Looking to Plan Your Weekend? We Got You!

It’s Tuesday and you’re already stressed that you have no idea what you’re going to do this weekend. Don’t be too sad though, we here at Evolution have a bunch of cool ideas that will guarantee you have a blast!

If you love Hallmark Christmas movies as much as I do Vancouver Theatresports has the perfect comedy show for you! Merry Kissmas – A Royal Romance is an improvised parody of all your favourite cliches. VTS improvisers will be using audience suggestions to create a RomCom unlike any other. The show is from Wednesday to Sunday until Christmas Eve so you have plenty of time to go at least once or twice!

You still have time to catch Cirque du Soleil at Vancouver’s Concord Pacific Place. They’ve set up their iconic Grand Chapiteau big top tent. This year’s show is Luzia, a fantasy story set in Mexico. The show is centred around the elements of light and water. The only thing you can expect at Cirque du Soleil is the unexpected and this year’s show should be no exception!

Bah Humbug! is a Downtown Eastside take on the classic story “A Christmas Carol”. In this version of the story Scrooge is a heartless pawnshop owner/hotel landlord who evicts his helpless clientele. This humorous but also tragic musical is directed Michael Boucher and stars Juno Award Winner Jim Byrnes as Scrooge. It goes from Wednesday the 4th to the 21st at SFU Woodward’s Goldcorp Centre for the Arts.

Finally if you’re looking for something a little more boozy, there’s the 2019 Christmas Carol Boat Cruise. Get aboard the luxurious Abititi located Dock B at the Plaza of Nations for an unforgettable Christmas Buffet. The four hour cruise has music by DJ Rob Steel who definitely knows how to keep the party going. Oh and did I mention there’s a Chocolate Fountain? Nuff’ said.

Hopefully one of these four events will suit your mood this weekend, and if not thankfully there’s more than enough to do in beautiful Vancouver!

Canucks Take On Senators at Rogers Arena

The puck hits the ice tonight at Rogers Arena as the Vancouver Canucks take on the Ottawa Senators at 7PM. Canucks fans are hoping for an easy win against the Senators as the Ottawa team is facing a four game losing streak and have only won 4 out of 15 road games total. It would be a pretty big embarrassment for Vancouver to lose to one of the worst teams on their own turf.

The Canucks thankfully have more than just the home field advantage. They have scored 29 power plays and 110 opportunities, the most out of any team in the season. Rookie Quinn Hughes is also killing at as a Defenceman and is on track to get the Calder Trophy. Jordie Benn is also making big plays after he logged 21:26 on Sunday.

Expect some fisticuffs tonight too as Canucks/Senators games have a surprisingly high penalty average, with about 20 minutes per game.

But there’s more to be excited about than just the game at Rogers Arena. Alex Burrows will be inducted into the Canuck’s Ring of Honour at a Pre-Game ceremony tonight. Burrows is ranked 6th in all games played with the Canucks with 822 games. He’s also eighth in game winning goals and played a major role in getting the Canucks to the Stanley Cup Finals against the Boston Bruins back in 2011. The Senators will also do their part in honouring him by wearing Burrow’s number 14 on the back of their helmets. Alex had played for 91 games with the Senators after being traded by Vancouver back in February 2017.

Will the Canucks make their fans proud or will the Senators redeem themselves in a stunning upset? We’ll find out soon enough.

Santa Sleeps with the fishes at the Vancouver Aquarium

He’s making a list and checking it twice but before he can wrap that all up Santa’s making a detour. At the Vancouver Aquarium from now until December 24th Santa will diving into the deep end for some nautical nonsense. Children (and adults) can also get their photo taken with the legendary Scuba Claus.

But that’s not all, the Vancouver Aquarium has tons of great holiday activities for everyone. Like the electric eel-powered Christmas tree, which you can even feed! There’s also a jellyfish snow globe and just for the kids (due to size restrictions) a kelp maze!

And if you’re looking for a less active activity The Polar Express 4D Experience plays daily! Enjoy everyone’s favourite Tom Hank’s Christmas movie in the most immersive way possible. I’m eagerly awaiting the upgrade to 5D which I’m sure will be even more mind-blowing.

Other non-holiday related activities are also taking place today such as frog feeding and sea otter feeding.

So what are you waiting for? Head to the Vancouver Aquarium today!

Looking for Laughs? Bloodfeud Comedy is where it’s at!

Comedy is bigger than ever, whether it’s the vast selection of Stand Up Comedy on Netflix or the incalculable number of Sketch videos on YouTube, there’s no shortage of ways to make your belly ache with laughter. And if you live in Vancouver the options are even greater! With venues like Yuk Yuks and the China Cloud showcasing all sorts of unique talents there’s no reason not to support your local comedy community.

But I get it, you have a busy life and it’s so much easier to just watch an episode of The Office while snacking on your favourite brand of chips (Salt and Vinegar). So if you only have time for one show to go to, my recommendation would be Bloodfeud: Improv vs Stand Ups.

The show, started by Malcolm McLeod and Matty Vu, has a simple but intriguing concept. Stand up comedians battle it out with a group of improvisational comedians to see who is the funniest, with host Malcolm McLeod representing the improvisers while Matty Vu represents the stand ups.  In the first half some of Vancouver’s best stand up comedians show off their prepared and finely honed material. In the second half a group of improvisers do the opposite and perform a series of sketches completely made up on the spot. Once they wrap up it’s up to the audience to decide who is the victor.

It’s a great show that blends the best of both comedy worlds. Currently Malcolm is away in Toronto as he is involved with Second City there but a number of hilarious guest hosts have chipped in including Dragon Prince star Raquel Belmonte and Ryan Anderson. Their strange sensibilities have led to an interesting new vibe for the show.

Ryan Anderson is a strange man indeed

Bloodfeud is on the third Saturday of every month at Little Mountain Gallery.

Stephen King is not just a horror writer!

This week I saw the latest Stephen King adaptation, Doctor Sleep. The film is a sequel to The Shining and a very fun one at that. What struck me most during my viewing was that despite it being a sequel to one of the most legendary horror films of all time the movie actually seemed to fall less under the horror genre and more under the category of a fun fall blockbuster. The film definitely has ghosts and all sorts of spooky things but it’s tone is a lot more loose even as it’s dealing with an alcoholic protagonist with a massive guilt complex. Without going too much into the plot it actually reminded me most of the X-Men series what with it’s number of characters that had all sorts of exciting magic powers. While the majority of King’s work is certainly horror a significant number of his classics are far from that. Here’s a look at some of his best non-horror books/adaptations.

Stand By Me

Yes, Stephen King wrote a children’s story. This mid 80’s classic featuring a who’s who of child actors who went on to make it big is based on the Stephen King short story “The Body.” Directed by Rob Reiner it’s one of those movies that doesn’t feel dated at all and has been referenced in everything from Family Guy to Pokemon Red/Blue. The tale of four boys who go on a hike to find a dead body is one of the great coming-of-age films. The original short story did feature a darker fate for Gordie Lachance’s friends but Reiner thankfully toned that down, making the final gut punch at the end hit even harder.

The Shawshank Redemption

The number one ranked film on IMDB is also a Stephen King adaptation. The story of a wrongfully convicted man named Andy Drufresne who bonds with a fellow prisoner named Red. It’s a heart-warming tale that despite it’s box office failure has managed to become one of the most beloved film of all time thanks to numerous re-runs on cable. Evolution’s own Kaden McNab says it’s his favourite movie of all time. The message of love and redemption is one that resonated with millions of viewers.

The Stand

This is my personal favourite Stephen King novel. This 1000+ page epic is about a plague that kills 99% of the population, leaving the one percent to divide themselves in two camps, one lead by the wise Mother Abigail, and the other led by the demonic Randall Flagg. Though some would refer to this novel as horror I consider it to be closer to something like The Lord of the Rings, an American epic with a massive scale. It’s been adapted twice so far, a miniseries in the 90s and a comic book from Marvel, with a third adaptation for CBS All Access currently filming here in Vancouver.

The Dark Tower

Another epic from King, this is a seven book series (plus additional spin-offs). It’s starts off as simple weird-west tale about a gunslinger named Roland Deschain who’s chasing after a man known only as the Man in Black. It then expands into a complicated meta-story featuring numerous appearances by other King characters. If you think the MCU is vast you haven’t seen nothing yet. I went through this whole series within a couple months after film adaptation came. Do not watch the movie, it is…not good. Thankfully Amazon is developing an adaptation of the fourth book, Wizard and Glass, which is a prequel to the first three books in the series and…yeah this stuff gets complicated pretty fast. But if you’re able to buy into what this epic has to offer you are in for a massive meal of epic proportions.

The Running Man

This Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie doesn’t have a lot do with Stephen King’s original novel but that doesn’t make it any less good. This is one of the most rewatchable movies out there with it’s brilliantly dumb action set pieces. Arnold plays a man who is forced to participate in a deadly game show. The action distracts from the dark dystopian message of the film which somehow predicted the ridiculousness of reality TV. The core of the film plays like a videogame, with Arnold having to defeat various “Boss” characters in crazy ways. It’s one of those King adaptations that despite having little to do with the source material manages to still be an absolute blast.


The James Franco adaptation of this massive tome of a novel may not be very good but that doesn’t change the fact that King delivered one hell of an epic time travel story. A man travels back in time to stop the assassination of JFK and you can probably guess that complications arise. One of the things I love about Stephen King is his ability to draw you in with his believable characters only to pull the rug from underneath with some absolutely bonkers ideas. It’s one of the reasons so many of his adaptations have had their endings changed (RIP “It’s cosmic turtle) but when he pulls it off it is a pure mind screw that only he can do.

That about sums it up on my list of his Stephen King’s non horror work (I know Green Mile is good but I haven’t seen it, sorry!). I limited myself to only things that were adapted on screen because let’s face it, their’s too much content right now. And if you do decide to get into King’s novels and short stories you will not find yourself at a loss at all, the guy is prolific!

A completely objective review of every category on Disney+

Disney+ is finally here! The new streaming service made it’s glorious launch early this morning. Despite some technical hiccups I managed to log onto it. After hours and hours of intense analysis I am ready to provide for you dear reader my 100% objective review of every category that Disney+ has.

Row One

Not necessarily a category but it is the first row of movies you see when you launch Disney+. Immediately the first thing you see is the TV show, The Mandalorian, which makes sense since it’s Disney+’s most significant exclusive. The show cost over $100 million and is the very first live action Star Wars show. It was the first thing I watched and it is very good. One important thing to note though is unlike Netflix, Disney+’s new shows will be aired week to week as opposed to launching with the full season on day one. While I enjoyed The Mandalorian its first episode is actually under 40 minutes, which is a bit of bummer given the excitement for it’s premier. After The Mandalorian is Avengers Endgame, which isn’t a Disney+ exclusive but it is the biggest movie ever made so that’s a pretty good thing to follow up with. The rest of the row consists of some less anticipated original but still quality. Grade 9.5/10 although mostly due to Mandalorian and Endgame


I’ve talked about The Mandalorian already but High School Musical the Musical is surprisingly good too. It reminds me of my own time in the strange world of high school musicality. Also the songs slap like a motha,

The direct to streaming show remake of Lady and the Tramp is…. uh….. bad. Somehow they decided to remake one of the worst Disney cartoons and extend it by 20+ minutes. Lets face it the only scene anyone remembers from this movie is the pasta moment and they messed it up.  The voice actors are fantastic in their own sprat shows and films but they don’t fit in as dogs.

On the bright side  The World According to Jeff Goldblum was a great deal of fun until the recent allegations against the actor came out. And by recent I mean wishing I wrote this the day before. Like seriously there was no reason for him to go out of his way to defend Woody Allen. That makes The World According to Jeff Goldblum go from a solid seven to a mediocre and problematic five.

The show “Encore” produced by Kristen Bell is a nostalgic trip through the world of high school broadway style musicals. It’s quite similar to High School Musical the Musical although less scripted (let’s face it that show is fiction). Bell is a fanatic host however and does the musical interludes justice.

The rest of the original Disney+ programs are documentaries evolving various Disney IPs. I enjoyed the Marvel one the most for obvious reasons, especially since it teases future Marvel TV shows but it’s mostly a victory lap following the success of Endgame.

In the category of Hit Movies you have Avatar, the second highest grossing movie of al time. As well as Toy Story 3, which was the highest grossing animated film of all time until Lion King Remake took over (although is that animated or live action? Kind of a grey area). Endgame and the Star Wars also are part of that category as well as Pirates of the Caribbean, Guardians of the Galaxy and somehow Thor The Dark World which is notorious for being the worst Marvel movie (Endgame even comments on its terribleness). Then again Attack of the Clones is also there and that is famously worse than Phantom Menace so maybe this category is just a big troll. 7/10, mostly great but with some weird outliers.


The Simpsons is first on the row which makes sense for a number of reasons. First off it’s the greatest sitcom ever made. And also Disney+ messed up the aspect ratio for the show so a number of jokes got ruined due to the messy framing. Aside from that the category is mostly Disney+ originals with Iron Man and Captain Marvel mixed in. 8/10 Thank Iron Man for that,

Out of the Vault

This is where all the cartoons go. Legit this the highest quality average. All these vault films are 9-10 in quality. It’s merely a shame that their live action rakes will bury them. That being said the category itself is a 10/10. These movies are undeniable classics.

Inspired by True Stories

This is the docudrama section. It has Remember the Titans which I watched all the time as a kid so 10/10. Sorry not sorry that movie is perfect,

Disney Channel Favourites

This is where the classic Disney channel shows go. Lizzie McGuire, Phineas and Pherb, Wizards of Waverly Place. All of them are here. Let’s face it these shows where never “good” but they are a guilty delight. Lizzy McGuire is also getting a sequel for Disney+. That makes this category an 8/10 for continuity.


This is where High School Musical the Musical takes centre stage as well as The Sound of Music, the happiest World War Two film ever. Mary Poppins and Moana also lead the pack as well as Newsies, a film Christian Bale does not want you to know exists. I just watched it and it is as amazing as I hoped. Everything else is just gravy. 15/10 (All because of Newsies).


This is just the Disney Channel category mixed in with some Fox Kids cartoons, most significantly X-Men the Animated Series, which is both amazing and also horribly dated (it set the Cajun people back by a good 50 years at least due to Gambit alone). 5/10 due to the poor stereotypes of XMtAS.

Beasts and Monster

This is where the cartoon beast monsters movies come into play. Beauty and the Beast remake is of course the first movie to get top billing, then the Monsters Inc Flicks followed by the original Beauty and the Beast 6/10 limited category.

Nostalgic Movies

The Muppet Movie takes top billing here. It’s a fantastic film filled with some of the greatest puppetry that the world has ever seen. The incredibly influential Tron takes second bill and. That film is also a wonderful adventure. The selection here is actually one off the better ones with a lot of deep cuts like The Rocketeer. 10/10 the best category here.

Disney Junior

This is where you learn how two plus two equals four. 12/10 I wish I had this as a child growing up.

Feel Good Sports Movies

Remember The Titans is not first billed therefore this category is invalid. 2/10 but 9/10 if you reorder it.

Mickey Mouse Through the Years

This is where the classic Mickey shorts exist. They still hold up and while not as subversive as Bugs Bunny they are still filled with a style of animation that is far superior in terms of framing and budget compared to modern 2D animation. 9/10.


Jeff Goldblum’s show takes top billing and if you’ve read this article thoroughly you know why that’s problematic. 6/10, still love the Goldblum but uh…..this might be a very dated article in a couple of days…


Pixar lives here. What is Money starring Forky and Ham is the big one following a number of classic Pixar shorts. 9.5/10, Pixar rules

Best Friends

The Lady and the Tramp remake is awful but Turner and Hooch gets second billing which is pretty impressive. That movie owns. 8/10 Dogs rule.

Fun Mysteries

Zootopia is a surprisingly woke movie and is getting a sequel very soon. The Great Mouse Detective is about a great mouse detective. And Who Framed Roger Rabbit is the greatest movie of all time. 13/10 all thanks to Roger Rabbit.

Action and Adventure.

The Mandarlorian once against takes star billing and deserves it based on it’s newness and extravagance. It’s quite similar to the Row One billing with the first Incredibles added because that film still rules. 9.9/10.

Animals and Nature

I don’t need to watch any of theses movies to know they’re great. The animals here are adorable. 10/10 must adopt Panda.

As you can see Disney+ has a pretty high average of quality. And the service will continue to get new great shows. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Pokemon Sword/Shield is the most Political game of 2019

Due to the litigious nature of tPCi all images were drawn by me

On November 15th the most important and socially relevant video game of the year comes out. Pokemon Sword and Shield, the 8th generation of the two decade old monster collecting franchise make their console debut on the Nintendo Switch. The series has delighted people of all ages for years with it’s incredible monster designs and simple but deep gameplay. But what some people may not know is that this newest instalment is the most relevant game of 2019. Here’s why.

Dexit is the Pokemon world’s Brexit

In 2016 the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU. This phenomenon became known as Brexit. The effects of Brexit have been terrible and this writer is nowhere near qualified to write about it. However what I can tell you is how Pokemon Sword and Shield comment on it.

In June Pokemon Sword and Shield director Junichi Masuda revealed to the world that not all of the 800+ Pokemon would be available to use in the games, regardless of whether the player had captured them in previous titles. It was a stunning reversal on over a decade of policy. Fans referred to this as “Dexit”. Just like how the UK’s Brexit will be limiting the flow of immigrants into the country so too will the region of Galar, which in a hilarious coincidence is based on the UK. In Galar they’re willing to let the fire breathing lizard known as Charizard into the region but not the honorary fire fighter Blastoise. Pikachu gets let in because he’s a celebrity, but everyone’s favourite fish Luvdisc gets flushed down the toilet. Director Masuda may not have intended to set off a political landmine and rather was simply trying to ship a game on time and on budget but he damn well did anyways.

That being said competitive Pokemon is going to be awesome this generation! A world without Garchomp, yes please!


Sobble is millennials anxiety manifested.

Every Pokemon game opens up with trainers choosing between one of three adorable creatures to start with. Some are feisty, some are cheerful, others are just plain cute. This new Pokemon, Sobble, represents an untapped personality however. He is a Pokemon described as an anxious creature afraid of social situations. Rather than frolic and play he just wants to chill in a safe space, free of negative attitudes except his own. His counterparts Grookey and Scorbunny like to dance and play music, Sobble would rather make sad Tumblr posts. Sobble’s only avenue to escape his miserable existence is to become a tool of his Pokemon trainer and fight constantly until he evolves into a greater self. Only through constant battles will he grow out of his soft shell.

For Millennials, anxiety is a very common and debilitating feeling that they have to overcome. We are badgered by social media, societal expectations, and our own negative thoughts. Sobble is a true reflection of our own selves. And like Sobble, our only way out of our negative existence is to fight our battles and break free. Also he’s a water type and water types are awesome.

Galarian Weezing

Galarian Weezing is the key to fighting climate change

In Pokemon Sword and Shield a number of older Pokemon have new appearances known as “Galarian Forms”. These Pokemon, not native to the region of Galar, have adapted to the region in unique ways. Galarian Weezing is the poster boy for this change. In the classic Pokemon games Weezing was a poison, spouting all sorts of toxic gasses that sicken his foes. But in the region of Galar the Weezings there use contaminated air and toxic gases as a food source. The toxins are removed from the absorbed air and gases before they are emitted again via the top of the Weezing heads. The air purified in this way is apparently very clean. Unlike our terrible hellscape of a planet the Pokemon world has developed a natural way to get clean energy. With constant fears of what the threat of climate change will do to our world the Pokemon world provides a simple solution, creating genetically engineered monsters that process toxic substances and turn them into fun clouds. Simple stuff!

Pokemon tackles the horrors of capitalism with PokeJobs

Though battling is the main activity that takes place in the Pokemon series there have been numerous other activities throughout the franchise that trainer’s Pokemon have been able to participate in. From fashion contests to the Pokelympics, the series has always been willing to let players have fun in new and interesting ways. In Sword/Shield that new activity is Pokejobs. Yes now you can put the Pokemon you aren’t battling with to work! In this industrial hellscape known as Galar trainers can crack the whip on any monster that dares to think that they can rest. That lazy Machamp can now put his four arms to use at a construction site and bring home some wonderful items to the player. Just like the real world Sword and Shield understands the importance of labor. As we all work our soul crushing jobs it feels good knowing that we can make our Pokemon understand that fate as well.

By now I’m sure you’re sold on the fact that Pokemon Sword and Shield is undeniably the most political game of 2019. With so much of the game still under wraps who knows what sort of commentary will be discovered.

Pokemon Sword and Shield releases on November 15th.

Echoes: Blind Tiger

For five years, Blind Tiger has been on the cutting edge of teaching people in Vancouver the art of Improv comedy. Jack Metcalfe interviews Malcolm McCleod, who was among the first to be taught by the faculty there. He shares how Blind Tiger stands out in Vancouver’s comedy scene.

How to Talk About Avengers Endgame Without Spoiling It

As of April 25th, 2019, there are two types of people, those who have seen Avengers: Endgame and those who haven’t. For those who have basked in the warm glow of seeing the Infinity Saga come to an end life may seem quite different compared to the poor saps who have yet to see the blockbuster event. I have devised three scientifically approved tips of how to talk to your sad friends who haven’t seen the movie.

  1. Describe the film in caveman talk. The best way to talk about Endgame is to use simple words that don’t say anything particularly meaningful, use basic phrasing like a caveman would. Ex. “Movie good, funny funny, action action, sad, action action epic, sad, sad”. That way no one will be the wiser.
  2. Compare the film to non superhero movies. Marvel’s film director’s love to compare their loud blockbusters to more reputable films so why not do the same. Avengers: Endgame is so much movie you could basically compare it to any other film in history. Ex. Endgame is like Goodfellas mixed with Timecop mixed with Lord of the Rings (That’s actually a very accurate description)
  3. Create a fake movie with similar but different characters. I’m a big DC fan and out of boredom made a fake DC film slate that resembled the MCU. You could also do the same. Instead of talking about Captain America talk about Superman. Likewise Ironman could be Batman. Thor is obviously Wonder Woman, the list goes on. DC’s superheroes are at such a low point now that even mentioning their names at all will likely cause people to stop paying attention.

I hope with these helpful tips you find a way to live in a post Endgame world, it may seem hard but just remember, it will only get worse when they do the Galactus Saga*

*I don’t have proof they’re doing that, don’t @ me.

Bond 25 Lands Cast But No Title

Daniel Craig’s fifth and likely final entry in the James Bond franchise has assembled an all star cast. Newly minted Oscar winner and star of “Mr. Robot” Rami Malek will be headlining as the film’s villain.

Details of the highly anticipated blockbuster were announced in a special #Bond25 live stream that aired Thursday morning.

The film, directed by “”True Detectives” Cary Fukunaga is about a retired James Bond who is pulled back in when his old friend Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) turns up asking for help. The mission is to rescue a kidnapped scientist but turns out to be far more treacherous than expected, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.

Ralph Fiennes, Rory Kinnear, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, and Lea Seydoux will all be back for the 25th movie in the popular film series.

Lea Seydoux’s casting is particularly interesting as she is the first Bond love interest to appear in more than one Bond film.

The motion picture will stay true to the franchise’s globetrotting roots by filming in Italy, Jamaica, Norway, and the United Kingdom.

This is something of a homecoming for the series as the very first Bond film also took place on an island, a welcome return to the roots for what is expected to be as close to a conclusion to the series as a Bond film can get.


Ana de Armas, Dali Benssalah, David Dencik, Captain Marvel star Lashana Lynch, and Alladin star, Billy Magnussen also will be in the film, although their roles have yet to be specified.

Purrfect Applicant Applies for BC RCMP

No I’m not kitten you, a furry friend has applied to become a police officer for the B.C RCMP. Penny Cirque, AKA Penniriffic AKA Penny who is just terrific, is an orange tabby who responded to the BC RCMP’s April fool’s application for a “kitty cop.” 

The RCMP didn’t expect fur real applicants for this purr-sition but Penny might make that a paw-sibility.

She was once planning on a career at Cirque du Soleil but now wants to have to be involved in Paw Enforcement.

Penny has a more than impurrsive resume. She is used to being a ride-along partner in fast cars and would love to be involved in a high speed chase. She can’t wait to catch bad guys with their paws in their air.

Penny’s fluffy good looks aren’t just for show. She claims she could lull even the most fur-midable baddies into submission and convince them to confess their crimes

Penny’s also a skilled teacher. She is teaching her brother and friend to swim and ride bikes. She is also very cat-thletic herself and plans to do the Tour De Rock.

Penny isn’t just an incredible cat-thelete, she also makes kitty texting gloves which she would willingly share with the RCMP Kitty Corps so that they can become litter-ate felines.

Un-fur-tunately Penny forgot to include her contact information, what a terrible catastrophe.

The RCMP has yet to say whether Penny has passed the vetting process.

“Avengers” Assembles for Earth Shattering $850-900 Million Debut

The highly anticipated conclusion to the “Infinity Saga” is estimated for a more than worthy debut. Avengers: Endgame is expect to gross $850-900 million in it’s worldwide opening weekend.

The film made it’s Hollywood premiere yesterday with stars Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Scarlet Johansson and the rest of the film’s massive cast in attendance.

The blockbuster, directed by brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, is the 22nd film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a franchise that has grossed in total more than $18.5 billion at the box office.

The film is the conclusion to a 22 movie saga that started with 2008’s “Iron Man”. It follows the exploits of the Avengers left alive at the end of “Avengers: Infinity War” as they make one last stand against the villainous alien Thanos, who killed half the universe’s population (including many beloved Avengers) at the end of the previous film.

The film has a tremendous advantage in reaching the $1 billion mark for it’s worldwide debut as it is opening day and date in China as opposed to two weeks later like it’s predecessor, where some analysts predict it could reach $250 million in that market alone in it’s three day debut.

Domestically the film is all but expected to outgross it’s predecessor’s $257.7 million three day weekend. The film has already broken the record for highest sales in sales in pre-sale tickets at $120 million plus. The film is projected by some to even exceed $300 million.

The film opens this Thursday, April 25th.