Concert Review: CASE STUDY: 01 TOUR

In case you didn’t know, Canadian singer Daniel Caesar is currently on his CASE STUDY: 01 TOUR and performed TWO nights here in Vancouver! He performed this Wednesday (November 27) and Thursday night (November 28) at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre at UBC.

Daniel Caesar

Which night did you attend?? Did you miss out??

Well, that’s why I’m here! Take a seat, listen to some Daniel Caesar, and get ready because I’m here to talk about the show for you. I’m gonna mention my favourite parts, what I thought really stood out, and just good moments.

Let’s dive right in.

Okay, so I’m gonna start off and say that I’m not the biggest Daniel Caesar fan out there. I only know a few songs but that night, it didn’t matter how many songs I knew. His music is one of those kinds where whether you know it or not, it’s so easy to get lost in and just vibe.

Let’s talk visuals for a bit. The lights really stood out within production as the whole stage set up is two background screens and Caesar. My favourite part about the whole visual aspect was the way his band was shown. Like when the first song played, I wasn’t sure if it was just instrumental or an actual band playing. The way they were introduced was through silhouettes in between the two screens, making it really epic and mysterious.

Okay moving onto performance! His vocals sound the exact same as it would on a recording, which is such a treat to hear live. His high pitched and passionate tone is beautifully echoed throughout the arena. In my opinion, the best part of the show was the bit he performed with his acoustic guitar. For a few songs, it was just him and the guitar and it felt super intimate.

Let me give you an example. When you close your eyes, picture him in your living room just sitting in front of you. He beautifully strums the guitar as the instrument and the sound of his voice echoes around the room. That’s the feeling I got during this part of the show. Chills just everywhere.

My favourite songs of his are Get You, Best Part, and Blessed, so here’s a quick review of these performances.

Get You – I’ll be super honest, Kali Uchis really stole the show for this one. She wasn’t physically there but through the background screens, she felt present as they played a video of her dancing along while Caesar performed. It was a very intimate dance as she was swaying along and really feeling herself and you can’t help but feel more concentrated on Uchis than Caesar. Don’t get me wrong though, Caesar really delivered to this song as well!

Best Part – Of course, the song that everyone knows! Probably the only song most people came to hear live and hey, no judgement because I feel that. It might’ve been one of the only songs where the arena really came together and you could really hear Vancouver sing louder than Caesar himself.

Blessed – The song I was really excited to hear, and he did not disappoint. It was a very simple performance with just a small stray of light shining down on him as he sang. We can’t ever forget the beautiful way the piano echoed throughout the arena. I can’t even explain how good his voice was because you can really feel the emotion all throughout. Blessed is really one of those songs where it just makes you feel so well overall and grateful for everything you have.

And due to the fact that we were the last tour date of the CASE STUDY: 01 TOUR, I feel like we got so much more than any other city. Caesar was very open and super grateful to the fans that came out. I believe we got an extra song or two for the encore, and in the end, it just felt like a big party because he celebrated the end of the tour with us. He even said, “It’s literally just for us now, we’re just having some fun up here.” To which I respect because I’ve never seen an artist that’s super humble and grateful to his fans AND just have a good time being himself on the stage.

To conclude this whole review, I would give this show 4 out of 5 astronaut suits! If you ever get the chance, I would definitely go see Daniel Caesar live. He will not disappoint and his talent will just send chills down your spine! CASE STUDY: 01 TOUR IS APPROVED!

Tis The Season to be Jolly!

Hiiii, I’m Jolly! By the time November 1st rolls around, I feel like it’s my resurrection because I LOVE EVERYTHING CHRISTMAS! From the bright lights, festive decorations, warm and yummy food, the many many puns, and the non-ending playlists of Christmas music!

200,000 Christmas Lights

Like you know the Christmas season has begun when “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” by Mariah Carey is being brought up or rising back on the top charts. Here, I’ll bring it back for you, give yourself a little festive vibe while you read this article.

Since December is just around the corner (literally next week ahhh), I want to get you in the mood for Christmas, and what better than music and live events?!? So here’s a few live events you could attend within the next month!

Yule Duel: Caroling for a Cause

If you’re into carols and choirs, make your way outside the Vancouver Art Gallery on December 5 for Yule Duel: Caroling for a Cause! Yuel Duel runs from 6 to 9 pm and is an event where 20 or more different choirs perform in the streets. The best part of this event is that it’s a fundraising event where the money raised goes to support May’s Place, a non-profit hospice that serves vulnerable and marginalized people in downtown East Side. It’s free and open to all but as a fundraiser, it’s encouraged you donate around $5 that you can use to vote for your favourite choir! So fa la la la with the Yuel Duel: Caroling for a Cause at the beginning of December!

Vancouver Symphony Concerts

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra returns with their annual holiday tradition of singing, storytelling, and loads of holiday cheer! Join their host, Christopher Gaze, as they celebrate “A Traditional Christmas.” This event can be enjoyed as a family activity and children from age 5 and up can enjoy the concert! They have a few shows this year from December 10 to 14 and the 22nd all at various venues!

For tickets and information, you can check out their website right here:

The Singing Christmas Tree Concerts

The Singing Christmas Tree concerts are a series of free concerts that features dancers, actors, choirs, and orchestras held at Vancouver’s Broadway Church! This has been an annual event for 52 years now! Without a doubt, it’s one of the most known, longest-running, and unique performances in Vancouver. Over the course of the six days leading up to Christmas, you can expect a cast, choir, a giant Christmas tree, and over 250 volunteers! If you’ve never gone to the Singing Christmas Tree, I highly recommend you check it out because it’s such a unique and traditional Christmas event! It’s even better because it’s a free event, but tickets are still required, so go get them over here!

I could honestly go on with the many Christmas festivities but we could be here for much longer than you want to be. Deck the halls and get yourself excited for the 2019 holiday season because Christmas is one of the happiest seasons of the year! You know what they say, tis the season to be Jolly!

Is it too much to hope for a White Christmas??

Coldplay Isn’t Touring Anymore?!!?!

I mean, who doesn’t love Coldplay? What’s your favourite song by them? Mine’s most definitely Yellow! Who doesn’t look at the stars and see how they shine for you?!!??

You might want to start looking again because the stars won’t be shining for you after I report some news. What if I break your heart right now and say Coldplay might not tour again?

Oops, I’m so sorry. I just heard the hearts breaking and the ocean overflowing of tears.

Since the release of their latest album, Everyday Life, Coldplay said they will not go on a world tour to promote it.

BUT DON’T BE SAD because it’s not forever and it’s for a beneficial reason! The band said they won’t do a world tour due to environmental concerns. They want to tour when the shows can be done in a sustainable way. Instead of a tour, the band played two shows in Amman, Jordan which can be viewed for FREE on YouTube!

Frontman Chris Martin told BBC News, “We’ve done a lot of big tours at this point. How do we turn it around so it’s not so much taking as giving?”

Wow, did you see that? That was my heart melting away.

If you think about it, they’re not wrong. Concerts usually have large carbon footprints and produce a massive amount of plastic waste. From the travelling of fans and performers, lighting, merchandising, purchase of food and beverages, they all have a negative impact on the environment.

Coldplay is said to spend the next couple of years figuring out how to develop a tour can be done within a sustainable way and beneficial to the environment. We’re slowly starting that environmental friendly movement as there are proposed bans for single-use items as well as the rise of re-usable cups and straws! Trust me, you would look 10 times cuter with that re-usable cup!

Although I am sad that it’s unknown when we will see Coldplay live again, I’m happy they’re using their platform to do good and benefit the environment. So I’ve got a proposal for you. Stream the show on your TV, close your eyes, sing your favourite songs at the top of your lungs, and just imagine yourself experiencing it live and up close. And just like that, you’ve seen Coldplay live! I know the wait will be worth it, and the experience will be better because it’ll be greener and much anticipated.

Coldplay performs for Nissan Live Sets on Yahoo! Music

Creative BC, Music BC + SOCAN Artist Drop-In

I know it’s hard.

When you’re a starting artist, making it into the music industry can be one of the toughest things to do. From the finances, mental stability, and networking, it’s not as easy as it looks on camera. Let’s list a few examples, shall we?? You’ve got to be able to fund yourself, the many questions about the music industry, and to help make enough money, you should register your songs!! Did I just overwhelm you?

It’s okay just breathe a bit! First off, I would like to say how lucky we are to be here in Vancouver. Super lucky that with just the right connections and events, you will be alright. If you’re finding yourself in one of those scenarios, or maybe even all, I’ve got you covered.

Thanks to Creative BC, they’re hosting an event titled, “Creative BC, Music BC + SOCAN Artist Drop-In.” Save and RSVP the date my music people, December 3 from 5:30 to 8:30 pm!! The best part about this is that coffee is provided! We all need a little caffeine in us, especially when we’re working hard!!

Centre for Digital Music workshop

Whether you need fundings for a tour, help registering your songs with SOCAN, or an artist/music company working on a grant for Creative BC’s Career Development program, or just a starting artist, this event is just for you! Bring your laptop, questions, and concerns as Creative BC, Music BC, and SOCAN will be there to assist you.

Thanks to BC’s one-year renewal of Amplify BC, concert attendees, festival-goers, and music enthusiasts will be able to enjoy more music while artists hone their skills and music companies create new projects. This goes hand-in-hand with this event because through Amplify BC, the province is investing in BC artists’ career development, live events, support for music companies, and the development of the music industry.

Concert crowd

So if you’re just starting within the music industry and have all these questions and concerns, this is PERFECT for you! Take advantage while the opportunity stands because there’s not always a workshop like this that’ll help you advance your music career.

Squamish Constellation Festival returns for a SECOND time!

In 2019, the Squamish Constellation Festival had its first festival debut from July 26 to 28.

If you missed out on last year’s event, get excited because the Squamish Constellation Festival will be BACK for a second year! The festival will be back at Hendrickson Field from July 24 to 26 this upcoming summer 2020.

If you need a little recap, here’s a little highlight of last year’s event!

Festival co-founder and CEO, Tamera Stanners, said last year’s festival was a huge success: “Everyone had such an amazing time. Our first time was a dream come true – for the fans, the artists and all levels of production – we exceeded everyone’s expectations and we can’t wait to do it all again next summer.”

Let’s talk about this for a hot minute because everything about this festival is EVERYTHING.

Last year had a good line up of artists like Serena Ryder, Half Moon Run, and especially having Jessie Reyez headline. I think Jessie Reyez was a good addition and headliner because last year was her upcoming rise. She’s one of the most in-demand pop songwriters and has one of the most unique, raspy voice delivering such personal and emotional songs.

Alongside music-wise, the festival was certified as the largest zero-waste festival in B.C. with a 94 per cent diversion rate.

On top of this, you’ll be up in the mountains so you’ll have the beautiful mother nature around you. Like picture yourself, surrounded by people you love, the songs you love are playing right in front of you, and you gaze up to see the stars and how much they shine in the night. Life just feels so good in that moment and you want to time to slow down for a minute. That’s the effect of the Squamish Constellation Festival, and I’m so glad it’s making a return because it’s rare to have festivals that are friendly to the Earth and for yourself.

The 2020 lineup is yet to be announced but will be released once the general admission passes go on sale after February 28! Treat yourself this upcoming summer and give yourself a little getaway with the Squamish Constellation Festival!

For more information or access to tickets, check out their website right here:


Canada’s Walk of Fame 2019

Over the weekend, we recognized Canadians who achieved excellence on both national and international stages in their respective fields through Canada’s 21st annual Walk of Fame Awards Show!

There were 9 inductees that were honoured that night, and they are:

Will Arnett, Frank Gehry, Cindy Klassen, Mark Messier, Mr Dressup (Ernest A. Coombs), James Naismith, Jim Treliving, Triumph, and Alessia Cara.

There will also be 2 additional inductees that are to be announced at a later date.

Now, let’s talk about the musical aspect of this because we’ve got the power trio Triumph, and the iconic queen Alessia Cara who were the musical acts to receive these honours.


Triumph is a Canadian power trio who stood out as a visionary, uniquely influential entity among their musical brethren. Bringing it back to January 1, 1975, in the town of Toronto, Rik Emmett (Vocalist/Guitarist), Mike Levine (Bass Guitarist/Keyboardist), and Gil Moore (Vocalist/Drummer) were brought together from a marathon jam session. They immediately decided to form a band and the debut of “Triumph” was released in 1976.

Some of their biggest hits include: Lay It on the Line, Magic Power, and Fight the Good Fight.

Following their album “Surveillance” in 1986, the band had separated and each member went different paths but all three members remained successful in their endeavours. Most recently, they’ve reunited for a 2020 release of a documentary entitled, “Triumph: Lay It On the Line.” One thing to take away from this that nearly 40 years after breaking into the industry, Triumph’s legacy lives on.


Alessia Cara first came into the music scene in 2015 with her global hit, “Here”. From there, she’s had a success of a career from Breakthrough Artist of the Year in 2016 at the Juno Awards to winning Best New Artist at the 2018 Grammys, which is a first for a Canadian artist in the category.

Some of her biggest hits include Scars to Your Beautiful, Stay (with Zedd), and Growing Pains.

“I feel like getting acknowledged by your own country in this way is huge,” the 23-year-old performer said on the red carpet before receiving the special Allan Slaight Music Impact Honour.

Alessia is the 10th recipient to be honoured with The Allan Slaight Music Impact Honour. This honour recognizes the achievements of young Canadians who can turn their talent into inspiration.

This wasn’t showcased as much but the Montreal indie artist, Bayla, is the grand prize winner in Canada’s Walk of Fame 7th annual RBC Emerging Musician program!

A telecast of the 2019 Canada’s Walk of Fame Awards will air on December 15 and will be available to stream through Crave on December 20.

Congratulations this all of this year’s inductees!!

Holly Jolly Christmas Festivities from Jolly!

We’re halfway through the month of November and nearing the end of the year, you know what that means?


Can you tell I’m excited about the Christmas season? As you may already know, Vancouver is all prepared and ready for Christmas! From festive decorations to events, and a ton of Christmas spirit! Certain radio stations have even started changing their playlists to 24/7 Christmas music!

If you’re looking for some winter break plans or want to enjoy the season, I’ve got you covered because I’m going to list a few of the amazing Christmas events that are happening in the area.


Photo by Brandon Artis

Posted by Aurora Winter Festival Vancouver on Thursday, January 17, 2019


The Aurora Winter Festival is Canada’s largest winter festival and will take place from November 22 to January 5! Located at Hastings Park/PNE, you can escape to a hidden village and experience the beauty of Christmas. From their massive light displays, sliding down the tube park, magical characters to encounter, delicious and mouth-watering food, and so much more to discover, you’ll find yourself lost in the magic. This is one of those events that would be wonderful to feel the Christmas magic with friends, family, or a loved one so be sure to at the Aurora Winter Festival!

For tickets and more information: http://


CandyTown 2018

The Yaletown Business Improvement Association is proud to announce the 7th annual outdoor Christmas festival that is CandyTown! Do you know what the best part of this event is? IT’S A FREE EVENT! Yes, you heard me right! On November 24, Yaletown’s free winter festival will transform into a chilling winter wonderland. There you’ll find lights, candy canes, and costumed characters that will parade down the street. This event will also feature live ice carving, live music, public disco, and so much more activities that are bound to get you hyped for the Christmas season. Find the special connection crafted in the spirit of CandyTown that you won’t find anywhere else!

For more information: http://


Last year, you probably didn’t go to the Christmas Glow Holiday Festival because Langley was too far of a journey. Fast forward one year later, this hugely successful event has opened to setups instead of just one. One of these setups is at the Harbour Convention Centre, so now is your chance! Glow is a promising event from its beauty, convenient location, and is almost guaranteed is put you in a festive spirit! From November 21st to January 5, Glow features beautiful holiday light illuminations, Christmas sculptures, and family-friendly activities! Not only this, but you can get yourself a nice looking Instagram post and look festive and fierce at the same time! So don’t miss out, start glowing at the Christmas Glow Holiday Festival!

For tickets and information:


Do you want to FlyOver Canada? YES, YOU DO! Christmas at FlyOver Canada is a special winter holiday-themed flying theatre experience at Canada Place taking place from November 21st to January 5.

Twinkle twinkle! Vancouver’s 76 foot tall Christmas tree will be lit up in magic and glory on November 29 at Robson Square. Now on its 13th year, watch as the four trees come alive with hope and light for the holidays!

Now, you can’t have the Christmas season roll around without a parade? Or an appearance from Santa Claus! Telus is proud to present the Vancouver Santa Claus Parade! On December 1st, celebrate the season with Western Canada’s largest Christmas parade with marching bands, dance troupes, festive floats, and community groups!

These are only some of Vancouver’s promising Christmas events and I feel like I am ready to start buying my tickets and feeling that Christmas magic! If these don’t get you excited and ready for the Christmas season, then I don’t know what will. As for my fellow Christmas spirit people, I’LL SEE YOU THERE!!!

Here’s a playlist you can listen to while you decide your Christmas plans: http://


Disney+ Has Arrived !!


Get your cards in hand, open that internet browser, and get ready to sign up for Disney+!

YES, YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! The iconic and long-awaited Disney+ is here and ready for the many long and comfy movie nights.

When I came onto campus this morning, I totally forgot it was coming out so when I saw posts of everyone raving Disney+, YOU BETTER BELIEVE I WAS SCREAMING OUT OF EXCITEMENT BECAUSE WHO DOESN’T LOVE DISNEY!?!?!!!!! I already know I’m going to be streaming Aladdin a million times and singing A Whole New World at the top of my lungs.

But for those who don’t know, let me enlighten you on what this beautiful streaming service is.

Disney+ is a new giant streaming service that offers fans a new way to experience the company’s content from a variety of well-known brands including:




Mnemonic Device



This is exciting for old or new fans because there’s something in there for everyone!

Disney+ has films and series such as Hannah Montana, Avengers, The Simpsons, Boy Meets World, or new films such as Noelle, Lady and the Tramp, High School Musical, The Musical: The Series and so much more to experience!!

Now, if you’re like me and jump on the wagon immediately, don’t be surprised if you get hit with, “Unable to connect to Disney+” It’s been so long-awaited to the point that The Walt Disney Company has been hit with technical errors, with just a few hours into its official launch. Disney+ had released a tweet claiming that they’re dealing with the demand that exceeded its “highest expectations.”

Personally speaking, I think the best part of Disney+ is the feeling it gives you. Scrolling through the list and your face lights up every time you see one of your favourite films. Most importantly, is the nostalgia it brings. The best feeling of all is feeling nostalgic in seeing your entire childhood in one place. Some of these films date back to the good old childhood days when we would wait for some of these to preview on TV. Throwback to the time where Netflix and online viewing didn’t exist so TV was the main viewing source. It’s also a great table conversation as I was literally talking about this with friends and being so hyped about our favourite movies.

I could honestly go on and on about Disney+ because it makes me so happy but I’ll leave it here as I’ll probably repeat myself too much and start talking about each series individually. Trust me, I’m saving you from all these essays. 

Netflix, I love you but you better watch yourself a bit sister because I’ll be on Disney+ for a while.


Here’s to not “Celebrating”

Don’t trust everything you eat because the outbreak to salmonella continues within our sweet little treats.

Dr. Eleni Galanis of the BC Centre for Disease Control says, “The source of the outbreak is Celebrate brand profiteroles and eclairs.” Many of those affected by the outbreak were reported to have consumed Celebrate branded classic egg nog cream puffs or mini chocolate eclairs. These were purchased at a variety of grocery stores across the country. 

Cream Puff

This is have been an issue for the whole country as the Food Inspection Agency have been investigating the salmonella outbreak to Celebrate’s cream puffs and mini chocolate eclairs. Within six provinces (Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec), there has been an updated list of 76 confirmed cases of salmonella. Nearly 40% of the confirmed cases are here in BC.

This is one of the most heartbreaking events that could happen for many reasons. One of the heartbreaks are that people are getting sick, and there have been three deaths to the outbreak. It’s not easy losing someone, especially so suddenly. Another reason is that cream puffs have served as one of the biggest desserts that are such a classic to everyone! Whether this was an after-school snack or the biggest dessert plate at the party, cream puffs and eclairs have been around since the beginning of time.

Chocolate eclairs

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued a food recall for Celebrate’s brand products.  The investigation continues as it is possible that more products could be recalled. If more products are recalled, the CFIA will notify the public through updated Food Recall Warnings.

If you’ve got some recalled products in your own freezer, you might want to throw them out right now! If you think you’ve gotten sick from the consumption of these products, go check up with your local doctor as soon as possible.

Farewell Corkscrew!

Everyone start crying because Playland has permanently closed the doors to Corkscrew!

When you see it won’t be open for this season, your heart breaks even more when you find out that it’s never going to open for Playland again. You would be surprised because the ride was such a huge hit and it’s one of the classics that everyone goes back to.

Roller Coaster!

Corkscrew holds so much sentimental value for many riders. When I found this story, I told the entire workroom and it was a mix of nostalgia and sadness. We then went into a discussion on our stories with Corkscrew and it turned into a whole memorial. From lost headbands, lost glasses, headaches and back pain, to fun times like first riding it with your high school crush or screaming your throats out, there are too many memories that this ride holds. The ride will remain in its place for the season, but it’s set to be sold, dissembled, and relocated to whoever it’s new owner will be.

However, do not fear! We’re not being left with empty space as Corkscrew’s current area will turn into a new driving track ride! Even better, not only will the Wooden Rollercoaster stay but Playland will be extending its area! Construction will possibly begin in 2022 and to be completed by 2028 with new themed areas and a new set of rides and attractions! There are early concepts of the new rides and they consist of a suspended family coaster, gliding coaster, launch coaster, and spinning coasters!

roller coaster

They’re even extending the area to about 50% so expect a bigger Playland in the upcoming years! I’m excited to see the amusement expand and grow as the generations change!

Hopefully, Playland continues with these concepts because it’ll bring a new audience and bring a whole new excitement as the majority of attendees are used to enjoying the same content. Thank you for the memories and long line-ups Corkscrew, you will be missed!

British Columbia’s new area code!

Save the date this Saturday, May 4, as British Columbia’s going to start using a new area code!

If you’ve got the original 604, you might want to keep it because starting this Saturday, BC’s latest code will become 672.

This was announced back early in January, that 672 would be added as a new area code. This introduction is to ensure upcoming residents and businesses can have enough numbers for future demands. In this day and age, cell phones sales are RISING to an all-time high. You can see kids as young as 8 that already have a cellphone, which is totally unfair because I didn’t get my first phone until I was 13.


Additionally, the CRTC says that the new area code is needed because the other four codes (604, 778, 250, and 236) are expected to run out next year. By May 2020, the other four area codes are expected to run out. After this, all phone numbers will be defaulted to start with 672. This code can be assigned to anyone, anywhere in the province, compared to older codes like 250, which is only assigned to the island, and 604 or 778, in the Lower Mainland. The lesser known 236 code is assigned to the areas further inland.


It’s gonna be kind of weird having someone’s phone number start with 672 because a lot of people are accustomed to 604 or 778. I believe this is the start of a new generation, so welcome to the 672 Vancouverites!

The ban on single-use items have been postponed!

Vancouver has decided to postpone the ban on single-use items!

It was originally set to be introduced on June 1, but it was recommended that the ban would be postponed until April 2020. The single-use ban was voted last May to eliminate single-use items as part of the Zero Waste 2040 strategy.

Plastic is pretty known in the world, especially in the food industry where we all use takeout containers, straws, coffee cups, and so much more.

In a way, I agree and understand as to why they’re postponing the ban for reasons such as expenses and finding alternatives. It does cost about 20 cents more switching to biodegradable items compared to styrofoam containers which cost less than 1 cent. I know one of the biggest concerns I had, and pretty much everyone else was how will people consume bubble tea without straws?!? Like it makes sense for everyone to worry because how do we enjoy our delicious pearls and perfect bubble tea without slurping it up?

bubble tea of friends


Business, such as the bubble tea industry, is still trying to figure out alternatives that would work with their products. Many countries have turned to bamboo as an alternative to plastic. Bamboo can be used for straws or takeout containers and it’s a bonus that it can be washed, so it’s reusable! Certain areas in Asia even use banana leaves to wrap their products instead of using plastic! These are such cool alternatives and not only are they so cool, but they’re eco-friendly to the Earth!


Personally, if we continued with this ban, this would be a great step in becoming eco-friendly to the Earth! As I’ve heard before, this our only Earth and we should be the ones to take care of it! So let’s keep searching for alternatives and keep mother Earth nice and happy!

Squamish Constellation Festival announces more headliners!

The Squamish Constellation Festival has announced more headliners for the upcoming summer festival!

Summer is nearing shortly and if you’re looking for some quick summer plans, Squamish has got your weekend getaway with a brand new event that showcases Canadian talent!

The Squamish Constellation Festival is a brand new music festival that was announced back in January. This marks the return of a large music event in the Squamish area since the fall of the Squamish Valley Music Festival and the Pemberton Music Festival.

The Squamish Constellation Festival will take place for three summer days on July 26 to 28 located in Hendrickson Field.

The second wave of headliners include the Canadian talents of Jessie Reyez, Shad, and Wintersleep.

Other notable acts to perform are A Tribe Called Red, Serena Ryder, Half Moon Run, Jocelyn Alice, and many more! The line-up doesn’t even end there as the website anticipates more artists to be announced!

The festival aims to create a “heart-opening festival experience of music, art, and community” as well as their mandate to “shine the light on excellent music from British Columbia, Canada, and beyond.”

Not only does it focus on the music, but the arts and food that will be available! There’ll be visual live performances and interactive art for festival attendees to observe all weekend long. Local beverages and news will be crafted as well as a huge variety of food trucks to stay energized and hyped!

It’s good to have local music festivals around, especially with such notable Canadian talents, because it makes the Canada root so strong and proud. It would be great to have this festival come back yearly so if there’s an open opportunity, take it and head down to Squamish and experience the Squamish Constellation Festival and support everyone performing. General admission weekend passes are up for grabs right now on their website so go have fun and don’t miss out!


On this episode of Beyond the Sidelines, we have special guest, Georgina Keyes, as we discuss the sport of curling! Curling is best known as a sport played in the Olympics and Paralympics but outside of that, it’s not that talked about. We discuss the origins, the skills and equipment needed, as well as to why curling isn’t a mainstream sport out there.