Lets Put an End to Animal Abuse in Laboratories!!

THIS IS NOT OK. An animal laboratory in Germany is suspected of severely mistreating animals. From monkeys to dogs, they’ve been reportedly handling animals aggressively, leaving some in bloody cages laying limp on the floor.

My first thought when I read about this on CTV News was, “how are humans capable of such abuse and heartless actions? What goes through their heads when they violate these poor, innocent creatures who have almost no way of defending themselves?”

When reading about beagles being left to suffer when it was evident they were extremely sick and some even dying, all I could think about was my 3 year old labradoodle, Cedar. If anybody treated him in this manner I would hunt them down and do things to them I should probably restrain myself from mentioning on a public forum.

How could somebody, in their right mind, just stand there and watch helpless animals suffer and beg for relief and do NOTHING about it? I just don’t understand, so I decided to do a little research.

It is clear that desensitization plays a big part in this matter. On treehugger.com a factory worker admits he has become numb to the abuse of animals stating, “We have become so desensitized to animal cruelty and industrial processing of farm animals, that most of us – myself included – need reminding that farm animals are sentient beings little different from our beloved pets at home.”

Tim Pachirat’s book Every Twelve Seconds believes the issue of animal abuse in factories is mainly due to the system’s habit or normalization of animal suffering. He suggests “rather than focusing on the shocking examples we should be focusing on the system itself.”

Although Pachirat focuses on animal cruelty in industrial farming, I believe this observation is also applicable to animal abuse cases in other industries.

Psychology Today points out that animal abusers commonly have similar traits like “narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy.” I do believe this to be the case for many domestic animal abusers; however, feel factory and laboratory workers who mistreat animals are most likely subject to the desensitization of animal cruelty from repetitive handling of animals in compromising situations.

The German laboratory discussed above handles many monkeys. These monkeys are said to be restrained by their necks and left in tiny cages to spin around in distress. Chimpanzees are extremely social animals and tend to adapt abnormal behaviour when isolated as they are in many laboratory settings.

Another question I posed was, “are all factory workers educated in the right handling of animals held in captivity for scientific research?” A 2016 article in The Guardian claims that “many academics consider teaching scientific research ethics to be a waste of their time.”

The article also claims that of 18 leading online scientific research university graduate programs, only 2 are said to “teach the replacement, reduction and refinement of animal use (the 3Rs), animal welfare, and the ethics of using animals in research.” This is terrifying and something I believe needs to be taken more seriously.

The Moody Truth About Exercising

I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember and the most frustrating part about it, as I’m sure my fellow mental health victims can agree with, has been finding a solution. Oh I long for a day when somebody says, “I discovered a magic pill that will cure your anxiety and depression and turn you into a perfect human being!” So until then, I have some helpful tips for dealing with niggling anxious thoughts and depressive episodes that I have personally tested to be tried – and – true.  

People often exercise to look good or to become “the hulk,” but they forget about the positive effects it can have on their brains. Some articles suggest that regular exercise can be just as effective as medication for some people. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America says, “About five minutes of aerobic exercise can begin to stimulate anti-anxiety effects.” That’s not a whole lotta time out of your day, if you ask me!

Lately I have gotten on board with this idea. I am lucky because my partner of 11 years has recently decided to embark down the path of becoming a firefighter. Once a not so physical person, now a VERY physical person, he has convinced me to join in on the fun.

Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this story, let me tell you a bit about my experience with mental health. 

I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa at the age of 14 and since then have never been the same. I can’t necessarily conclude if anxiety and depression were the root cause of my eating disorder or the other way around, but nonetheless, saying the last 15 years of my life has been hard, would be an understatement. 

I tried multiple medications and saw multiple therapists, but still couldn’t seem to bring my anxiety and depression down to a manageable level, until I discovered aerobic and anaerobic exercise in the form of running and stair climbing. Now I am not saying this is a cure for anxiety and depression, I mean after all, I still take my daily dose of SSRIs, but it has CERTAINLY helped. 

According to Healthline, “aerobic exercise is any type of cardiovascular conditioning or cardio” and aerobic exercise “[involves] quick bursts of energy and [is] performed at maximum effort for a short time.” During aerobic exercise you breathe deeper and at a faster pace than you would if your heart were at its resting state. During anaerobic exercise, instead of using oxygen, your body utilizes its stored energy to provide it with prompt fuel.

I have always kept fit, performing as a professional acrobat for over 10 years, but I never felt my daily training routine had any effect on my mental well being. Running and stair climbing, however, have drastically improved my mood and anxious tendencies. For me, 30 minutes of gasping for air while persistently moving is a small price to pay for the effects I feel post – workout. 

When doing either of these activities, I allow my breath to guide me. If you focus on breathing deeply into your belly while your legs frantically keep moving, it isn’t long before your mind surrenders to the activity at hand. After my run or stair climb, I feel a sense of ease and lightness. Things that would normally have me in a frenzy, I find easier to let go, and I feel a definite boost in the “happiness and confidence departments!”  

This all aligns with the scientific proof out there. Regarding aerobic exercise, Harvard Health Publishing wrote, “The mental benefits of aerobic exercise have a neurochemical basis. Exercise reduces levels of the body’s stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. It also stimulates the production of endorphins, chemicals in the brain that are the body’s natural painkillers and mood elevators. Endorphins are responsible for the “runner’s high” and for the feelings of relaxation and optimism that accompany many hard workouts — or, at least, the hot shower after your exercise is over.”

If you’re anything like me and you find it daunting to throw your runners on and hit the stairs or your local trails for a good run, try rewarding yourself post – run. I like grabbing a fresh pressed juice or smoothie from one of my favourite local vegan restaurants or going for a sauna/eucalyptus steam. 

Lastly, I will stress the importance of NOT replacing medication or other treatments with aerobic or anaerobic exercise, unless your doctor says so! I am no healthcare practitioner, just a gal’ looking for some relief!

  • Steph V.

I Love Tokyo

I’ve travelled an average amount. Been to places like Sydney, Maui, Puerto Vallarta, San Fransisco and Tokyo.

There are places I want to go back to; however, Tokyo I feel I NEED to go back and see.

The bustling city offers many tourists attractions from the Tokyo Tower to their very own Disneyland. Everywhere my boyfriend and I stopped had it’s own magical charm.

Their bars, cafes and unique shopping malls will impress any city lover.

According to the Hands Free Travel Association some of the best places to see in Tokyo are Asakusa, Tokyo Station, Harajuku and Yoyogi Park.Asakusa is home to the Sensoji Temple of which 30 million people visit per year. It was built 1400 years ago. The travel association also suggests touring around the city via rickshaws (transportation where runner transports one to two people in a two-wheeled cart).

Tokyo’s center of transportation for years, Tokyo Station is recommended due to its spectacle. The station was restored back to its original style in 2012 and houses plenty of shopping.

Harajuku just so happens to be my favourite place we visited while in the city. It’s vibrant, unique and full of alluring malls and shops. If you’re traveling under a tight budget, you don’t even have to shop while in Harajuka, because just wandering the streets is a sight to see in its own.

Last but not least, Yoyogi park offers a wonderful experience to tourists looking for something to do. It hosts lively events almost every week and offers performances by street performers of all sorts.

Train your Brain and Feel Less Pain

Over 250 million people world wide are affected by depression. That is a whole lot of people when you consider our world’s total population is 7.52 billion.

I came across an article identifying common words used by depressed people. It opened up my eyes and gave me some insight into my own condition.

I have suffered from anxiety and depression since the wee age of 14. My inner dialogue became very negative, very fast. I would say things like “I’ll never amount to anything” or “everybody hates me.” As you can see, the statements were very cruel and “I” focused.

With little awareness, this inner dialogue just got worse and worse.

BestLife’s article “People Who Use These Words May Suffer From Depression” really struck a cord in me. Not only did I unconsciously focus on ME too often, I beat myself up almost every time I said anything to myself.

This article claims using pronouns like I, me and myself is a sign of greater inward focus. These pronouns are common in those with depression. It also mirrors how lonely one may feel in the world. This study also found that the use of negative words like “lonely, sad or miserable” are very present in those who suffer from the illness.

The use of the pronouns listed above are said to be more reliable symptoms of depression than “negative emotion words.”

On more than one occasion my dad quoted “helping others is the best way to fight depression.” He was right. My depression worsens when I do not feel I’m useful; however when I feel I’m helping others or making a positive impact on peoples’ lives, my depression improves.

I’d be lying if I said I don’t suffer from depression anymore, but I am now aware of my inner dialogue and how to shut it up!!

My hope for you is that you also find the ability to do the same.


“Surprise Surprise”: Endgame’s Financial Success is Unbeatable

If you’re an Avengers fan, you’ll be happy to hear that its latest sequel Avengers: Endgame, will most likely take the cake for the highest grossing film at the box office ever. If you thought Avatar was big, just wait a little longer and see Endgame race to the finish line.

Upon its release, Engame was predicted to be successful, but not to the extent “many thought was mathematically impossible to reach,” says BuzzFeed.

$2.227 Billion later and its already surpassed the beloved film, Titanic. And this was accomplished in only 11 days!! Endgame took the lead for reaching $2 billion at the box office in the least amount of time.

With its stellar cast and captivating plot, it’s no wonder the movie’s crushing it at the box office.

This lead me to the question, “what makes a movie so successful?” Is it marketing, the cast, the writing? Endgame definitely ticks off all of these boxes.

Writer, director and producer, James Cameron, was responsible for the top two movies pre Engame, being Avatar and Titanic.

You’d imagine Cameron would be bitter with Endgame’s success, but instead him and everyone else at Lightstorm Entertainment “[salute their] amazing achievement,” Variety Magazine says.

Business insider writes, “Endgame last month was selling five times as many presale tickets, through Fandango as last year’s Avengers: Infinity War did at the same time.”

The online platform goes on to say that during its first weekend out, AMC Theatres remained open all week long, pulling all nighters for viewers convenience.


Cats, Cats, Cats!!!

When we were in Tokyo almost five years ago, my boyfriend and I kept hearing about their cat cafe. This unique experience peaked my interest and although my boyfriend is allergic to cats, he was intrigued too. So it took no convincing to get him on board, take an allergy pill and head on down for a coffee.

Our experience was awesome and definitely a day I will never forget. Not only were there cute, fluffy cats everywhere we looked, they also offered some of the best matcha latte’s we’d had in Japan.

After having such a great time, I was thrilled when I heard we’d be getting our very own cat cafe in Vancouver!

Almost four years later and they’re still going strong.

Come on down and be a crazy cat lady (or man) for the day. “Catfe” serves Moja coffee (my absolute favourite) and Silk Road tea from Victoria. If you’re vegan or eat gluten-free, not to worry because they offer sweet and savoury pastries for every type of dietary restriction and trust me, as someone who doesn’t always eat gluten-free or vegan, some of these special goodies are even better than the ones I’m used to!

Catfe charges  a $10 admission fee and allows you to stay for 50 minutes. You’ll be able to hangout with some cooler than cool cats, drink your mocha and get comfy in their bright, welcoming Tinseltown facility.

These cats are fostered and available for adoption, so if you fall in love with one, you might even be able to take him/ her home with you!!

Obviously, with adoptions happening all the time, the number of cats will very each time you visit. Today for example, they have 17 cats in house! That’s a whole lot of cats. I may have to make a pit stop on my way to work tonight…

For more info or to make a reservation, check out http://www.catfe.ca/.


7 Things to do in Vancouver and the Good Ol’ Lower Mainland

Some things are obvious, some not so much! This has been written to offer you a more fun-filled summer, while venturing out into the great outdoors and getting silly at one-of-a-kind events you won’t want to miss!

The Capilano Suspension Bridge

If you’re a Vancouver local and have yet to check out the Capilano Suspension Bridge, I’d say it’s time you do!! It’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of B.C.

Experience captivating canyon and rainforest views at great heights!

Walk beneath towering trees, while gazing up across 27 acres of greenery .

You’ll be happy to hear the Capilano Suspension Bridge is one of the few tourist attractions you can even take your dog to. Just make sure their leash stays on!

Walk across the 450-foot-long rickety bridge for only $53.95. Get your tickets at https://www.capbridge.com/visit/.

The Granville Island Public Market

If you’re a foodie, shopper and/or art lover come on down to The Granville Island Public Market. There’s almost nothing you can’t buy. From local produce, meats and baked goods to handmade jewelry and soaps, Granville Island has it all!

No tickets are necessary for this exciting attraction so save your pennies for all the unique things you’ll be buying.

Stanley Park Bicycle Tour

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Stanley Park’s Bike Tour offers a breathtaking ride through the park’s 1000 acres of abundant rainforest and endless trails.

For $65 plus GST get your tour passes at https://cyclevancouver.com/tours/stanley-park-bike-tour/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpdvOluKH4gIVE_5kCh2KIQtaEAAYASAAEgIqEPD_BwE.

The Vancouver Aquarium

One of my all-time favorite Vancouver attractions, the Vancouver Aquarium never gets old! Check out resident fish of the West Coast as well as tropical species, including lanky sloths and exotic parrots.

With 50, 000 animals to see, you certainly won’t get bored! You’ll encounter slithering snakes, playful otters, gleeful porpoises and many many more.

For tickets and more info, go to: https://www.vanaqua.org/visit/tickets.

Gastown Food, Craft Beer and Wine Tasting Tour

Do you like beer, wine and food?? Silly question, who doesn’t?

This tour will tickle your taste buds with a delicious three-course meal, one craft beer tasting, three wines and one craft cocktail.

“Like a local” describes the tour as a “progressive dinner,” consisting of small bites and delectable drinks. It starts off with a beer/ food pairing at a trendy as f*** brewery and ends with a taste of an upscale Chinese dining lounge.

Check out https://www.getyourguide.com/vancouver-l189/vancouver-gastown-food-craft-beer-and-wine-tasting-tour-t15515/ and get your ticket today!

Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival

This August, the Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival will be celebrating it’s 20 year anniversary with a more than stellar line-up.

Lord Huron, Dan Mangan, The War and Treaty, William Prince, and Southern Avenue will be blowing up the stage with featured performances.

It’s a nine-hour event at Burnaby’s own stunning Deer Lake Park.

Get your tickets for the August !0th event at https://www.burnaby.ca/Things-To-Do/Festivals-and-Events/Burnaby-Blues-and-Roots.html.

Give a Damn Event

If you’ve got money to burn and you’re in the giving mood you won’t want to miss Vancouver’s “Give a Damn” event.

This unique event happens four times/ year, with its next date being July 9th 2019. Eventbrite proclaims, “We’re a group of people looking to make a greater impact together than we could do on our own.”

This cool group of individuals meets up, each bringing $100 to give out to one of three charities pitching for the dough. $10k+ will be awarded to the winning group!!

Go to https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/give-a-damn-event-summer-2019-tickets-59204229444 for more!



Rival Sons in Vancouver Tomorrow!

A combination of blues, rock and pop, The Rival Sons will once again rock the stage in Vancouver tomorrow night at The Vogue Theatre. Who doesn’t like the sound of The Black Crowes and Led Zepellin harmoniously amalgamated to create a unique, catchy, almost old school sound original to most ears.

With plenty of success, from being voted second best album of the year by Classic Rock magazine after the release of Pressure and Time hit shelves and streaming services everywhere, to ranking top 20 on the charts in three countries after the release of song, Head Down. Rival Sons is killing it not only in North America but all throughout Europe!

They’re so awesome, they were invited to tour alongside Evanesence, by lead singer Amy Lee back in 2011. Not only that, legend Ozzy Osbourne himself exclusively picked Rival Sons to open for his group Black Sabbath on their epic, last world tour ever.

The bands bassist, Dave Beste said, “They came up to us after we performed and at that point mentioned they were going to do a tour. So they asked that night after seeing us perform if we would be interested in doing a tour with them.” Quite an honour, if you ask me!

Originating in Long Beach, California, Rival Sons is doing a damn great job repping their home town and us Vancouverites are lucky to have an opportunity to see them in Action!

With their latest album, Feral Roots released in late January, they’ll be playing some of their old mixed with their new! And if you’re a fan, you might be able to snatch one of their last few tickets at https://www.secureboxoffice.com/E/e-2932120/v-1831!!



Become a Kid Again with James and the Giant CIRCUS Peach

Need an from escape reality? An escape from your job, your boss, your house chores and traffic jams? Well, James felt this way, until he embarked on a journey of friendly insects, pirates, giant fruit and enchanting animals.

Think this sounds thrilling? Well, Circus West has something that will make you jump out of your seat. James and the Giant CIRCUS Peach will take you on an adventure where daring acrobats soar above your heads and attempt the unimaginable.

Whether you’re a kid, teen or adult this show is sure to take you from reality to “peachifide” reverie.

With acrobats who have trained since the wee age of 6 or 7, groomed for the professional world of circus. They train a whopping number of 5 days a week, disciplined in juggling, aerial acrobatics and the mesmerizing art of hand balancing.

A story of courage, mystery and finding your sense of belonging with an enchanting, dark undertone. Come join Circus West for a night you won’t forget! All creations are original and choreographed by Circus West’s resident coaches. Students partook in the creative process building interesting sequences and bonafide skills.

The production runs from Thursday May 9th to Sunday May 12th. Tickets are $17 for youth, $18 for students and seniors, $24 for adults and $16 for groups of 10 or more.

Whether you’re a matinee lover or night owl, they’re got shows at 12:30 PM and 7:00 PM each and every day!

For tickets visit https://www.circuswest.com/upcoming-events/event-calendar/ and join them for a night you won’t forget!

Circus West and their professional division “Verve Circus,” put on multiple productions, partnering with events like The Vancouver Opera Festival, Vancouver Folk Fest, Vancouver International Dragon Boat Festival and many many more!

Check them out for exciting events that are certainly outside the ordinary!


Here Come the Twenty One Pilots

I remember hearing Twenty One Pilot’s song “Stressed Out” on the radio for the very first time. I turned it up and remember feeling its beat pulse through my body as I related to each and every lyric blaring through the small speakers of my 2009 Honda Civic. I was dying to Shazam it as I feared I may never hear it on the radio again, but  refrained from the desire to do so, fearing I may get yet another distracted driving ticket. Little did I know this song would be a hit and play on almost every major Vancouver radio station.

Fast forward to today, a Grammy later, two concurrent top 10 singles and multiple world tours under their belt, and they’re still going strong.

If you don’t have plans on May 12th I suggest checking out Twenty-one Pilots at Rogers Arena. Their originality and catchy beats is responsible for their large, devoted fan base.

The band’s main purpose through their music, as quoted by the band, is to “make people think.” This is apparent when you listen to their music and become swept away by their mix of piano (electric and classical), synthesizers, drums (electric and regular), vocals, organs, bass, and occasionally the ukulele, guitar and trumpet.

There’s no doubt the band is well respected. In an article released by AJC (Atlanta.News.Now), writer Melissa Ruggieri wrote, “there is real depth and originality with Twenty One Pilots – and their fans sense it.”

Don’t miss your chance to hear songs like Heathens, Tear in My Heart, Stressed Out and ride formulated and performed live by the one and only Twenty One Pilots.

Tickets are available at https://www1.ticketmaster.ca/event/1100553B09E0A919?awtrc=true&gclsrc=aw.ds&.



WHL Player Turned Skinny Dipping Baby Snatcher

A bizarre case with an even more bizarre ending.

If you haven’t heard of the name Harold Giffen Nyren, I’m sure you will soon.

This 33-year-old former junior hockey player grabbed a baby right out of its mother’s arms only to soon after release the child unharmed. He then proceeded to strip down and enter the brisk Okanagan Lake in order to escape his captures.

Why? Nobody really knows…

I think we’ve got another shark tank skinny dipper on our hands! Maybe they should hangout sometime, go for an afternoon dips..

The incident took place on Sunday afternoon in Kerry Park, downtown Kelowna and Nyren was charged with “assault and willfully resisting or obstructing a police officer” CTV reported.

Nyren was a player in the American Midget Hockey League repping Calgary. According to the hockey-player database Elite Prospects he also played for Moose Jaw and Kamloops in the Western Hockey League. His career didn’t stop there as he also played for the University of Calgary from 2012 to 2014 later returning for round two with the ECHL (East Coast Hockey League) playing for the Colorado Eagles and for other teams in France and Italy.

The first thing I thought when I read the article was “maybe he suffered from a head injury playing hockey?” But no, it sounds like he is a perfectly normal dude, well liked by his teammates. Former Calgary Hitmen teammate Kris Foucault was shocked to hear about the charges, CTV wrote. Founcault quoted, “He was always outgoing. He was always funny in the locker room,” the guy I knew, he was always a great teammate.”

It’s not everyday we hear stories like these. I’m interested to hear more details when they’re discovered!

Summer is Best with a Little Hip Hop

If you like hip hop as much as I do you’re in luck because the Breakout Festival is coming back to Vancouver! This is the Festival’s second year running and they show no sign of slowing down. Come on down to the PNE forum on June 15th and/or 16th to bust a move to A$AP Rocky, Rae Sremmurd, Rich the Kid, Lil Skies and many many more!

Along with these bigger names, they’ll also have other talented, up and coming artists take the stage. The main focus of the festival is to showcase these up and comers, and best of all there will be plenty of local talent!

It’s an all ages event with dope beats and good people, but don’t worry, you can still grab a beer if you’re in the mood! Shows will take place inside Vancouver’s historic PNE Amphitheatre and tickets will include access to over 35 rides at Playland!

Due to Breakout Festival’s success, they also put on a winter festival at the Pacific Coliseum. So, you won’t lose if you snooze. there will be another opportunity right around the corner. Different line-up but same up-beat environment!

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy some wickedly good hip hop and ride the ferris wheel all in one place!

Single day passes are $99 – $149 and two day passes range from $149 – $269.

If you’re interested and want to check out some international and local names crushing the hip hop industry today, you can find out more about the event and purchase tickets at https://ticketleader.ca/events/breakout-festival-2019.

  • Steph Van Dyck

A Sad Day in Sports

Today is a sad day for Vancouver hockey fans. A dark cloud filled the air when we had to say goodbye to one of the most loved names in sports. “The Provies,” later named “The Athletties” one and only writer, Jason Botchford, was reported dead by his family early this morning. Heart failure took his life at the young age of 48.

His family wrote in a statement, “He developed a huge following with his lively, often playful writing style, edgy commentary and plugged-in reportage.” Botchford began his sports career after working as a journalist for the Toronto Sun and the Vancouver Province. He ended his career as a senior hockey writer for The Athletic Vancouver while also appearing regularly on Vancouver radio station TSN 1040 and on “That’s Hockey,” made for TSN’s parent network.

Most people are familiar with the journalist Jason Botchford but Jason was also a loving father and husband.

It is clear just how loved Jason Botchford was when you see tweets, posts and articles by friends, families and publishers doting over his kind-loving personality.

In an article on the Daily Hive, Daily Hive staff wrote, “Friends, colleagues, and fans were devastated by the news, sharing their grief, tributes, and fond memories on social media.”

Botchford’s podcasting partner in crime, Jeff Paterson tweeted, “I am shattered. Just sitting here in a daze. I have lost the best podcasting partner a guy could ask for. Botch was also a friend, colleague, travelling companion & a driving force in coverage. So many great memories. My sincerest sympathy to his family.”

BMO Vancouver Marathon, Here we Come!

Calling all runners and running enthusiasts! The BMO Vancouver Marathon, running since 1972, takes place this Sunday, May 5th! If you’re a runner and want to face the challenge, you’ve still got time to sign up. Four days to be exact. But act fast because it sells out most years!

The course’s breathtaking scenery attracts runners from over 65 countries who will show up in Vancouver to partake in this world-class event. Forbes, CNN, USA Today, along with other credible publications have highly ranked this event.

If you’re feeling a little intimidated by a 7 hour full marathon, fret not, because the event also offers a half marathon that’s only 4 hours long and has a whole lot of downhill action! BMO Vancouver’s full marathon accommodates a maximum of 5,000 participants, whereas its half accommodates one of 10,000. So expect large, cheering crowds and the feeling of team spirit!

Both races begin at Queen Elizabeth Park on Midlothian Ave and end at West Pender St, between Bute & Thurlow. The route takes runners through Chinatown, Yaletown and neighbourhoods within the West End.

The marathon starts off with a bang. Runners zip downhill to kick off the race while gazing at beautiful city views and making friends along the way.

Now I know 4-7 hours of running sounds like a lot of work but just for making it to the finish line you can exchange your race bib for a pint of beer at Mahony and Sons Public House. And who doesn’t love a pint of beer after a hard day’s work?

For more details or to sign up visit https://bmovanmarathon.ca/

Storytelling and Politics

Don’t miss your chance to hear unforgettable stories and soak up inspiration from two of the worlds greatest leaders, Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton. On May 2 the power couple will take the stage at Rogers Arena, discussing moments in their careers that shaped who they are today, and they don’t stop there. They will also discuss pressing issues facing our world today and what our future holds.

They began their tour in Las Vegas, working their way through 13 different North American cities. They will be giving you an inside look at past presidential elections, Bill’s time as president and what goes on behind the scenes of the Senate and State Department.

During their second stop in Montreal, Bill and Hillary showed their respect and admiration for Canada. Bill said, ““Canada has done such a good job of both managing its contemporary diversity and it has a very interesting immigration system. And yet it’s still Canada.” He then went on to say, “and I just think that you can model the idea that you can become more diverse and still keep your culture and your values. It’s really very good for a modern economy. Canada has the capacity to embrace and influence the world in a positive way”

Their evening at Rogers Arena begins at 7:30 pm sharp and tickets are still available. They aren’t cheap but this opportunity doesn’t come around every day. If you’re as curious as I am and have $120 to spare go to https://www1.ticketmaster.ca/an-evening-with-the-clintons-vancouver-british-columbia-05-02-2019/event/11005545BB935BC1?artistid=2555961&majorcatid=10005&minorcatid=104?camefrom=cfc_rog_arena_announce to get your ticket today!!

  • Writer: Steph Van Dyck

Ready, Set, Eat!!

If you like food, you’re in luck. Vancouver has fabulously flavorful events happening all summer long. Whether you’re in East Vancouver, North Vancouver or the Fraser valley, there’s an event near you.

If you like chocolate you’re in luck because seven Vancouver chocolatier extraordinaires face each other head-on at the Gourmet Warehouse on May 2nd.

Greek food enthusiasts are also in luck because from May 3-5 the annual Greek Food Festival takes place in the very central Hellenic Community of Vancouver. Tantalize your taste buds with scrumptious souvlaki and sweet, honey-soaked loukoumades.

If you’re into the whole food truck thing, check out The Greater Vancouver Food Truck Festival where you can stuff your face with mouth-watering grub of all sorts. Come join the food-filled fun at Heritage Park, Chilliwack on May 4th, Civic Plaza in Abbotsford on May 5 or the Cloverdale Exhibition Grounds on May 25.

With so much more than just food, we’ve got Disco Dumplings at Burdock & Co Mondays at 8 pm and North Vancouver’s Shipyard’s Night Market from May 3 to September 27 at 5 pm.

If you’re checking out disco dumplings get ready to break it down while DJs hit the vinyl to entertain hungry attendees, only spending $10 per delicious plate.

Along with its delicious food trucks, the night market features local vendors selling fruity ciders, fragrant soaps and decadent chocolate treats.

If you’re a vegan or simply looking to detox after all the beer and delightfully greasy food you’ll be inhaling at these events, check out The Juice Truck’s weekly pop-up at their main street location. They make killer veggie juices even your 3-year-old nephew will drink. They’ve also got veggie burgers, so deliciously juicy, you won’t miss the meat at all!


Experience the Magic of Vancouver’s Opera Festival

The Vancouver Opera Festival is on right now! Come on down to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre plaza where you’ll spot a 7-foot-tall fairy singing to the birds as risk-taking acrobats soar through the air at great heights. This area is home to Greek gods, goddesses, kings, queens and dancers of ethereal beauty. And the best part…these spectacles are free!

Take a sneak peak into this enchanted, fairytale world with a clip from Circus West’s production Cupid: A Love Story, designed specially for The Vancouver Opera Festival

If you think this fairytale world will tickle your fancy, check out some of the featured shows VOF has to offer! The festival entertains audiences on two main stages where the bellowing voices of opera singers fill the air, speakers take the mic and special events wow the intrigued crowds. Tickets are available at vancouveropera.ca but act now because they’re selling out like hot cakes.

Be there for Vancouver’s debut of Gounod’s Faust this Sunday May 5th. It’s a love story about a sour old man who sells his soul in exchange for youth and the love of the beautiful Marguerite. The tale takes a turn for the worse as the man loses everything in his selfish quest.

Think that sounds intriguing, come on down to the Vancouver Playhouse for 5 days of La Cenerentola. A spin on everyone’s favorite tale, Cinderella. A groundbreaking, youthful cast will captivate you with the splendor of a glimmering bracelet, in place of the princess’ famous glass slipper.

With many more captivating productions just like these, get your tickets for the annual Vancouver Opera Festival, on now until May 5th. You won’t be sorry you did!

REMINDER: Dress up, dress down, they’re wearing it all! And don’t forget your SPF and a good old baseball cap, with this springier than ever Vancouver weather!