Billie Eilish and Rosalia’s Collaboration “Lo Vas Olvidar” is Out Tomorrow

Lo Vas Olvidar is Billie Eilish and Rosalia’s collaboration which is out Thursday morning at 9am PT. The song is for HBO’s Euphoria.

The track has been in the making for a year now. In April, Rosalia teased a collab between the two when she told Zane Lowe, “During these last two weeks, I have been trying to finish the Billie collab. I think its getting quite close.”

Premiering in June 2019, Eurphia, follows the life of a group of high school students who experience sex, drugs, alcohol, love and friendships. Zendaya is the lead role with Maude Apatow, Angus Cloud, Eric Dane, Alexa Demie and many more.

Billie took to Instagram announcing the song, “You guys have been waiting for this.” In the teaser, there are only some sounds you hear behind what is said to be the music video preview for the song.

Eilish said last year in an interview with BBC Radio 1 that she reached “some notes I have never even thought about” whole recoding this song.

Fans did not keep clam about this news as it was trending on Twitter within 30 minutes.

Billie’s latest song, Therefore I am, came out in early November of last year. It was a dark track along with a music video which was very suiting for pandemic times. Billie is running around an abandoned Glendale Galleria mall, hitting all her favourite places while grabbing pretzels and doughnuts along the way. The song is a message that she doesn’t care what people think about her or her body, This is why fans think she was eating through the whole video as she was body shammed last year. She’s not giving into the negativity.

Eilish also posted to her Instagram story in December, jokingly telling fans she won’t release a new album if her fans keep making fun of her hair. She then said she will be changing her hair after the release of her new documentary, Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry, which premieres in February on Apple TV+. The doc is directed by RJ Cutler and it goes through the life of the 19 year olds fame and of course her 2020 Grammy sweep.

Kings of Leon Back After Five Years

It’s been a while since I heard Kings of Leon but my mom had it playing in the kitchen as she was cooking dinner last night. I remember the summer days, driving with my mom, the windows down and Sex on Fire blasting through the speakers. I must have been nine or ten at the time and knew all the lyrics. Those were the days with not a care in the world other than showing up to softball practice on time. I just told my that memory and she responded, “the bass used to shake my car.” She used to be a “rocker” until I got her into country a few years ago. 

After five years, Kings of Leon are releasing their eighth studio album, When You See Yourself, on March 5th. They put out two songs off the album earlier this month, The Bandit and 100,000 People.

The first teaser of the bands album was on an Instagram back in March with a video of Caleb playing guitar to an empty room and singing Going Nowhere.

The band formed in Nashville back in 1999 with three brothers, Caleb, Jared, Nathan and their cousin Mathew. Plot twist: they all go by their middle names.  Their band name as a tribute to their grandfather Leon. Kings of Leon started out by making Southern Rock and Blues but they evolved through genres as years went by. They first reached their US success in 2008 when they released Sex on Fire, Use Somebody and Notion. This was also the first album they had that reached platinum.

The first gig the band ever had was at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta. They opened up for the Skeeters and Billie Joe Shaver. The band told Rollingstone, that it was one of the scariest moments for them. Being at a country bar, they were surrounded by cowboy hats. Caleb told the band to “country up” and they ended up playing alternative country and the crowd loved it even though they were dressed at “New York Dolls.”

The band has had some high highs but also some lows lows. At a show in Dallas Texas in 2010, Caleb left the stage to vomit, claiming he wasn’t drunk. The band attempted to play without their front man but it didn’t leave a happy crowd.

In a statement from the band, they said Caleb’s incident was due to heat exhaustion and vocal issues and they ended up canceling the rest of their US Tour. A total of 28 shows that were never rescheduled. It wasn’t said what the exact reason to canceling the tour was but Jared wrote on Twitter that, “There are internal sicknesses and problems that have needed to be addressed… I can’t lie,” and that the band has “big problems.”

The band had struggled after Sex on Fire and Crawl with fans claiming that their new music was “sloppy” and they had “sold out.” They had issues with crowds on tour which their actions were later apologized for. The tour continued but in St. Louis, they were pelted with Pigeon poop. Jared was hit in the mouth and they put an end to the show. A few weeks after was when Caleb’s incident happened. After this, the band couldn’t get back up, making lazy music with no soul or meaning to it. Almost as if they have given up.

But after five years, lets see what they have in store.

A 17 Year Old Has Broken Spotify Records

Olivia Rodrigo, 17 years old, a senior in high school and also has the number one song right now.

So if you have been living under a rock over the past week then a “drivers licence” doesn’t really mean that much to you, but for those of you who know what I’m talking about then you’re probably bawling your eyes out, screaming to the song right now. The song took over social media and all streaming services with its “powerful songwriting, heartfelt performance and real-world dramatic intrigue” says Billboard.

On January 11, Rodrigo set the Spotify record for most streams in a day for a non holiday song. With over 15.1 million streams on the 11th, the song beat its own record the following day with with 17 million.

Rodrigo told Zayn Lowe that it’s “mind blowing” having the number one song in the world.

The day she got her license, she posted Instagram about passing and how excited she was to listen to sad Gracie Abrams music while crying driving through her neighbourhood about a breakup. After, she went home and wrote a song on piano which ended up being Drivers License. 

Drivers License starts out with just the sound of her moms car’s ignition beeping. The music begins and the first lyrics are, “I got my drivers license last week, like we always talked about.”

The song is about a past relationship, where her boyfriend taught her to drive and was excited for her to finally get her license. But plot twist. They broke up and she never got drive over to his house and show him. And guess what? He has a new girlfriend.

She first posted a snippet of her singing the song to Instagram and people enjoyed it so she played it for her producer and they made it into a real song. The singer signed with Interscope Records and Geffen Records in 2020.

The speculation is that the song is about her former relationship with High School Musical co-star 21-year-old, Joshua Bassett. In the summer, Bassett had been seen with Sabrina Carpenter, who is said to be “that blonde girl” in the song. Following Drivers Lisence, Bassett released his own track, Lie Lie Lie, which seems to be a response to Rodrigo’s hit.

Driver License has gotten the attention of Taylor Swift, Nial Horan and Gracie Abrams, who have all shown Rodrigo support. Its has blown up on Tik Tock where people are doing covers as well as writing perspectives from the other characters in the song.


Rodrigo started out on Disney Channel with a three season show called “Bizaardvark” and now she is in the cast of “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” the TV show. I couldn’t imagine being 17 and having the number one song in the world right now. Congrats, Olivia!

Dan Mangan Performing Virtually

Remember the days of a real Friday night? Finishing school or work and quickly heading home, excited for the night ahead. Texting your friends wondering what they are wearing and confirming to meet for dinner at six before the concert at 8. 8pm? Now on a Friday at that tine, I’m in my pyjamas on the couch with a glass of wine watching Real Housewives. I could not even image going out that late anymore. It must be very different for performers too, not able to play their music live to fans in person. 

Throughout 2020, with his Nice, Nice, Very Nice 10th Anniversary Tour canceled, Dan Mangan took his shows virtual. He got to experience playing for people in Estonia, China, India and Argentina, all places he has never toured in. He gets to meet these people and he says after the show is over, it still feels as though it was a real live show with a different connection being made.

Dan is one of the co-founders of Side Door, alongside Laura Simpson, which builds impromptu communities through a shared experience of art. The platform helps artists make a living and are able to play shows on their own terms. Before Side Door expanded to online, they helped artists find venues and connected them with hosts all over the world. Side Door is a “community marketplace.” The platform moved to online shows once COVID-19 hit. They have teamed up with Zoom to build a unique and secure ticketing portal, with no shareable links and no hassle. Side Door has had performers from Mangan himself to Vance Joy to the Fast Romantics.

He told Vancouver Weekly, “We get like a thousand people on one of these shows and appearing into a thousand homes, and there are families, people alone, there are dogs, kids, dancing, crying, knitting, baking… it’s like humanity in a jar.”

He has been trying to stay away from Instagram lives as people seem to leave quickly. If people have an actual date on the calendar and a ticket, then they will show up and watch the whole show. He has found that this allows him to still make a living while the audience is feeling like they have been to a show worth their while and they will come back since it’s  a different experience and interaction every time.

Mangan told Global News that being out of live shows for so long is quite “crippling.” Mangan uses music to help fill in gaps of areas that are limited in using his lyrics to be simple and direct which can be powerful in the world we are living in.

Mangan formed his first band at sixteen, called Basement Suit with some of his classmates and they would play at local Vancouver community centres. At 20, Mangan went out on his own and recoded his first EP, All At Once. Five hundred copies of the album were made and they were sold or given away around Vancouver. In 2005, with the help of community musicians and a bank loan, he recorded and released his album Post Cards & Daydreaming which he sold at live shows as well as online and the following year it was released in the US increasing his fanbase. His second album, Nice, Nice, Very Nice releasing in 2009 and 2011’s Oh, Fortune, was the winner of two Juno Awards. His fourth studio album, Club Meds dropped in early 2015, under Dan Mangan + Blacksmith which was a way to include the work of his collaborators.

Along with music, Mangan is a contributor to the Guardian’s Arts section, Montecristo Magazine and Huffington Post Canada.

I wonder what the future of live shows and touring will look like in the next few years. I know for me, although it will be way past my bedtime, I can’t wait to get back to experiencing concerts and live shows.

Justin Vernon Teams Up with Move More

Justin Vernon, the soundtrack to your next workout? Ya, I was confused by this too.

Let me tell you a bit about Justin Vernon for those of you who may not know who he is. He’s the Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. I’ve heard the name “Bon Iver” over the past few years but I never really listened to them other than a few songs I’d hear on the radio from time to time. I definitely didn’t know the name Justin Vernon…until he appeared on Taylor Swift’s two surprise albums she dropped this year. Vernon co-wrote on, and as well as is featured on a few tracks. So, basically over the past six months, the names “Justin Vernon” and “Bon Iver” have stood out to me. Swift said in her Long Pond Studio Sessions, how she was nervous that Justin would not want to work with her because she is such a fan of his and it would break her heart if he declined. As one of the biggest artists in the music industry, if not the biggest, speaking so highly of Vernon made me want to find out more about him.

From Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Justin Vernon describes music as his religion, in that, it’s his way of understanding, celebrating and contemplation. Vernon loves his home town but they just might love him a little more. Many people in the city take pride in Justin. He was the creator of Eaux Claires festival along side Araron Dessner of The National, which Vernon has been the host of for it for the past two years. The city takes pride in having him as a symbol of their community.

(@boniver / Instagram)

Vernon’s first band was DeTarmond Edison, when they broke up, he formed Bon Iver in 2006. The band has four studio albums along with two EPs. From featured songs on Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill to world tours and two Grammy Awards as well as nomination at this year’s awards for exile, the band has been quite a success.

You likely wouldn’t expect Justin Vernon to be playing on the soundtrack to your next work out, but in a recent turn of events, has teamed up with  Eau Claire fitness instructor, Jeff Rogers. Vernon Tweeted about how Rogers was a mentor for him reconnecting with his body and mind and how he helped him truly understand his body. He says with Rogers “training, knowledge, care and attitude, he helps you look but more importantly feel better.”

Move More is a weekly YouTube series which is featuring original music from Justin Vernon, Francis Farewell Starlite and BJ Burton. Rogers came up with the idea as COVID put a stop to in person training. Being friends with the three musicians, it was a perfect was for him to create something new.

The first video of the series dropped on January 3rd followed by a second at the beginning of this week. I watched the first video as I sat on the couch drinking my morning coffee and stuffing my face with avocado toast, instead of participating. From a bystanders perspective, meshing the two together seems to work. I guess I’ll have to give it a try one of these days. 

Rogers also has structured workouts and daily plans over a twelve week program. Visit his website to download them.

2020 was a busy year for Vernon with releasing two Bon Iver songs along with collaborating with Elsa Jensen, Jenny Lewis, Bruce Springsteen, and Jenn Wasner, He produced the new Swamp Dogg record as well as his work on Swift’s two albums. Let’s see what else 2021 will have in store for Justin Vernon.

Lana Del Rey Stirring Controversy

American singer, Lana Del Rey, has been in the spotlight this week after the release of her latest music video as well as comments about what’s happening at the White House.

The singer received backlash regarding her album cover that she describes as being “inclusive.”

A statement made such as, “my best friends are rappers” may not have been the move Del Rey should have went with.

“There’s always turmoil and upheaval and in the midst of it- there’s always beautiful music too introducing my new album Chemtrails Over the Country Club.” Was the caption to Del Rey’s Instagram post where she shared her new album black and white artwork where she is surrounded by ten women.

The video has a vintage vintage Wizard of Oz vibe before transitioning to a dark, vampire fang, glowing eyes, werewolf world that’s on fire. To say it’s hard to follow, is an understatement.

After posting her cover, the comments blew up. Since the photo is black and white and they video is in colour, people recognized faces in the video who’s skin tones are not how the cover is perceived. 

(@lanadelrey / Instagram)


In a comment, Del Rey wrote, “these are my friends this is my life. We are all a beautiful mix of everything- some more than others which is visible and celebrated in everything I do. In 11 years working I have always been extremely inclusive without even trying to. My best friends are rappers my boyfriends have been rappers. My dearest friends have been from all over the place, so before you make comments again about a WOC/POC issue, I’m not the one storming the capital, I’m literally changing the world by putting my life and thoughts and love out there on the table 24 seven. Respect it.”

And yes you guessed it, BACKFIRE

The blow up line of that was saying her friends and boyfriends are “rappers.” People on Twitter and Instagram attacked the Summer Time Sadness singer. Being in the public eye of the “cancel culture” we are living in, definetely should have you thinking twice or maybe three times before posting something to the public.

Following this, she did a BBC Radio 1 interview about Chemtrails Over the Country Club. This is where she opens up about how she thinks that Donald Trumps presidency “needed to happen.” With a twitter follow up later on Monday, she clarifies how her comments were taken out of context from a “well-intentioned liberal comment.”

Del Rey also took to Twitter with a video yesterday afternoon, explaining her comments about what is happening down South and how they have been twisted. She followed up with a tweet:

Safe to say, this gal has not been having the greatest week.

Chemtrails Over the Country Club will be releasing March 21.

A New Blink-182 Album?

You know when we were allowed to be at a bar or a club and then the DJ or live performer would play one of those songs that gets everyone hyped up? If the song wasn’t a classic sing along like Don’t Stop Believing or I Got Friend’s in Low Places, there was a good chance it would be an early 2000’s pop punk hit.

From Southern California, Blink-182 have been creating music that’s listened to across the globe. The band formed in 1992 consisting of Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Scott Raynor with their original name “Blink.” The band had a lawsuit threat as their was an Irish band with a very similar name to which they changed to Blink-182. They followed through the doors of pop punk that Green Day opened and they gained a large fan base quickly. In 1998, Travis Barker replaced Scott Raynor on the drums and when Tom DeLonge left for the second time in 2015, Matt Skiba was took over.

Their breakout years began in 1999 and lasted until 2004, with releasing Enema of the State. This was the album of What’s My Age Again?, Adam’s Song and All the Small Things. The album sold over four million copies and their music videos were highly valued on MTV. At this point, it seemed like the band couldn’t be stopped… until 2005 rolled in. The band unexpectedly took a “indefinite hiatus.” In this time they worked on their own projects while spending time with their families. A Greatest Hits album was released later that year.

In 2008, the band suffered tragedy all around. They lost their producer Jerry Finn due to a heart attack. Barker and one of their collaborators DJ AM were seriously injured in a plane crash where two people died. With 11 months of recovery ahead for Barker, this influenced DeLonge and Hoppus to reconnect with the band. The following year, Blink-182 announced they would be getting back together.

Blink-182 put an album out in 2011 and toured the whole year with My Chemical Romance, Rancid and Against Me! Just like that, they were back. With eight studio albums, a live album, two extended EPs, two compilation albums and three video albums, the band is still continuing to make music.

Travis Baker responded to a fan on Instagram confirming that Blink-182 has a new album coming out this year.

(@travisbarker / Instagram)


Stay tuned to see what Blink-182 has been heating in quarantine.

In other Barker news, he has also been seen getting cozy with Kourtney Kardashian over the past few months. There has been back and forth between the two on their Instagram stories. Barker was first a tag in Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram Story back in September over a cup of post workout green juice. The topic of their friendship hasn’t been quiet, as many fans have been wondering what is going on between the two of them.

Both Baker and Kardashian’s families live in the same gated Calabasas community and have become friends over the past few years. 

Last week, Kourt posted screenshots from a make out scene of Barkers favourite movie, True Romance, on her Instagram feed to which Barked commented, “You’re So Cool.” She also gave Barker’s daughter, Alabama, a Prada bag for Christmas, the same that she gave to her sister, Khloé Kardashian.

(@kourtneykardashian / Instagram)

Is it just me or does it seem like something heating up here?

Who is AJR?

If you know me, then you know basically the only music I download is Taylor Swift or country… until I hopped into the Evolution Studios last semester. After a few days, the music started to grow on me and I can say I’m now a fan of alternative rock.

One of the first songs I turned up the studio volume for, is a song called Dear Winter by AJR. I immediately downloaded it. A few minutes later because of the delay to the world, my supportive mom, who tuned into her very nervous daughter everyday, texted me saying, “I love this song.” Like mother, like daughter, I guess. I had the song on repeat and by the end of the day, the lyrics were memorized along with downloading AJR’s other albums.

AJR is a trio of three brothers, Adam, Jack and Ryan Met from Manhattan, New York. They started creating music in 2005. From street performing in Central Park to opening for Demi Lovato and having their own sold out US Tour, AJR has worked hard to be where they are now. One of their first live shows, they played to three people and slowly built up their fanbase. There were definitely times when they thought music might not be the right career, but they kept going. 

They grew up listening to Simon & Garfunkel, The Beach Boys and other bands from the ’50’s and 60’s and also listening to modern hiphop artists such as Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar, which allowed them to continuously create new sounds.

The band’s first single, I’m Ready, released in the summer of 2013 followed by their EP a few months later when they signed to Warner Music Group. The second EP, Infinity, contains five tracks, released in 2014 and their debut album followed in 2015. During this time, Jack started to wear his mother’s bomber hat while performing, and still wears it to this day. This is definitely a staple to his look.

(@AJRBrothers / Twitter)

AJR released a single called Weak, in 2016, which they wrote in just a few hours. It has now been certified platinum in Canada, the U.S., Norway, Netherlands and Belgium as well as having over 500 million streams on Spotify.

Flash forward a few years, 100 Bad Days, the lead single to their unannounced album, Neotheater, released on January 30, 2019. The concept of the song is about how 100 bad days can lead to 100 good stories. The song has a large production aspect as well as a relatable concept, so it was perfect to be their lead single. In March, the band played the song on Jimmy Kimmel Live! It was also included in Taylor Swift’s Apple Music Playlist, “Playlist by ME!”

In an interview with Rollingstone, AJR says that the best way for them to write songs is to play Wii Tennis for twenty minutes, and most of the time, they have come up with a new song idea.

While they were in the writing process for this album, AJR went to school at Columbia to be around kids their own age because they had only been around adults and fans for the past few years touring. While at Columbia, Ryan asked a girl on a date and he was turned down. That night, he wrote Dear Winter. It’s a sad song written in a quirky way. For years, he has always wanted to name his son Winter but he just has to find his wife first.

Neotheater released on April 26 and debuted at number one on Billboard’s Top Alternative Albums, number one on Billboard’s Top Rock Albums as well as number eight on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums.

The band kept releasing music throughout 2020 as well as doing drive-in concerts for fans across the United States. They announced their fourth studio album, OK Orchestra, which is set to release on March 26. AJR’s song, Overture, is featured in Disney and Pixar’s Soul as the films main character, Joe, explains the love he has for music and piano. The band shared the exciting news on social media as their fans freaked out.

Wine Pairings for Thanksgiving Dinner

The wine you pair with your Thanksgiving meal, for some can make or break the meal. Below is a guide to some of the perfect wines for your diners this weekend.

Charcuterie Board

Having the perfect wine pairing with your charcuterie board is important. Depending on the cheeses and meats you chose the wine can change. The Rosé below is one that you can never go wrong with.

Phantom Creek 2019 Rosé

This rosé has “an elegant rose gold hue, seductive notes of fresh strawberry and red fruit, compliment by a deliciously textured and balanced finish.” It is Cabernet Franc Dominant that spent 2 months in French oak and two months in stainless steel.

(@phantomcreek / Instagram)


Since turkey is not a very powerful meat, your wine does not need to be either. A full Bodied White Wine to a medium bodied red will be the perfect match.


Wild Goose Pinot Gris

For the white wine lovers, this classic BC Pinot Gris is a perfect pairing for a Turkey dinner. With it’s balanced texture of orchard fruit and

CheckMate’s Little Pawn 2015 Chardonnay

This wine is amazing. Recently being here in September, I had the opportunity to try this and I know my family will be having this with our turkey. This wine has, “captivating floral nose with hints of rose petal, cinnamon spice and lemon zest. On the palate, subtle richness, hints of cream and beautiful oak integration create a wine of restrained elegance, with substantial length.”

(@checkmatewinery / Instagram)

Last year the 2015 Little Pawn Chardonnay scored 100 Points, being the first winery in Canada to ever do so and they followed up with their 2016 vintage scoring 100 Points as well.


Cedar Creek 2017 Platinum Block 4 Pinot Noir

This Cedar creek Pinot Noir has savoury gamey notes and plum and a hint of spice with a long red currant finish.

Pumpkin Pie

The wine you are pairing with a complex and heavy flavoured dessert, like pumpkin pie, needs to either be a light and crisp white or a spicy darker red.


La Frenz Alexandria

La Frenz Alexandria is a blend made with 50% Muscat and 50% Schonberger. Alexandria has an extraordinary amount of exotic tropical fruit flavours of grilled pineapple, cantaloupe and dried apple along with floral flavours of elderflower and honeysuckle. This wine has “a beautiful finish that doesn’t know when to quit!”

(@lafrenzwinery / Instagram)


Black Hills 2017 Syrah

Black Hills is a fantastic winery with a great atmosphere. The lower patio has cabanas and a pool where you can sit out and enjoy your tasting. The experience at Black Hills is one you will never forget. But back to the wine. This Black Hills Syrah has ripe raspberry and black cherry aromas with hits from freshly cracked pepper. It has dark chocolate and sweet baking spice tasting notes.

(@blackhillswinery / Instagram)

What are Your Thanksgiving Plans?

Let’s face it. This years Thanksgiving is going to be completely different than any other year. We know everyone will be missing not seeing your favourite uncle who drinks a little too much at the dinner and your in-laws snide remarks about your appetizer. Oh and don’t forget about your parents arguing over if the turkey is cooked enough cause no one wants it to be too dry. Just kidding, well if you are missing that then props to you. For everyone else, lets switch up Thanksgiving traditions this year and maybe make some new ones within your bubble.

1. Go Somewhere for dinner

I know we all love the smell of turkey cooking in the oven and the laughter (or sometimes fighting)

There are many local Vancouver restaurants who are cooking Thanksgiving this year. The Belgard Kitchen will be having their annual Thanksgiving dinner in the restaurant to they also have take home meal kits.

The Flying Pig will be offering a traditional dinner on Sunday night in all of their locations for $29.00 a person. 

(@wearetheflyingpig / Instagram)

The Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar will be offering Thanksgiving to go from October 9- October 11 and hosting a dine in on Sunday October 11. The Boulevard was named Vancouver’s Best Restaurant in the Van Mag Restaurant Awards.

2. Oktoberfest at Bells and Whistles Fraser

Bells and Whistles Fraser location has opened up a pop-up Oktoberfest called Wunderbar. This event is running until Saturday, October 10th. They will be serving warm pretzels, pulled pork, two types of schnitzel and a streusel sundae to finish it off.

(@bellsandwhistlesyvr / Instagram)

3. Stayland: Night of a Thousand Screams at Playland

Unfortunately this year, Freight Nights at the Playland will not be happening but they have came up with a new concept that will follow COVID-19 guidelines and safety protocols which is, Stayland. Stayland opens on Friday October 9 daily from 6pm-11pm until Halloween on October 31. The park will have a haunted walk-through, 20 rides will be operand it is also the first year ever that people are allowed dress in costumes.

(@pne_playland) / Instagram

Vancouver’s Assortment of Food Trucks

Have you gotten on the food truck train yet? Well if you haven’t, I’m going to get you all aboard. Vancouver’s food trucks are found throughout the city sidewalks, to events, breweries and festivals. Due to COVID-19, many food trucks have suffered and what better way to enjoy an Instagram worthy meal than hitting up some Vancouver’s best food trucks.

The Frying Pan

The Frying Pan is a Korean style food truck. They are most known for their Nashville X Korean style hot chicken sandwiches and Korean rice bowls. Weekly, The Frying Pan is located at 505 Burrard, Downtown Vancouver but on the weekends they venture to breweries, farmers markets and festivals.

(@thefryingpan604 / Instagram)

Mama Said Pizza Co.

Mama Said Pizza is a New York inspired pizza truck. They use 72 hour fermented dough which is completely made from scratch. From regular cheese to caged heat to caramelized pineapple,  and anything in between, Mama Said has the perfect pizza for you. They are always located in the Twin Sails Brewing parking lot in Port Moody.

(@mamasaid_pizza / Instagram)

Salty’s Lobster Shack

I tell you, their lobster bisque is like heaven in your mouth. The best bisque you will ever have which is perfect for the fall weather fast approaching.  Their lobster grilled cheese is also top notch. I highly recommend if you see this food truck, you run to the line up and get yourself some lobster bisque.

(@saltyslobster / Instagram)

Shameless Buns

Shameless buns serves Filipino chow using traditional Filipino bread roll, Pandesal as their vessel. They offer a variety of sandwiches served with poutine inspired and rice bowls along with two vegetarian options. Shameless Buns also has their homemade banana ketchup with uses a total of 23 ingredients.

(@shamlessbuns / Instagram)


Tacofino has three food trucks, the Blue Truck, Pink Truck and the Minty Truck. Each truck offers a different variety of tacos and burritos. They have a great variety between pork, fish tacos, cauliflower and many other kinds of fillings. Tacofino normally has a truck at the Vancouver Art Gallery in the afternoon on weekdays and at night and the weekend, they are usually hanging out at local breweries. 

(@tacofinovan / Instagram)

Hopefully one of these will become your new go to food truck. Or better yet, keep trying them all. Bon Appétit!

Three of Vancouver’s Best Ale Trails

Looking for new breweries to hit in the Lower mainland? Below is three of my favourite ale trails. 

Port Moody’s Brewers Row

Yellow Dog

Being the first to open on the row, Yellow Dog, has a large tasting room along with back patio with many picnic benches. This brewery is Dog inspired as all their beers are named after something dog related.

(@yellowdogbeer / Instagram)

Twin Sails

Twin Sales Brewing focuses on German Styles but it has also created some great hazy IPAs, sours and stouts. Twin has a smaller tasting room and patio so get there early!

(@twinsailsbeer / Instagram)

The Parkside Brewery

Parkside has one of the nicest patios on the row, along with a large tasting room. Parkside has a smaller line up but has the best hazy IPA, which is their Dreamboat described as, “a juicy treat which lingers like a hazy dream.”

(@parksidebrewery / Instagram)

Moody Ales

Moody Ales has a large focus on ales but they have also incorporated some well put together lagers on their line-up. There is a large tasting room inside, along with a newly expanded patio that goes along the side of the building.

(@moodyales / Instragram)

The Bakery Brewing

This is Moody’s second brewery, located a few doors down. Bakery Brewing focuses on unique styles and flavours. They have a large line up with sometimes over twenty beers on tap.

(@bakerybrewing / Instagram)

These five breweries are located on Murray Street, just across from Rocky Point Park.

Main Street / Mount Pleasant

33 Acres

33 Acres has a cafe-like dynamic. They offer espresso, along with lunch and dinner. They also have an amazing brunch on the weekends. Their 33 Acres of Sunshine French blanchè ale is perfect for a crisp fall day.

(33acresbrewing / Instragram)

Red Truck Beer Company

If you’re looking to go back in time and sit at a truck stop diner and have a classic beer, Red Truck Beer Company is your place to be. Opening in 2015, this brewery has a large menu of comfort food and one of the best lagers in the city.

(@redtruckbeer / Instagram)

Brassneck Brewery

Opening in 2013, Brassneck Brewery is located in the centre of Mount Pleasant. Brassneck has classic beers to many experimental brews. This brewery rarely releases any beer out of the brewery (besides a few kegs to local restaurants) so you have to go in to try their beer.

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East Van

Andina Brewing

Andina Brewing is one of the most noticeable breweries, with it’s bright yellow two story building along with a large graphic of their mascot, La Pola on the brewery’s side. This brewery provides a Columbian feel with many South American inspired beer and food. Andina is definitely a brewery to check out.

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East Vancouver Brewing Co.

East Van Brewing has a decent sized tasting room, along with an upstairs area. They have recently opened a sidewalk patio which has a beautiful view of Downtown Vancouver. They have 12 taps, with their usual line-up along with a few rotting seasonal beers.


Strange Fellows Brewing 

Strange Fellows Brewing goes “beyond the ordinary to celebrate that which is strange* and extraordinary.” Their beers follow old traditions along but also have many new inspired beers along with seasonals. You will never be disappointed in one of their sours either.

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Netflix’s Horrifying #1 Documentary

The documentary, American Murder: The Family Next Door, directed by British filmmaker Jenny Popplewell, premiered on Netflix on Wednesday September 30. This documentary is currently number one on Netflix Canada.

This documentary goes though the disappearance of pregnant Shanann Watts, 34, and her two children, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, who went missing on August 13, 2018 in Frederick, Colorado.

The documentary takes a dramatic narrative of showing old footage off Shannan’s Facebook, documenting her struggle with lupus along with her love for her family. It also has text messages between Shannan and Christopher, her husband, and texts with her friends discussing the relationship between Chris and herself. Police body camera footage is also shown along with emotional interviews with family and friends on the day of her disappearance and throughout the days leading up to finding the bodies. 

Christopher was having an affair on Shannan which lead to having a disconnect in their relationship. He wanted to leave and start a new family with his mistress, Nichol Kessinger. In an emotional conversation, Christopher told Shannan he was not in love with her anymore. This lead Christopher horrible way of ending his wife’s life. 

Nearing the end, Christopher Watts, fails a polygraph test and after talking with his father, Ronnie, Watt’s pleads guilty to the police for the murders of his pregnant wife and two daughters. It is then disclosed that he disposed them in an oil field at one of his job sites. Shannan was buried and the children were put in an oil tank twenty feet down. Christopher’s confession was absolutely shocking, leaving viewers horrified and disturbed.

In November 2018, Christopher Watts was sentenced to three life in prison sentences without a chance of ever getting out. He is being held at Dodge Correctional Institution, a maximum security prison that’s in Waupun, Wisconsin according to People 



Whitecaps Play Sounders Tomorrow Night

The Vancouver Whitecaps take on the Seattle Sounders at Centurylink Field on Saturday at 7pm.

Vancouver is ready to get back on track to wining in order to have a chance at a playoff spot. The Whitecaps are three points aways from having a secured spot. The team has not had a great season as they have suffered many injuries. They lost their first 3 games of the season but made a comeback with 3 wins but since lost the last 2. their most recent was a 6-0 loss against LAFC. 

With recently receiving veteran goalkeeper Evan Bush on the roster for the first time, this could be a huge help for the Whitecaps.

Head coach, Marc Dos Santos says the team knows this season will only get harder.

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The Whitecaps will have a tough game ahead of them as the Saunders are one of the top teams and have won 3 out of their 4 past games. Vancouver will need to stop Jordan Morris, one of the most powerful players in the league. Another one of the Whitecaps gaols will be to get a few points on the board as they have had none in the past two games.

Dos Santos explained that the Caps took a break and went back to Vancouver during the week but returned to Portland Wednesday ready to practice. The Whitecaps are in Portland right now, in a bubble away from their friends and family.

Behind Vancouver’s Popular Sculptures

Here is a look into some of the background to some of Vancouver’s most popular sculptures in the city.

English Bay’s Engagement Sculpture

English Bay’s beach is the perfect spot to catch a sunset or even hangout with friends and have a beach day. It is also the home of Dennis Oppenheim’s Engagement Sculpture. This sculpture is almost 30 feet tall as it easily catches the attention of people walking past. Oppenheim took the rings and used them in a “Pop Art form, which is where everyday objects are “taken out of they domestic environment and re-conceptualized as monumental sculptures.” The rings are made of translucent plexiglass boxes, steel and aluminum.

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The Engagement was created in 2005 during the same time a same sex marriage debates were happening in Canada. Although Oppenheim has kept it quiet about the true meaning behind these rings, people are reminded that marriage is a balance of both parties with different backgrounds and romance.

Oppenheim has been doing sculptural work since the 1990’s and he has become known as one of the world’s most respected and influential artists,

The Digital Orca 

The Digital Orca is located in Coal Harbour right near the Olympic Cauldron and the Vancouver Convention Centre. It was created by Douglas Coupland a writer and visual artist from Vancouver in 2009.

The meaning behind the sculpture is it allows for the viewer to travel in time between the past and the future. 

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The Whale is pixelated in 3 dimensions. Coupland did this to create a unexpected sensation in the viewers mind. The Orca is made of powder coated aluminum on a stainless steel frame. It has been said that the colours and materials used was to represent the diversity those working near the waterfronts of British Columbia.

Now is your chance to take a look at these in person!