The Meme-ing of Life

Some sad news in the world of memes today. Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat, has died. The feline passed away on Tuesday from a urinary tract infection.

In honour of the dearly departed Tardar Sauce I have decided to compile a list of all of my top 10 favourite memes to date.

#10: Grumpy Cat

To start off the list I’m going to place good ole’ Grumpy Cat at number 10. The late great meme was the first ever meme I was ever associated with. The Cat’s look of utter disapproval in every photo ever taken is comedy gold. A true OG.

#9: The RickRoll

Now this has to go on my list because I actually like this song. You can roast me all you want, but it is actually a great song. If you are unfamiliar with the term RickRoll, it is when you get sent a link that is very random or something your friends know you’d open. In reality the link would send you to The music video to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” It is known as a chaotic good meme.

#8: Much Wow, Such Meme

Doge is one of the more wholesome memes. A Shiba Inu dog stares longingly into the camera. He looks, what people call “derpy” which coined him the name Doge. There is much debate over whether it’s pronounced dohj or in a way that rhymes with vogue

#7: Let Me In!!!!

Part of an Eric Andre Show skit from 2016, Andre Tries his best to get into the Democratic National Convention after his “press Pass” gets revoked. Andre Spends his time screaming “LET ME IN!!!!!”

#6: Kermit hugging phone

Another wholesome meme, A stuffed Kermit the frog is captured on camera twice. The first is of him looking at the phone screen and the second of him hugging the phone after. This meme can be sent to Any friends if they are in need of a cheesy pick me up, Just caption the photo “Me seeing a text from you” and boom, you are literally the cheesiest person ever.

#5: Dramatic Chipmunk

This Chipmunk was used by many middle schoolers while I was in school. The short 3 second video has a chipmunk turning very dramatically to look at the camera while a dramatic riff is played behind.

#4: It’s Time to stop

From a video by filthy frank, the actor comes from the right side of the screen carrying an obnoxiously large clock. Most people use it to tell their friends when they’re being obnoxious or they want to get a good laugh. I know I’ve used it once or twice when I’ve been told really bad jokes.

#3:Act My Age Vine

A vine brought back from the dead. This 2019 meme has a video of viner Aspect Za’Vier recruits his mother and brother to dance to the opening of One Direction’s hit song “Act My Age”. The vine has been used to explain many situations like “small animals after the dinosaurs went extinct”

#2: Road work ahead

My all time favourite vine. The passenger in a car has a camera facing the driver as they go through construction. As they pass a sign that says “Road Work Ahead”. The driver then looks to the camera and says “Yeah, I sure hope it does!”

#1: “But That’s None of My Business”

This Classic Kermit the frog meme has been my number one since it was created. The imagery of Kermit the Frog casually sipping his tea as someone casually “throws shade” at someone anonymous is the epitome of a great meme.

Let’s Glow Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is a new craze that almost anybody can get behind, including myself. It’s great in many ways, whether you want to get in a workout outdoors or go for a relaxing trip to take in the scenery. I always enjoyed a quick trip out to the middle of the lake just to watch the sunset.

If you are into paddle boarding as much as I am then you may want to check out Vancouver Water Adventures. They will be hosting Light the Night this summer. Every Friday and Saturday evening at dusk, the tour leaves from the Granville island location. The trip will last about 1.5 hours and is a great way to discover the city at night.

There will be a change in departure times as the summer flies by but it’s relatively similar throughout:

June 10th to July 16th: 8:pm

July21st to July 30th: 8:30pm

Aug 3rd to Aug 12th: 8:15pm

Aug 17th to Aug 25th: 7:45pm

Aug31st to Sep 1st: 7:30pm

Not only can you paddle board but you can do “Sit on Top” kayaking. To paddle board it’ll cost you $75 plus tax, single kayaking costs $85 plus tax, and doubles kayaking will cost $105 plus tax.

You must reserve a spot to attend. Vancouver Water Adventures does more than night paddle boarding. They do several other tours, lessons and rentals with the paddle boards. They also work with Seadoos, kayaks, and boat tours. If you want to check out some of these fun little adventures you can click here.

I’m definitely going to have to give this tour a try this summer.


The Rec Room

I am a HUGE arcade fan. Yes, they can be expensive, but to just spend a day out with friends, playing games and having fun? Sign me up. So when I found out that The Rec Room is going to be built in Downtown Vancouver, I got very excited.

The Downtown location will be in the Granville Entertainment District, so if you aren’t feeling like going to big nightclubs, you can head over to The Rec Room. However, this location won’t be open until 2021 so you’ll have to wait a little bit. Luckily there is meant to be another location opening in The Amazing Brentwood shopping centre in Burnaby, so you won’t have to wait too long.

The Rec Room is a great place to hang out with friends as it has a little bit of everything for everyone. Anytime I fly home that is where I meet up with my friends to catch up with each other. It gives us something to do while it also gives space to sit down to have dinner and chat.

As of right now The Rec Room can’t be found anywhere in British Columbia, but I grew up in Northern Alberta, so a quick hour and a half drive to West Edmonton Mall and we are ready to play. If you’ve never heard of it before, The Rec Room is basically a giant adult arcade. Kids are allowed to go too, but this arcade offers more than just

Once the Rec Room opens I definitely recommend checking it out as it’s a new and exciting thing to do in Vancouver. I know I’m going to be heading there as soon as it opens the doors.

Bill Nye Tells it Straight

So a video has been circling the internet recently and I think it’s something that everyone needs to watch. If you haven’t seen it already a video of Bill Nye The Science guy has been circulating social media in an attempt to show us that we need to change our ways. It isn’t the same Bill Nye however, as he takes to swearing at the audience in hopes that they’ll actually listen

He faces the camera and looks as if he is fed up before he says, “Grow the f**k up. You’re not children anymore. I didn’t mind explaining photosynthesis to you when you were 12. But you’re adults now.”

Bill Nye has been a science superhero for almost any student going through middle school. Students, including myself, would get so excited as we walked into science class and would see the rolling tv set up, we knew we’d be learning from Bill. So seeing such an iconic scientist telling our leaders that “the planet is on f***ing fire” and lighting a small globe on fire shortly afterwards, well it definitely catches a person’s attention.

He then goes on to say that we have solutions but they aren’t free, like everything we use in life. Bill Nye has tried to tell us multiple times that we need to get our act together and now that the human race only has until 2030 to figure out a solution, and I think it’s finally time we listened.

Is James Charles Cancelled? *Drama*

Everyone knows the all famous James Charles and his many feuds. The 19 year old has had “beef” with stars such as Ariana Grande and Finn Wolfhard, but could his most recent drama be the most effective on his career?

In a video titled, “BYE SISTER…” Tati Westbrook called out Charles on endorsing Sugar Bear Hair, a brand of hair vitamins, in a short instagram video on April 22nd. This endorsement according to Westbrook came after he said that he hated the product and was behind her product 100%. Westbrook recently came out with her own brand of beauty supplements, Halo Beauty, that can be used to boost your hair, nails, and skin.

The feud has cost Charles almost 3 million subscribers since Westbrook posted the video on May 10th and the number keeps on dropping. On the other side, Tati has almost gained that amount since May 6th, just days before posting the youtube video.

Many other celebs have unfollowed Charles. According to Cosmopolitan the list includes The Kardashian-Jenners, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Jeffree Star, Miley Cyrus, Shane Dawson, and Katy Perry.

So is James Charles cancelled? It may take a while as he still has 13 million subscribers but seeing how fast the subscriber count is dropping, it could be possible.