What I Like: Favourite Cartoons

Age restrictions for film and television are pure garbage and I’m here to tell you why. No, I’m not advocating for the 10 year old who wants to sneak into an R rated movie because it’s, ‘cool’, however, I am advocating for those kids who are 10+, or simply a kid at heart, who want to indulge in a little harmless cartoon fun. What most crotchety old people out there seem to believe is that cartoons are for kids, but regardless of age at any time they’re ‘brain melting’ and for the most part completely ridiculous. To this I say, yeah, some of them are ridiculous, but it all depends on the series you so choose to start watching. There are some cartoons out there that are devoid of any plot or depth or meaning, however, there are also cartoons out there with intense backstories, buildable characters, an overarching plot, not to mention absolutely beautiful backdrops, character design and just plain animation to boot. Cartoons now are far different than the ones you or I watched as kids, I’d even go so far as to say that since I was a kid cartoons have evolved to the point being capable of weaving real palpable stories. And yes okay, I will admit, some of the cartoons I watched as a kid were just plain nonsense. Here are just a few fairly recent cartoons that have made it on to mine (and many others) favourites list.

Steven Universe – A series that has hiatus after hiatus and still manages to contain an enormously large fan base, Steven Universe centers around Steven. Half boy, half magical space rock he along with the help of his friends and family, must grow up under the shadow of a woman whose passed that was once so strong, so secretive and so loving, his mother. The first season really didn’t have anything to it, however, with each passing episode the plot thickens and the story gains more depth. With the introductions of other characters, many from his Mother’s past, there’s so much speculation and suspense in this series almost everyone in the fanbase has a different perception of at least one plot point throughout. Not to mention the series is a great example of different types of relationship one might come across in their lifetime, as well as different internal and external processes with grief. There’s just a lot more depth to this series than most people give it credit for and I think that’s a shame. (There’s also a RPG console game coming out this year!)

Star vs. The Forces of Evil – I originally started watching this series because I was interested in how an animation studio in America would take on the idea of a ‘magical girl’. Needless to say over the past five seasons they have not disappointed. With a plot that centers around a girl from another dimension just trying to go about her life, combat evil doers, deal with heartbreak and loss and try to grow up to be the best princess (and queen) she can be, this series does an amazing job at honing in on the feelings and dilemmas that Star Butterfly comes across in her fictional lifetime. The world building writers and animators have only simply dipped into over the past season and a half is enough to pull anyone in and keep them interested until this latest plot arch finally comes to a satisfying end. This series is tied with Steven Universe for character design.

Gravity Falls – Who doesn’t love a good mystery series? If you know me at all, you’re aware of the fact that cryptozoology, conspiracy theories and paranormal phenomenon are completely my shtick. This series has all that AND amazing artists backing up every single scene. The amount of detail, time and dedication that went into every backdrop is absolutely amazing. Long gone are the days when animators would just throw up a simple city skyscraper doodle in the background, Gravity Falls has set the bar for conceptual setting creation for every single animation from here on out.

We Bare Bears – I’ll be the first to admit that of the past three mentioned, this cartoon is still lacking in any cemented plot and has yet to boast much depth. HOWEVER it’s just downright adorable! A series that centers around 3 bear brothers and their antics, I’m pretty sure it’s mandatory for every generation to grow up with a bear cartoon. This is so obviously the next generations bear cartoon. I will say though, that where it lacks in depth it makes up for with representation. We Bare Bears strays away from having your everyday man as a background character or even side character, the inclusive nature of the program’s character design is something that should be emulated in each and every series we show to kids.

Don’t be shy! Tell me what your favourite cartoon is, whether it’s new or not! Nothing wrong with an adult relaxing and enjoying some kids TV.


Don’t let the title fool you, I am dead serious about talking about the Olympics. I’m sure you’ve haven’t been able to go a minute over the past week without hearing about it, and if you know me you know I really know nothing about them, but still, that doesn’t stop me from checking in on them every once in a while. Over the weekend during a very, verrryyy slow shift at the restaurant I work at I decided to take a seat and catch up on whatever kind of sport was on at that time. Obviously, it’s not that hard to find a channel airing the games since just about everyone is, what was difficult though was catching a glimpse of what I came across on screen. Have you ever seen skeleton racing before? If you haven’t, just a fun hobby, but a driven passion. There has to be some sort of… Mania that drives you to slide down a slate of ice at 123km/hr on your stomach, HEAD FIRST till you reach the finish line. On a danger scale of 1 – 10, I’d probably rate it a 500. Have you ever tried skeleton racing? If so, can you please inform me of what kind of joy it can bring to people? My heart seized up just watching people shoot down the slope. This has got to be one of the most dangerous Olympic sports I have ever seen in my entire life.

However, it’s not the only Olympic sport that could potentially be dangerous. Have you I get  paranoid about slitting someone’s finger off while skating, never mind while dancing and kicking about or getting thrown in the air. Figure skating partners should have a new title, not too sure of it yet. But blade juggler should definitely be in the mix. The same title can go for any person playing on the hockey teams, except they add on an extra spice of danger what with their hand held weapon of a stick.

What other Olympic sports do you find to be dangerous? Tell us in the comments!

Snackin’ Clothing

This isn’t really an obscure things to most people, which is kind of silly in a sad way, but have you heard of Ketchup Doritos and their new clothing line? Yeah, you read this right. Only a few short weeks ago it was released that an absolutely adorable, mind you, clothing line for ketchup doritos was going to be launched. This comes months after McDonald’s release of a clothing line. Though, personally, I’d have to say that the doritos one looks way better. (Seriously, that jacket is to die for). There’s nothing quite like repping your favourite snack, right? Even if the clothes are… Way more expensive than any regular old bag of chips could ever hope to be. But it does makes you think, if this sort of thing does becomes the norm from here on out. What other snacks out there should be dropping clothing lines, and what would they even look like?

My vote would probably be for Takis, simply because I think the colour palettes they use for their bag (as well as the chip itself) would make for some really bomb pops of colour in a clothing line. I mean, have you seen this purple? I want it all over my body basically.


Former Panago employee Turner Gentry would like Panago to drop a clothing line ASAP. When I think of Panago and clothing, I think of pristine white polo’s with a little pizza embroidered over the heart. How about you?


Breton Scott is all about them Oreos, honestly. Probably one of the cuter options, at least in my mind. I’m picturing pastel blue tie dyed jackets and oreo cookie earrings.



Nathaniel Leigh wants Maui chips to come out with a clothing line. A snack that brings tropical breezes and ocean tide to mind, I think they’d do well with a line of hawaiian shirts or maybe even some summer dresses!



What kind of snack do you think should be dropping a clothing line soon? And by the way, if any of the above mentioned snack companies want to hire me as a designer or concept creator, I’m game.

Makeup as Self Care

I don’t know if this is the same case for you, but I love makeup. So much so that I have… Way too much of it. I don’t even think I know how to use half of it properly, there’s no way I can say I’m a ‘makeup guru’, or ‘insta baddie’, when I post my looks on Instagram. However, I have made it a goal this New Year (even though it isn’t so new anymore) to be more creative with everything I do. I’d call this goal an act of self care because I believe  that when a person gets too busy or stressed all they want to do is break their bubble and do something different. There’s something extremely therapeutic about changing your hair, getting a new piercing or even spending a little extra time on your eye shadow in the morning.

With this goal in mind, I’ve been splurging some extra money I come across (which trust me, isn’t a lot) on little makeup bits here and there. For example, in the spirit of Valentines Day I thought I’d try out a pink look and because of this picked up a shimmering pink pigment called Froyo from my local London Drugs. I wasn’t necessarily going in to investing in the pigment I had chosen, I thought I’d just give it a whirl. But I do have to say, I fell in love with just how… Pigmented this pigment was! Yes, that’s an odd statement to say. But you never buy a product from the drugstore thinking it’s going to be as brightly opaque or as pop-y a colour as the ones you would find at a high end store. NYX had me decently surprised with their product, however. I even went back and got myself another pigment to try out, it’s a gorgeous deep taupe colour with a green shimmer to it. I can’t wait to try out a new look with it!

Do you think changing up your look is therapeutic too? What other switch up, besides new makeup, do you try out as a way of breaking out of your comfort zone?

Temporary Tattoos

I want to talk to you about a really cool concept I’ve come across while surfing the internet, the temporary tattoo. It’s not revolutionary by any means and I’m almost positive you’ve come across this at some point in your youth, but do you remember temporary tattoos? The ones that got stuffed into goodie bags or handed out on holidays or special events at school? They were almost always guaranteed to find a place somewhere on your body. The more adventurous kids would often take a fist full and paste them all over their legs or arms, creating a sort of juvenile version of a real tattoo sleeve. But only a few hours after application you’d sadly find that your beautiful little tattoo had bunched up, crinkled, flaked off in some spots or come off completely all the while you were having fun and doing your kid thing.

As bad as that may have been, let me throw this concept at you. Temporary tattoos… Are not for kids. Sure they’re fun and more often than not showcase your favourite cartoon characters, but I believe that temporary tattoos should more likely be used by those adults both young and old who aren’t going through a phase Mum, but do just want to test out a tattoo design on their body. You know, get a feel for what they’ve been conjuring up in their minds might look like on their actual flesh. There are more than a few sites out there that sell well designed temporary tattoos, just search up etsy or maybe check out a couple of your favourite insta artists (if you have them) online shops. Not many, however, will give you the option to design your own tattoo. Besides this one of course, InkBox boasts the ability to let you take a hold of the imaginary needle and then, though it’s a little too expensive for my taste, will send you your own design all printed out and ready to paste on your body. This idea is extremely fun and I think gives you a ton of creative freedom in the way of testing out what sort of imaginary ink you may want on your body in the future. There’s also a ton of cute designs on the site to choose from of course. They also claim that these particular tattoos can last for more than a week, this is revolutionary considering the hot mess your childhood temporary tattoos used to be. Whether this statement is true or not, however, is something that you would have to test out for yourself. If you do choose to purchase one and try it out, tell me how it goes! There’s more than a few designs I’d like to test out for myself, without going under the old ink needle.

They’re Watching You

One of the scariest things that echoes in the back of my mind while I’m surfing the internet is the idea that, whatever I do on whatever social media platform I come across, it’s more than likely that every click, every tab, every like is being monitored by some force out there in the world. There seems to be a rising joke in 2018 of every person being assigned to a certain FBI agent who watches them through the screen, creepy in some sense and yet… Almost comforting. Not to sound all Mulder or anything but, we are never truly alone anymore.

I digress, the monitoring of you or I on the internets is apparently being used for a bevy of useful things. Why, without it how would brands know how to market to your specific demographic? And how on earth would said social media platforms know when to send forth ads on to your dashboards at… Weirdly specific times. For instance, the other day I was in the mood to go online window shopping. Just harmlessly scrolling through absolutely adorable outfits I could never afford, I innocently sent a link to a tracksuit I found cute to a friend. Not even a few minutes later I check up on Facebook and find… A very similar tracksuit in an ad post just begging me to click it. Kind of odd, but this by far is not the worse case of internet monitoring though, as I was already shopping online. However, just a few short months ago there was a YouTube video that circulated of a man who, when wanting to test out the idea that his iPhone was listening in on him, struck up an in person conversation with his wife about needing cat food. (They did not have a cat). Not too long after that, on his feed was an advertisement encouraging him to buy a specific brand of cat food. This wasn’t even a case of someone monitoring his Internet use, they were actually listening in to him through his phone. I don’t want to delve too deep into this topic, because this could get pretty post apocalyptic/sci-fi Orwellian real fast, but it’s crazy to think that technology has come so far over the past few decades and yet be wasted on such… Capitalistic purposes.

What are some of your thoughts on this topic though? Any strange instances of being monitored a bit… Too closely?


(I suggest you listen to this song while reading that last statement)

Top Gear

I don’t believe I’m the only one in this position and if you can relate, please chime in in the comments section. The position I’m in is one of ignorance though, not regarding anything important really (though some may argue). But when it comes to cars I am at most completely and absolutely clueless. I don’t know makes or models or brands, a majority of the time if you were to point to a car and ask me to name it I’d more often than not reply with some uber sly remark about it being a blue car. Or truck. Or SUV or Sedan or, whatever else kind of Mum care there is out there. The only reason why I know the make of my car is because, well. It’s something you need to know when going into any shop obviously. But at a first glance before we even bought it, my Mum made sure I knew what exactly we were purchasing. A 2005 Chevrolet cavalier, whatever that means. All self deprecating jabs aside, I love Nebs. She’s a dream.

I know there are other people out there who are in the exact opposite position that I am though. They know everything about cars from body model to brand, right down to the spark plugs and 3rd cylinders. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to me that such shows like Top Gear are out there. The series boasts 24 seasons and has been running since 2002. At more than a decade old, it seems as if viewers just can’t get enough of fawning over the fanciest and most mundane cars that hit the market. If you’re like me and had never heard of the show up until recently, Top Gear basically consists of a series of hosts in who test out 2 different cars per episode. A good portion of the show is just looking to see if these vehicles live up to the manufacturer’s claims. All while flashing a super fancy car or two. There’s also a silly skit or two thrown in every episode, at least from what I can tell. Funny enough, the few episodes I’ve watched have starred Matt LeBlanc. You know, Joey Tribbiani from Friends. Considering I can only ever picture him as Joey, he does do a decent enough job at hosting the show alongside Rory Reid and Chris Harris. If you’re not really into car shows, I totally get it. However, I’ve found Top Gear to be an awesome white noise type of TV. Just put it on in the background and listen to those proverbial engines purr as you work away. And because of this show I do kind of know a little more about cars now. Like… Kind of have an idea of what a spark plug is. Check it out for yourself if you’re looking to get a bit more educated in the field of cars.

Roll Up the Rim

I have the weirdest lucky streak when it comes to certain things. Tell me if this is the same for you, but more often than not I can not study for a midterm and pass (or even do better than pass) with flying colours. All the while I’m 10 cups deep into the whole roll up the rim fiasco and won’t even have a free coffee to show for it. Some people may call this disheartening, I just like to think that the universe is storing up all my good luck for something bigger and better. I like to think that there are two types of luck in this world, these we can categorize into game show luck and real world luck. Some people might be dripping in game show luck, are able to guess a winning number at the drop of a hat. Meanwhile their real life isn’t so lucky. Maybe they got the flu on top of having to work unpaid overtime on top of finding a leak in their roof.

For real though, have you ever personally known or heard of through association someone winning something from Tim Horton’s campaign? Okay yes, coffee and a doughnut aren’t totally unheard of. But I mean the big prizes like a car or gift card or… Whatever else has been smeared across their ad space. When looking up the amount of gifts to be won and the so called ‘odds’ the franchise boasts of winning, you just have to assume that all the good prizes (or maybe even prizes in general) are going out to the people who have gameshow luck. Which is all fine and dandy for those of us with real world luck (no matter how little). But sometimes those real world luckers can feel left out. Nobody really notices when you have a lucky streak in life, everyone notices when you have game show luck though. So how do you change this type of luck around? Well, it’s something you’d have the research for yourself. There are a few superstitious options. Invest in some luck generating crystals, grab yourself a lucky rabbit’s foot or what have you. Maybe even wait a few days until you buy your next cup, Chinese New Year is February 18th and since this year is the year of the dog (one of the luckiest, apparently,) you may soon find your luck changing. (That is, if you haven’t swept the past week or used scissors or cleaned your clothes etc.) Or, if you want to go the more logical route. Just keep buying drinks from Tim’s. That’s sure to boost up your odds.

Have you had luck with roll up the rim so far this year? Would you say that it’s due to the fact that you have game show luck… Or… Have you made a deal with the coffee devil.

How to Beat a Migraine

In my 21 years of existence I’ve been fairly lucky in terms of sickness and injury. With more than a few common colds and flu’s beat, with a few stitches every now and then, I’ve rarely had to deal with a headache, never mind a migraine. This luck however ran out just a little over a week ago. While everyone else was outside enjoying their Saturdays and long weekend plans, I was at home in the dark riding the waves of head throbbing pain and migraine induced nausea. It’s something I’ve never had to deal with until then and I had no clue how to treat it, besides an attempt at just sleeping it off. You however might have more experience with dealing with a migraine (and if you do, I’m so sorry). So, what do you do when your head won’t stop pounding enough for you to think about the steps to take that would make you feel better?

When I finally gained the ability to turn on the lights again and take a glance at a screen one of the first things I did was look up what a migraine was for one and things you can do to beat them.

  • One of the most prevalent measures to treat a migraine was of course to take painkillers. Not Tylenol, but straight up Ibuprofen or Advil (which contains Ibuprofen in it.) For those who suffer from migraines frequently, there’s also medication on the market specifically for the treatment of this sole sucking headache. Something that I obviously didn’t know about until now, Sumatriptan is apparently popular.


  • For someone who’s not too keen on pharmaceuticals though, there’s also plenty of herbal choices to take when looking to relieve a headache as well. Feverfew for instance has been around for forever and can come in pill or tea form..


  • Apparently one of the main causes of a headache is a restriction or tension of blood vessels in the brain. That being said, rubbing the temples or massaging the scalp has been known to aid in the relievement of migraines.


  • Drinking water is also encouraged as a preventative measure for headaches, as well as when in the midst of one. Dehydration can be attributed as one of the main causes of migraines.



  • Placing a cool cloth or wrapped up bag of frozen ice can apparently quell your headache as well, though when I was curled up on my bed in the dark with a high pitched ringing in my ear one of the last things I wanted to do was walk down to the kitchen and crack open a tray of ice…

These are just a few things to do when trying to calm down a migraine, though as a newbie to the phenomenon I’m sure there’s a ton other’s that I’ve never heard of. Do you have any suggestions on how to beat a migraine?

My Dream Home Sale Party

The concept of a home sale party has been around since the dawn of time… Okay, maybe not that far. But it’s definitely been a widespread thing since the booming idea of a consumer run industry way back in the 1950’s. The Tupperware party was one of the very first of its kind. Promoting the idea that a simple little stay at home Mum could (gasp) make a meager living right from the comfort of home, all while still keeping an eye on the kids? A newfangled idea at the time, the Tupperware party has since then transformed into a way for people of all kinds to live out some sort of entrepreneurial dream that they pour their heart and soul into, or simply do on the side as a means to make a few extra dollars in cash.

That being said, the home sale party has branched off to a variety of different industries, one or two of them that some may find… Weird. Makeup is basic, you may know someone who has their Avon lady. But do you know anyone out there who has a Pure Romance lady? Pure Romance is an industry that offers not only bath and beauty products, but sex toys and lingerie as well. The only experience I have with this sort of sales pitch was at a friends new apartment party where I proceeded to get a little too tipsy for the first time ever. Was it because I was a somewhat prude little youngin’ who was slightly weirded out? Maybe.

Recently I attended a Mary K party. A good excuse to get a little bit of a pamper session in on a Tuesday night it got me thinking… What kind of home sales do I wish were offered out there in the world. The most prevalent thought that came to my mind, I want a snack lady to come to my door and deliver whatever snacks I so choose to order for the week. Now, it’s easy enough to just throw out an order to the internets and have it delivered to your doorstep. But what about the cases when you need a humans opinion, someone who knows you personally and who you trust to make a good suggestion for your specific needs? I suppose I could just have a friend go out and buy snacks for me, but I’d be missing out on the experience of contributing to an entrepreneurial force in my community.

What kind of home sale party have you attended, and what kind do you wish were offered in your community? Is it one that’s an actual company, or one that you made up for your own benefit?

Date Night & 50’s Diners

Themed cafes aren’t necessarily a new thing, certainly not 50’s diners at least. The idealization of that time period has been going on ever since it ended actually, what with society always seeming to wish for a ‘simpler’ time that was found in the decade… That being said, there’s nothing cuter than a date night out at your local retro diner. For those who still have yet to formulate an idea for Valentines Day, it’s no big deal. Technically, you have this entire week to have a date or two planned for your special someone. It’s only fair since Valentine’s Day this year falls in the middle of the week, right? The beauty about a date being at a diner is that it’s so flexible, it can be a breakfast date or a lunch date. Even an evening date if you so choose. I don’t know about you, but there’s never really a bad time for some french fries and a good milkshake in my opinion. There’s a large selection of 50’s Diners all across the Lower Mainland, a simple google search brings up at least a dozen. What many people don’t know about though, are the hidden gems out of the way of Vancouver that are just the spots to go to for low key dates that your special someone is sure to think are the sweetest.

Rocko’s Diner – Not so unknown considering it was put in the spotlight merely a year ago when featured in a promo for what was once the up and coming show Riverdale, this Mission diner boasts some of the best milkshakes around. As well as one of the largest selections of milkshakes, from simple chocolate to the more complex jolly rancher flavour your sure to find something sweet to share with your lover.

Planet Java’s 50’s Cafe – Fort Langley is picturesque as is, and if you’re looking to go here to eat you may as well stick around and do a little walk through of this adorable city. Somewhat of a hole in the wall, with a simplified menu that keeps bringing people back for more this diner’s been around for quite a long time. One of my favourite items from this shop? Their veggie burger and amazing onion rings.

Lost in the 50’s Drive In – This is a spot that my boyfriend has been raving about for forever. Though we have yet to go so far, the reviews as well as the vibrant decor pasted across social media sites have been drawing me in for quite some time.

Sunshine Diner – This is the spot to go to for your cute little brunch dates. The menu selection and plating style are something a step above your regular run of the mill 50’s diner. The owners of this particular shop have taken the idea of a hole in the wall retro diner and bumped it up with a hint of professionalism and style.

Valentines Week: Homemade Valentines Gifts

Repeat after me, there is no shame in making someone a gift for Valentines Day. I don’t know where this whole stigma against homemade gifts originally started, but when chatting to coworkers and my classmates alike it seems as if no one has wanted to step out of the box and make their significant other a gift. It’s the cheap option, the overcompensating, or simply for some just not enough. I’d like to combat that sort of idea with this one, making someone a gift is probably one of the most priceless acts you can come across in this lifetime. Think about it, who on this earth has time out of their day to spare anymore. Do you? Making someone a gift not only comes from the heart, but comes at the expense of your free time and your hard work as well. It’s not childish, it’s not too much, it’s certainly not a cheap option. (Though if you so choose, it could be.) What’s more incomparable than pouring your heart into a little project for your significant other?

Personalized Mug – Think about the creative freedom that comes with making someone else their own mug. You can dress it up with marker and glitter, or even go to special printing shops to get photos pasted on whatever cup you so desire. If you want to take it the extra step, you could even try out a pottery class and make them their own mug. That sort of task isn’t for the faint of heart, mind you. As something to top it all off, for those of you who have a significant other who likes a certain tea or coffee, why not fill the cup up with a bag of it?

Scrapbooks – A task like this isn’t for slackers. To truly create a good scrapbook you should have been thinking and planning it for months, keeping ticket stubs, receipts, little notes, cards, snapshots and anything else from the instances you’ve been with your significant other. This is the kind of project you can go all out on, throw in some glitter and stickers and your good to go.

Baked Goods – This is a broad gift idea that can cover a lot of bases. Looking to give some sweet treats for your sweetie? Cookies, handmade chocolates or even cupcakes can seal the deal. Looking to go a little more complex and make your bae a full course meal of their favourite dishes? Go ahead. Either way, you’re going out of your way to make something that you think your hungry lover is sure to appreciate.

Bath Bombs & Lotions – This gift is definitely a niche one, but hey. It’s a plus for you too! Who doesn’t love cuddling with someone soft as silk and fresh smelling?

Bouquets – And finally, if you’re really desperate and at the edge of your rope, why not just try to piece together a bouquet of some of your sweeties favourite flowers? Nothing more down to earth than picking roses from a planter.

Valentines Week: Rom-Coms to Binge

Valentines Day falls on an especially inconvenient day this week for those out in the real world working hard, who would have ever chosen such a cute and romantic holiday to fall on a day so blah, so close yet so far from the weekend? Are you spending Valentine’s day this year going out on a date? Or are you the type of person to throw the actual day out the window and decide that for your convenience, the weekend will just have to do.

Just because your alone on the actual day that is Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you can’t sneakily squeeze in some flicks that’ll tug at your heart strings and make you cry. You’ve worked hard all day up to the point of exhaustion, you deserve to vicariously live a love life portrayed through the actors on a screen. I’ve already shared with you my list of Rom-Coms that I absolutely adore, but Evolution has yet to share with you the movies that have idealized love for them. Without further ado, here’s some of the best romance flicks to binge watch on this weirdly placed Valentines Day.

Sex and the City – That’s right, they made a movie of this franchise nearly a decade ago due to its popularity amongst your favourite middle aged women. Know who especially loved this movie? Our very own Turner Gentry. Always one for drama, he doesn’t necessarily love it for the romance, but for the fact that, “Kim Catrall HATES Sarah Jessica Parker.” Who doesn’t love a little conflict in amongst their love movies.

Clueless – It was a hard tie between this and Pretty Woman for Breton Scott, and we have no qualms with it being a tie. Both movies were simply iconic in their style and dialogue, and have obviously grown to be cult classics in amongst the younger generation at their times of peak popularity.

How Harry Met Sally – I’ve definitely raved about this movie before, but Alex Knight has also picked it as a fan favourite for this list. In his own words he states that the movie is simply iconic. “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist – I wouldn’t put it past Alexis to love a romance story so heavily influenced by music.

The Wedding Singer – Casey Paddock is all about that flow and so it’s no surprise that one of the main reasons why this movie is his favourite is because of the amazing amount of  hair throughout the movie. If you’re looking for retro romance and big hair, this is the film for you.

Future Me Purchases

As a broke college student there’s no art I appreciate more than the art of pushing off purchases until you no choice but to cave and shovel out your hard earned pennies. As an example, I had the same hair dryer for most of highschool up until I’d say about a month ago. A few weeks before it finally called it quits the thing started to sound like a mix between a mower with a gear loose and a chatty elephant that smoked about a pack a day for the past 30 years. And then for a period of time it really only worked if I had it at a certain angle. Not even then did I stop using it though, not until it just straight up stopped working.

Tell me if you do the same, but I always seem to push off going out and buying anything unless I really have to. Don’t even get me started when it comes to spending money on things I want, but don’t necessarily need. When you have no money you start to fantasize about going out and buying the most trivial things, or for other people it’s almost always the most extravagant. These are things that you almost always chalk up to being ‘future me’ purchases. Things that you’ll buy when you (at least in my case) get a full time full fledged “grown up job”, instead of the minimum wage one you have now.

One of the most superficial things that always seems to come to my mind when I think, “if only I had money,” is really quite silly. If I had the cash, I’d for sure be out at the beauty supply store buying pairs and pairs of fake eyelashes up until my hearts content.

Here are a few things that other Evolutioners would buy, if only they had the money. Some are teensy, others are… Well…

Breton Scott – Our resident vegan only wants one thing, well… Maybe two. If she could find an apartment that allowed it’s renters to have cats. Then she’d be living the dream.

Buhlebenkosi Chinara – Her most basic request, some really good quality headphones. Other things on her wishlist? DJ equipment and a deck or two.

Nathaniel Leigh – Nate is thinking real productively here, he wants to be able to buy a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. We’ve been working on Premiere and Pro so much at school, you’d think it’d be useful to have it at home too.  

Nick Toren – Last and certainly not least. This is a big one, if Nick had the money he said he’d go out and buy a big plot of land that housed every sort of sports field that you can think of. It’d all be covered, of course. As all things with Nick Toren, you go big or you go home.

What are some things you’d fork your money out too, if only you had the cash? Is it a trivial little thing like mine, or a big old purchase like Nicks?

Get To Know Evolution: Afarin Mirzadeh

We have so many talented On Air hosts at Evolution, including Afarin! She’s hilarious, full of spunk and always has the craziest stories to tell. Click the imagine below to learn more about a personality that fills up the room from 12pm – 6pm, every Saturday and Sunday!

Afarin Mirzadeh

Extra AF Baby Announcements

If you’ve been living under a rock the past 72 hours (or, another possibility, just don’t care about the Kardasian/Jenner clan) you might not have heard the confirmation of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy… And birth announcement. (The baby’s name has also been released, Stormi…) Anyone with an even slight recollection of entertainment news has heard about the ‘klan’ in some capacity. They almost always have some part of the news and, as my Mum seems to say at least, are famous for being famous. And so it came as a shock to many that Kylie would keep such a surprising secret under wraps. I mean there’s no doubt that pregnancy and babies are one of the most undoubtedly positive publicity stunts a person can pull. Personally, I’d like to say that I applaud her for this choice. I only skimmed what she posted to the world as an explanation, but the jist was that she wished to bring her baby into the world in a stress free and low key environment. Good for her!

In a world that now seems to go over the top baby crazy, this seems to be a novelty. From baby announcements to gender reveals, you’ve most likely seen one that made you think, “Wow. Did this really have to be so extra?”.

I can also imagine seeing such announcements could be intimidating or maybe even make people a little jealous? For us commoners out here in the real world, we can’t really afford to hire professional film crews, photographers, makeup artists or  wardrobe consultants to make baby announcements look over the top glam. I mean let’s face it, I don’t think anyone has a chance in hell of looking as good as Beyonce did in her 2017 ethereal photo shoot.

If you could (and were pregnant, of course) what kind of wild or over the top baby announcement would you have? Would it be a photo shoot, maybe a video or something different? I haven’t given it too much thought, but personally I think if I were pregnant I’d maybe hire a sky write to write the announcement over a big green field or maybe over a lake and have me posing looking cute and fairy like in my slightly pregnant state and… Yeah… Totally haven’t ever thought about this before.

Food Culture Shock

Everyone has heard of the term ‘culture shock’ before. Whether it be on the news, on a blog, or simply from the accounts of an acquaintance, it’s a phenomenon that has touched everyone in either a positive (or, unfortunately, negative) light. Culture shock can be defined as, “the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone who is suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes”. Keeping that in mind, I’d like to narrow the definition down to something we’re all familiar with. Food. Having recently taken on a new job that sells food not all together uncommon, but certainly not dominating in my inland white western culture, I’ve had to grown accustomed to the idea that, as a waiter who’s trying her best to push some really great food, I’m going to have to put in an effort to learn more about what we’re serving.

Now bear in mind, as a person whose been to plenty of Japanese restaurants in her lifetime, I’m not totally unaccustomed to the dishes that they sell. That being said, first and foremost I had no idea there was such a large selection of tuna to choose from! Big eye, yellow, red and blue fin. Amongst many more, there’s even differences in how some fish can be cut. It may just have been because I wasn’t wearing my glasses, but when my boss tried to show me the difference between a belly cut of fish and a back cut I couldn’t tell a difference at all. (Though, maybe there was a slight one in colour…?) I’m trying my best, but after only a few weeks of being there I still have to ask sometimes just what kind of sashimi I’m serving.

That being said, I think I’m doing pretty well for myself so far. If anything, this new job has opened me up to worlds of food possibilities. I’ve taste tested quite a few new things after closing, even gone so far as to try out some sashimi for myself. And as a girl who generally solely sticks to cooked food, I’d say that this is a step in the right direction.

Have you ever experienced food culture shock? Was it positive or negative. And I want to know, what was the best meal that came out of it?

Zone Bowling

It’s been raining like crazy all day every day and so people are going to the extremes to find stuff to do in and out of the rain. This was only apparent to me last Saturday though, when on a double date the four of us popped into Zone Bowling and found a long, long wait for just one 10 pin lane. This again is a problem only due to the fact that I don’t have any foresight when making reservations.

If you’re not the biggest fan of bowling or haven’t gone out to the lanes in a while, Zone Bowling is one of the only other ‘chain’ bowling joints besides Revs in the Lower Mainland. With only two locations in Richmond and Coquitlam, I’m extremely surprised first and foremost that there aren’t MORE locations out there! Speaking as a person from out in the sticks (Maple Ridge), the only experience I have with bowling is a tiny, dingy little run down alley in town. With computers that don’t work half the time and pin machines that take about five minutes just to haphazardly prop the pins up again, this bowling spot is like a breath of fresh air. The Zone is clean, it’s pristine and has enough space to house a large amount of people without feeling too packed. (The fact that the Coquitlam location is connected to a really good Bubble Tea place too is also a gigantic plus.)

If you, like a lot of other people in the Lower Mainland are looking to get out of the rain with some friends, I’d say to schedule a night out at the Zone! Just… Remember to make a reservation. Do you have any other fun indoor activities to do? Personally, I’ve been wanting to go Laser Tagging for… Forever.

Burger Heaven

So I’ve been talking a whole heck of a lot about food lately, I’ve realized this and can recognize the fact that it might be getting a little obvious. “Oh, what has Mckenna posted for Evolution today? Another article gushing over pizza? Big surprise.” If you think this topic is tired, click the home page! There’s plenty of amazing articles written by our Beat Reporters, News Specialists and other Online Content Writers. BUT. If you love food and love reading about it then keep on scrollin’, because I’m about to tell you all about this AMAZING burger joint that you should have heard about by now.

Burger Heaven is exactly what the name implies. Located in New Westminster and tucked away in the corner of a side street, the restaurant’s been tantalizing the taste buds of generations since 1985, my Mum even remembers driving across the Patullo Bridge just to grab a bite to eat in the 80’s. Speaking of the 80’s, I don’t think a thing about the restaurant has changed since that colourful decade. It’s a dingy little wood panel walled joint decorated with neon signs and customers from over the years. Even if tiny little restaurants like these aren’t your forte, that’s okay. I’d say you should still stop by and check it out though, just to catch a whiff of their family style service. Personally, I’ve only ever gone a handful of times (And have only ever ordered the same burger because, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.) I can say with confidence that Burger Heaven never disappoints. With a menu that boasts at least a dozen different burger choices (with the choice to add on toppings), you can taste in every bite that the burger is homemade. Not only that, but it consists of what I can only describe as a sort of handmade professionalism. This is probably one of my all time favourite burger joints in the Lower Mainland, and is vastly different from the chain restaurants that have a suffocating uniform style of serving and ambiance.

I’m sure this isn’t the only home style burger place in the Lower Mainland though, do you know of any other spots I or maybe some of the other Evolutioners should go to on a night out?

Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival: Chez Christophe

Let’s get one thing out of the way right off the bat, one of the whole reasons why I was originally so interested in this whole Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival dealio was because of a hot chocolate that was served at Chez Christophe. About a month or so ago I had just casually been sifting through Vancouver events and hot spots in an attempt to find some fun content for our station’s vlogger Syd Wong, as well as something cool (and of course, food related) for me to write about. Coming across the Hot Chocolate Festival was kind of just a fluke, but when I delved into it and started to scroll through all the possible flavours I was INSTANTLY drawn in by one tastily tempting drink. And that was of course Chez Christophe’s ‘At the Movies’. Can you say the same? Did a particular flavour or shop that was participating draw you in to being interested in Vancouver’s Hot Chocolate Festival? Maybe a certain creative content producer with great hair and killer highlight introduced you to it and got you obsessed… (Me. I’m talking about me.)

That being said, with a week left of the festival there’s still plenty of time to check out shops and cafe’s all across the Lower Mainland. I’ve only checked out 3 of the 35 establishments participating, but my latest drop in to Chez Christophe was probably my favourite so far. The staff was amazingly sweet, we actually got to talk to the barista who had a heavy hand in creating the two very different and very unique chocolate flavours, she even went so far as to make the drinks for us. I can’t say enough about the two flavours, as they were both completely opposite and yet… So good. At the Movies, is of course a hot chocolate heavily based off of the cinema’s number one treat, popcorn. Now, you wouldn’t think that popcorn infused whip cream would work on top of a smooth milk chocolate base. But it did! The first thing I noticed when taking a sip? It was rich but not too rich, and smooth and, honestly, was almost light as butter. The chocolate covered corn nut garnish it came with was of course equally delicious.

One of the first things Syd and I asked each other when we confirmed a meeting with the baristas was, “Wait, isn’t that the one with the beets?”. If you didn’t know, the second flavour at Chez Christophe is adorably referred to as the Off the Beet’n Path hot chocolate, it’s described as a white hot chocolate topped with a fresh beet sauce. Wait up hold on a minute! Beet sauce? Yes! To tell you the truth we were completely intimidated by the beverage and even though I’m not particularly picky, I was a bit hesitant to try it. It was good though! Sweet with a strong white chocolate flavour, you wouldn’t even notice the beets. Except, of course, if you happen to inhale while taking a sip. Yeah, it was kind of a weird thing of me to notice but. You can totally smell beets while drinking the hot chocolate. This isn’t a bad thing of course, but it’s just SO totally different and new to me.

That however is the whole idea of this Hot Chocolate Festival. To get you to go out to different shops, try new flavours and try to spice up what many people think is boring old hot chocolate. Of the flavours offered at Chez Christophe, I’d say I enjoyed the popcorn one the most. Syd loved both of them, she couldn’t choose! Have you gone out to any of the restaurants participating in the Hot Chocolate Festival yet? Tell us your favourite flavour!