rock band, the 1975, is hitting up the PNE forum tonight. Playing in Vancouver for their sixth time, a line up to get in started since last night. Dedicated fans have been camping in the rain to hopefully get as close as possible to their favorite musicians. This self-titled tour is their second North American tour for their newest album “I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It.” Their popular singles “The Sound,” “Chocolate,” and “Somebody Else” are all on this tours set list.

If you aren’t familiar with the 1975, they’re a four-piece band, consisting of Matthew “Matty” Healy (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Adam Hann (lead guitar), Ross MacDonald (bass), and George Daniel (drums). They have been playing together since 2002. Ten years later this band became a phenom. They released their first EP, titled Facedown, in 2012. With the single “The City,” the 1975 hit national airwaves. This lead to the release of three follow up EP’s with their most popular being “Chocolate,” off the “Music for Cars” EP. Gaining more exposure they found themselves supporting Muse and the Neighborhood on their tours. In July, their lives changed forever. Opening for the legendary Rolling Stones, this band found themselves selling out arenas all around the world.

Their lives transformed that same year when they finally released their self-titled debut album, the 1975. Arriving at one of the most recognized American music festival, Coachella, the 1975 didn’t slow down. With awards and nominations this British rock band continued to work on more music. Winning a Brit Award – British Group, the fan support continues to grow.

This won’t be the last time the 1975 stop by Vancouver because they are currently working on their third studio album.  With the success of their sophomore album there is less pressure upon their shoulders. Expectations are at an all-time high, but with their ever-growing fan base they’ll do just fine.