Beyond the Sidelines w/ Pro Baseball Pitcher Curtis Taylor

Free Agent professional baseball pitcher, Curtis Taylor, comes on to talk about the behind the scenes actions of what a baseball player goes through that the fans don’t see, fan misconceptions, and what draft day was like!
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Beyond the Sidelines – Personal Training w/ Callum Volpe

Personal Trainer Callum Volpe, is on this episode to talk us through is journey into personal training the level of importance it has on todays athletes and the sports world in general, as well as how much its shifted in the past few years!


Uncle Strut @ The Wise on November 26th

Vancouver indie/alternative band Uncle Strut is playing The Wise here in Vancouver on November 26th! If you’re looking for a night to groove and dance your socks off then dedicate this evening to watch Uncle Strut live!

The band is really just getting going as its only been about a year since group was formed. The band was created when lead singer Tyson McNamara, bassist Brendan Reid, and drummer Quincy Flowers got together to jam and rock out. Later on they looked to expand their group so they did that by recruiting guitarist and producer Will Horning. It was then that the chemistry was enhanced and it was easy money from there on out. With common comparisons of music style to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Kings of Leon, and Morning JacketsUncle Strut strives to reinvigorate rock n’ roll with new and exciting sounds by combining the styles of classic rock, grooving indie music, and psychedelia.

2 single group release Criminal/33 is a couple songs that explore the sounds and feelings of someone getting their feelings off their chest. Preaching that despite the common occurrence in a relationship it was the other that was at fault. “Criminal” brings the listener through the story of how the significant other really screwed up and ruined what once was a great thing. Lots of emotion from the singer and feels like he’s relieving some stress he went through. “33” is the second song where it goes through the emotions and stages of going from strangers to partners. The anxiety of the approach and then the mental hurdles of being in the relationship driving each other crazy. Interesting story and lyrics but a really catchy line of instruments playing with strong vocalism showing different ranges.

This is just the tip of the iceberg from this group having already released 9 singles full of different sounds that put a smile on your face. If you are a fan of music and listen to a variety of genres then this is a group that you are going to enjoy.

Book the evening off so that nothing prevents you from catching this group LIVE at The Wise on November 26th @ 8 pm! Doors open @ 7 pm.


604 Records’ new releases for the holidays!

604 Records is back at it again just a couple weeks later with some new releases from some familiar faces. Lets get into it shall we? Oh we shall…

1. Christmas Angel – Josh Ramsay

Vancouver native and lead singer of pop-punk band Marianas Trench, Josh Ramsay puts his heart and outstanding vocals to this beautiful Christmas ballad. With an acoustic tone and high pitches throughout the song, Ramsay sings about the origins of Christmas by preaching and praying to the Christmas Angel. A beautiful and slow moving ballad perfect for the Christmas holiday.

2. Don’t Hang the Mistletoe – Jojo Mason

Jojo Mason does an excellent job on the song creating a fun catchy song related to Christmas. A song that gives off a simple message through the lyrics “Don’t hang the mistletoe, if you wanna get anywhere on time”,  which in itself is pretty self explanatory because of the tradition smooching under the mistletoe and how sometimes it can get carried away. The tune is amazing on this record with the steady drumming and funky keyboard playing provides a unique fun sound. Great vocals and instruments making it a really good listen!

3. Warm Tonight – Andrea Clute

A love letter to a significant other or special person in your life, Andrea Clute provides a cute and beautiful song for Christmas. With lyrics like “The distance got nothing between us, there’s more than enough love between us”, this song seems to relate to towards being in a long distance relationship and getting back together for the holidays, staying together and doing what couples, in love, do. Again, similar to Ramsay’s Christmas Angel, it’s an acoustic tune that connects with the listener in a more intimate way. Great song all around.

4. All We need – Andrew Hyatt

A country song with a beautiful message about the Christmas season and how family intertwines with it and it being “all we need”.Andrew sings about activities and Christmas traditions and how everyone close to us makes the holidays better, even the ones a long distance away from you. A standard, beautiful song that doesn’t get too crazy, it creates an image of Christmas and makes the message easy to understand. Love this song!

There you have it! Some releases as of November 18th that you can play during the holiday season without losing any of the holiday spirit!

Add them to your playlist today!

The Fox Cabaret welcomes Tyler Shaw for a Vancouver doubleheader!

Coquitlam’s very own Tyler Shaw is playing TWO shows at The Fox Cabaret on November 29th! The Canadian pop singer is bringing the people of Vancouver his pop classics and more, including some of his Christmas spirit from his recent album A Tyler Shaw’s Christmas that features songs “This Christmas” and “O Holy Night” that features operatic pop group, The Tenors.

Tyler Shaw

Tyler Shaw came onto the scene when he released his debut single “Kiss Goodnight” from help of Stephen Kozmeniuk and Todd Clark. He gained a lot of traction off the single when it rose up the Canadian radio charts, and not too long after became his first GOLD certified single, hitting No. 24  on the Canadian Hot 100. Three years later after releasing a few more singles such as “Be My Side”, “It Happens All the Time”, and “House of Cards”, Shaw released his debut album Yesterday in 2015 and received high praise that got him the opportunity to tour with the beloved Selena Gomez on her Revival World Tour  in 2016.

“With You” is apart of his sophomore album INTUITION and is certified DOUBLE Platinum and has reached the top 5 on the Canadian radio charts while also reaching No. 34 on the Canadian Hot 100. The album itself got high praise as it received a Juno Award nomination for pop Album of the Year in 2019 which earned him the chance to perform on the national broadcast of the Canadian awards show where he performed “With You”. Tyler Shaw hasn’t stopped there, “To The Man Who Let Her Go” is another single off the album and reached the top 10 across 3 different Canadian radio formats and is certified gold with the music video reaching #1 on the Canadian iTunes music video chart!

Mark your calendars for November 29th when Tyler Shaw performs 2 shows at The Fox Cabaret here in Vancouver, one at 3 pm then another at 7 pm! 

See more details and tickets HERE!


Art d’Ecco @ The Fox Cabaret | November 26th

Canadian indie rock singer Art d’Ecco has the date set to deliver a masterclass performance at The Fox Cabaret! The Ottawa native who is now based a ferry ride away over in Victoria, is coming off the release of his fourth album After the Head Rush back in June 2022.

Art d'Ecco @ NON-COMM 2022 XI

Art d’Ecco’s beginnings into music began after he was done being a line cook in restaurants. He started by playing in the band Speed to Kill who also featured Vancouver musician Jason Corbett. d’Ecco went on to play in many more bands but unfortunately wasn’t seeing much progression so he took time away to take care of his ill grandmother who was suffering from Alzheimer’s. As sad as it was seeing what his grandmother was going through, this is the retreat that got his career going. Art would begin writing songs for Day Fevers, his debut project under the stage name Art d’Ecco, which was amazingly recorded with nothing but a piano and an iPhone.

After the Head Rush is an album that explores many sounds, tempos, styles and beats in an alternative style. Reading up on d’Ecco and seeing how he compares to a few artists most notably, David Bowie, the funky vocals and his riding of the beats portrayed in his music matches the comparison like no other. A song on the album that stands out to me is “Midlife Crisis”, the hard hitting kicks and change of pace is really funky to listen to and really gets you into the track. You almost feel the kicks in your chest. Immediately following that track is “Get Loose” and the rhythm in this song is so upbeat, and you will catch yourself moving every part of your body without thinking. This album provides surprises and a mix of many different styles of beats that all fit the vocal style of Art d’Ecco that truly matches the legend of David Bowie.

Be sure to swing by The Fox Cabaret on November 26th to catch Art d’Ecco LIVE!

Buy your tickets and see event info HERE


Jon Bryant rocking The ANZA Club November 25th!

Halifax native Jon Bryant is ready to give Vancouver a night to remember as he gears up to give ANZA Club a show! Now settling down in Vancouver, this is the first stop of his cross-Canada Would You Call me Up Tour beginning on November 25th at 8pm!

Jon Bryant @ Makerspace North

Bryant got into music by studying the piano and later learning how to play the guitar and drums. He and his wife both grew up in Halifax where he went to Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and his wife is an actress and model.

Bryant started his career similar to a lot of artist where he typically wrote a lot of his work and toured North America aswell as Europe. He is an advocate for World Vision, which is a Christian humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy program. While having this a part of him he was apart of Starfield, which is a Christian folk band that has had the success of charting in the UK, Canada, and United States, while being winning GMA Awards and receiving four Juno Award nominations.

His 2022 single “This Book” feels like a love letter that relates to grieving about something you can’t let go. Knowing how bad it ended or how rough its going, despite it messing with how you feel, you want to see how the “book” ends. What I loved about this song is the tempo and the background music behind the acoustics of the guitar. Its a song that’s easily relatable and isn’t hard to understand. You can dissect the message he’s trying to convey and listen to what he’s going through. You can hear the emotion in his voice with this track which makes a connection between him and the listener. He has a voice that is very beautiful without trying too hard which makes it more enjoyable and soothing to listen to.

Jon Bryant is kicking off his Would You Call me Up Tour and they’re tickets you for sure want to jump on before its too late! You can find him at The ANZA Club on November 25th at 8 pm, doors open at 7 pm. Bring your friends, significant other, family and make a night out to support local talent!


Eagles Club to host Marmoris!

Canadian indie/alternative rock band Marmoris is set to light the lamp December 2nd at the Eagles Club here in Vancouver! The band bonded through bloodline has been in the mix for a decent period of time now and is coming of recent releases with their single Paper Airplanes just back in September and their EP High and Simplified that released at the beginning of 2022 in January.

“Paper Airplanes” (September 16, 2022), Marmoris’ most recent single is an incredible song with electrifying guitar that is loud and crisp with strong vocals. In my opinion the lead singer gives off a female version of Dallas Smith, very country/pop sound with similar range. The song has a clear message of letting yourself spread your wings and fly to where you’ve set your goal and to reach your dreams. It talks about the mental block you have to push through in order to make your dreams come true and how there’s no such thing as “the sky’s the limit” because your potential is endless.

“High and Simplified”-EP (January 14, 2022), Mamoris’ EP that released back in January has a common theme of slow moving ballads that helps ease the mind. It provided a lot percussion and tempos that sway the body. The vocal strength and emotion is there as every song depicts a ton of emotion and connects to a part of their life in some way. Lots of range and versatility with this band and on this EP, I highly recommend you give it a listen.

If you want to listen to their discography outside of the platforms then be sure to check them out live at The Eagles Club on December 2nd! 

See event info here!