Canadian Superstars at New Westminister

Do you like Celine Dion? Do you like Micheal Buble’? Do you like Shania Twain?

Well then you’ll love “The Canadian Superstars” performance at the Massey Theatre in New Westminster. “The Canadian Superstars” celebrates the music of Canada’s 3 biggest stars. Micheal Buble’, Celene Dion and Shania Twain. With a fantastic performance from Adam Lucas playing Micheal Buble’, vocalist Tiffany Desrosiers as Celine Dion and entertainer/vocalist Jeanette O’Keeffe as Shania Twain, the cast performs all the artists hits.

A 3-piece show has lead singers performing top hits from each artist, an 8-piece live band show as well as a 10-piece with dancers. And if that wasn’t enough for you there’s also a 14 piece show with a string section. Clients will also have the option of adding tributes to Burton Cummings, Anne Murray, or even Brian Adams. This show can be booked for theatres, corporate events, festivals, and more and is sure to be an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

Tickets come from $47 and they will be performing this Saturday, so get your tickets online or visit the website at to find out more about this unforgettable event.

Coco Love Alcorn’s Rebirth Album Release Tour

Legendary soul-folk singer-songwriter Coco Love Alcorn is coming to Rio on Broadway in Vancouver this Friday.

Coco’s career has lasted for an impressive 25 years, releasing 10 albums over the course of her career, doing cross-Canada tours and collaborations, making festival appearances and award nominations including the Contemporary Singer of the Year at the 2017 Canadian Folk Music Awards, Coco has a lot of experience under her belt. Her new album features a collection of songs that really show off her vocal abilities and are sure to inspire and captivate anyone who attends. Heartbeat grooves and soulful melodies are part of the album and “Rebirth” is described as her most vulnerable album yet.

This is what Coco had to say about her recent album; “‘Rebirth’ is about finding a path forward again after pain and loss,‘How much of what I want is what I need,’ is a question I ask myself often. I have been having this ongoing conversation with myself for many years. It’s a lifelong mission for most of us, to get better at listening to the quiet truth from our innermost self, to hear above the noise of the world around us, and to hold onto and follow that path.”

The Rebirth Tour will kick of this Friday at Rio Theatre and tickets will be $20 for admission, don’t miss your chance to hear unique and powerful vocals in person.

Elevate Music Project is Support New Artists in Vancouver

Vancouvers live music scene is in for a big boost with the help of the Elevate Music Project. This project created by the MRG was made not only to help support local emerging artists, but to also “showcase musicians of all genres from across the province and give them a platform to develop and advance their careers”. Through this help emerging artists can get the exposure they need and finally make their dreams come true.

This competition will be help at three locations, The Biltmore Cabaret, The Imperial and the Vogue Theatre. It will feature a four person panel judge table with industry pros from Vancouver being the judges. Prizes are designed to help the upcoming artists, totalling over $50,000. The winner of this competition will get a spot in the Westward Music Festival 2020 lineup, an article in Beatroute Magazine and online media support, a cash prize of $2500, a $2500 gift certificate for Long & McQuade, press photos taken by a professional photographer, and even more unannounced prizes.

Six local musicians/bands will battle it out for a place at the semi-finals hosted at the Imperial. Two acts a night will be chosen by our panel of industry professionals to move to the next round of the competition.

This Friday night will feature a performance from Sound Cinema, and you can get your tickets at The doors will open at 7:00pm on Friday night and the event is 19+. Tickets will be $5.

The Tenors Come to Vancouver

Are you interested in classical music or contemporary pop? Clinton, Fraser, and Victor of “The Tenors” blend the two styles in their award winning band, and have performed over 1000 live shows with hundreds of TV appearances all over the globe.

This Canadian vocal group has impressive achievements like performing for not one but the last four presidents of the United States, world leaders at the G20 Summit, opening ceremonies at The Olympic Games, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, The Oprah Winfrey show and so much more. They’ve shared the stage with the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Sting, Stevie Wonder, and Lionel Richie and are a multi-platinum selling band.

The Tenors support MusiCounts by donating some of their ticket sales from recent tours to the music education charity associated with the JUNO Awards. MusiCounts helps keep music programs running in schools and communities all over Canada by donating musical instruments to the children that need them. Their values include ensuring children in Canada have access to music education for their future.
A recently remastered album of classic Bing Crosby Christmas songs was released in October and The Tenors added their specialty mix of classical and contemporary pop sound to the album. You can listen to it now on Spotify or Apple Music.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 3rd, The Tenors will be coming to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre at 8:00pm in Vancouver for their “Wonder of Christmas Tour”. Tickets are available online still from $36 to $125. For any more information check out their social media at:,, or

Why You Should Start Watching “Hot Ones”

Celebrity interviews are something that people are often fascinated by. Seeing your favourite artist, actor, or comedian talk about their life can be very interesting and there are tons of interview shows out there. If you’ve seen a lot of celebrity interview shows though, you can start to notice they all start to feel the same. Whether the host isn’t asking the right questions or the guest just doesn’t seem to be into the interview, there’s a lot that can ruin a good celebrity interview. What’s become a unique and entertaining interview show amongst the sea of celebrity interview shows is a Youtube series called “Hot Ones”

Hot Ones, hosted by Complex’s own Sean Evans, is a celebrity interview show where the guest is challenged to eat progressively spicier wings as the interview goes on. This sounds like an interesting enough concept as it is, but it’s not just the hot wings gimmick that makes this show so entertaining. The main reason these interviews are so good is the interview host Sean Evans. Sean does a crazy amount of research for his guests and frequently surprises them with his knowledge of the guest. Often times guests will complement how talented of an interview host he is or express shock that he knows something very specific about him. Sean has said that when researching an interview guest he goes through past interviews and sees what questions they were most interested in, and what that interview host could have dug deeper in to make the in to make it a truly great interview, and to make the interview guest really enjoy the interview.

With celebrities doing interviews so often, it’s understandable that they wouldn’t enjoy them anymore, but with every guest you can see Sean doing a great job of showing them why Hot Ones isn’t the same as the interviews they normally do. Having a host that does their research, and really engages with the guest makes a world of difference for the quality of an interview. If all that didn’t sell you, then maybe the fact that you get to see your favorite celebrities like Terry Crews, Gordon Ramsey, Idris Elba, Billie Eilish, etc. eat spicy wings and suffer will.

Catch Hot Ones latest interview with Chance the Rapper on the First We Feast youtube channel.

The Evolution of Joji

From viral YouTube videos to selling out concerts across the country, there are few who are quite as talented as George Miller. If you watched youtube back in 2015, chances are you would have heard of a wildly popular channel called “FilthyFrank”. The channel made absurd comedy and commentary videos, and dabbled in some humours rap style music videos. Something the channel can be credited for that might surprise you is the infamous “Harlem Shake” craze. Yes, the Harlem Shake, replicated by NBA teams, IGN board rooms, news stations, and even Jimmy Fallon was created by none other than Filthy Frank.

But George had another interest that he wanted to pursue. George’s passion for music composition could be seen early on with comedic and rap based music under the name “Pink Guy” but he had a desire to make the type of music he likes to listen to. George was producing R&B style music like “Thom” and “You suck charlie” alongside the absurd Pink Guy songs like “Trap Dumplings”. George originally wanted to keep this style of music separate from his audience, given that he felt the fans wanted the Pink Guy style raps more but in January 2016 after his 2 songs under the Joji name were leaked, he announced on Instagram that he was releasing a full-length commercial project titled Chloe Burbank: Volume 1.

In 2017 Joji released a few songs under an Asian record label called 88rising. These songs included “I don’t wanna waste my time”, “Rain on Me”, and “Will he” as well as being featured in Chinese Hip Hop band “Higher Brothers” song “Nomadic”. Joji’s first live concert was in May 2017 in Los Angeles. It was later this year that Filthy Franks last youtube video was uploaded, and with the crazy new change in George’s life it wasn’t unexpected that the youtube videos would stop. Fans of the channel are sad to see one of their favorite content creators stop uploading, but many fans love his music and are happy to see George pursuing what he enjoys.

In May of 2018, Joji released a song called “Yeah Right”, and the song became his first to chart on a Billboard chart, peaking at 23 on the Billboard R&B Songs chart. Later that year Joji released the album “Ballads 1” under 88rising and it quickly peaked the Billboard Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums Chart. Joji announced a tour in North America and came to Vancouver in February of 2019.

My review of Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon fans rejoice! The day has finally come, we now have a console Pokemon game. Pokemon Sword and Shield were released on Friday, November 15th and needless to say, I bought it right away. To think how far we’ve come from the days of Pokemon Red and Blue’s 2D graphics is stunning. Exploring the world in 3D with the new potential of a console when traditionally Pokemon games have been limited to the handheld gaming devices is breathtaking.

So what do I think of the gameplay? Where do I start. I purchased Pokemon Shield so my review will be focused on this game, although the 2 games play nearly the same. From the beginning of Pokemon Shield you can tell it’s a next gen Pokemon game. When you’re given the decision of your starting Pokemon, instead of just showing you each one like previous games have done, the game gives personality to each one, making your decision feel more personalized which I love. As you play the game, seasoned Pokemon players will notice the little things that improve the quality of life of the game, such as Escape Rope being a key item that can be used as much as you want, or wild Pokemon being avoidable. Finally, you won’t have to groan every time you run into tall grass and encounter your 14th weedle. A new addition that collectors like myself will enjoy is the Wild Area where you can encounter tons of new and old Pokemon and take part in new raids that introduce a mechanic called “Dynamax” which is basically making your Pokemon REALLY BIG. Visually the game is stunning and the Galar region, which is based on the UK, gives the game a really unique feel and seeing all the Pokemon on the overworld walking around makes you feel much more immersed than previous games. It’s the closest we’ve got to feeling like you’re in the Pokemon world, unless you count Pokemon Go but, we don’t have to talk about that. Overall, if you like Pokemon you’ll love Pokemon Sword and Shield, despite its smaller Pokedex.