Meaning Behind A Star Is Born

Just last week my friends and I took a quick trip to the nearest Cineplex and watched the extended version of A Star Is Born! I have already watched it when it had first come out in theaters, but how can I miss the chance of seeing it once again. With one extra song and 12 minutes added to the film, these small details meant a lot to us fans.

Of course It was a crying sesh the first time I had seen the film, but that did not change the second time. It seemed I was even MORE emotional watching it twice, even though I knew exactly what was going to happen. I resonated with the story line personally. I had left a relationship a couple months ago due to reasons revolving around addiction abuse and mental health, so this movie hit close to home.

A Star Is Born is a remake of the 1937 film where Ally, a struggling artist meets Jack, a famous country music singer who pushes Ally outside her comfort zone to be the star that she was born to be. As the two fall in love, many obstacles come in the way that halt their everlasting connection. The inner struggles that Jack faces have suddenly surfaced, revealing his mental and emotional instability that he has held back throughout his whole life.

This movie highlights such important issues throughout. It displays a glamorous life of money and love, yet mental health and addiction can become major obstacles in allowing that ‘perfect life’ to exist. No matter how much money you have, how much someone may love you or care for you, your mental health can come in the way as a barrier.

Make the effort to put yourself first. Allow yourself to heal, obtain help through counselling and therapy, and treat yourself every now and then. I highly recommend everyone to take a look at A Star Is Born. The soundtrack is killer but the film and theme itself is what makes the film so meaningful. Kudos to Bradley Cooper on taking the role of Jack and Director of the film. Warning: you will cry for sure.

The Best Drama Filled Reality Shows

Television shows hold a special place in my heart. I can spend HOURS watching various television series just for the hell of it. I’d rather be invested in a series than a movie on its own. My favourite television genre you may be wondering? REALITY SHOWS. You can never go wrong with some drama and fun given though reality shows. You never know what happens next, constantly leaving you on edge. The cliffhangers, the shock effects, the juicy drama, reality shows hold a special place in my heart. Here are some of the best drama filled reality shows you definitely need to binge on ASAP.

1. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Families are never perfect and many times family drama can be pretty intense. Keeping Up With The Kardashian dives deep within the Kardashian-Jenner family clan and their years of drama, love, sadness, and joy. This show can keep you entertained and on your toes. Who is your favorite Kardashian? Mine is definitely Khloe 🖤 Koko!

2. Real Housewives Franchise: Atlanta, Beverly Hills, New Jersey, Orange County, New York

The Real Housewives are anything but normal. This entire franchise holds various different housewives in different selected locations. The series to watch the most? 100% Real Housewives of New York, but the other top picks that follow close after are Atlanta, Beverly Hills, New Jersey, and Orange County. Top housewife will forever be NeNe Leakes 🖤

3. The Bachelor/Bachelorette

You can never go wrong with The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. With a single person to find their soulmate through a single delicate rose, this romantic drama infested series is addictive to say the least. Last seasons Bachelor we can all agree was a major a-hole, to say the very least 🙄 💔

 4. Jersey Shore

Did someone say GTL? Jersey Shore is my FAVOURITE television reality show since I was a kid. These Jersey kids who are heavily invested in their tans, gelled locks, gym toned bod, and of course the drinking are the life of the party. From messy drunken nights, sleeping with each other or random club go-ers, or getting arrested numerous times, what other surprises could this group give us? Let’s be real, Pauly D is the OG forever and always 🖤

5. RuPaul’s Drag Race

The glam, the performances, the looks, RuPaul’s Drag Race is everything but boring! Each season, scratch that, each episode brings something new and exciting to the table of creative, humorous contestants. No one can top the glamorous Naomi Smalls 💖

6. Vanderpump Rules

Bringing the Housewives with a twist. Vanderpump Rules is just… you need to watch it to understand because my oh my the drama! This show has been credited and talked about through so many celebrities who have fallen in love with the series. From Jennifer Lawrence to Kristen Wiig, Vanderpump Rules has gained quite the popularity with its interesting content.

7. Big Brother

If you haven’t watched one season of Big Brother, than you are missing out real bad! The best series though is definitely Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. With different challenges. drama, and competition, its the perfect series to watch and witness the true or desperate side of others.

For South Asians out there, a Bollywood version of Big Brother does exist called Bigg Boss and let me tell ya, it is AMAZING. So much twists and surprises, it leaves you on edge wanting more every episode!

8. Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen makes you never want to be a chef, but its all entertainment and loads of stress. The constant swearing, yelling, and sabotage is perfect for what any reality show needs. Gordon Ramsey’s persona plays a huge role within the show, which also adds more stress to the contestants. Team red or blue?

9. Bad Girls Club

hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahhhaah the BEST show to watch. Everything messy, dramatic, and wild all in one show. This series is encompassed around a group of women who claim to the “bad girls.” Not only do they live up to the title, but living through that personal brings some insane drama and fights (yes, even physical) to the table.

10. Love & Hip Hop

How can we ever forget Love & Hip Hop. Many famous faces all in one show? From Joseline Hernandez, Joe Budden, Remy Ma, and of course the star of the show, Cardi B! Surrounded around women empowerment in the music and entertainment industry, this heavy woman based show is everything you’ve always needed and more.

10 South Asian Food You Need To Try

Every time I go to a South Asian restaurant with friends I notice a distinct pattern. Many of my non-South Asian friends order the most generic, popular dishes. I can’t blame them since it’s hard to tell what dish is something you can enjoy and not waste money on. So to help out my non-South Asian friends who love to eat our cuisine, here are some of the best dishes you should try the next time you hit up the nearest South Asian restaurant.

Gol Gappe/Pani Puri

This appetizer is both light yet filling. With a crisp, hallow ball filled with a chickpea filling, which then gets a spiced water poured over–this appetizer is quick finger food yet is one of the most favored dishes in South Asia. You can catch people eating this at any time of the day and to make it better, it’s healthy for you! This is also vegetarian friendly.


This dish consists of wheat and barley. Lentils and meat/chicken can also be added to the dish if you desire. Topped with freshly squeezed lemon, cilantro, green chilies, ginger, and fried onions, you can never go wrong with a nice bowl of Haleem. This is both filling and healthy and is stacked with flavors. Honestly this is one of my favourite dishes of all time.


You think you’ve tried seasoned, flavored rice before? Nahhhhh think again buddy. Biryani is THE best rice dish to date. With its warming aromas, colourful appearance, and of course spices and flavors, you can never go wrong with a nice plateful of Biryani. You have to be careful though, not everyone can make a good Biryani dish. It is a complicated dish to make and a lot of people can’t nail the perfect Biryani recipe.


The best possible way to describe Parathay is a potato pancake with spices and flavors! Just take a roti and stuff it with potato goodness and that is exactly what Parathay is. This can be eaten as a snack with chai or as a full meal with yogurt and chutney. You can never go wrong with Parathay, especially if it’s topped with some butter!


If you wanted to devour within various mouthwatering flavors, Nihari is the perfect dish to eat. This beef stew is so good I literally have no words to explain it. Topped with freshly squeezed lime, cilantro, and ginger, Nihari makes you feel just at home. This is my Dad’s favourite dish of all time and it can be quite addiction to say the least.

So the next time you hit up a South Asian restaurant, don’t hesitate to try these dishes asap! Obviously I can’t describe every dish out there that is worth eating, so here’s a little list of dishes you can look into as well:

  • Chicken Jelfrazi
  • Shahi Paneer
  • Chaat Papri
  • Saag
  • Malai Kofta

Get Lit for Cheap

Have a night out coming soon but are budgeting hardcore? Need to save money but want to have fun at the same time? Trust me, I’ve been there (and still am) and have found the best ways to save money while also having the best time with your friends. Especially being a full-time student, it’s hard to take up a part time job, school, and keep your money on check. Whether you have birthdays coming up or even a night out with friends, money can be an issue. Here are the tips and tricks I use to have a lit night with a good chunk of money leftover.

1. Liquor Stores

I always catch myself getting invited to dinners before hitting up the club. I can’t see myself spending a huge chunk of money on drinks at a restaurant so I do the next best thing: hit up the liquor store. I grab myself a mickey which is usually around $12-$15 and make myself a tolerable mix before heading out. I have a coke plastic bottle and mix both the coke and drink of choice (usually fireball), and once the dinner is done i just drain the entire bottle and have the best time of my life! Super cheap and so worth it.

2. Earls

If you want to plan a dinner with friends that isn’t fast food, yet is affordable I definitely recommend hitting up Earls during happy hour. With drinks and food starting at $4 who can say no to such a cheap offer! They have their happy hour twice a day, 3-6 and 9-close. My favourite part you may be asking? Their tequila shots! Each shot during happy hour is $3.75! Who can say no to that?!

3. Urban Behavior/Planet

Need a new outfit for your night out but are in a money squeeze? Well, Urban Behavior and Urban Planet are the best places to go for cheap clothes. I’m not gonna lie, their quality ain’t bad either! I have far too many outfits from there for YEARS and they have not once stretched out, faded, lost buttons, or ripped. Trust me, I do beat these up pretty badly when I go out so it shocks me that it stays in such good condition after. 10/10 would recommend.

4. Don’t Coat Check

Sometimes you gotta freeze to save that mula! In order to save money I never take my jacket with me, even if it means freezing outside. Alcohol helps warm you up and clubs/bars get pretty hot inside as is, so a coat might not be needed after all. Sometimes it’s worth saving that money by not coat checking. However, if you can’t handle the weather that well I also recommend having one bag and stuffing all jackets in the bag and coat check the one bag itself. There you can split the cost with others and still save money while staying warm!

5. Get Stamped First

Many do the mistake of heading to the club too late and paying for cover to get in. We all get caught up with pre-drinking that we lose track of time to get stamped in for free. Here’s a little trick: head to the club once it opens, get stamped from guest-list, and head down to the nearest restaurant and bar to get more lit. You not only don’t have to wait in line when the night gets real poppin, but you also save that extra $15-$20 on cover!

The next time you plan to go out with some friends for whatever reason, act smart and find those loopholes that can leave you with cash at the end of the night. Of course stay safe! Having fun doesn’t have to be expensive whatsoever!

Last SkyTrain Struggles

This weekend was quite eventful to say the least. My friends and I were stoked to finally go clubbing after such a long time. Each weekend would be another excuse. Whether it was exam season, family events, or being sick, there was always something that stopped all of us from going out, but not this time. Saturday we made a clear plan on what to do, where to go, and of course what to drink!

Hitting up Granville, we visited the biggest hot spots for clubs and cheap drinks. As the night was rolling through, we lost track of time and realized we were about to miss the last skytrain back home. My friends and I booked it down blocks and caught the train right on time. Holding the doors back we made sure all of us made it on since some girls wore heels so running was a real struggle for them.

See, we all live either in Surrey or Coquitlam so that last skytrain means life or death, especially for our wallets. We never want to catch ourselves spending more than a hundred dollars on a taxi. Not happening with our student-life budget.

If you live far you know the struggle. Spending the night in Downtown Van with a group of friends is so fun but with all that fun comes mad prepping. How to get there, how to get back, what time to get back, what skytrains or buses to use. It’s a hassle for sure.

My proposal here: make the skytrains run longer PLEASE. Not only is it safer for many people who need to get home, but it will also make others enjoy their night so much more without the headache of finding a way back. If skytrains ran even till 2:30 or 3, that gives more than enough time for us to say our goodbyes and end a good night well.

We all need a night of fun without the hassle of getting a hotel room downtown or being a designated driver for the night. Let those skytrains run!

Best Dressed Oscars Throughout the 2000s

Oscars rolled through this Sunday, and while many were fixated on who the winners were, many fashionistas were glued on the red carpet outfits. Throughout every award show, red carpet looks are a huge deal for many. It’s what catches peoples attention instantaneously. I’ve collected the best dressed celebrities throughout the Oscars from 2000 till 2019, and man will it be nostalgic!

Cate Blanchett (2000)

Julia Roberts (2001)

Halle Berry (2002)

Kate Hudson (2003)

Charlize Theron (2004)

Beyonce (2005)

Jennifer Lopez (2006)

Jessica Alba (2006)

Nicole Kidman (2007)

Katherine Heigl (2008)

Anne Hathaway (2009)

Miley Cyrus (2009)

Cameron Diaz (2010)

Halle Berry (2011)

Matthew McConaughey’s Wife Camila (2011)

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt (2012)

Jennifer Lopez (2013)

Olivia Munn (2013)

Jennifer Lawrence (2013)

Jessica Chastain (2013)

Lupita Nyong’o (2014)

Jennifer Lopez (2014)

Kate Hudson (2014)

Jessica Chastain (2015)

Zendaya (2015)

Lady Gaga (2016)

Rachael McAdams (2016)

Jennifer Lawrence (2016)

Margot Robbie (2016)

Taraji P. Henson (2017)

Zendaya (2018)

Margot Robbie (2018)

Jennifer Garner (2018)

Billy Porter (2019)

Emilia Clarke (2019)

Amandla Stanberg (2019)



Is Single Life the Best Life?

Photo Creds: Weheartit

Relationships are such a beautiful, magical thing. To find similarities and a connection with a person. Wanting to spend days on end with them and endlessly care for their wellbeing. Finding that one person you can come home to and share all your stories with. You two may argue here and there, disagree on certain things, or find each other annoying at times, but at the end of the day you two still find ways to work it out and tolerate each other’s complex traits.

I got out of a long term relationship a couple months ago with someone I was truly in love with. I can definitely consider him my first love and once upon a time I thought he was the love of my life, until it sadly ended. I had cut the ties between us for personal reasons and we both continue on till this days as good friends. At times I check up on him and he does the same back. It’s mutual and we both still respect and care for each other as friends.

Before my relationship though, I was dreaming to be with someone. I wanted to be in a relationship and I felt that I would be happier if I was in one. I thought all my problems would be solved, I would have his shoulder to lean on, and my life would just be great. Well, I was wrong. I learned the hard way that happiness isn’t given by another person. You can’t achieve it and expect someone else to make you happy.

Now here I am. It’s been six months since my partner and I have broken things off and I feel…great. Of course it wasn’t easy. I’ve had many nights crying to myself because I missed him and I missed the feeling of having someone as my own, but I always had to remind myself that in order to be ready for any relationship I NEEDED to love myself and make myself the main source of happiness.

These past couple of months I’ve began to put myself first. I’ve been taking care of my physical and mental health, as well as looking out for my friends and family. I’ve lost every interest to be with someone. I don’t see myself being in a relationship anytime soon and I am definitely not looking. This focus on myself is something I have never done, but it feels liberating. I have always put everyone around me first. My parents, my brother, my friends, my ex-partner. This time, it’s me.

If you are in a relationship and feel unhappy or don’t love yourself, I may suggest that taking a break is the best option. If your partner truly cares about you and your well-being, they would completely understand the reasons why. ALWAYS put yourself first. In order to fully love those around you and to achieve happiness in the best possible way, you need to push to love yourself first. You are more important than anything else out there, so give yourself the love you deserve.

Best South Asian Restaurants in the Lower Mainland

Many people ask me about staple South Asian restaurants in the Lower Mainland. With all the flavors, fresh aromas, and colorful appeal, South Asian food is a massive favorite for those craving some spice. Myself being the token brown girl, I get asked this numerous times and honestly my brain goes one of two ways: blank or overpowered by too many restaurants to choose from.

So I finally sat down and finalized my top ten favorites and honestly these are ALL worth the trip.


The God of South Asian restaurants in the Lower Mainland. Honestly if there is one place I crave and miss the most, it’s Tasty’s. Now why specifically the Surrey location and not the Yaletown one? Well from experience, the portions are bigger and cheaper in the Surrey location vs. the Yaletone one. The location is larger and the service is just a bit better.



Attention all Muslims! This is this the staple spot for halal South Asian cuisine with exquisite food, friendly staff, and a soothing atmosphere. This is basically the halal version of Tasty’s.



Could you imagine Indian style Chinese cuisine? Well it’s here at Green Lettuce and it’s everything you can imagine and so much more! With the spices and seasonings of Indian styled food mixed with unique Chinese cuisines, this is the staple place for all Asian food lovers.



South Indian cuisine is heaven in a plate, and for all vegetarian lovers this is the spot to be. Mayuri serves the best South Indian cuisine such as Samosa, Chaat, and most importantly their specialty: DOSAS. You can never go wrong with Dosas.



Spices. Flavors. Elegance. Literally every way you should be describing the food at Indian Bombay Bistro. This is getting me hungry…



Sadly this place has no website, but they are a small restaurant located in Surrey that makes Pakistani Asian cuisine in the most perfect way. This family owned business creates freshly made meals with large portions and gourmet, authentic flavors. FYI Try their Lollipop Chicken ASAP. You will not regret it.


The flavors of Mumbai are brought to Vancouver and are executed in the most beautiful way possible. This place is not only delicious but very aesthetically pleasing to say the least! From their meals to their drinks, they are everything you need for a full tummy and a cute Instagram worthy photo.



From amazing vegetarian dishes, to well marinated meat dishes, this restaurant is everything you need for top-South Asian comfort food. Dive into the best flavors at Jaipur Indian Cuisine. You won’t regret it one bit. Let’s not forget they got some pretty good drinks to match.



Honestly, just go and you will see why I’m speechless.




Are your favourite restaurants on the list? If so, tell me your favourite dishes and if not, let me know what restaurants I missed at the comment section bellow or on our Facebook page!

Top 10 Netflix Romance Movies

It’s Valentine’s Day and you catch yourself either with your significant other or by yourself wanting to watch some movies on Netflix. You narrow down your options for a more Valentine’s themed film, but can’t decide on what to really watch.

Here are our top ten picks on what to watch tonight to get your Netflix & Chill going on… wink wink.

10. The Theory of Everything

9. Silver Linings Playbook

8. Kissing Booth

7. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

6. To the Bone

5. Friends with Benefits

4. Easy A

3. He’s Just Not That Into You

2. The Vow

1.The Notebook


I’m Single & I Love Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day. The one day that those in relationships flaunt like no tomorrow while single people publicly share their disgust. I’m single this year for Valentine’s and honestly I love it. My single friends are pretty bitter today and continue to talk about their disgust for the holiday.

“I’ve got no Valentine.”
“This day is SO overrated.”
“Can couples stop shoving it in our faces already.”

I’ve been mad chilling today and I honestly have been enjoying it. I was in a relationship a couple months ago so I did spend Valentines last year with my ex. This year however, I’ve pushed to love and put myself first for once, where now Valentine’s makes me happy. I don’t need someone to appreciate me for one day. My life won’t suddenly end without me having a significant other. I’m perfectly content and spoiling myself all day today.

I have been helping my friends plan their Valentine’s day all week with such excitement. Picking the perfect outfit or gifts. This years Valentine’s Day has honestly been my favourite. I don’t have this bitter feeling towards other couples, instead I’ve been encouraging their successful relationships and their happiness together.

To all the single people out there, it’s just one day. Let those celebrate Valentine’s with their loves ones and let us celebrate the love we have for ourselves. At the end of the day, what matters most is our wellbeing and our ability to love us before we can love those around us.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Gaining Freedom from Strict Parents

Dealing with strict parents is hard. You want to be able to experience things without being held back. You want to share your wildest stories, but you know you’ll get in more trouble for it. Coming from experience, I know how it feels to deal with strict parents on a day to day basis. So how was I able to gain my freedom that I have now?

Growing up my mother always kept a close eye on my brother and I. She was very observant and proactive in what her kids were involved in or who they were friends with. I’ve never been to a birthday party as a kid and I’ve only went to my friends house once under my mom’s approval. I never understood why my mom was so overprotective of us until I got older.

Once I reached high school, I started to rebel. I did my own thing and maneuvered my way closer to a free-er lifestyle. Obviously it was cut because I would get caught from time-to-time. Nothing new when you’re a teenager. My real freedom kicked in once I graduated high school. I finally was able to put my foot down and tell my parents that enough was enough. I can come home at two or three in the morning without it being too much of an issue. How did I get to this point so successfully?


I sat with my mother one day and we talked for hours. We both expressed our frustrations, hers being a mother and protecting us while mine was scavenging for more freedom. I finally understood why she was so protective over the years. My mother came to Canada without my dad since he continued to work in Dubai for a good 5-10 years. My mother was raising me and my brother on her own, and with that came a lot of responsibility. My mother was afraid she would lose us, so she kept her protective belt on. Even when my dad did come back permanently, she continued to wear that protective belt for years.

I was able to communicate with her, reassuring her that my brother and I have grown up. We are responsible and we are willing to stay safe at all costs without worrying my mother all the time. I always call and text my mom when I’m out the house to make sure she’s at ease with everything. I’m more honest with her and our relationship has definitely gotten a lot stronger since then.

I also had to push for my own freedom. Instead of asking my parents to go out, I would change my statement to, ‘I’m going out tomorrow.’ Making it less of a question and more of a statement. As I’m getting older, she’s slowly removing that protective belt she had clutched on for so long.

So if your parents are crazy strict, who knows maybe my advice and experiences might help. It may help some but not everyone. People deal with different situations regarding strict parents, but who knows maybe this might spark something in those reading. Communication really goes a long way and all parents really want is reassurance and responsibility from your end. Did you grow up with strict parents? If so, have you gotten out of the protective shell?

Highlights & Lowlights of the Grammys

The Grammys aired live yesterday and it was packed with many ups and downs. A lot of mixed reviews flooded various social media platforms, whether it be about the performances, winners, or outfits. Instead of enjoying the snow last night, I stayed cozy in my living room as I watched every minute of the award show. Here are the highlights and lowlights of last night’s Grammy awards.


Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys hosted this years 51st annual Grammy awards with such grace. She brought out such a genuine feel on stage and made it feel as if the Grammys were completely natural and chill. She invited four prominent women to the stage; Jada Pinkett Smith, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and the glorious Michelle Obama who all expressed their passion for music. My favourite part of the night was Key’s performance with her shoutout to Hazel Scott and her talent to play on two pianos at once. Keys played various renditions of popular songs throughout the century, while ending off the performance with one of her hit singles Empire State of Mind. Class, elegance, humour, and talent. Alicia Key’s was the perfect host.


Shawn Mendes & Miley Cyrus

Photo Creds: US Weekly

Shawn Mendes started off his performances on a gorgeous piano and mellowed out lights singing his hit song ‘In My Blood.’ Taking stage, Miley Cyrus joins Mendes, who adds quite the vocal power to the entire performance. Vocals and stage aesthetics definitely made this performance one of my top favourites of the night. With this being his very first Grammy attendance and nominations, Mendes showed what talent he had to offer in the perfect way.


Jennifer Lopez’s Motown Tribute

There is no doubt that Jlo is such an extravagantly talented artist. She can make a show with her vocals, dance moves, outfits, and so much more. Yet, this performance just wasn’t it. Yes, she executed a breathtaking performance, but she shouldn’t have been chosen to give tribute to Motown in the first place. One, she is not a motown singer and two, motown was historically built off of black talent. The Grammys did a good choice picking Nelly as one of the performers, but it would have been exceptionally better if the other performer was another black artist, not Jlo.



After being awarded the Grammy for Best Rap Song, Gods Plan, Drake went on stage to accept his award. Many were surprised by his attendance at the award show but what surprised others the most was the fact that his speech was cut off halfway through. After nicely sharing with his fans and other artists that in order to achieve success you don’t need a Grammy, the award show seemingly cut off the rest of his speech straight into commercial break. Was it on purpose? Many are still figuring that out.


Post Malone and Red Hot Chili Peppers

Who knew Post Malone could sing? I’m not gonna lie he is notorious for auto tune, so it was impressive seeing him sing on his own so well. He performed alongside the Red Hot Chili Peppers which was an interesting duo. My only issue was the performance felt VERY stretched out. Seemed as if it lasted forever, but it was good regardless. Many kept note of 21 Savage’s un-attendence due to his arrest by ICE officers. Post Malone rocked a 21 Savage printed shirt backstage in support of the artist.


Travis Scott

Photo Creds: Rolling Stones

I was already turned off by Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner’s red carpet look. I do love them as a couple and their adorable child Stormi, but last night was just not it. Scott’s performance was also a major disappointment in my eyes. When you have an artist that KNOWS how to pull off a show with lights, special effects, and so forth, you expect the same performance during music’s biggest nights. It felt off and mediocre. The cage itself excited me, but it wasn’t used in its best advantage. I love you Travis Scott, but you can honestly do so much better and you know it.


Janelle Monae

What a performance! ‘Make Me Feel’ was an outstanding combination of Prince and Janet Jackson through funk and groove. Her sensual movements combined with a robotic/electric theme displayed every artistic angle that Monae represents. Her powerful femininity and woman power are what encompass the feel of her song, as well as her “Let the vagina have a monologue,” cheer. Ending with a mic drop, Monae displayed exactly what how she gained that Grammy nominee.



Such a beautiful, soulful performance. This R&B artist has proved to the audience and those watching back home what she is all about. Head to toe decked in a beautifully sequenced outfit, her signature rounded shades, and a transparent guitar, H.E.R. brings her hit singles to life. If there is one voice I would listen to for the rest of my life, it is definitely H.E.R.


Lady Gaga

Oh my GAGA. I am a huge fan of Shallow but her performance made me love the song and her so much more. Lady Gaga was not Ally at that moment, she was her true artistic self. She took the hit song and made it her very own. With crazy hair flips, a glittery outfit, and massive body movement, whatever Gaga does makes everyone go wild. This was honestly the performance we all have been waiting for and it was glamorously perfect. I was keeping eye of her almost hitting Mark Ronson a couple times while he played acoustic guitar, but she loves making her audience live on the edge.


Camila Cabello, Ricky Martin, & J Balvin

What better way to open an awards show than with some latin wave. With the stage lit up cascading bright colours and unique styles, Camila Cabello opens up the show with her biggest hit ‘Havana.’ Young Thug makes a quick appearance and in comes Ricky Martin and J Balvin who help Cabello end her performance all together. Brining the power of latino music, culture, and presence to the Grammy stage, these three worked wonders in getting the guests on their feet.

Many other performances have brought the audience to their feet such as the recognition of Dolly Parton and Diana Ross, Brandi Carlile’s stunning performance, and Cardi B’s eccentric depiction of her hit song Money. One upsetting thing I can point out is the loss of recognition for Mac Miller and the short performance for Aretha Franklin’s tribute. With all the star-studded power and glamour with Parton and Ross’ performances, it would have been equally great to give Aretha Franklin that same time and effort. Also, this has sparked some controversy but the Grammy’s did invite Mac Miller’s parents to the award show in hopes through everyone that he would win and he sadly didn’t which caused quite the uproar. On top of that, many believed there would have been a performance or some recognition piece for Mac as he has left quite the footprint behind in the hip hop/rap industry.


Other than that, the Grammys weren’t too bad after all. Many guests refused to attend due to other personal/political reasons, but other than that it was alright. Do I think it could have been better? Absolutely. What do you think. Did the Grammy’s do a good job this year or was last year way better?

Best Talk Show Games

Talk Shows have been around for quite some time, and as years pass by they have found various ways to create unique segments. From Jimmy Fallon to James Corden, many famous talk show hosts have really stepped outside the box in order to channel creative activities that involve both the audience and those on stage. Here is our top ten picks of best live television segments so far!


10.) Box of Lies – Jimmy Fallon


9.) Password – Jimmy Fallon


8.) Mystery Objects – Jimmy Fallon


7.) Escape Room – James Cordon


6.) The Whisper Challenge – Jimmy Fallon


5.) True Confessions – Jimmy Fallon


4.)  Never Have I Ever – Ellen DeGeneres


3.) 5 Second Rule – Ellen DeGeneres


2.) Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts – James Corden


1.) Carpool Karaoke – James Corden



Artist to Watch: Billie Eilish

You may have heard her name recently, but she is gaining quite the popularity. Seventeen year old Billie Eilish has caused quite the storm with her angelic voice and elevated grungy style. At the mere age of fifteen/sixteen she has created chart topping hits such as Ocean Eyes, Watch, and so much more. With features including Khalid and Vince Staples, Eilish is on the road to a very successful career. This California based artist is not letting age hold her back from her dreams. Coming from a musically talented family, Eilish has taken the skills and assets to become the artist that she is through her family background.

Eilish has recently released dates for her upcoming 2019 tour WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP alongside Denzel Curry. Fans have reacted with excitement on her announcement since this will be Eilish’s first North American tour. Eilish has also been invited to perform at this year’s Coachella music festival in California. She is also releasing a studio album in late March called, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

Just wait and see, this young star is breaking through and has more to come in the future! She is definitely an artist we should watch as time goes by, and this year will be her year to shine.

Inside a Retail Workers Mind

Let’s get one thing straight. I love working in retail. I love helping customers on finding what they need, and I love working with clothing, accessories, and so forth. What I do hate with this job? Rude, un-mannered customers. Here is what goes on inside of every retail workers mind when customers decide to pull whack moves on us.

First, we have customers that love to yell in order to get what they want. You may end up getting what you want, but you will be the discussion of every topic revolved around terrible customer experiences. There have been countless times where the customer does not get what they want when yelling, because we simply can’t go forward with what they are asking for. This makes the customer look more out of place than anything. Honestly, if you ask or go forward with something nicely, we might actually give you exactly what you need without you throwing a fit. Just saying.

Secondly, customers that treat sales associates as servants. I have no problem carrying your clothing items as you continue to shop around or give you endless amount of fashion advice, but the minute you start throwing clothes at my face to carry for you is when I feel extremely disrespected. It doesn’t hurt to ask for assistance. It’s my job to help you out, but it’s your job to respect me as a human being.

Third, customers that think we own the store. These customers always crack me up because they think us minimum wage workers can bend the rules or answer questions that we simply have no answer too.

“Why is the return policy only 14 days?”
“Why is it only exchange?”
“Can you give me more discounts please?”
“The store is too expensive. Why are you so expensive?”

I literally have to go, I’m sorry I don’t have the answer to your question, and I get left with a stank face. I’m sorry but I don’t own this place. I can’t do anything and even if I did, I would be fired on the spot. I’m not risking my job because you want random discounts. Please.

This list can honestly go on and on, but the moral of this entire article comes down to one simple thing: respect. It doesn’t take much to respect customer service workers and what they do every day. There have been countless times where customers are rude to my coworkers, which leaves them crying in the back room because of the treatment they get. We are humans with feelings just like anyone else. Niceness honestly goes a very long way!

The Legacy of Halftime Performances

The Super Bowl, also known as one of the biggest sporting events in the United States, has gained quite the popularity through the sport, commercials, and of course the performances. Many watch the Super Bowl because of their love for football, while others stay tuned for one thing in particular: the halftime show.

Each year an artist(s) is chosen to perform during the halftime show at the Super Bowl. This year Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi took stage in Atlanta to perform their biggest hits. With mixed reactions, many believed it wasn’t the performance they were expecting.

Regardless of your opinions on the halftime show last night, I have made a list of past performances of Super Bowl halftime shows that deserve the attention!


Michael Jackson (1993)


Diana Ross (1996)


Boyz II Men, Smokey Robinson, Martha Reeves, The Temptations, Queen Latifah (1998)


Stevie Wonder, Gloria Estefan (1999)


Aerosmith, NSYNC, Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, Nelly (2001)


U2 (2002)


Shania Twain, No Doubt, Sting (2003)


Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, P. Diddy, Nelly, Kid Rock (2004)


Paul McCartney (2005)


The Rolling Stones (2006)


Prince (2007)


The Who (2010)


Madonna, LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, MIA, Cee Lo Green (2012)


Beyonce, Destiny’s Child (2013)


Bruno Mars, Red Hot Chili Peppers (2014)


Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz, Missy Elliot (2015)


Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Mark Ronson (2016)


Lady Gaga (2017)


Justin Timberlake (2018)


Halftime shows are not just about vocals, but about the use of stage space, lights, dancers, and everything in between. Artists who know how to perform, leave behind quite the performance for people to talk about years down the road. Performers such as Beyonce, Michael Jackson, and Katy Perry know a thing or two about leaving the audience in awe. Who do you think should perform next for the Super Bowl halftime show? Let us know in the comment section below.

Future Without Marriage & Children

People have the typical aspirations in life. If you ask almost anyone, their future looks a lot like a big happy family. Being married and having kids in a suburban home alongside a dog. People work their whole lives to achieve that one goal. Well, not me.

I grew up never really having an interest in wanting kids. Once I got into my first, real relationship after high school, I still didn’t have that vision. I don’t see children as much of a future goal or plan anytime soon. I mean, If there’s a day I do end up being pregnant than so be it, but not now and not anytime soon. I’ve never had that desire that most people do.

All my friends are looking forward to getting married and raising a family later on in their lives. They work hard now for it. I work hard now for myself, but that reasoning doesn’t satisfy everyone. What makes it worse is the fact that I’m South Asian. Getting married and having kids is the staple cultural life of every South Asian family, but here I am publicly vocalizing my non-interest in marriage and kids.

Does this annoy my parents? Not as much as I thought it would. They just want me to be happy and if that means no man no child, than so be it. I’m living for myself and if one day I feel like having a mini-me as company than sure, I’ll consider it. Just not an idea I fancy now.

Marriage and children shouldn’t be the only life goals, especially for women. There’s so much more out there to aspire for!

Reverse Racism Doesn’t Exist

This word holds so much power and history. A word that defines the mistreatment of people of colour. Racism carries centuries of history, crime, discrimination, and loss over simply the colour of one’s skin and background. So, how come many believe that racism towards white people doesn’t exist? A.K.A reverse racism. Well let’s break it down real quick.

Racism is discrimination and prejudice towards those who are of colour, based off of their skin colour/ethnicity. Racism is a term and action that was instilled and created by white people towards people of colour. Throughout history, racism is a set action that has been curated from white people being superior over people of colour. Even till this day, people of colour deal with racism systemically. The word reverse racism already shows that in order for white people to face racism the hierarchy has to be reversed. Knowhere in history have white people faced any form of racism. Yes, they have experienced many forms of discrimination and prejudice, just not racism.

White people can experience discrimination and prejudice from people of colour, but they simply can’t experience racism. In order to experience racism, white people have to undergo years of systemic oppression. Through occupation, finance, social standings, etc, racism plays a major role in the lives of people of colour. Systemic oppression has never changed or disappeared to benefit people of colour.

Institutions have been curated around the mistreatment and oppression of people of colour. Whether it be Indigenous people in Canada, or Jim Crow in the United States. There are countless examples of how government and social institutions revolve around the downgrading treatment for people of colour. White people don’t face that same issue. Many like to argue that the Irish were slaves as well argument, but to rebuttal here the Irish were not enslaved over their skin colour, but simply from their nationality due to political issues within Europe. That isn’t racism, but discrimination.

Maybe you learned something new today. The more you research about reverse racism, the more you will understand the systemic and historical issues that lay within the hierarchy of race.

Pro Life vs. Pro Choice

This month New York state had passed a law to help protect the rights of women in regards to abortions. On the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, this new abortion law has caused quite the controversy. Democrats are proudly keeping their head high, while Republicans are sending an intense amount of negative feedback.

Compared to other states, New York’s abortion laws are fairly less restrictive. Other states have long wait periods, strict facility codes, consent requirements, and many other obstacles. With the new abortion law, New York is allowing certain medical practitioners besides doctors to perform the abortion, as well as allowing women to choose to abort past 24 weeks. The law also eliminates criminal action towards those who perform abortions.

Many will look over this law in pure disgust and disapproval. I had a conversation with my mum last night and it dawned me how those can lack knowledge on certain topics based off self-belief and bias. In full disclosure, my mother is religious, but she has a mix conservative-liberal mindset. Her religious side makes her think twice about the abortion law, so we both had an open conversation about it. She learned a lot more than she expected on women’s rights and anatomy. I was able to give her a perspective that she never knew about, and if it wasn’t for me she wouldn’t have been so accepting of the updated abortion laws.

Here’s something pro-lifers don’t know about: New York is allowing abortions past 24 weeks IF the mother’s life is at risk or the fetus is not viable. This is extremely necessary for the health and wellbeing of the mother and baby. Many states don’t allow women to abort past a certain time frame because they believe it’s murdering the child, when in fact the fetus is also killing the mother. Countless women have died during their pregnancy process because the baby was slowly ending their life. After the end of the second trimester, a fetus can harm the health of their mother greatly. Any abortions performed outside of these two valid reasons are considered illegal abortions.

“While the administration in Washington continues its assault on women’s reproductive rights, the Assembly Majority remains dedicated to fighting for a woman’s right to choose. The bills we passed today ensure New Yorkers can control their family planning decisions, have access to the reproductive healthcare they need and will not be discriminated against for their choices. With our new partners in the Senate, we have finally seen this legislation pass both houses and signed into law on the anniversary of the historic Roe v. Wade decision.”

– Carl Heastie, State Senate Speaker

Pro-choice isn’t a selfish choice. It’s one that is made to benefit the lives of the mother. During the 2016 US elections, many feared President Donald Trump’s victory due to the changes on Planned Parenthood and women’s reproductive rights. Countless stories began to flood various journalist and social media outlets, sharing the tragedies families have gone through due to the lack of abortion rights.

To make matters worse, many Republican-Conservative Pro-Lifers are quite selective on pro-life. They believe fetuses should be born, no matter the circumstances, yet they turn a blind eye on immigrant, homeless, and coloured children who need dire help and support. They are in fact pro-birth, not pro-life. Plenty of pro-lifers also don’t consider the lives of women who are rape/assault victims that want an abortion due to the reason behind the pregnancy itself. The consideration given towards women and their rights is so minuscule. Pro-lifers love to claim that their motive is out of selflessness when in fact it is pure selfishness when you disregard women and their choices.

It isn’t your life and body to choose from. Not everyone follows your values as well as religious beliefs. We live in a country that gives us the religious, social, and political freedom to make our own life choices that affect us alone. So consider your stance if you are a pro-life advocate. Maybe stepping outside your little bubble will give some better insight on the lives around you.

Best of Hot Ones

Hot Ones. A show that combines both the hottest wings with the hottest guests. The trick? Each question asked, the guest must eat a hotter chicken wing each time. Sounds easy, but trust me it has left MANY in tears and agony. I’m gonna list the top 10 best episodes of Hot Ones for those who may be new to the YouTube series itself. Sit back and enjoy these celebrities having some hot ones.


10. Keke Palmer

With her blunt humor and nonchalant way of eating the hot wings, the gorgeous Keke Palmer is number ten for most entertaining episode of Hot Ones.


9. Taraji P. Henson

She didn’t make it through entirely, but she is quite the entertainer. Here is Taraji P. Henson at number nine!


8. T-Pain

Can T.Pain handle the spice? Or will he wimp out?


7. Chrissy Teigen

The Queen of social media takes on the hottest of wings like a champ.


6. Vince Staples

If you need someone who is super blunt and honest, watch Vince Staples and his pure self take stage.


5. Post Malone

Who eats hot wings with beer?


4. Kevin Hart & Tiffany Haddish

Quite the combo, this duo go head to head on a new version of Hot Ones.


3. Key & Peele

You can never get tired of Key & Peele, but man did they enter a different world with these wings.


2. Kevin Hart

Known as the most viewed Hot Ones episode of all time, this episode will leave you in TEARS.


1.Gordon Ramsey

He is what every Hot Ones fan has been wishing for. At our number one spot, Gordon Ramsey takes on the hottest wings. Will this World Renown Chef handle the spice?