Webcomics And You

I’m not too sure what originally got me into surfing the net for web comics, but I’m pretty sure it started back in high school around grade 10. Back when I still took art classes and loved to doodle on everything and was trying to find my niche and the path I wanted to take. Regardless, I thought I wanted to be an artist of some sort all the way back then. And so I would follow and read through a bunch of different web comics out of admiration and a want for inspiration. After all, what these people were doing was what I wanted to do when I grew up.. Though my plans have changed over the years, obviously, and my interests have progressed, I’ve subscribed and unsubscribed to many different comics through the years.

When looking for web comics to read you of course have a boundless amount of options. The greatest thing about the Internet is that there’s an unlimited supply of content to subscribe to. However, this can also be one of the world wide webs greatest faults. With, forgive my emphasis, zillions of options to choose from it can sometimes be hard to find a web comic that you might actually enjoy. That being said, there are plenty of lone comic makers out there, but also a couple of really helpful (publishing sites I guess you could say?) I’ve found that can get you on the track of finding a comic you’ll really enjoy.

I’m a big fan of Hiveworks Comics and follow pretty much every comic they seem to publish. The company is a creator-owned comics and graphic novel publishing site with a heavy focus on free to read web comics. With options to sort through different age rating and genres, some of my favourite comics fall under the Romance and Fairytale section. I’d say with my experience reading through a variety of different content this company puts out, a lot of what they approve to publish seems fairly fluffy with a heavy focus on mystic, magic and other cute-sy things.

Webtoon on the other hand has a variety of much more adult themed content. As opposed to Hiveworks, though this site does seem to have to approve content to some degree, it appears as if the company lets a lot more slide. With a much larger amount of content to choose from, I assume this more relaxed censorship of content is due to the fact that the company may be larger and more diverse. I still indulge in a variety of cute-sy comics on this site, however, there are a ton of more interesting horror, mystery and thriller comics here as well. Much like Hiveworks you can choose to narrow your search down by ratings and genres, however, unlike Hiveworks, Webtoon does not offer you the option to choose by age rating.

Are you a fan of web comics already? What are some of your favourite to read?


Spring Has Been Sprung

It’s weird to think that Spring has been sprung already for a few weeks, what with the weather being so… Odd. As a woman of only 22, I’d say this year I’ve witnessed probably one of Mother Nature’s most confusing seasonal shifts. From a straight week of sunshine and tshirt weather to snow warnings, environmentally it’s been one crazy ride. But hey, can you really expect anything different what with global warming and all that jazz? That being said, you can now definitely say that spring is finally here. It’s in the air, in the trees, and definitely in the overhanging dreary gray rain clouds on the horizon.

As a person whose grown up on the west coast, you may already have a slew of indoor activities you go through every rainy season just to keep yourself entertained. However, the occasional Netflix binge, movie marathon, board game tournament or even bowling night can get boring after a few runs. So with that being said, here are a few of my favourite indoor joints to hit up on an especially stormy spring day (or night).

H.R MacMillan Space Centre – Just because the sky is cloudy, doesn’t mean you should miss out on a chance at seeing the night sky! If you’re a big space geek or even just interested in learning more about the universe, the space centre has a variety of different shows that can open you up to a variety of experiences. From seeing how a star is born to learning more about dark matter, or even just plain old gravity, there’s a ton of different shows to catch all throughout the day.

The Vancouver Art Gallery – Everyone’s come across the Vancouver Art Gallery in some way shape or form. Whether it be on a school field trip or on a classy date, the Art Gallery is a self paced visual rollercoaster ride that exposes you to different cultures and different people’s interpretations of the concept that is art. With exhibits that change every few months, there’s always something new to pop in and see.

Beaty Biodiversity Museum – I have always, ALWAYS wanted to check out this museum, as a person whose forever been interested in history, culture and all that boring jazz it’s been a dream of mine to step into a museum that exposes you to all those elements and soak it all in. There’s even exhibits about dinosaurs! How cool is that? Regardless of all that nerdy stuff, this is the perfect place to kill a few hours while you wait out the rain.

Castle Fun Park – I’ll be the first to admit that the last few options might not have been up your alley, in fact, they may have been a bit.. Boring. HOWEVER, I can assure you that Castle Fun Park is far from that. It’s sad to think that there aren’t more places out in Vancouver to indulge in some good old fashioned arcade games, however, if you’re willing to make the trek out to Abbotsford I can assure you that it won’t be for nothing. At Castle Fun Park you can stay inside, stay dry, all while playing mini golf, skee ball, you can even hit a few balls at the batting cage if that’s your thing!

What are some of your favourite indoor places to go to? Shoot us a suggestion!

Late Nights & Bad TV

I don’t know if this is the same case for you, but on an especially light night I find there’s nothing better than indulging in some really bad TV. I mean let’s face it, there generally isn’t anything that good on after 11 or 12 anyways. You could just put on some Netflix or better yet, try to catch a few z’s. But what’s the fun in that? By switching to Netflix or sleeping, your closing your eyes to a world of hurt, uh, I mean quality television. That’s the thing about bad TV though, sometimes it’s so bad… That it’s good.

It wasn’t until fairly recently on a night where the sandman didn’t bless me with his magic dust, again, that I rediscovered this love/hate relationship. You probably know that there are certain channels solely destined to air only bad TV shows, especially so late at night. Can you name the one I’m thinking of? If TLC came to mind then, well, you would be correct. If you have no clue as to what TLC is known for, according to the internet, “TLC initially focused on educational and learning content, by the late 1990s, the network began to primarily focus towards reality series involving lifestyles, family life, and personal stories”. What came as a shock to me was that I had no idea that the channel originally started for educational purposes because, well, when I think about TLC I think about shows like, “What Not to Wear,” “Say Yes to the Dress,” “My Strange Addiction” and a true classic, “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.” Though… Interesting, if anything, I wouldn’t say that any of those shows hold any sort of educational content. Unless you want some sort of misconstrued fashion advice that is.

There are certainly a variety of other bad TV channels to flick on nowadays though,  I know of a few people who put on the History Channel for trippy late night conspiracy shows, or better yet they just flip to the channels that are airing those horrible hour long infomercials. What’s some bad TV that you like to watch? And do you have a favourite channel?

The Mysticism of It All

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been super interested in mysticism and the occult. Not interested to the point of believing every theory or concept that comes out of it regardless of logic and reason, more so interested in educating myself more about the topic. One of the most generally known concepts about mysticism is astrology, your zodiac sign and the effects it has on you as a person. Astrology for the most part is vague irrelevant fluff, I for one am not even a fan of my zodiac sign. That being said, if anyone tries to tell me that I’m Gemini and not in fact a Taurus, I will physically fight them.

Are you a fan of your zodiac sign though? When looking up the characteristics of a ‘Leo’, or ‘Aries’ or whatever else sign you may be, you’re generally only looking for the good. What a lot of people seem to skim over is the bad, the ugly, and the oh my god, am I actually like that? Take for example my zodiac sign, a Taurus. I’m loyal, but apparently, I’m also stubborn. Not only that, but apparently Taurus’ are extremely materialistic. There’s a variety of other cons to this sign. But I can remember one of the first times I ever read over my sign I was… To be blunt, kind of offended. A Taurus though, isn’t even one of the worst signs. Apparently Cancers, Gemini’s and Virgo’s are people who, at least across social media memes, have been blacklisted completely.

Let’s delve deeper into the zodiac hole, because there’s always a chance that your ascendant and moon sign could make you a better person. That’s right, there’s more! Apparently your ascendant sign marks your appearance, attitude and demeanor and can be calculated by the sign that was rising over the eastern horizon when you were born. Your moon sign can be calculated by what sign the moon was at your direct time of birth, whatever that means. I didn’t even know the moon could be a sign at any time. Trying to figure this out could either make you happier about your birth date or… Sadder, as was in my case.

That being said, zodiac signs are all a bunch of hooey anyways so. Try not to take things too seriously.

Little White House & Co.

Not to be too self deprecating but I am by no means a classy lady, at least not in today’s society’s sense of the term. I’m not delicate, fragile or well poised. My manners are… Alright I suppose, but nowhere in any part of me can you find a sense of, ‘fancy’, or ‘etiquette’ nature. That being said, I will confess that I love tea parties. Recently I had the opportunity to head over to Little White House & Co. in Fort Langley with social media superstar Shauny Molina, it’s a super cute little tea house and boutique that offers some of my two favourite things, food and FASHION. Though we didn’t really have a clue as to what we were originally getting ourselves into we were pleasantly surprised and satisfied by the end of it all.

Purely going off of aesthetic, not even stepping in to the tea house itself you can sense an air of chic minimalism. The entire building is just what the name entails, a little white house. Though dingy in certain light, even the dreariness of some of the faded panels lends a hand to a more antique undertone. The only thing that was probably due for a change about the outside was the fact that parking was fairly minimal on a solely gravel lot. But let’s not kid ourselves, even the gravel lent a hand to the buildings simple nature. The boutique part of the house was really cute too of course, it even extended to the entire top level of the house. Though we did a quick walk through, let’s be real, we were there for the food.

Now, when you sit at your table and talk with your server you’re of course given the option to order food individually, or, you have the choice to have afternoon tea. Which, of course, is what we came there for. You may have the misunderstanding that tea comes with simply a scone or biscuit, but you would be wrong. We were given a variety of food to choose from all stacked up on a pretty china set. Considering the fact that I’m generally a little picky when it comes to trying new food, especially when the servers don’t tell us what exactly we’re getting, I was surprised to find that I loved all of it. Though the bites were small, the flavour was… Like I can’t even explain it other than it all tasted fricking amazing. My favourites were probably the citrus meringues, the powdered sugar cookies and of course the mini cupcakes. So, the entire dessert section basically.

All that being said, I would definitely go there again in times where I need to feel a little fancy or just want to try those tasty treats again. In fact, the day after Shauny and I went we made another reservation for us and the rest of the Evolution girl gang to go there. Date’s coming up soon, I can’t wait!

Am I The Only One Who Played This?

Now, I’m not really much of a gamer and by much I mean, not at all. But everyone out there can remember one of their first favourite video games. My first and for a majority, my only, ever gaming experiences were in connection to the Playstation 2 console. A game I particularly remember, was Ribbit King. I used to play it with my younger brother and the neighborhood kids all the time. And I can remember it being really fun. According to Wikipedia, Ribbit King is a sports video game based on the fictional sport of Frolf. According to my current friends, however, it looks, ‘lame,’, and like the low budget back alley version of Mario Golf.

But let’s talk some more about Ribbit King. Originally developed by Infinity and Jamsworks and published by Bandai for the Nintendo in 2003, according to Wikipedia (again) the game is a successor to Kero Kero King, which was released solely in Japan. I want to attribute the lack of knowledge and recollection of this game to the fact that it was brought out due to the success of another game which was popular only in Japan. Which is nowhere close to where I live, obviously. The video games that were popular in this heavily westernized culture kind of drowned out the more obscure ones on the market. Except for those gaming enthusiasts who seek out niche games like this one, of course.

The basic idea of the game was one that was similar to golf. Except for the fact that instead of a golf ball, you get to whack a frog around. (Note, probably not cool for the vegans and vegetarians out there.) The person who hit their frogs to the hole in the quickest time possible earned the most points. At the same time, you could send your frog through hoops and collect points through a variety of other obstacles on their way to the hole.

One of the things I remember being really cool about this game was the fact that it came with a second CD, one that had a variety of CGI films about the characters of the game itself. For the people who always skip through the story parts of their games, this is probably the best way to do things since, you know, you could just chuck the stories out and not have to bother with them. From what I can remember, the whole plot was driven by the goal of helping the main character become the Frolf Champion, why? Well. It was to save his planet. Duh.

Please tell me if you’ve come across this game in your lifetime. Someone out there must have played it at some point… Like at a neighbourhood kids or 3rd cousins house maybe? Got any other lame games you want to reminisce about? I have… A few. Tell me one of your fave lame games!

The Jenna and Julien Podcast

Are you one of those people who are super into podcasts? Like, you have a list of at least a dozen you have to listen to whenever they update and you’ve more likely than not watched every single episode. Personally, I’ve never been too crazy about podcasts since… YouTube has always been an interest of mine. That being said, let me tell you about a thing that I’ve been super interested in lately, the Jenna and Julien Podcast. For those who have been living under a rock, Jenna Mourey is an Internet Queen© and has been for a good number of years. For a lot of people out there, (or maybe just people around my age), she was the lady who got them into YouTube, a video sharing platform that, again, if you haven’t been living under a rock, is extremely popular.

Her podcast is basically what a lot of podcasts out there are, just her and her boyfriend (Julien Solomita, also a great YouTuber), have conversations regarding whatever topic they choose. You can find the audio for the podcast on SoundCloud, but you can also find the podcast in video form on YouTube. That’s where they originally got me, and I think that may be why I like it so much.

The episode that started my latest obsession was one in their short series about conspiracy theories. Now, I know there are a variety of other podcasts out there that cover the same subject, but I just like the format that Jenna and Julien convey it in. I think the reason for this is because me, as a very visual person, needs to be able to watch something or someone while I listen to what they have to say. I can’t just listen to a podcast, I have to able to watch it as well.

I’ve watched and listened to a number of other podcasts by the pair and I just have to say that throughout there’s a level of performance professionalism and even technical professionalism that, honestly, shocked me. I guess I can’t really expect much more though considering Julien has a diverse background in radio and interviewing, while Jenna has an extensive background in YouTube and media in general. The pair together just make an amazing podcast, doesn’t hurt that they have such great chemistry together too.

Vroom Vroom

I don’t believe I’m the only one in this position and if you can relate, please chime in in the comments section. The position I’m in is one of complete ignorance because, when it comes to cars I am at least completely and absolutely clueless. I don’t know makes or models or brands, a majority of the time if you were to point to a car and ask me to name it I’d more often than not reply with some uber sly remark about it being the blue kind. Or truck. Or SUV or Sedan or, whatever else kind of Mum car there is out there. To be completely honest, the only reason why I know the make of my car is because my Mum told me. It was a 2005 Chevrolet cavalier, whatever that means. Ignorance aside, I love my car. She’s a dream.

There are some people out there though, who are in the exact opposite position that I am. They know everything about cars from body model to brand, right down to the spark plugs and 3rd cylinders. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to me that shows like Top Gear actually exist. (I was in straight up awe when I saw my first few episodes the other day). The series boasts 24 seasons and has been running since 2002. At more than a decade old, it seems as if viewers just can’t get enough of fawning over the fanciest, or the most mundane cars that hit the market. If you’re like me and had never heard of the show up until recently, Top Gear basically consists of a series of hosts who test out 2 different cars per episode. A good portion of the show is just looking to see if these vehicles live up to the manufacturer’s claims. Which is interesting enough for anyone whose out there on the car market. They never stray away from flashing a super fancy car or two. There’s generally a silly skit or two thrown into every episode as well, at least from what I can tell. Funny enough, the few episodes I’ve watched have starred Matt LeBlanc. You know, Joey Tribbiani from Friends. Considering the fact that I can only ever picture him as Joey, he does do a decent enough job at hosting the show alongside Rory Reid and Chris Harris. If you’re not really into car shows, I totally get it. However, I’ve found Top Gear to be an awesome white noise type of TV. Just put it on in the background and listen to those proverbial engines purr as you work away. And because of this show I do kind of know a little more about cars now. Like… Kind of have an idea of what a spark plug is. I’d recommend it for anyone just trying to learn a little more about the machines that get you from point A to point B.

Too Many Distractions

Can you believe the lengths some people will go to to procrastinate? Like, I am literally sitting here on the computer typing whatever comes to my mind while simultaneously taking breaks to look back at Twitter and Facebook and different new sites. I’ve never really been that much of a procrastinator, except for some certain situations. I generally get a majority of my work done on time, or sometimes even way ahead of schedule. That being said, even the most productive of us all can resort to the temptation of procrastination. Especially when we hit a creative wall, or are just mentally or physically drained in some other manner.

But doesn’t it take time and effort and energy to procrastinate? You uber productive and never distracted miracle people may ask. And it does. Mindlessly scanning and trying to avoid an issue or deadline you face does take up some sort of effort. However, I might be the only one to admit it. But it can also be a whole heck of fun. When I procrastinate I generally dive deep into the internet, as I’m sure is the case for you. (Or I clean, sometimes). And I will find… The weirdest stuff. For instance, a few years ago I was trying my hardest to stay focused and study for my Geology final. Of course I hadn’t done that well on my midterm, so this was kind of like my last shot. I don’t really know why, but the stress of it all drove me to YouTube. But I wasn’t looking for the usual videos I subscribe too, I was generally just scanning through the site. I wound up watching some conspiracy videos… And then came across Mermaids: The Body Found. How? I generally have no idea. But let me tell you, in terms of conspiracy documentaries it was pretty dang good. Like, it had me questioning whether mermaids COULD be a thing in this day and age or not. Was it possible for humans to evolve underwater as their kin evolved on land? I think it was made in 2011, which is like… Peak conspiracy documentary time. But hey, if you’re looking to ditch out of your studying session I suggest you try to watch it.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve come across when procrastinating? Or, if you don’t surf the internet when you’re trying to push stuff off, what do you do? Tell us at Evolution 107.9!

Them International Boy Bands

Hello yes, I would like to address you to this photo because once again I have sunk into a hole of listening to the exact same music and the exact same songs over and over again once more. If you don’t know me that well, you may not have known that I had a HUGE KPOP phase back in 2010-2011. Why? I have no idea. How did I come across it? Well… I think I maybe overheard classmate of mine, who was also an exchange student, blast 2NE1 through their headphones once and I was hooked. If you don’t know me that well you may also be unaware of the fact that I have the astound and astonishing ability to play a song over and over and over again until.. I don’t even get annoyed. I just move on to a different song to overplay. Overplaying songs is my special talent. If I were a on my little pony my cutie mark would be a musical note beside a bleeding ear. That being said, recently… Or not so recently since I’m pretty sure this latest phase of overplay started to brew after BTS played the American Music Awards, I’ve been playing KPOP again anywhere and everywhere, at whatever time I want. Not just any KPOP. No, I’ve strictly been sticking to boybands! What can I say except… Their hair and talent, among other things obviously, is just so entertaining? Let me just say that KPOP is absolutely wild and if you really want the full experience, I’d probably watch a music video or two. With that being said, I’d now like to direct you to some of my fave KPOP boy band bangers right now.

  1. BTS – DNA
  1. GOT7 – Teenager
  1. EXO – Monster
  1. iKON – Love Scenario

FOMO: Baby Clothes?

As a female in her early twenties let me first just say, that babies by far are one of the furthest things from the forefront of my mind. We’re talking interstellar depths here, like. If aliens were to try to look at our planet from the point where babies are, the only thing they’d see is empty space. The Earth isn’t even created yet, that’s how far it is. If this is the same case for you by the way, good for you. You do you, be strong how you want to be.

That being said, the second thing I would like to say is. Baby rompers. Floral jumpsuits. Tiny little sparkly booties that can literally fit in the palm of your hand. Adorableness. Have I got your attention?

Recently I had the pleasure of attending my very first baby shower, one that I was obviously unprepared for as there were numerous occasions when I squealed over how cute something was. Baby clothes are probably some of the cutest things you will ever come across in this lifetime. The amount of frills, puff, ribbons, lace etc. that goes into a baby dress is absolutely CRIMINAL as it’s bound to get stained in one shape or form and never worn again. Also… It’s small so. You know you’ll never fit in that thing. Can you relate? Don’t tell me there hasn’t been an instance where you’ve seen an adorable pair of baby shoes, dress, or maybe even a pajama set? That you wish would come at your size.. But be the same price of course. Pajamas for $5? Yes please.

Antiquing Ages You

When you go antiquing you often expect to find a bunch of interesting things. Like kitchy figurines, maybe some of your grandma’s old china, or even an old ottoman or two. What you do not expect to find though, are things that you swear only came out a few years ago. Sure they’re out of date now, but are the antiques? No way. Is this what it feels like to feel old? On a recent trip to one of my favourite little Lower Mainland towns, Fort Langley, social media superstar Shauny Molina and I had to stop by in the Village Antique Mall. It’s probably one of the largest antique shops I’ve come across so far and definitely full to the brim with some amazing stuff. We saw some really gorgeous jewellery sets, old board games that neither of us had ever heard of before and… VHS tapes? Yeah that’s right, apparently VHS tapes can now be considered to be antiques. Though, I swear they only went out of commission 10 or so years ago. Then again, do we you really know for sure how long it takes to make something antique? I googled it, and apparently anything from 20 years ago and on is in fact an antique. However, if it’s from less than 20 years ago it can only be deemed ‘retro’. By this logic, VHS tapes can’t be considered antique… YET. Give it another few years at least.

Is there anything you’ve ever come across in an antique shop that struck you as… Odd or out of place? I’m not talking about the questionable (and slightly sexist) kitchy vintage posters or old used postcards that gave you a bad vibe, though those are definitely something to talk about on another day, I’m talking about the things that DEFINITELY can’t be considered to be old yet.


There’s an extremely confusing confliction of both happiness and sadness that stems from quitting a job that’s just… Been irking you for the longest time. Picture this, you’ve been working your minimum wage mundane job for a year, maybe two, by now you know the ins and outs of everything. You’re a seasoned veteran of customer service, you know what to press, tap or sometimes lovingly pat to get a machine that’s on the fritz working again. Despite being an expert and being somewhat adored by staff and managers alike, the job is still menial and pointless and you can’t weasel any sort of joy out of it. You often think back to the days when you first started out and learning everything. It was work but… It was kind of fun learning something new.

Eventually it would get to the point where you thought about quitting. Not as an actual option, but just a thought that would cross your mind every once in a while. Shifts stopped flying by and eventually, 8 hours would feel like 12 and 5 hours would feel like 8. You started to notice all the weird little ticks of your customers, like how they were all jerks, or plain rude. Then there’d be the point of no return. Something or someone, whether it be new management, a particularly bad customer or something similar would actually spark the passion and drive in you to quit. And find a new job, of course, since you’re an adult.

And so you would quit. It’d feel great and uplifting and freeing and exciting. Your last shift would swing around and suddenly you feel… Sad. What about all the friends you made along the way? All your coworkers you can still stand, would you ever see them again? Because there was no way in heaven or hell you’d be stepping into this godforsaken place again. What about that one regular customer who didn’t make you want to pull your hair out? What would happen to them? This is what I mean by confusing confliction. I kind of want to equate it to Stockholm Syndrome, but after a long couple years working at a place, even though you’re excited and glad you quit, there’s still some faint hint of gloom that hangs around about leaving a place you spent a small part of your life in.

This is the boat I’m in right now. Have you ever been in a similar situation? Any advice? Send it in to Evolution!

Black Mirrors and X-Files

The latest in a long line of sci-fi cult phenomenon has been renewed for a fifth season! The British series has been toying with the what if’s of modern technology and the terribly twisted paths it could take us on since 2011, but it wasn’t until recently that the show really seemed to gain a following and hit the mainstream americanized media. You can probably attribute this to a variety of reasons, but I’d like to think that this new found fame can be connected to either A, the release of AI and other sorts of new technology found in Black Mirror that we can foresee being humanity’s doom, or B, a newly awakened interest in the newest generation of older cult classics like the Twilight Zone, the Outer Limits and the the X-Files.

If you’re a long time fan of the latter like I am, you may have been drawn to dipping a toe or two into Black Mirror during one of the X-Files latest hiatus’. Whether you liked it or not, it’s hard not to notice influences and inspirations that so obviously came from the X-Files within the show. Personally, I’d like to attribute the fact that none of the Black Mirror episodes seem to have a finalized ending, or for the most part even a happy ending, to the X-Files, a show that also never seemed to have a for sure stopping point to any story line, no matter how minor or not. I’d also like to say that Black Mirror took the paranoia that surrounds the X-Files idea of constant government surveillance, and doubled it. If not tripled it. That being said, it’s funny to note that in one of the latest episodes of the X-Files there was a definite, if not blatant, homage to the British series. Spoilers aside, the cinematography of the episode was so similar to Black Mirror it was shocking. Cool toned scenes juxtaposed by in your face warm shots are prevalent in many a Black Mirror episode and it was just funny to see a show like the X-Files that’s been on for so long, still learning and adapting for whatever new audience it gains over the years. Again, spoilers aside, this episode has taught me to always be nice to whatever AI you may come across. Love you Google.

La Foret

This is a place that’s been abuzz on local insta baddie accounts for the longest time. Have you already checked it out? La Foret is a semi pricey cafe that offers all your run of the mill coffee drinks and snack type foods, but also offers more ‘trendy’ options like green tea affogatos and stylized brunches. I recently had the chance to check it out with Evolution superstars Syd Wong and Shauny Molina, we all absolutely loved it. The first thing you’ll notice when you step into the place is the set up, there’s a reason why it’s such an instagram hot spot. One of the first words that come to mind? Aesthetic. With marble table tops, concrete flooring and an abundance of plant life throughout, it’s clear that this place has been feverishly researching their target audience. Hipsters. Or students. Or maybe hipster students. Regardless, when we stopped by there was an abundance of younger people who looked fairly professional with their shiny new laptops, mixed in with a sprinkle of business-y older people who appreciate a well made tea or coffee beverage.

We all opted for a beverage ourselves! Besides Syd because she’s crazy and doesn’t like coffee. But even if you don’t like coffee there’s a ton of other things to choose from! Tea, smoothies, juices, we hadn’t even gotten to the actual food part of the menu when we first looked over it and I was already impressed by the variety. There was a selection of small cafe snacks like muffins, but also full on brunches which I opted for because I was starved. It didn’t take long though for me to be completely full!… Though, of course, there was room for us to try some slices of cake. Because you know… There’s always room for cake. It was all delicious, and I’d say wSyd, Shauny and I would go back as soon as we could! If we weren’t already out there looking to try out new things and places. Have you been to La Foret before? What did you try there? And what new spot do you think us gal pals should try next?

A New, Pure Love

There’s nothing quite like getting a new phone oh so delicately placed in your hot little hands by one of your service providers oh so charismatic workers. A task that I had been saving up for for months and been talking about forever, just this past weekend I finally bit the bullet and invested in a new cell. I love her. Having been stuck with a… Less than quality Moto G for the past two or more years, one that was getting glitchier and slower with every passing day mind you, there’s no way to describe this miraculous change to the Google Pixel. True it is an upgrade, but it’s so much better to the point that I’d deem it more than an upgrade. I feel like before this phone I was carrying around a pointless brick that, yeah, got my point across to people I would be messaging. But the same message could have been brought across by throwing said brick through their window with a paper sticky note attached to it. What I’m trying to say is that anything less than Angie (that’s her name now) is prehistoric.

Not to sound too preachy, but the Google Pixel supposedly has the best camera on the market and you better BELIEVE that that is true. You also better believe that my Instagram and Snapchat feeds now are going to be blowing the heck up. Self plugs aside though, this new cell is an, albeit capitalistic, goal I’ve been working on for quite some time now. And I’m extremely proud of the fact that I’ve been working so hard to the point of finally achieving it. If you have a similar goal that your working toward, rejoice! Your hard work and motivation is going to pay off eventually and it’s going to feel awesome.  If you’ve recently achieved one of these sorts of goals, what was it? What new thing have you treated yourself to recently?

What I Like: Favourite Cartoons

Age restrictions for film and television are pure garbage and I’m here to tell you why. No, I’m not advocating for the 10 year old who wants to sneak into an R rated movie because it’s, ‘cool’, however, I am advocating for those kids who are 10+, or simply a kid at heart, who want to indulge in a little harmless cartoon fun. What most crotchety old people out there seem to believe is that cartoons are for kids, but regardless of age at any time they’re ‘brain melting’ and for the most part completely ridiculous. To this I say, yeah, some of them are ridiculous, but it all depends on the series you so choose to start watching. There are some cartoons out there that are devoid of any plot or depth or meaning, however, there are also cartoons out there with intense backstories, buildable characters, an overarching plot, not to mention absolutely beautiful backdrops, character design and just plain animation to boot. Cartoons now are far different than the ones you or I watched as kids, I’d even go so far as to say that since I was a kid cartoons have evolved to the point being capable of weaving real palpable stories. And yes okay, I will admit, some of the cartoons I watched as a kid were just plain nonsense. Here are just a few fairly recent cartoons that have made it on to mine (and many others) favourites list.

Steven Universe – A series that has hiatus after hiatus and still manages to contain an enormously large fan base, Steven Universe centers around Steven. Half boy, half magical space rock he along with the help of his friends and family, must grow up under the shadow of a woman whose passed that was once so strong, so secretive and so loving, his mother. The first season really didn’t have anything to it, however, with each passing episode the plot thickens and the story gains more depth. With the introductions of other characters, many from his Mother’s past, there’s so much speculation and suspense in this series almost everyone in the fanbase has a different perception of at least one plot point throughout. Not to mention the series is a great example of different types of relationship one might come across in their lifetime, as well as different internal and external processes with grief. There’s just a lot more depth to this series than most people give it credit for and I think that’s a shame. (There’s also a RPG console game coming out this year!)

Star vs. The Forces of Evil – I originally started watching this series because I was interested in how an animation studio in America would take on the idea of a ‘magical girl’. Needless to say over the past five seasons they have not disappointed. With a plot that centers around a girl from another dimension just trying to go about her life, combat evil doers, deal with heartbreak and loss and try to grow up to be the best princess (and queen) she can be, this series does an amazing job at honing in on the feelings and dilemmas that Star Butterfly comes across in her fictional lifetime. The world building writers and animators have only simply dipped into over the past season and a half is enough to pull anyone in and keep them interested until this latest plot arch finally comes to a satisfying end. This series is tied with Steven Universe for character design.

Gravity Falls – Who doesn’t love a good mystery series? If you know me at all, you’re aware of the fact that cryptozoology, conspiracy theories and paranormal phenomenon are completely my shtick. This series has all that AND amazing artists backing up every single scene. The amount of detail, time and dedication that went into every backdrop is absolutely amazing. Long gone are the days when animators would just throw up a simple city skyscraper doodle in the background, Gravity Falls has set the bar for conceptual setting creation for every single animation from here on out.

We Bare Bears – I’ll be the first to admit that of the past three mentioned, this cartoon is still lacking in any cemented plot and has yet to boast much depth. HOWEVER it’s just downright adorable! A series that centers around 3 bear brothers and their antics, I’m pretty sure it’s mandatory for every generation to grow up with a bear cartoon. This is so obviously the next generations bear cartoon. I will say though, that where it lacks in depth it makes up for with representation. We Bare Bears strays away from having your everyday man as a background character or even side character, the inclusive nature of the program’s character design is something that should be emulated in each and every series we show to kids.

Don’t be shy! Tell me what your favourite cartoon is, whether it’s new or not! Nothing wrong with an adult relaxing and enjoying some kids TV.


Don’t let the title fool you, I am dead serious about talking about the Olympics. I’m sure you’ve haven’t been able to go a minute over the past week without hearing about it, and if you know me you know I really know nothing about them, but still, that doesn’t stop me from checking in on them every once in a while. Over the weekend during a very, verrryyy slow shift at the restaurant I work at I decided to take a seat and catch up on whatever kind of sport was on at that time. Obviously, it’s not that hard to find a channel airing the games since just about everyone is, what was difficult though was catching a glimpse of what I came across on screen. Have you ever seen skeleton racing before? If you haven’t, just a fun hobby, but a driven passion. There has to be some sort of… Mania that drives you to slide down a slate of ice at 123km/hr on your stomach, HEAD FIRST till you reach the finish line. On a danger scale of 1 – 10, I’d probably rate it a 500. Have you ever tried skeleton racing? If so, can you please inform me of what kind of joy it can bring to people? My heart seized up just watching people shoot down the slope. This has got to be one of the most dangerous Olympic sports I have ever seen in my entire life.

However, it’s not the only Olympic sport that could potentially be dangerous. Have you I get  paranoid about slitting someone’s finger off while skating, never mind while dancing and kicking about or getting thrown in the air. Figure skating partners should have a new title, not too sure of it yet. But blade juggler should definitely be in the mix. The same title can go for any person playing on the hockey teams, except they add on an extra spice of danger what with their hand held weapon of a stick.

What other Olympic sports do you find to be dangerous? Tell us in the comments!

Snackin’ Clothing

This isn’t really an obscure things to most people, which is kind of silly in a sad way, but have you heard of Ketchup Doritos and their new clothing line? Yeah, you read this right. Only a few short weeks ago it was released that an absolutely adorable, mind you, clothing line for ketchup doritos was going to be launched. This comes months after McDonald’s release of a clothing line. Though, personally, I’d have to say that the doritos one looks way better. (Seriously, that jacket is to die for). There’s nothing quite like repping your favourite snack, right? Even if the clothes are… Way more expensive than any regular old bag of chips could ever hope to be. But it does makes you think, if this sort of thing does becomes the norm from here on out. What other snacks out there should be dropping clothing lines, and what would they even look like?

My vote would probably be for Takis, simply because I think the colour palettes they use for their bag (as well as the chip itself) would make for some really bomb pops of colour in a clothing line. I mean, have you seen this purple? I want it all over my body basically.


Former Panago employee Turner Gentry would like Panago to drop a clothing line ASAP. When I think of Panago and clothing, I think of pristine white polo’s with a little pizza embroidered over the heart. How about you?


Breton Scott is all about them Oreos, honestly. Probably one of the cuter options, at least in my mind. I’m picturing pastel blue tie dyed jackets and oreo cookie earrings.



Nathaniel Leigh wants Maui chips to come out with a clothing line. A snack that brings tropical breezes and ocean tide to mind, I think they’d do well with a line of hawaiian shirts or maybe even some summer dresses!



What kind of snack do you think should be dropping a clothing line soon? And by the way, if any of the above mentioned snack companies want to hire me as a designer or concept creator, I’m game.

Makeup as Self Care

I don’t know if this is the same case for you, but I love makeup. So much so that I have… Way too much of it. I don’t even think I know how to use half of it properly, there’s no way I can say I’m a ‘makeup guru’, or ‘insta baddie’, when I post my looks on Instagram. However, I have made it a goal this New Year (even though it isn’t so new anymore) to be more creative with everything I do. I’d call this goal an act of self care because I believe  that when a person gets too busy or stressed all they want to do is break their bubble and do something different. There’s something extremely therapeutic about changing your hair, getting a new piercing or even spending a little extra time on your eye shadow in the morning.

With this goal in mind, I’ve been splurging some extra money I come across (which trust me, isn’t a lot) on little makeup bits here and there. For example, in the spirit of Valentines Day I thought I’d try out a pink look and because of this picked up a shimmering pink pigment called Froyo from my local London Drugs. I wasn’t necessarily going in to investing in the pigment I had chosen, I thought I’d just give it a whirl. But I do have to say, I fell in love with just how… Pigmented this pigment was! Yes, that’s an odd statement to say. But you never buy a product from the drugstore thinking it’s going to be as brightly opaque or as pop-y a colour as the ones you would find at a high end store. NYX had me decently surprised with their product, however. I even went back and got myself another pigment to try out, it’s a gorgeous deep taupe colour with a green shimmer to it. I can’t wait to try out a new look with it!

Do you think changing up your look is therapeutic too? What other switch up, besides new makeup, do you try out as a way of breaking out of your comfort zone?