Vaping Results in Locked bathrooms at North Van School

Seycove Secondary in North Van is experiencing a severe bout of student vaping. Pupils have been leaving class to convene in the bathroom and inhale vapors produced by a variety of e-cigarette devices.

Things have gotten so bad that Seycove staff have had to close most of the schools washrooms.

Dennika Michaud, the district spokesperson explains the situation.

“So the washrooms on the main floor are unlocked those are the larger washrooms. The ones on the top floor and the bottom floor wing have signs on them indicating they are locked due to the vaping issue and the purpose is to not only to monitor those main washrooms to hopefully actually be able to catch the students who are actually vaping and be able to monitor that more closely but also to draw the entire student populations awareness to it and bring them all together.”

The long term health effects of vaping are still unknown in the youth population.

Surrey Food Bank Shares Most Needed Items

The Surrey Food Bank is preparing for another busy holiday season. If you are looking to donate the Surrey food bank has certain items which are in high demand. Surrey Food Bank staff Feezah explains the most needed items this year.

“So the Surrey Food Bank for this year we are asking for canned proteins, so canned fish canned meat things like that. Whole grain or whole wheat pasta, pasta sauce, canned vegetables or canned fruit and then baby formula. So those are the kind of big four five items we are in need of this year.”

You can visit for more information and the locations of the nearest location to drop off food donations.

Warming Centres Open in Vancouver

Four warming centers have opened up in Vancouver this week to aid in protecting the homeless from the extreme cold. The locations include: Vancouver Public Library’s Central branch, the Britannia Community Centre, West End Community Centre and the Powell Street Getaway.

Nadine Horwitz, the coordinator of the Powell Street Getaway explains the importance of the shelters.

The shelters that are in Vancouver, they fill up and they’re always full year round so especially when cold weather comes we do open up some extreme weather shelters for people to sleep at but even those fill up. There are a lot of homeless people so to be able to help those who aren’t able to get into a shelter of any kind, the warming centers are great because it gives them a  chance to get out the cold to get warm to have something maybe to eat and somewhere to feel safe.

This is the third year the warming center program is running in Vancouver. Anyone seeking use of the shelter can call 211 for more information.

BC Students Embrace Food Delivery Apps

There has been a rise in the use of food delivery apps by lower mainland students. Applications such as Skip The Dishes allow students to have food from a variety of local restaurants delivered to them without a phone call. Schools such as Semiahmoo Secondary in Surrey have had to go so far as imposing restrictions on food delivery procedures. Doug Strakken, Surrey school district representative explains the issue.

“So there’s a couple schools that have had disruption to the school and to classrooms because of students asking for food deliveries online and were seeing delivery people coming into the school and not checking in at the office or trying to leave the food at the office and the volume of such deliveries is creating difficulties for the office  as well as security concerns with people on the grounds who have not been authorized by the district.”

Despite the nuisances that digital food delivery may cause, hungry students across BC continue to place orders for food to their local education facility.

Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week

December 1st to 6th marks Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week. This year there will be events throughout Vancouver to mark the occasion: Aboriginal AIDS awareness week media representative Shelley Mantei explains why the week is relevant.

“So The Vancouver Based Event is an important opportunity for people in the Vancouver community to come together to remove some stigma and discrimination around getting tested and knowing your status your HIV status and were going to be doing that by talking and sharing and educating and celebrating and another important topic that were going to be covering at our Vancouver event today is talking about harm reduction and especially the opioid crisis for indigenous people leaving the federal institution in the pacific region”

The Vancouver event entitled HIV Harm Reduction Day will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on December 6th at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Center  located at 1607 East Hastings Street.