Breaking Down Cis-White Feminism

In honour of the Women’s March taking place tomorrow in Downtown, Vancouver, I wanted to give my insight on feminism. Not just general feminism, but specifically cis-white feminism. Feminism is defined as equality between both men and women. Nowadays the movement itself gets blurred between the lines.

Women of colour are constantly at the bottom of the barrel. For instance, white women were given the right to vote in the 1920’s, while black women were given the right to vote in the 1960’s in certain number of states only. Black women are still subjected to be victims of violence while also being ignored of said violence when spoken out. Indigenous women are being murdered and raped for decades. They are left being ignored by the justice system leaving little to no answers or closure for their loved ones. A good example is the Highway of Tears where a white womans’ murder was investigated and broadcasted on various news outlets, yet hundreds of Indigenous women were murdered on said highway and left ignored by the justice system. Asian and Middle Eastern women are sexualized and fetishized to no end. Seen as submissive women with high-sex drives, as their bodies are seen as commodities instead of actual beings themselves. Women of colour face issues that affect their lives and well-beings as a whole.

Yet, here we are watching white women screaming free the nipple and so forth, ignoring the main issues at hand. Before anyone jumps to conclusion, I am not saying all white women have that intention, but it’s such a spread around narrative that erases the issues that women of colour face greatly. On top of this, one of the biggest erasures within feminism is trans women. Trans women are sometimes seen as invisible or not seen when it comes to feminism. Many women don’t include trans women within the movement because they see them as what they were before their transitions, which is an extremely toxic mindset to key into. The violence rate for trans women is extremely frightening and unnoticed. White women also made up a huge percentage of those who voted for President Donald Trump at the previous US elections. That itself shows that minority women issues don’t matter to white women UNLESS they solely affect them personally. Immigration, refugees, slandering of people of colour; these never affected white women enough to not vote for President Trump.

This movement should not eliminate certain groups just because they don’t fit the poster cis-white woman image of early day feminism. Oscar winning actress, Amy Adams, faced many moments of sexual harassment and unequal pay, but she is using her platform to raise awareness on equal pay for lower-middle class citizens instead of the Hollywood industry. Hollywood actresses have been very vocal on equal pay, which is valid, but when looking at the issue in a different perspective, you see these women fighting to go from, lets say, one million to two million dollars. That itself is wealth privileged, when there are so many lower-middle class women who are struggle to even cook another meal based off unequal pay. Amy Adams sees her privilege and acknowledges it’s existence.

“Everyone wanted me to talk about how I felt about it, but I want to fight for people outside our industry, so to come out and look ungrateful about what I’m paid as an actress just didn’t feel right.”

“I do believe in equal pay, but let’s start with our teachers. Let’s get waiters paid the minimum wage. That’s what’s great about what’s happening with Time’s Up — we’re starting to have bigger conversations than just about what’s happening in Hollywood.”

In 2018, Equal Pay Day took place in the US showcasing how much women work for compared to men. What it ended up showcasing though is how much less women of colour have been making compared to white women. For every dollar a man makes white women make average 79 cents, black women 63 cents, native american 57 cents, and latinx women 57 cents. This itself shows that there isn’t much being done for women of colour regarding feminism as a whole.

So before you head to the Women’s March tomorrow or have a conversation about feminism, let’s not forget that women of colour and transwomen are needing equal rights too. We have a voice but that voice won’t go far if other minuscule issues block the way. Women can survive not freeing the nipple, but most women cannot survive when violence, abuse, and neglect is shoved under the rug for centuries.

Can Women Ever Be Safe?

Being a woman can be such a beautiful thing. The roles women play within society is major towards the evolution of humans. Women birth and raise children, are ingrained to be caretakers, are extremely intelligent, and are their own bosses.

Without women, our population would not grow. We wouldn’t flourish to be who we are today. Yet, throughout history and even till this day and age, we continuously mistreat women to no end.

However recently, women have been gaining a voice. Instead of harboring abuse within themselves, women have found the power to speak up about their abusers, regardless of the consequences. From Harvey Weinstein, to R.Kelly, women were able to find that confidence to speak up!

The #MeToo movement has caused quite the storm within our society and media. From female celebrities to politicians, this movement has allowed the voices of those lost, to be found again. However, this doesn’t mean women are any safer.

Everyday I constantly hear stories from my friends of men doing obscured things. Being followed down blocks, getting physically grabbed, eyed-down, whistled at. It’s as if all these movements and messages haven’t taught men anything. Sexual harassment and assault seems to continue without hesitation, leaving women constantly fearing for their own safety.

Whether it be in over-populated areas, or alone, no place is safe enough. Just the other day my co-worker had ran back into work from her break telling me she had been followed throughout the mall. A man had kept stern eye contact with her as she was walking by and started to then follow her, store-to-store. She then entered Zara since a security guard was standing right by the entrance, which made the man turn around and walk away.

I can name a good handful of stories myself and I guarantee any woman you ask can say the same. It shouldn’t be like this. We shouldn’t have to be living in constant fear every day. It doesn’t take much to respect women’s spaces and existence. Hopefully as time passes by, we all learn to respect each other as a whole. Maybe someday these issues won’t be issues at all.

Gillette: The Best Men Can Be

Gillette released a commercial a couple days ago called We Believe: The Best Men Can Be. It highlights the hidden signs that target towards the growth of toxic masculinity within our society. Whether it’s the sexualization of women, or the ‘boys will be boys’ narrative, this commercial has found a way to cover various areas regarding toxic masculinity.

What is toxic masculinity you may be asking?

According to Wikipedia, toxic masculinity refers to when stereotypical masculine gender roles restrict the emotions that boys and men can express, which include social expectations while pushing forward the alpha-male rhetoric.

While my peers and those around me thought the commercial was amazing, many didn’t think the same way. The video on YouTube has a total of 116K like and 398K dislikes. On top of that, the comment section is FILLED with people offended by the video and the company itself. Many threatening to never use Gillette again, while others defend men in every possible way.

Gillette’s comment section on YouTube is showered with negative comments, yet other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are filled with positive feedback. There is a clear divide where one group extremely opposes the idea of toxic masculinity existing while the other loves that it’s finally being acknowledged.

Toxic masculinity can really affect the way males are raised and how their thinking process progresses. The idea that crying is too feminine, that wearing pink is a sin, or having any form of femininity is ‘gay’ is extremely toxic to one’s self confidence and personality. We shouldn’t have to group certain thing to be too feminine for men. There shouldn’t be a limit to what is masculine and what isn’t.

I personally loved the commercial, and believe it addresses major issues we face today within our society. How small actions create a larger affect down the road when raising sons. Gillette most definitely hit a nerve with their customers, but they were able to open up a conversation for others to look more deeply into. This allows people to research and talk about toxic masculinity, what role it plays, and how it affects those around us.   

Top Hangover Cures

Party too hard this weekend? I definitely did and boy did I get the hangover of my life. Work was brutal and I honestly felt like a zombie the entire day. After that brutal experience, I realized my hangover techniques weren’t working as well as I seemed. I decided to investigate and ask those around me what their hangover cures were after a wild night out.

Greasy Food:

(Photo Creds: GoDairyFree)

Greasy food is the heaven of all foods when dealing with a hangover. McDonalds, A&W, Wendy’s, you name it. Fast food heals the soul, mind, and tummy in ways unimaginable. When in doubt, fast food.

Fresh Air:

(Photo Creds: Petcha)

Walking your dog or taking a little stroll in your neighborhood can help clear your mind of last nights mess.


(Photo Creds: Pinterest)

If you aren’t in the mood to go for a walk, might as well stay in bed! Sleeping in and staying cozy under the covers is a glorious way to heal from a nasty hangover. Keep on snoozing!


(Photo Creds: Readers Digest)

Chugging a nice cold glass of water is such a heavenly way to start your morning off. It’s the most blessed way to start your morning off after a night out. After drinking so much and being super dehydrated, a nice cup of water can help replenish your system once again.

For those who may be sensitive to water first thing, like myself, try chewing ice! I always grab a cup of ice and chew it to help hydrate me without making me want to throw up instantly.


(Photo Creds: Unsplash)

Some prefer to be energized in the morning, even with a killer hangover. Whether you got work or school the next day, a nice cup of coffee can help start off your day on the right foot from the nastiness of last night.


(Photo Creds: Inner Glow Spa)

Besides the food and drinks you may be digesting the morning-of, myself and many others love the feeling of cleansing your entire self. Shower, brush your teeth, wash your face, comb your hair. Keep yourself feeling refreshed after all that gross stuff you went through the night before. Being that lit makes your forget what you probably did that night, so might as well start your day super clean.

More Drinks:

(Photo Creds: BOA Magazine)

This is going to be terrible advice, but if you never want a hangover I have the solution for you. You won’t ever have a hangover if you are still drunk. Make sip on a cocktail or a cooler. Sometimes drinking more helps. Don’t go too overboard though of course, keep it to a minimum.

Hangovers suck and the older you get, the worse they hit. Let’s hope these tips help make your mornings a bit brighter.

Free Birthday Treats

(Photo Creds: Wide Open Eats)

Your birthday is around the corner and you deserve to be spoiled on your special day. Some aren’t the biggest fans of birthdays, while many others prep weeks in advance. I’ve got something that can make both groups happy on their special little day and make it really worth while. Not only will the gifts flow in, but you don’t have to spend a single cent in return!

I’ve put together a list of various restaurants and stores that offer birthday deals and packages for anyone and everyone! So when that special day creeps by, at least you have some way to treat yourself.

  • bareMinerals

Join bareMinerals Friends & Benefits program and you can get a free gift.

  • Baskin Robbins

Join Baskin-Robbins Birthday Club and you can get free ice cream.

  • Booster Juice

Join Booster Nation and get a free smoothie.

  • Boston Pizza

Get a free dessert on your birthday.

  • Chatime

Join Chatime rewards and get a free drink.  

  • Cold Stone Creamery

Join Cold Stone Club Rewards and get a coupon for buy one get one on your birthday.

  • David’s Tea

Join the Frequent Steeper Program and get a free cup of tea.

  • Dunkin Donuts

Join Dunkin Donuts Perks and get a free drink when you sign up and on your birthday. You also get a free drink every time you collect 200 points.

  • Harvey’s

Join Harvey’s email list and get a free Harvey’s burger.

  • Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill

Join their Loyalty Program online and get a free birthday dessert.

  • Krispy Kreme

Join Krispy Kreme’s eClub and get a free donut of your choice.

  • Mandarin

Join the Mandarin Dish and get a free buffet coupon, valid for three people.

  • Marble Slab Creamery

Join Marble Slab Creamery Newsletter online and get a coupon for free ice cream.

  • Mary Brown’s

Join Mary Brown’s newsletters and get a free Big Mary

  • Menchies Frozen Yogurt

Join mySmileage Loyalty Program and get a $5 birthday store credit that can be used anytime within the 2 weeks of your birthday.

  • Montana’s BBQ and Bar

Join the Grill Lover’s Club and get a free dessert.

  • New York Fries

Join the Fry Society Rewards Program and get small fries for free.

  • Olive Garden

Join Olive Garden’s eClub and get a free dessert or appetizer at dinner.

  • Orange Julius

Join the Julius League get a BOGO free coupon.

  • Quiznos

Join the email program and get a free cookie with the purchase of a sandwich.

  • Red Robin

One free gourmet burger on any day of the month of your birthday.

  • Sephora

Join the Beauty Insider Program and get a free gift.

  • Shoppers Drug Mart

With your Optimus Points you can get a coupon for 8,000 points and a makeover/beauty consultation.

  • South Street Burger

Join the South Street Burger Birthday Club and get a free burger.

  • Starbucks

Join Starbucks Rewards and get a free drink or treat of your choice.

  • The Keg

Come by and get a slice of Billy Miner pie.

  • 7-Eleven

Stop by and get yourself a free small slurpee.  

Western Erasure

Photo Creds: Instagram (mehakhn)

As a first generation immigrant, it’s been quite the ride being raised here in Canada. It’s an extreme blessing, with affordable health care and education at easy access. It comes with its downsides however, which eventually shape my identity and personality as a whole.

Erasure: the removal of all traces of something; obliteration


I moved to Canada from Dubai at the mere age of four. I attended a majority white elementary school and forced myself to fit into the surroundings created there. I grew up copying my white peers and everything they did. I was ashamed of honoring my culture and religion. This level of insecurity I had within myself grew immensely as years passed. High school came by and the “whitewashing” continued in a fairly alarming rate. I lost my purpose and who I was. I seemed generic, holding the same mindset as everyone around me. It wasn’t until after I graduated that I stepped out of that hole of ignorance.

I didn’t want to be myself. There were numerous times I wished I looked like my white peers or resemble them in any form. So I tried to become the people I saw around me, on television, in magazines, everywhere. There was little to no representation of dark, brown women anywhere. This caused a sense of loneliness within myself.

After taking that major step outside the same circle I was raised in, I realized what hole I had dug myself into. That’s when I decided to change. I became more vocal about who I was, what my culture represented, and what role my religion played in my life and in society. These topics were something I would never have thought of talking about OR representing. I “whitewashed” myself so much to fit in that comfort zone that was created, that I didn’t realize how much it was harming my own identity and self esteem.

I slowly came to adore my culture and those surrounding me. I pushed to be educated further on other ethnicities, cultures, beliefs, and religions. With that, I was able to be more forward on what I represented and how people of colour should be pushed forward just as much as anyone else.

Growing up here in Canada had giving me a conscience to be like everyone else. Don’t stand out. Be the same. Be like them. If you aren’t, you’ll be the black sheep.

Erasure had caused such an identity crisis within myself. Don’t let the environment you are surrounded upon eliminate the person you were raised to be. Don’t let it take away who you really are. Never be ashamed of what you have at home, because you will realize when your older how symbolic your culture is and what interest it creates in others eyes. I never knew white people were so interested in South Asian/Middle Eastern culture, until I was older. I never realized how much people wanted to be a part of my culture, yet here I was trying my best to get out of it.

Love your true self. Hold your identity tight, and don’t let others erase the true beauty that is within you. 

Self Care for Dummies

Photo Creds: Redbubble

We all go through troubling times throughout our life. It’s what shapes us and equips us to be better prepared in the future. 2018 had to be the most challenging year for myself. I went through different moments that questioned by self worth, my ability to survive, and my mental stability. It was a year of lessons and hardships throughout, but I don’t regret it one bit. Without that year, I wouldn’t have learned to appreciate myself and learn from the mistakes i’ve made in the past.

When going through tough situations, we start to question every aspect of ourselves, from appearance to our personalities. This begins to shape our moods and how we go on about our days. It isn’t healthy whatsoever and breaks down every part of us. You start to love yourself less and feed off of the attention of others. This is extremely toxic, and it took me awhile to teach myself how to love me fully.

Loving yourself is so important! When you love yourself, your friendships become healthier, your relationships are stronger, you become whole.

I started searching ways to start loving myself again. I wanted to look at myself in the mirror and appreciate what I was seeing. I tried to read various articles on self care methods, each leaving me disappointed and weirded out. Drinking water, sleeping, bubble baths, stretching, face masks, going outside?! They all just sounded ridiculous to me. Drinking water doesn’t suddenly make me love myself. How does applying a face mask make me care for my mental state?

Instead of reading those bogus articles online, I decided to experiment a bit. Here is what helps me love myself more, and maybe these can help you too!



Therapy is a must! I don’t regret ever taking this route when taking drastic steps towards my self worth. Talking to someone professionally about what you are dealing with is so important and life saving. Having someone who is unbiased, listening to your issues and giving you genuine advice is extremely refreshing. Whether it’s a school counsellor, a teacher, or a therapist, let yourself out to those who can help most.  


Emotional Release

Having moments of emotional release is so beneficial. Crying on your own, screaming to yourself in the car or in your pillow feels amazing afterwards. When you let yourself FEEL, let yourself have that moment to let out all those emotions, is what eases your mental and physical state. So whenever you get the chance, let out a scream or cry to get yourself going and making yourself sane. Everyone needs to have a release from what the world is piling on their shoulders.



Working out has been extremely therapeutic for me. Whether it be contact sports or working out on my own, exercise finds a way to let out all my stress, frustrations, and anger I have built up. The more I work out and break a sweat, the more I feel myself mentally letting go of life’s bs. On the plus side, you start to physically be healthier, keeping your body and mind in shape.


Treat Yourself

Now, this I have to be very careful in stating. Treating yourself once in a while is a must. Buy yourself something you wouldn’t normally do. Go for a little shopping spree, but don’t overindulge in this. Treating yourself doesn’t mean you put yourself in credit card debt. That defeats the entire purpose. Treating yourself is spoiling yourself at rare occasions to make yourself feel good here and there. Take yourself out to watch a movie alone. Go to a restaurant by yourself. Just give a day or even a couple hours to treat yourself with some love.



Pets are extremely therapeutic. When you have something to take care of that constantly makes you happy just by their presence is the best feeling. Coming home to see them so happy to see your presence or noticing that they rely so much on you is adorable. It can honestly be any pet from lizards, fish, dogs, cats, and even birds. Pets can also sense emotions, so when you are sad you’ll notice your pet snuggle close to you as a form of comfort. They are a forever buddy and honesty the bestest friend you can ever have.


Self care is a must for every individual. Stop hiding your emotions and feelings behind unhealthy habits and ignorance, and start to accept the issues you are dealing with and the emotions that you are hiding. Like Justin Bieber once said, Love Yourself.

Best Live Performances

Live performances and pre-recorded music are different in various ways. With pre-recorded pieces, artists have the power to edit everything on the piece, including vocals. This is where many artists take an escape route to sound better than they originally are. When watching artists live, we get to determine if said artist are as talented as they may seem.

I decided to collect a list of breathtaking performances by various artists. From vocals, to stage presence, these artists nail everything there is to captivate a mass audience.

Stone Cold – Demi Lovato (2015)


Piece by Piece – Kelly Clarkson (2016)


Figures – Jessie Reyez ft. Daniel Caesar (2018)


My Heart Will Go On – Céline Dion (2017)


Bobcaygeon – The Tragically Hip (2017)


Stay/Diamonds/Love On The Brain – Rihanna (2016)


Someone Like You – Adele (2011/2012)


My Favorite Part – Mac Miller ft. Ariana Grande (2016)


Paparazzi – Lady Gaga (2009)


Too Good For Goodbyes – Sam Smith (2018)


Tears Dry On Their Own – Amy Winehouse (2006)


Highway to Hell – AC/DC (2013)


Entire Beyoncé Album – Beyoncé


What do you think of the options above? Leave your suggestion below or on our Evolution Facebook and Twitter page on what you think is the best live performances!

The Glorious Happy Hour

Photo Creds: The Georgia Straight

We all love having a good drink here and there. I, myself love to have drinks at any occasion. Breakfast? Mimosas. Lunch? Sangrias. Dinner? Tequila. When it comes to drinks, I like them cheap. It can be hard going to restaurants and finding drinks that are affordable. Most drinks are almost $10 and they aren’t strong enough to hit the right spot, ya feel? So here I am saving the day.

I’ll tell you the top spot to get the most affordable drinks possible. Whenever my friends and I are going out, we make sure to hit this restaurant joint to get the perfect drinks. Now, what is this place you may ask?

One word. Earls.

Earls happy hour is my place to be. My go to. Their shots start at $3 and their drinks are around $4. How much cheaper could it get? On top of that, their food is to die for on their happy hour menu. From chicken tacos, to yam fries, I live the best life whenever I head down to Earls. At this point I know the service workers on a first name basis and they definitely remember me.

My top choice of happy hour drinks? White Sangria, Vodka-Crans, and of course Tequila shots. You can never go wrong with those three. I always end up leaving Earls super smashed and I honestly love it. Cheap drinks, good food, amazing service, and top notch company? Sign me up!

Trust me, you won’t regret hitting up your nearest Earls. Best decision of your life I tell ya.

Priyanka and Nick: The Diversity in Weddings

Photo Creds: The National

Plastered all across various social media platforms, this wedding was as glamorous as it can ever be. The teenage heartthrob from Texas is marrying the successful actress from India. You have both Hollywood and Bollywood combined in a day where love and passion are intertwined, while many stay tuned to gather as many photos and videos as possible.

This wedding is being showcased as if it was a royal wedding itself. Once the photos are released, many are in awe at how glamorous the wedding is. As time goes by, people get taken back by how many events take place. Weeks pass by and the events continue. Why is this wedding being drawn so far through? We are all so tired of hearing it, why is it still going on?

Well kids, sit tight because you are in for quite a lesson. Welcome to traditional South Asian weddings.

We aren’t your typical westernized wedding, where all events take place within a day or two. No, we don’t keep it simplistic and small. We go all out and party hard.

For South Asians, weddings are VERY symbolic. They celebrate the day the couple is grown enough to be independent on their own together. It isn’t just a one day event. We have traditional events throughout the entire course of the wedding: beginning, middle, and end. So when I started seeing how people here in the west were judging Priyanka and Nick’s wedding, it really irritated me. You are willing to put down a cultural, symbolic event just because it doesn’t match yours. You don’t take the time of day to learn about how other ethnicities celebrate weddings.

It’s hilarious to me how people here are opinionated enough to judge the layout of Priyanka’s wedding, yet lack the knowledge of South Asian weddings in general. Remember, she is the first South Asian actress in both Hollywood and Bollywood to air her wedding so publicly in both platforms. Yes, it leaves an open platform for criticism, but it also airs out those who are blatantly ignorant towards cultural weddings, period.

This is the perfect time to educate yourself on traditional practices that don’t fit the norm. Ones that are kept in silence because western media continues to erase what isn’t white-centric. So before taking the chance to criticize the practice, take a minute to learn others perspectives. You may find something interesting along the way.

Sandra Oh Breaks Barriers

(Photo Creds: The National)

I grew up watching award shows and red carpet previews with a passion, but the past couple of years I wasn’t feeling motivated enough to stay up to date on what was being aired. It seemed excruciatingly repetitive and white washed, so I didn’t really bother tuning in anymore. However, this year was different.

I made sure my schedule was all cleared up and stayed cozy in my living room waiting for the Golden Globes to air within minutes. This years Golden Globes meant more to me and so many others than what it seemed. Growing up watching white faces play every possible role really took a toll within myself and countless other minorities. We grew up with little to no representation or recognition, while learning that our faces were never meant to be on screen. This year however, it changed.

Sandra Oh, or from what many remember as the forefront of Grey’s Anatomy, broke barriers this year as the first Asian to host the Golden Globes, an award show that has been actively airing since the 1940s. On top of that, Oh took home Best Actress in a TV Drama for her role in Killing Eve, making her the first Asian to win the award since 1980.

Through the end of her first monologue, alongside Andy Samberg, Oh gave a heartfelt speech on change and her role as host for the night. Her monologue and her Golden Globe winning speech brought emotion and tears within myself. Seeing culture, heritage, and representation of minorities within a fairly white centric platform is groundbreaking. The struggle to reach to the point where Sandra Oh has overcome while using her platform to push people of colour forward is absolutely amazing.

“I said yes to the fear of being on this stage tonight because I wanted to be here to look out into this audience and witness this moment of change, but right now, this moment is real.”

From her exposure of white actors taking lead asian roles for themselves such as Emma Stone’s role in Aloha, to the prime example of white washing minorities work– Sandra Oh took complete advantage of being a host. Who knows, maybe the duo will come back to host once more.

Cyntoia Brown’s Clemency

Photo Creds: Wolves Weekly

If you look through various news outlets and social media platforms recently, you’ll see one name plastered everywhere: Cyntoia Brown.

For many she is a familiar face, plastered across the internet for years with thousands of people supporting the release of the young imprisoned woman. Brown is a prime example of the failed US justice system, neglecting the cries of a victim, while painting her a murderer instead. Today however, she is one step closer to freedom.

Tennessee governor Bill Haslam has made Brown’s dreams come true, granting her clemency for her life sentence after she has served 15 years in prison currently. Brown was arrested and sentenced for life at the mere age of 16 for murder. In 2004, Brown murdered 43 year-old real estate agent Johnny Allen with a shotgun. The court claims she had murdered him with the intentions to rob him, but her lawyers have stated that she was a victim of sex-trafficking and feared for her life by a man that she felt unsafe with. To defend herself, she shot Allen and fled the scene and since then has felt the guilt of taking one’s life away.

In the eyes of the court, she should have been charged as a juvenile, but instead was charged as an adult over simply defending herself. While in prison, Brown has achieved a degree at Lipscomb University while rebuilding her life from where she had started before.

‘I am thankful to my lawyers and their staffs, and all the others who, for the last decade have freely given of their time and expertise to help me get to this day.’

‘I love all of you and will be forever grateful. With God’s help, I am committed to live the rest of my life helping others, especially young people. My hope is to help other young girls avoid ending up where I have been.’

Outpouring support from stars such as Kim Kardashian West and Rihanna, as well as pressure from the public, Brown’s story has given many hope for second chances in life. She is due to be released on August 7th, 2019.

“We truly serve a God of second chances and new beginnings. The Lord has held my hand this whole time and I would have never made it without him. Let today be a testament to his saving grace.”