Culture Connection: PhilCAS and its influence in Vancouver’s Filipino Community

The Filipino community in Vancouver is the third-largest Asian population in Vancouver, and like many immigrants they seek a sense of home and connection to their cultural roots while in a new environment. In this episode of Culture Connection, our host Steven introduces you to PhilCAS, The Philippine Cultural Arts Society of BC!

Learn about how PhilCAS uses the art of dance and music to take both Filipinos in Vancouver and all individuals from every background into the world of the Philippines, its history and ways of life. After all, the sharing of diverse cultures from other parts of the world is what makes our city so great!


Culture Connection: Harbour Dance Centre and Vancouver’s Street Dance Community

Vancouver is home to one of the largest and most well-known Street Dance communities in North America and the world! The Street Dance community has grown immensely over the years, being a space for dancers of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels to come together, share their own different styles, and celebrate their love for dance!

In this episode, find out how much Vancouver’s Street Dance community has grown, and how Harbour Dance Centre, one of the most recognized dance studios in the city, has contributed to the continuing growth of the Street Dance culture in the Lower Mainland!

Get groovin’ and tune in to this episode of Culture Connection!