8 Brilliant Ways to Get to Your Destination during a Transit Workers Strike.

Transit worker strikes happen, but who can blame them? They work really hard to get you to where you (or everyone else in the bus with you) safely and on time. 

As a result, their working conditions can be really demanding. Long hours, rude riders, time crunches, what more? Therefore, the need to go on strike to demand better pay and working conditions is totally understandable. You go, bus drivers!

For the rest of us mere peasants, we depend on public transportation a lot to get to places, but what happens when there are delays in bus service? We gotta work things out, and plan our trips ahead to prevent being late or facing unforeseen circumstances. Oh whatever can you do??


Here are VERY SIMPLE alternative ways to get to work or school in the event of a transit workers strike:

  1. Carpooling

This is the most thought of and logical thing to do. Organize rides with your friends and share a ride. Drive a bunch of your colleagues with you. Hop on into a random person’s car during a red light. Go on top of a random person’s car during a red light. Wait, what?

  1. Biking

Environmental friendly, quick, convenient, and a good workout. Biking can get you to places as quickly as you need to, at the expense of other drivers around you trying to avoid running you over on a bike lane.

  1. Skateboarding, longboarding, or a scooter

Tony Hawk your way to work or school, and along the way don’t forget to hit anyone walking by with a running clothesline. It’s self-defence.

  1. Piggybacking on your friend

Friends will be there for you no matter what. They love you, they’ve got your back and will help you through hard times. Transit delays are an example of hard times. Your friend is your slave. Hop on their back and let them do all the work. OLÉ.

  1. Walk. all the way.

It doesn’t hurt to get some fresh air and go for a nice walk. Ponder about the best things in life, enjoy the sounds of nature around you, and just be one with yourself. All while taking 3 hours to get somewhere that’s a 15-minute drive away.

  1. Run. Really fast.

Perfect when you suddenly realize you still have 2 hours and 50 minutes to get to the place mentioned in the previous step. 

Or, if you wanna kill your calves from home to where you need to be. Unless you’re Sonic The Hedgehog, Barry Allen, or Usain Bolt. 

Which, you are not. Unless you really are Usain Bolt and are reading this article. HI USAIN!

  1. Launch yourself with an Insanely Large Cannon.

The following individuals have made this possible and done it before:

-Stunt workers

-Circus performers

-Bugs Bunny

-Mario and Friends

If they can do it, why can’t you?

  1. Jump as high as you can, in hopes that you’ll get to your destination in one leap. 

Your imagination can take you as far as you want to go. Make that imagination a reality. If you can. But you might hurt yourself. Oh well.

  1. Just don’t go. 

…F*** it.

Things I Learned from Auctioning my Single Friend off on Facebook.


Online dating has taken many different forms on a variety of platforms nowadays. There’s Plenty Of Fish, Tinder, and eHarmony, as well as niche dating sites like Christian Mingle and Geek 2 Geek, but now online dating has gone beyond their own sites and into groups on Facebook.

Recently, my single friend KD asked me to publish a post about her on Subtle Asian Dating, a Facebook group acting as an extension to the social community group Subtle Asian Traits  and consisting of Asian Facebook users all over the globe. People nominate (or auction off) their single friends, siblings, or relatives in the group via a humorous post showcasing the personality traits, pros and cons of the selected nominee. 

So I did just that. As requested, I created the post highlighting her best qualities: uncontrollable shopping and free weight lifting with shopping bags, her exquisite talent of crafting the best of Vietnamese cuisine in her kitchen, and her expertise in Instagram angles. 

The post was accompanied by her finest, well-presented photos determined by an esteemed panel of experts (basically us, her friends who need her to find the one). 

In a matter of 4 hours, KD’s post has garnered over 2,000 likes, 1,500 comments (and counting). She gained 400 followers on Instagram, bringing her total up to 1,300. KD also received over 200 friend requests on Facebook, and a plethora of direct messages applying for the prestigious position of being the love of her life. 

Upon watching this development unfold, here’s what I learned from this experience:

1) The dating scene is thrilling, especially when it comes to its players.

-There’s nothing more exciting than watching a bunch of strangers nominate themselves or their friends in the comments, shooting their shot whether for themselves or on behalf of their friends. However…

2) People online can be ruthless, but they do no damage.

-The things that are said online can be appalling. It’s a given considering social media right? But hey, they’re just there at the end of the day. Reading these comments can be infuriating, but in reality they’ll get buried somewhere in a matter of minutes.

3) People are SMOOTH with their messages. 

Creativity and being clever takes you a long way. Just take look at these gems:

4) The spotlight can definitely be overwhelming.

-“I don’t know how Kylie Jenner does it,” said KD on her immediate stardom among thirsty Asian guys. The number of messages and request she received that morning blew her inbox up to levels never imagined before. 

5) Quirky marketing will get you a pool of potential hubbies.

-Sell your friend like you would a ShamWow. Throw in some good bars in there, and exaggerate them. Like crazy. It sells. Here are examples of what I used:

💦CAN MAKE THE PERFECT BOWL OF PHO (so good it’ll PHO’ck you up) 🍜🍜

💦BEEP BEEP SHE GOT A TRANSIT U-PASS (can travel EVERYWHERE just for you!) 🚎🚎

💦ATTENDS FILM SCHOOL (Her next Asian drama can be about YOU!) 🎞📹🌟🌟
💦TAKES CUTE PHOTOS (Perfect for your LinkedIn!)”
Emojis help further clarify theatre of the mind.

6) Get the right photos. No, seriously. 

-Angles. Just get the right angles. Look like you’re inserting yourself into the front page of Cosmopolitan, or GQ. 

So if you’ve got that itch of releasing your friend’s relationship availability into the wild, do it. Take your shot at promoting your friend (or yourself) online. It’s quite the experience. 

Feel Alive and SMILE with Fake Shark

As I sat in the office wondering what brilliant Vancouver artist I should be writing about next, my buddy Kyle barges into the room. Somehow knowing what was going on in my mind like a god damn telepath, he immediately gives me an answer with his arousing baritone voice:


Now at first I’m thinking, what is Fake Shark? Who is Fake Shark? Why is it that I haven’t seen the last Sharknado movie yet?

Words by association, friends.

I searched up Fake Shark on Spotify like the millennial that I am, and right off the bat I thoroughly enjoyed what I was listening to. 

The Vancouver-based indie pop-rock band delivers funky goodness that’ll immediately get you dancing off your chair. Which is exactly what I did, much to the behest of my colleagues in the office. 

Their most recent release titled Walking Through Fantasy maintains a consistent upbeat vibe all throughout, with seven tracks that’ll make a good day even better. Songs like “Wake Up”, “Feel Alive”, and “Hang Out All Night” reflect this overall mood perfectly, so much so that I was skipping down the pathway to the coffee stand like a six-year old child, and back onto my desk halfway into writing this paragraph.

If you think you’ve heard them before, it’s because you most likely have. Their single “Cheap Thrills” from the album Faux Real was used in various TV shows and movies, but most notably being used in an Apple Watch commercial. This gave them a more widespread exposure for their music, with “Cheap Thrills” being their most streamed track on Spotify at 496,058 plays. WOW!

Making you feel good is what Fake Shark’s music does best, and you can tell with each track that all they do is have fun with everything they create, even with the rise of their commercial success.

“We’re still just making music we love, and not compromising anything and it’s being embraced by these mainstream outlets,” they pointed out in an interview with Canadian Beats Media. “It’s a dream, really!”

Tuning in to Fake Shark is definitely worthwhile, especially if you’re looking to add more sunshine and rainbows into your day. Check out their music, upcoming tour dates, and more HERE.

Billie Eilish back to Vancouver in 2020 because We Really Can’t Get Enough of Her

-In Jack Nicholson voice from The Shining- HEEERE’S BILLIE. 

Billie Eilish -the teen pop sensation who conquered the Planet Earth- will be falling from the sky into Rogers Arena on April 2020. 

Her music has stormed airwaves all over North America (and the world) with popular tracks like Bury A Friend, Wish You Were Gay, and the extremely unforgettable (like, actually) Bad Guy. 

Yes, that’s the song that sparta-kicked Lil Was X’s Old Town Road right off the Billboard  Hot 100. Thank. God. 

Eilish, whose middle name is Pirate Baird (was that meant to be a play on Pirate Beard? Damn that’s creative!) made her Raincity debut at the PNE Amphitheatre back in June of this year. 

The show was sold out, reflecting how much her popularity has skyrocketed in the past year to the point where she is basically God to her young fans, who consist of (but of course aren’t limited to) rebellious teens who are down for a good bumpin’ (or in modern 2019 slang, “LIT”) time and a majority of Hot Topic’s clientele. Yes, we know where you people get your merch.

Here’s what’s interesting: Vancouver is the ONLY Canadian stop in Eilish’s “WHERE DO WE GO?” WORLD TOUR. 

Yes, we’re her favourites. Suck it, Toronto. 

Tickets went on sale this past Friday, October 4th, and fans bombarded ticket sites causing long, and I mean LONG, waiting queues. A friend of mine had to wait behind 2,000 (YES, TWO THOUSAND) fans online to get her tickets. Ticketmaster already sold out on the damn things FAST.

This is amazing for Billie Eilish who, at the age of 17, has done more in life than I have at the age of 24.

Billie Eilish’s “WHERE DO WE GO?” WORLD TOUR arrives in Vancouver on Saturday, April 11th at Rogers Arena. 

…..Duh. -cue Bad Guy instrumentals-

The Zolas: From Conquering their Commerce Degree to Conquering the Music Scene

And to think that I would never have the time to follow my dreams on the off side while being a student doing something a little more subpar at the University of British Columbia, Zachary Gray pulled it off very well, working with colleague Tom Dobrzanski to create the local indie rock gem known as The Zolas.

Formerly members of the band known as Lotus Child, Gray and Dobrzanski have been around the Vancouver music scene since 2003. Eventually, they went off to do things on their own as The Zolas, releasing their debut album Tic Toc Tic in 2009.

Back in 2009, I laid in the couch every night with the worst Call Of Duty kill streak in history. 

The hit album was mainly produced in Tom Dobrzanski’s parents’ basement (which was then Vertical Studios) while he was a Commerce student at UBC, and was also used by popular local artists Hey Ocean! and Said The Whale, two groups who have also made a name for themselves in Vancouver’s music community. Dobrzanski ran Vertical Studios (and eventually Monarch Studios) to help pay for his Commerce degree while on tour with The Zolas. 

My basement was only used for doing the laundry and sobbing after getting a 70% in a midterm.

The Zolas also found success with their second album Ancient Mars, in which Gray wrote the song with the same name inside UBC’s Irving K. Barber Library, a campus landmark where students camp to slam their faces into textbooks and dampen its pages with a flow of their sad, stress-filled tears. Their song “Knot In My Heart” was even used on NBC’s Whitney! 

Meanwhile, in the same library, I was among the students who begged for mercy and pleaded for the pain of writing 40-page papers to end.

With the inclusion of Cody Hiles and Dwight Abell in 2015, and the release of Swooner and “Bombs Away”, it only looks like The Zolas’ success will continue to rise. They’re living proof that pursuing your university degree full-time isn’t going to hold you back from following your dreams, but rather an extension that’ll give you the skills to build them. 

Which, so to speak, is advice that I should be following myself. 

Click HERE to check out The Zolas’ music, videos, and more!

Classic rock fans celebrate in harmony for The Who’s Moving On! Tour

Much like how teenage and young adult fans squeal in mercy for the return of the Jonas Brothers, classic rock fanatics will be thanking the heavens above for the return of legendary band The Who, who (aha!) will be in Vancouver for the Moving On! Tour.

Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend are back in North America since their 2017 Las Vegas residency, accompanying their tour with their first brand new album in thirteen years. Expect the concert to be a whole nostalgic joyride, with The Who performing their classic hits such as I Can’t Explain and The Kids Are Alright, and newer releases like All this Music Must Fade from the new album WHO.

But this time they’re gonna make it extra special, because they’ve got key figures from The Who’s storied career, from Simon Townshend to drummer Zak Starkey, and will be joined by the best symphonic orchestras in the US and Canada. 

You might be thinking: a symphony orchestra with a rock band? Ummmm what? Well, after watching clips of the tour in other cities, I can say: you’re damn right it is. And it’s glorious.

Or, in the words of an evidently pleasured concert attendee in New York City: “Oh my god, yes. OH mY g0d, yes. OH MY GOD, YES!”

“Just because it’s The Who with an orchestra, in no way will it compromise the way Pete and I deliver our music,” said Roger Daltrey in a press release, on the inclusion of an orchestra in the tour. “This will be full throttle Who with horns and bells on.”

The tour is also working for a good cause, with every $1 from the tour’s ticket sales going to benefit Teen Cancer America. 

The Who conquer Rogers Arena on Monday, October 21st. Doors open at 6:30pm and the show starting at 7:30pm. So warm up your throat before attending the show, because by the time you leave the venue, you won’t be able to speak for the next three days. WORTH IT!

Tickets for The Who: Moving On! Tour are still on sale HERE.

Vancouver’s own Schwey pleasures Music Tastes with self-titled Debut Album

Upon the writing of this article, I have accidentally aroused myself with my own dance moves, thanks to the soul-filled jams of 604 Records’ very own modern funk group, Schwey.

Their self-titled debut album, Schwey, debuted on October 2019, and has become a new favourite for early morning showers and late night post-dinner cardio. Their funk-soul inspired sound is perfect for any occasion, whether you need foot-tapping jams while tightly compressed by lovely-smelling individuals in public transit, or in the mood for testing our your dance moves in your room while shaving your nether-regions. 

Cover album for Schwey, from 604 Records

In a music scene dominated by rap groups and punk bands, Schwey gives a new soul-filled flavour to enjoy. Schwey was formed by Isaiah Dobbs and Jacob Schwinghammer in 2013, looking to put themselves on the map in Vancouver’s diverse music community. Their soulful sound mixed with influences from R&B and jazz make them stand out, bringing about a retro sound that gives a sweet smooth vibe.

“We definitely felt like we were swimming against the tide, booking shows playing with mostly punk bands or rap groups when we were doing our own separate thing. But the very thing that made us different made us stick out because nobody could really reference another local act that sounded like us,” Isaiah Dobbs mentioned in an interview with the Vancouver Sun late last year.

Schwey’s sound is akin to classic hits like the Commodores’ Brick House, and You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate. This funky flavour is perfect for any of your needs, especially for a date night in which you’ll be attempting to sway a potential significant other.

If you’re a fan of old school funk, mixed with a bit of a modern sound a la Uptown Funk, Schwey is just for you. But be warned, listening to Schwey’s music will cause your hips to thrust uncontrollably against your will, to the point where they could (possibly literally) fall off your torso, in which you’d obviously have to call your local emergency services.  

Click HERE to listen to Schwey in your music platform of choice.

The Jonas Brothers are in Vancouver and Beating Hearts will Explode.

If you’re wondering why the streets of downtown Vancouver are filled with blood-curdling screams, three words: 

The. Jonas. Brothers.

That’s right, the pop-rock trio of talented, handsome heartthrobs will be taking over Rogers Arena on Friday, October 11th for the Happiness Begins Tour, joined by singers Bebe Rexha and Jordan McGraw (a.k.a son of the immortal Dr. Phil).

People Jonas Brothers

All grown up and tied down in holy matrimony (but still fine as ever), this internationally celebrated band of brothers come off a long hiatus with the highly anticipated comeback album Happiness Begins, featuring head-bopping hits like Sucker and Cool. The album was their third number one album in the US, and peaked at number 1 in the Billboard Canadian Albums chart. 

But it’s not just that new album that’ll serve as the highlight of their tour, because much of the anticipation comes from the power of nostalgia. The Jonas Brothers have touched the hearts of many since they skyrocketed to stardom (thanks, Disney!) in 2007, releasing an unforgettable roster of hits like “S.O.S” and “Burnin’ Up”, as well as the oh-so-romantic single “When You Look Me In The Eyes” which melted hearts all around the globe. 

The influence of the Jonas Brothers knows no bounds, especially when it comes to the commitment of their loyal fanbase. During their Toronto stop, technical difficulties suddenly halted the show, much to fans’ dismay. However, they came prepared, as fans performed their own encore and sang the brothers’ greatest classics. No degree of tech problems can stop the almighty willpower of screeching fans.

So if you’re attending the concert, bring an umbrella (or build an ark) and brace yourself for the inevitable drenching in the tears of many, and prepare to have your soul warmed with utter joy. Doors open at 6:30pm, with the show starting at 7pm. Prepare yourself, it’s gonna be insanity.

Culture Connection: PhilCAS and its influence in Vancouver’s Filipino Community

The Filipino community in Vancouver is the third-largest Asian population in Vancouver, and like many immigrants they seek a sense of home and connection to their cultural roots while in a new environment. In this episode of Culture Connection, our host Steven introduces you to PhilCAS, The Philippine Cultural Arts Society of BC!

Learn about how PhilCAS uses the art of dance and music to take both Filipinos in Vancouver and all individuals from every background into the world of the Philippines, its history and ways of life. After all, the sharing of diverse cultures from other parts of the world is what makes our city so great!


Culture Connection: Harbour Dance Centre and Vancouver’s Street Dance Community

Vancouver is home to one of the largest and most well-known Street Dance communities in North America and the world! The Street Dance community has grown immensely over the years, being a space for dancers of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels to come together, share their own different styles, and celebrate their love for dance!

In this episode, find out how much Vancouver’s Street Dance community has grown, and how Harbour Dance Centre, one of the most recognized dance studios in the city, has contributed to the continuing growth of the Street Dance culture in the Lower Mainland!

Get groovin’ and tune in to this episode of Culture Connection!