Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Calling all 90’s babies. Are you afraid of the dark? If you know what that means then you must be excited! The spookiest 90’s tv show, Are you Afraid of the Dark, has come back from the dead and will air a three-hour long episode on October 11th, 2019.

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Are You Afraid of the Dark, ran for seven years and stopped in year 2000. It was the first scary kids show airing before, Goosebumps, Disney channel’s So Weird and others.

If you are unfamiliar with the show, each episode consisted of a group of teenagers, who called themselves the ‘Midnight Society,’ meeting after dark around a campfire in the forest. Each one would take turns telling a scary story, which would be initiated by throwing ‘midnight dust’ on the fire. The stories would consist of creepy clowns, ghosts and eerie settings that were sure to have a chill run up your spine.

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The greatest thing about this is the show has never been rebooted before. With the setting in Vancouver, it’ll be interesting to watch which areas in the lower mainland are turned into creepy ghost settings.

The show will be the same as before with the same concept, but will have a bit of a twist. In the past, the ‘Midnight Society’ would introduce their story and we wouldn’t get to see them again until the end of the show as different characters acted out the creepy stories. This time, the cast will begin the same way, but will get sucked into the story having to live it out themselves!

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The reboot will consist of three- hour long episodes to be aired on October 11th, October 18th and October 25th. Would you say that’s a coincidence seeing as Halloween is just around the corner?

So, get ready to cuddle up on your couch with a blanket, hot chocolate, your fireplace and stuffed animal of your choice because there is only one question left to answer… Are You Afraid of the Dark!?


There’s a new Hunk of Hortons in town!

If you haven’t noticed already, your Tim Hortons coffee cup has been graced with the presence of Canada’s hunk, Shawn Mendes… That’s if you purchased one in time!

The ever-so dreamy heart throb announced just over one week ago he is partnering with Tim Hortons on a ‘Home is where the heart is’ campaign which preceded his sold-out Toronto concert on September 6th.

Image by Hello! Canada

Mendes admitted he prefers his Tim Hortons coffee and is very proud to have partnered with them. He says he has many fond memories as a young boy visiting the Tim Hortons location in Pickering, Ontario and purchasing hot chocolates.

Along with his Tim Hortons collaboration he also partnered with another prominent Canadian brand, Roots! He released a special collection to only be sold for a limited time at select Roots locations across Canada.

Some might say Mendes was deemed as sexy due to his past collaborations with Emporio Armani and the ever-so popular Calvin Klein, however, the 21-year old is now being looked at as savvy. Not only is he showing he is able to create mountains of success for big national campaigns, but he is showing he is connected to his roots by partnering with two prominent Canadian brands.

Image by GQ Magazine/ Mario Sorrenti

Tim Hortons and Roots have been reaping the benefits of their recent collaborations with the star as it has attracted overwhelming attention from his younger fan base. The Tim Hortons cups feature Mendes and his guitar along with maple leafs and roses which are a part of the theme for his tour.

Image by Tim Hortons

Mendes has truly embraced his Canadian roots and is showing the world he will never forget them. As for you… if you’re sitting at home reading this article, get up! These cups are flying off the shelves and are only being sold until supplies last. Mendes says it best in one of his chart-topping songs, ‘there’s nothing holding me back!’ So, if there’s nothing holding him back, what’s holding you back?



#SheTheNorth – Canadian Tennis Sensation Bianca Andreescu Cleans Up at US Open

19-year-old Bianca Andreescu defeated 23-time grand slam champion Serena Williams at the Women’s US Open tournament on Saturday.

Andreescu, who began the year ranked 152nd in the world, defeated Williams in the second set of the tournament Saturday afternoon making her the first Canadian to ever win a grand slam title.

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However, Williams didn’t let go without a fight as she forced a tie breaker in the second set.

Unfortunately, her comeback was a little too late.

In early August, Andreescu and Williams were the final pairing at the Rogers Cup tournament in Toronto where Williams had to retire due to an injury, declaring Andreescu the tournament champion. Some would say, this final pairing was highly anticipated for the US Open.

At age 18, Williams won her first US Open grand slam title, one year before Andreescu was born.

At age 19, Andreescu has two championships, one being a grand slam, under her belt and has jumped from 152nd to 5th ranked in the world.

She idolized Williams while growing up and said she had to try her best to not think about who her opponent was, so she could stay focused.

At this time last year, she was unable to qualify for the tournament, and a year later, in her grand slam debut, she triumphed as the women’s champion.

She is the first teenager to win this tournament in 13 years and has become a Canadian tennis sensation. The Toronto Raptors hashtag “We The North” has now turned into “She The North” as Andreescu’s win will inspire many to pick up a racket and start swinging.

Andreescu is the prime example of how following your dreams and never giving up can really pay off. Which in this case is literally speaking, as the teen walked away with 3.85 million dollars in prize money.

Image by Elsa/Getty Images

So, what are her next steps? At the beginning of the year her goal was to make the top 100 ranked players. Now ranked number five, she says, “I guess I have to start setting my goals a bit higher… top 3 by the end of the year.”