Looking for New Live Theatre Shows in Vancouver?

Whether you love watching live theatre performances or it’s your first time seeing one, there are plenty of shows to choose from before this 2019 year ends. It’s always a fun time to invite your friends, family, or your significant other to see a play, especially during the winter holidays. It could also be a great gift to treat someone with a night filled with beautiful music playing and wonderful singing. Did I mention the insane, creative costumes you’ll get to see too? Well, don’t wait any longer and let me tell you some of the interesting live theatre happening right now till the rest of the 2019 year.

The Cirque du Soleil Luzia is still on till December 29 at Concord Pacific Place, 88 Boulevard, Vancouver. This show will leave you breathless with a performance about an imaginary Mexico where ‘light quenches the spirit and rain soothes the soul’. You can always expect a great show from Cirque du Soleil no matter what the theme is. If you’ve never been to one of their shows, they deliver a storyline through vibrant, colourful lights, along with some fire and water incorporated into their sets. This is definitely a show not to miss!

The Sound of Music is happening until January 5, 2020, and it has started since November 7. The show will take place at Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage, Granville Street, Vancouver.  The iconic drama/romance musical brings back the classic tunes such as, “Do-Re-Mi”, “My Favourite Things”, and “Climb Ev’ry Mountain”. It is known to be one of the most powerful and romantic musicals of all time. If you want to understand the storyline before watching it live, I encourage you to watch the film itself. You’ll thank me later.

Last but not least, Peter Pan will be playing at Waterfront Theatre, 1412 Cartwright St., Vancouver. Also showing till January 5, 2020, Peter Pan has been playing since November 20. Surprisingly, prices aren’t that expensive, ranging from $12.50 to $35. You know the story – pirates, lost boys, Wendy, and a kid who never wants to grow up in a fantasy where everything is endless with adventures and magic. The classic film is a go-to to watch if you want to refresh your mind about the story, or just watch it for the first time if you plan on going to the show.

Bill Peters Will No Longer Be Calgary Flames Coach?

It won’t be long before Bill Peters gets cut as the head coach for hockey team Calgary Flames. According to Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman, the future of Peters does not look very bright as he is expected to no longer be the head coach for the Flames. But it is still unsure when that exact time will be. Friedman mentioned during Hockey Central on Thursday night, “I think, Jeff (Marek), that this process is reaching its conclusion. I can’t tell you when exactly that’s going to be but the thing that we all expected is for Peters to be removed as head coach of the Calgary Flames and I think we’re getting close, I just can’t give you an exact time.” 

The Flames continue to investigate Peters after former player, Akim Aliu mentioned on Twitter that Peters used racial slurs several times towards him while they both worked together in the AHL. Since the allegations, Peters has not been present for the team for the past few days. Peters has not run a practice for the Flames, he was not seen on the bench during Wednesday’s game night in Buffalo, and he did not join the team on their flight back to Calgary. In regards to the incident involving Akim Aliu, Peters released an apology to the Flames during Calgary’s game against Buffalo, but he did not clearly state Aliu’s name in his speech.

Brad Treliving, Flames’ general manager responded to the media right after Peters made his apology statement, and restated that the team is still ongoing with their investigation. Aliu released a statement on Thursday morning as a response to Peter’s apology: “I have read the statement of Bill Peters, which I found to be misleading, insincere and concerning. I have accepted an invitation from the NHL to meet and discuss this situation. Out of respect for that process, I will not respond publicly to the statement or discuss the racism and discrimination that I have endured until after my meeting.”

Blue Bombers Fans Continue to Celebrate!

Thousands of fans have crowded the streets at The Forks, Winnipeg to celebrate the CFL team’s championship win. Blue Bombers players and fans partied with joy in downtown Winnipeg shouting, “Who’s go the cup? We’ve got the Cup!” as they paraded down the streets.

Many Bombers players rode on a float with a mini football field and a massive helmet near the front. Screaming fans surrounded them as they paraded through the Portage, the Main intersection, and then onwards to The Forks. You could hear the players yelling, “The drought is over and the Cup is here!”, “The Cup is here, let’s go!”

Lucky Whitehead, Bombers’ wide receiver wore no shirt in the cold, -1 C degrees weather, while holding the Cup. Whitehead thanked all the fans who waited for 29 years and said, “I feel great man. It’s amazing to be out here with my teammates and this city. It was all worth it.”

As the parade went, thousands of fans held signs and flags and wore jerseys as the float passed by. The hero who won the goal, Andrew Harris yelled out “I’ve got your back” to the crowds. Fans responded back “We’ve got your back” as the rest of the teammates chanted “MVP! MVP! MVP!” Harris surrounded by his family said,  “It’s a dream come true.” He also visited Winnipeg’s Oak Park High School.

Bombers president, CEO Wade Miller said, “Winning the championship is great for the players, the city, and the fans. All of Winnipeg is here.” Winnipeggers were dedicated to wait and stand in the freezing cold temperatures. But for them, the wait was totally worth it. Players joined and danced to the music with the fans, cheering each other back and forth. The team’s mascots Buzz and Boomer, drum band, and cheer team were also present in the parade. Superfan Dancing Gabe also made an appearance.

“We did this for you Winnipeg! Thank you, Winnipeg!” yelled the players.

Calgary Flames Head Coach Under Investigation for Allegedly Commenting Racial Slurs

Bill Peters, Calgary Flames head coach is currently under investigation for allegedly commenting racial slurs towards former player Akim Aliu. From 2012-2013, Aliu played seven games for the Calgary Flames and on Monday he made an allegation on social media saying Peters has made racial slurs at him – though he did not clearly state his name on the tweet. His tweet stated: “Not very surprising the things we’re hearing about Babcock. Apple doesn’t fall far from the Tree, same sort of deal with the protege in YYC. Dropped the N bomb several times towards me in the dressing room in my rookie year because he didn’t like my choice of music.”

Aliu mentioned that this was during his rookie year when he played in the American Hockey League for the Rockford IceHogs. Aliu told TSN that Peters walked in one morning before a pre-game skate and told him to stop playing his choice of hip-hop music, mentioning the racial slur in his dialogue. He then walked out as if nothing happened and it went dead silent. Aliu couldn’t say a word.

Brad Treliving, Flames’ general manager responded to the allegations on Monday and this morning as well. Treliving said, “We hope to have this completed quickly, but it’s got to be done correctly, and I’m not about to comment on anything halfway through or give tidbits or give soundbites at this point other than to say the serious nature of this is not lost on us.” Treliving said he has spoken with both Peters and Aliu and he said, “We take it with extreme seriousness and until such time as I can personally talk to all parties involved, we’re not going to comment.”

Aliu added on Twitter: “First one to…admit I rebelled against him. Wouldn’t you? And instead of remedying the situation, he wrote a letter to John McDonough and Stan Bowman to have me sent down to the ECHL. 20 year old on pace for 20 goals in his first pro year with zero PP/PK time was off to a great start in his pro career.”

Vancouver Grizzlies are Back on the Road

The Vancouver Grizzlies returned to the floor on Saturday, November 23 with a game between Los Angeles Lakers in Memphis. During the 2019-2020 season, they will be re-appearing for 14 times. Since their run in 1995 until 2000, the Grizzlies wore their classic teal Vancouver road uniforms for the first time on Saturday, in honour of their 25th season for the Vancouver/Memphis franchise.

Aside from the iconic ‘teal’ colour, Vancouver’s Classic Edition uniforms this season also featured the classic native Canadian Pacific Northwest pattern that outlined the uniform. A special commemorative court design went along with the original uniform, which incorporated all the different court designs throughout the 25-season history of the Grizzlies franchise.

November 29 will be the next game against Utah, and they will also be wearing their throwback uniforms. Head coach, Taylor Jenkins has been wearing the team’s teal hoodie all week now, saying that they are “super comfortable”. Grizzlies forward, Brandon Clarke responded to the throwback uniform and says “It’s kinda surreal, really, just because it’s like home”. Clarke lived in Vancouver for the first three years of his life and moved back for a year during his elementary years. He still has family and friends in the area. Putting on a jersey that represents his hometown is the most surreal moment in a rookie season which is off to a good start for Clarke.

Four years of college basketball has turned Clarke from high school jock to NBA forward. As a young high school graduate from Pheonix, Clarke knew he wanted to play basketball professionally. He is known to have the best shooting percentage out of any of the team’s regular rotation players – he is not just a normal rookie.

Unfortunately, the Grizzlies lost 109-108 to Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday. The Vancouver Grizzlies were 1-22 against the Los Angeles Lakers all time.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers: 107th Grey Cup Champions

What a successful Sunday night it was for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for finally winning the 107th Grey Cup Championship Game against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The Bombers beat the Tiger-Cats 33-12, ending a 29-year championship drought, with their first title since 1990. The game took place at McMahon Stadium in Calgary, Alberta.

In CFL history, Winnipeg has become the sixth team to win the Grey Cup after playing all of its playoffs and finishing first place in its division. Andrew Harris, #33 running back scored the touchdown for Winnipeg and was named for both ‘Grey Cup’s Most Outstanding Player’ and ‘Most Outstanding Canadian’. He was also the first Canadian to take the title ‘Grey Cup MVP’ since Ottawa Rough Riders’s quarterback Russ Jackson in 1969.

Harris rushed for 134 yards and caught six passes for 35 yards, therefore earning his title for outstanding player and Canadian after the game. Not only did Harris earn the title, but Hamilton Tiger-Cat’s wide receiver, Brandon Banks has also been named as CFL’s ‘Most Outstanding Player’. This was the first time since 1999 that a Tiger-Cat player has been crowned the award. Three other Tiger-Cat members received honours during the CFL Awards in Calgary: Orlando Steinauer for ‘CFL’s Coach of the Year’; defensive back/kick returner Frankie Williams for ‘CFL’s Most Outstanding Special Teams Player Award’; and offensive tackle Chris Van Seyl for ‘Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman’.

Harris said, “It’s a dream come true” as he and the rest of his team celebrated the win on the McMahon turf along with their friends and families. Confetti of gold and blue rained all over the ground slowly covering speckles of the green grass. The tradition of winning a celebration is never missed as the Bombers doused their head coach, Mike O’Shea with Gatorade, and sprayed champagne in the locker rooms as they smoked cigars and danced to music. It was a night filled with success indeed.

UPDATE: Transit Strike Has Escalated in Metro Vancouver

After unsuccessful talks between Coast Mountain Bus Company and the union, the job action in Vancouver has further escalated. Drivers are now on an overtime ban starting today, including Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of next week.

CMBC is disappointed that an agreement cannot be reached. The proposal mainly targeted wage and work conditions. Their proposal included a guaranteed 40 minute recovery time in every shift and a wage increase.

The company had offered a wage increase of $6,000 for drivers and $10,000 for trade workers at the top end of their salary over four years. CMBC President Michael McDaniel said that this was a fair and reasonable offer, but the union wasn’t willing to move on from their wage demand. As a result, the union job action is now creating an even major impact on the commuters.

“I agree with the union in terms of asking for more drivers and more wage. And of course, since they don’t have any breaks that’s not really fair since all the workers in B.C. have breaks. So it’s definitely agreeable that they should ask for that.” – Francesca Peñafuerte, Transit Commuter.

Since this morning, there’s been up to 10% of reduction in bus services, with over dozens of cancellations and disruptions. Commuters are hustling as the day goes by which is also a factor that CMBC is still taking into consideration. The longer the strike, the harder it is for every day commuters in Vancouver to get to their destinations.

“I don’t think that the CMBC and the union are gonna come to a conclusion anytime soon. But I think that the CMBC is also thinking about the commuters. Because in terms of transportation, they need to rearrange their route they usually take to get to where they need to be.” – Francesca Peñafuerte, Transit Commuter. 

TransLink stated that this job action will be hard to predict. There will be gaps in some routes and overcrowding of people. Commuters are advised to check TransLink alerts for any update, which can be found on the TransLink website and on the social media platforms.

Prepare For Possibly More Transit Cancellations and Disruptions

On November 13, the union is prepared to return to the bargaining table with the Coast Mountain Bus Company. If no deal is made in the next couple of days, the job action can escalate on Friday. The strike has been going on since November 1, after talks have broken down between the union and CMBC.

As of right now, workers still remain in their jobs, maintenance workers are banned from overtime, and drivers are not wearing their uniforms. Unifor lead negotiator, Gavin McGarrigle along with union representatives, says they are considering on additional days next week where drivers can join maintenance workers in an overtime ban.

This would lead to many more disruptions in bus schedules, which would affect students and workers even more. It is also creating a concern for some students who rely on transiting to and from school every day, especially with the weather changing.

“Not only are the buses taking longer or sometimes they’re canceled, the weather is also getting worse and Winter time’s gonna come. So we’re gonna have more of an issue having just the regular bus times, and top it off with the strike going on.” – Bertha Minondo, BCIT Welding student. 

This strike may raise concerns and problems for everyday transit riders, but at the end of the day, the bus drivers and workers are the ones who are greatly affected. The major issues for drivers are wage and working conditions. But the process of finding a resolution is not at all easy and will take time and careful decision-making for all parties involved.

“We have to think about why there’s the Translink strike. A lot of buses have to go through a lot of stuff, like it’s a hard job. They have to deal with all types of people. The whole Translink strike is so they can get better wages and they can have better benefits overall. It’s just basic human rights.” – Bertha Minondo, BCIT Welding student.

New Music Now Podcast – Seamstress

Seamstress is that local rock and roll band you probably never heard of, but can give you a show you will never forget. This band has been playing at local events for the past few years and is currently taking a break. But once they all come back together, it’ll be like nothing has ever changed. Their strong love and passion for rock music started back in Calgary in 2014 when they decided to create a band together. In every performance, Seamstress is all about sharing the art and love for music and making sure the audience is having the best time of their lives. Listen to learn more about them and how it all started on Evolution’s SoundCloud.

New Music Now Podcast – Young Friend

Young Friend is an indie pop/rap artist from Vancouver, B.C. who’s on his way to making big plans in the future. He started as a dancer in the community, but later moved on to pursuing music. Being a person who surrounded himself with music all his life, it wasn’t a surprise that it was the path he chose to follow. Young Friend has produced some of his latest songs such as Come on Through, PINK, and HILLS on Apple Music, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify. He will soon release many more music, and if you are looking for any new artists to listen to, he is one of them. Listen for more about Young Friend on Evolution’s SoundCloud.

Inter Pares and the Peter Gillespie Social Justice Award

Inter Pares, an international social justice organization based in Ottawa has awarded the Peter Gillespie Social Justice Award for 2019 to two Canadian Organizations: Clinic 554 and the National Aboriginal Council for Midwives. These organizations are being recognized for their outstanding work on this year’s topic on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Inter Pares hosts this large public event annually, and for the last three years, they’ve been giving out an award as part of it. It’s a great way to give recognition to Canadian organizations on the topic.

The Peter Gillespie Social Justice Award is named after a former worker at Inter Pares.

“The award is in memory of one of a man who worked in Inter Pares for about 20 years. His name was Peter Gillespie and he died of cancer a few years ago, but he worked with a lot of activist organizations across Asia and so we wanted to keep his memory alive.” – Jack Hui Litster, Inter Pares Community Engagement Manager

The awarding for the two winners will take place in Ottawa on April 29 at the Activist Fair: Conversations on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health. This year, the event’s format will be different than in the past years.

“It’s going to be more interactive than we’ve had in the past. But this year there’s going to be a lot more time for discussion and sharing information. We’ll have tables that focus on the topic, sexual and reproductive health and rights.” – Jack Hui Litster, Inter Pares Community Engagement Manager  

At the event, there will be stories, information, and examples to share about the topic. The two winners will also share information about their work, but before that, there will be an award ceremony.

As a new addition to the event, Maya Basudde, also known as MayaSpoken, is a guest speaker and spoken word artist who will be giving spoken word poetry at the event.

For further information about Inter Pares: https://interpares.ca



Are You Ready for Avengers: Endgame?

Today is the pre-screening of the Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. On Friday, April 26, the movie will officially be released in cinemas all across B.C.

The fans are finally going to watch the movie they’ve all been waiting for. April 2nd was the official start date of online ticket sales, and people were having a hard time buying due to many of them going on ticket platforms at once.

The goal of cinema staff and workers is to be as efficient as possible to make sure everything goes smoothly for tonight and tomorrow. But of course, events like this can be very stressful.

“It’s going to be high volume, so we’re going to have to be like really on top of things. It’s going to be high stress, but you know hopefully, we’re prepared cause we’ve been
building up to this for several weeks now. So it will be high everything, high stakes, high expectations.” – Acacia Regnier, Metropolis Cineplex Cast Leader 

Fans will be assembling for the Avengers: Endgame Opening Night Fan Event at the Metropolis Cineplex. Fans who attend will get to experience the movie first before its official release on Friday, April 26. At the event, fans will also receive a special token, plus an event-only concession offer.

The fan event will begin at 5 p.m. and it will be hectic, no doubt.

“Yeah, it’s like this special first showing here for super fans. So, I’m expecting a lot of like, craziness from that. Cause that’s the people who are really really stoked for the movie.” – Acacia Regnier, Metropolis Cineplex Cast Leader 

People should grab their tickets soon even if the next available screening is in two weeks because it will definitely be worth the wait.



BCIT Celebrates Day of Mexico

BCIT Business International together with BCIT Student Associations, hosted the last country celebration of the year today. The Day of Mexico took place at the Great Hall at SE 2 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Music and food such as chips and salsa were served in honor of the country’s culture.

“Every month BCIT Business International puts one country in the spotlight together with the Student Associations. And this month, it’s Mexico. So in the Great Hall, we have all these kinds of snacks with chips with salsa; we have Mexican dessert bread that students can try.” – Nele Tinck, BCIT Business International Faculty

From 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., the ‘Doing Business Around the World’ lecture took place and was conducted by one of the faculty team members who has worked in Mexico. At the lecture, they talked about the types of business practices and how culture influences businesses in countries.

Students will have to wait and find out in September which country will be celebrated next.


How Safe are the Students from the Measles Virus?

On Thursday, April 18, Fraser Health Authority had scheduled immunizations for the measles vaccine at Byrne Creek Community School for students who weren’t up-to-date with their vaccinations. Students who received a letter from the health authority have caught up with their measles immunizations, whether they needed a vaccine for the first time, or another dose for full protection.

Byrne Creek was one of the two schools in Burnaby, B.C. that hosted the mini immunization clinics, but the second one will be at Moscrop Secondary on Thursday, April 25th. There, only Moscrop students with a letter from the health authority will be able to get vaccinations.

The goal of having these clinics is to increase the number of immunizations before the school year ends. And by September, it will be mandatory for parents to report the immunization status of their child/children.

But for the other schools in Burnaby, B.C., students are still concerned if they are safe enough from the virus. Some students agree that it would be good to also have immunizations at their school for the virus.

“I think that’s a great idea. A lot of people don’t have vaccinations and they’re not aware of it. I think people were just not paying attention to how much it could affect us and they didn’t have enough information or were ignorant about the topic.” -Swati Maisuria, BCIT Architectural and Building Technology student

More clinics may be added in the near future if needed.