Local Vape Expert Unsure of Revelstoke School’s Prevention Method


With more and more questions surrounding the safety of vaping, an Eastern BC school has employed an unorthodox tactic to tackle the issue.

Revelstoke Secondary School has offered students to turn in their vapes for school cafeteria credit.

Dave from the Vapory in Langley is skeptical about its effectiveness.

“I don’t know how many kids will actually go for it or if they’ll do it and go out and get another vape within minutes”.

He also questions this method due to the high value of vape products in high schools.

“The running joke in the industry is that it’s basically prison prices for vapers in schools. They can get huge money inside of their school for something, that’s going to get them way more food than just trading in said item”.

Revelstoke Secondary says 45-50 students have handed in their vapes.

Parks Director on Preparations for Chinatown Otter

The troublemaker of Chinatown checks in and chows down again.

The otter who took the lives of 11 koi fish last year has come back with a vengeance, already devouring 6 this year.

Vancouver Parks Director Howard Normann talks about how the garden prepared to defend the prized fish from the otter:

“Well, after the otter departed the last time, we did put some steel plates on our gates at a four foot height and had some automatic closer units put on those gates”.

He adds that additional gates will be added around the garden to fend off our furry friend.

“Those gates will address the issue of the otter being able to get through those gates”.

Let’s hope this is enough for the safety of the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden’s koi and the otter.

Halloween Candy Tier List

Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s basically the same article I wrote last time. But hey, candy is different from a chocolate bar! Seeing the response from the other ranking piece, I decided to go ahead with this one. Let’s buckle up once again for this list

Elite Tier:

Reese’s Pieces

We’re starting at the top again and we’re keeping it simple. It’s just peanut butter but it’s fantastic. It doesn’t hold the heaviness of the Reese’s Cup, making it a perfect small snack.

Great Tier:


Despite their weird marketing tactics, Skittles is a household candy that you can always depend on this time of year. Variety is always there with its sour and tropical editions. It doesn’t always scratch that itch for me though. Regardless, a darn good treat.

Fuzzy Peach

If we were talking regular sized fuzzy peaches, I might have dropped it down to good or mid tier. Fortunately, Halloween usually brings us the superior snack sized alteration. Perfect bouncy texture that doesn’t overstay its welcome while chewing, its only setback is the sugar coating can be too much if eaten in excess. The whole point of this season is too eat too much candy, so it’s a bit counterintuitive.


I’m probably giving it an unfair advantage due to nostalgia, but hell, this is my ranking. It stays. There’s something just so… satisfying about opening their wrappers and taking forever to chew on these. I know I said before that overstaying one’s welcome isn’t appreciated in the candy realm but there’s something awesome about munching on these.

Good Tier:


The chocolate quality in these are akin to Aero (aka trash) but that’s okay in this situation. The candy layer complements it well, making a very easy to eat chocolate candy. The peanut version is okay, too.

Swedish Fish/Berries

They’re kind of different but I’m grouping them together anyway. If we were only talking Swedish Fish, I’d be talking great tier but Berries hold it back. Fish are a perfect size and shape, where as Berries are just kind of boring to eat. A good sweet overall, though.

Sour Patch Kids

Again, this is a candy I’d be putting in great tier but it has one major issue. Eating too many of these will ruin the roof of your mouth. I’m talking Cap’n Crunch level of pain. Great tasting candy with a huge flaw. What a shame.

Mid Tier


It’s kind of a boring candy but it fills its role well. I also find them fun to play with, which sounds really weird but whatever. I was a strange kid.



Probably belongs in low tier but the rainbow version props it up quite a bit. They bring me back to church service, when those and rainbow Mentos were the only thing that entertained me.

Low Tier


I have the Smarties vs. M&M’s debate with my sisters every 3 months. One of the few hills I will die on is the fact that Smarties kind of suck. The candy layer overpowers the chocolate and the texture sucks do to the flat shape. We’d be having a different conversation if Smarties bars were included but they’re not. Smarties can suck it.

Candy Corn

I don’t hate it as much as some others do. Pretty forgettable but at least they look unique and remain a strong icon for Halloween.

Don’t Even Buy Tier

Jolly Ranchers

It’s just old people candy but kind of better. Getting this during trick or treating would blow.

So that’s all I have for you. Hope you enjoyed my really important candy rankings! I got all of my Halloween clearance candy and you better have too!

Halloween Chocolate Tier List

Oh, the memories of Halloween. The leaves falling, the cold crisp autumn weather, eggs drying on my garage door, all that good stuff. But one memory that will never be topped is coming home from school on November 1st to see a fallout shelter load of discount Halloween candy. This wasn’t just some occasion. This was an annual event I looked forward to every year, like it was the Super Bowl or something.

Seeing how the 1st has arrived, I’ve decided to share with you my Halloween candy tier list. Evolution has never had an event of this magnitude, so buckle up.

Elite Tier:


We’re kicking things off at the top of the food chain and there’s no better treat to do it with. Perfect texture with the crunch of the biscuit and chewiness of the caramel, it leaves you wanting more but enough to be satisfied with just one. Far and away the best thing you can find in your trick-or-treat basket.

Great Tier:


A classic with the jingle everybody knows. It’s an undeniable favourite from most people and a chocolate bar you can always rely on. It’s missing that extra… something to elevate it to elite status, but greatness is nothing to scoff at.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Before publishing, I’ve already had somebody threaten to fight me over this placement. Another Halloween staple in this tier, but I always feel like I need something else to go along with it, as weird as that sounds. Despite this, it’s still a great chocolate that stands out amongst its peers year in and year out.

Good Tier:


The next tier commences with yet another Halloween essential. It’s the bar that satisfies all hunger, but that’s its biggest downfall, in my opinion. Sometimes I just want little things to snack on and one bar is too much! Like, even the snack sized bar feels like 25% of a meal to me. Otherwise, it’s damn tasty and it’s a damn shame I’m unable to have a bunch in succession.

Coffee Crisp

For whatever reason, this Canadian creation isn’t liked in my home. Lucky me! It’s a strong bar with a unique characteristic, but again, it’s lacking that something that pushes it to a higher level.

Mid Tier:


A foundational bar this season that suffers from two things: boring texture and overload of sweetness. It’s not a bad chocolate at all but I find it too rich and unexciting to eat. At least the nougat is a nice touch.

Crispy Crunch

Here, we have the second Canadian exclusive bar. We really like our alliteration, huh? Anyway, I don’t love Crispy Crunch but I give it points for being different. I can’t think of any other chocolate bar like it.

Oh Henry!

I feel like it’s just a downgraded version of Snickers. A filling bar with peanuts, but no nougat. I would accept one happily, but it’d never be my first choice, or second, or third… You get my point.

Low Tier:


I was debating if this was mid tier or not, but I realized Caramilk is basically the Oh Henry to Mars Bars’ Snickers: a downgraded version of itself. Chocolate and caramel without nougat. Definitely a forgettable treat.

Hershey Milk Chocolate

A snack as American as apple pie and baseball. Even with this, it’s still just a regular chocolate bar. I guess it has some versatility with its caramel and cookies and cream variations but still far from the best in the smorgasbord of Halloween goodies.


I thought about putting this in the worst tier but it’s not quite as bad as the last bar. This is just bad quality chocolate with some bubbles inside of it. I remember they tried marketing the bubble part so hard when I was a kid but even then I thought it was kind of lame.

Don’t Even Buy It Tier:


I know I gave points earlier for unique properties but this bar is just silly. A honeycomb chocolate bar that gets stuck in your teeth all the time and feels awkward to bite into. Just an absolute mess that shouldn’t have been created.


So there you have it! After writing this, I’m really tempted to go buy some boxes of chocolate just for myself 😏😏😏. Agree or disagree with anything? Leave a comment!

Vancouverite of Passage: An Introduction

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you were born in BC or lived in British Columbia for most of your life. The same goes for me. I was born in Langley and raised in Surrey. Despite my upbringing, I can’t say I know much about a staple of our local culture. Music. I tried to think of artists and groups from here, but all I could name was Carly Rae Jepsen, Hedley, and Nickelback. Nickelback isn’t even from BC, so it really shows how much I know. You could imagine how thrilled I was when I found out I was assigned as the local music writer for this week’s practicum.

But instead of fussing, I’m going to look at this as an opportunity; an opportunity to expand and broaden my musical horizons by listening to local bands and artists! I like crappy puns, so I’ve decided to call this my Vancouverite of Passage. Get it? You better. Throughout this week, I will be reviewing the newest album from multiple Vancouver based artists, like Japandroids, Mother Mother, Peach Pit, Dadweed, Needles//Pins, and maybe more. Before I discuss their records track by track, I will go over their background and upcoming tours, and single and album drops.

So please, join me on this musical vision quest (or uhhhh, audio quest, I guess?) through Vancouver. We will experience my horrific taste in music, probably make some unsuitable comparisons, and showcase how little I know about music. Hope you’ll learn a thing or two about me and some local bands/artists!

Kero Kero BONito

Credit: Daniel Boczarski/Redferns

Credit: Daniel Boczarski/Redferns

You love a good top 10 list, right? Top 50? I’m a sucker for a year end list, especially.

In mid-December, the internet’s busiest music nerd Anthony Fantano holds his annual “list week”, where he uploads his best and worst singles, EPs, and full length albums of the year. I was particularly interested when those videos rolled out in 2016, with albums like Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition and Weezer’s White Album released that year. Let’s face it, we only watch these lists to see if our favourite artists made it.

At #13, Fantano listed Kero Kero Bonito’s “Bonito Generation”. He described it as “the cutest pop record of the year”. I was pulled immediately. It’s difficult for me to find pop music I like. I feel like a lot of current pop is too… melancholy, I guess? I need some lighthearted BOPS like songs from B.C.’s own Carly Rae Jepsen, you know?

So after I finished the list, I pulled up Spotify and searched Kero Kero Bonito. The first thing I clicked was a song called “Flamingo”. It was mostly the cover art that drew my attention. A cute pink background with a shrimp. And I was super disappointed. I guess the production was nice enough, but the Japanese verses threw me off so much. So much excitement for 5 minutes to be let down.

Let’s fast forward one year. I started to watch a YouTuber named TuxBird and I noticed this great tune he played for his outros. I knew the song too, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Then it struck me. It was Flamingo. I had to listen to it again. And again. And again.

You know that feeling of discovering a new song and adoring it? I happened to me right then and there, but I had already listened to it. I was totally confused. After being so underwhelmed a year back, I found myself hooked? Whatever. I’m loving this and never going to look back.

They played at the Biltmore on Tuesday the 24th, but tragically, my arrangements to go fell through. They seem to come to Vancouver once a year, so I’ll be sure to go next time. Hopefully this article has inspired you to listen to an English/Japanese pop trio who sing about shrimp!