Asian Restaurant Event for Halloween

Myst Asian Fusion restaurant is located at Kingsway and Gilley Avenue in Burnaby. A special event will be held at the last week of October to celebrate Halloween.

All the servers will be dressed up in costumes for nights of the event week. The restaurant was not only nice to customers by giving discount but also nice to servers. According to manager of the restaurant, there was a competition last year between the servers. The server that got the most votes on the Facebook fan page got 100 dollars as a prize.

“We not only just keep ourselves of where we’re from but also we tried to mix with local culture for that.” A manager of the restaurant Jack Lin told us.

Although all servers are from East Asia, the decision of letting them dress up in Halloween is a symbol of integration of western and eastern culture. Another then the discount, there will be three featured drinks that are only limited at the week for celebrating Halloween.

Customers could get 10% off the whole bill by like and share the activity on the fan page of the restaurant.

An activity that is different from last year is that there will be a trick-or-treat.

Jack Lin, one of the manager of the restaurant says that free candies will be delivered to customers and they will be some interactions with the customers also.

Even though the event is still two weeks away. If you have a chance to go there recently, you can see the restaurant has already decorated the restaurant with Halloween.


Arts Umbrella Exhibition

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Arts Umbrella is a non-profit arts education centre that has various arts-related education programs for preschoolers to teenagers. The exhibition is being held from October 7th to October 18th in Pendulum Gallery at HSBC Building. No entrance fee is required.

This is also a preview of the original works for the upcoming auction on October 26th at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

“I think it’s great. Because it’s offering young people a chance to show their talents. I think events like this should be held more.” Pei-Lin Li, a BCIT student tells us that she hopes there should be more similar fund-raising events being held after she knows that all the proceeds of the auctions will go toward young people in Vancouver for arts activities.

It’s the 16th exhibition of Arts Umbrella. A collection of paintings, photography, furniture design, and many other art pieces are on display.

Pei-Lin Li also said that she didn’t know about this exhibition before, she just passed by the building after she visited her friend at BCIT downtown campus, which is just a few minutes away from the exhibition. Even though she didn’t know about the exhibition, she still thinks that it is worth to take a look.


What can we do to protect our environment?

One thing for sure is that reduce the usage of plastic bags and plastic straws, any kind of disposable plastic products that can harm the environment. It doesn’t take too much money to buy a reusable shopping bag, in Superstore, it only takes about one dollar to get one.
But we sometimes forget to bring that reusable bag with us when we go shopping. So we buy plastic bags, it’s just so convenient that most of the people are more willing to pay couple cents every time to buy plastic bags when they go grocery shopping.

Other than plastic bags, straw is another problem in Vancouver. There are so many drink shops in Vancouver and not lots of people will bring their own cups to go to a bubble tea shop. We get used to drinking with straws because of the design of the cup. The stores sealed the cup perfectly so the only way to drink the drink is to use straw or tear off the plastic cover and drink from the cup directly. But if you’re going to take a bus or SkyTrain, drink from the cup may not be a good idea considering it may spill out of the cup when the car is moving. Or if you like to add topping to your drink, straw is definitely more convenient for you. But how about to buy a reusable straw that you don’t have to throw away the straw and make tons of garbage every time you order a drink.
I remembered when I went to Lima, Peru last December. In large franchises like Burger King or MacDonald’s, they use the same cup and same lid like here in Vancouver, but they don’t offer straws, and they don’t have straw to offer. At the moment, I felt very inconvenient because I get used to using straws to drink everything already, even hot drinks. But now, I start to think that if I can bring a straw with me to travel, then I don’t have to worry about that problem anymore. In the meantime, it’s very environmental-friendly.

Start from you and me, let’s do something good for our earth together.

Travel to Asia – Taiwan

If you’re planning to go to Asia this summer, it would be a good idea to include Taiwan into your itinerary.

I’m from Taiwan, a small country on a small island. This beautiful land has lots of delicious food that locals and tourist enjoy a lot. The first two things that come to my mind when I think of my lovely hometown is the world famous bubble tea and night market.

In Vancouver, there are a lot of milk tea shops that are actually from Taiwan, such as Yi-Fang, Coco, ComeBuy, Sharetea, Shiny Tea, Chatime, and etc.
There’s so much more milk tea shop in Taiwan. If you don’t like pearls and you don’t drink bubble tea. This food paradise can give you so many other options to try.

If you don’t know where to go. Night market would be a good choice for you.
You can find most of the popular food in the night market and it’s not expensive at all. Juice shops, shoe shops, clothes, seafood, oyster pancake, and so many other things that you can think of.

There are over 400 different night markets in Taiwan. Some of them open every day while other night markets open a couple of days a week or once a week. I’m amazed by how many night markets there are in Taiwan, even I didn’t know there are so many night markets until I checked Wikipedia.

There’s a lot of other countries in Asia that are worth visiting. If you’re planning to go somewhere this summer for a good vacation, Asia will be a good choice for you. Remember to visit Taiwan.

Check this video that introduces one of the famous night markets in Taipei, Taiwan.
Taipei Rao He Night Market

Forbidden Vancouver Tours

Forbidden Vancouver

The Forbidden Vancouver Walking Tour

If you ever feel like experiencing something new at night. This could be a good tour for you.
Forbidden Vancouver has five different tours that there must be one that you’ll be interested in.

The forbidden Vancouver walking tour happens daily. From Monday to Saturday at 7 PM, Sunday at 4 PM.
The tour featured the real story of Vancouver and is designed for adult audiences.

Dig into the mysterious history of Vancouver. The tour starts at the Cathedral Square across from the Holy Rosary Cathedral at Dunsmuir and Richards and ends at Maple Tree Square, Gastown.
The two-hour tour will take you from Victory Square, Chinatown and to Gastown.

Exploring tales of bootlegging, mobsters, corruptions and vice. In this tour, you’ll walk through the allies and backstreets to discover the real story of Vancouver.
No matter you’re local or tourist, this is for you.

The ticket price is $28 per person, seniors and students can get a $3 off for a discount.

The Lost Souls of Gastown

Feel like something else? They have other tours like The lost souls of Gastown, which is led by a professional actor and you can learn the Gothic stories of early Vancouver history.
This tour happens Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 8 PM.
The Lost Souls of Gastown Tour is a walking tour and also a theatre piece.

The rest of the tours they have are also appealing too. The Dark Secrets of Stanley Park
Tour will take you to explore the world-famous seawall, hidden corners, and wild forested trails.
The Art Deco & Chocolate Tasting Walking Tour will tell you how wars, fashion, technology, and immigration shaped early 20th century Vancouver.
Last but not least, The Really Gay History Tour takes you to discover the stories of an LGBTQ2+ community that fought back.

For more information about these tours, please visit