#OkBoomer – Why Don Cherry was let go after decades on “Coaches Corner”


As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Don Cherry was let go from his job as host of “Coaches Corner” with Rogers Sportsnet after having hosted the popular program for more than three decades. Before that, Cherry earned the moniker “Grapes” after hosting a short lived hockey talk show named “The Grapevine”.

Cherry was fired two days after making comments concerning immigrants not wearing poppies. He used divisive language like “you people that come here” clearly referring to immigrants in describing those not wearing poppies. He then pitched the segment to a beautiful pre-recorded video of him paying respects in France at a military graveyard.

Unfortunately for “Grapes”, the language he used in describing those not wearing poppies had the media and truly the entire country itself, talking about the merits of both his dismissal and about the issue itself. Now this isn’t the first time Cherry has drawn the ire of listeners of his weekly rants. He has said such controversial statements like “women shouldn’t be doing post-game interviews”, “only French guys and Europeans wear visors” and that “Canada should be entering the Iraq war” so his latest comments weren’t a huge surprise to those whom have followed Cherry during his entire career.

I think most would be surprised that Cherry has not yet been voted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto and this latest incident will certainly throw his legacy into question.

I have spoken to quite a few people about this issue and everyone seems to have a differing opinion but one sentiment that was constant was that if Cherry had left out the language concerning immigrants and those who come to our country, he probably would have been fine. I feel most Canadians and immigrants who come to Canada support wearing a poppy and honouring the fallen that paid the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our way of life and our freedom.

It’s too bad that one last dumb remark from “Uncle Don” singling out immigrants will live on as the straw that broke the camels back and will no doubt, impact his legacy and how he is viewed moving forward after contributing so much to the game he loves. Most Canadians have grown up watching “grapes” offer up his latest opinions on the ever growing game of hockey and it’s too bad his segment lasted perhaps one week too long and this is how he will go out in a cloud of controversy instead of admiration for the contributions he made to the game over decades and decades as a commentator, broadcaster, coach, player and legend.

Rumours of Fabricland stocks plummeting after Cherry being fired have not been verified.

– Joel “Turtle” Gaudet

Free beer will be flowing for the season finale of the Vancouver Warriors tonight

The Vancouver Warriors play the final game of their National Lacrosse League season tonight when they take on the Toronto Rock. The club is hosting it’s “Beach Party Night” which sees the first 1000 fans through the door wearing beach attire receiving free beer.

Beach Party Night is tonight at Rogers Arena. The first 1000 fans that dress up in their finest beach attire will receive a free adult beverage or soft drink. We’re excited about how the first year has gone. We pride ourselves with on floor product but also off the floor, the game entertainment is second to none and we hope to improve on that in 2019-2020.” – Dave Sheldon, Media Liason, Vancouver Warriors

The Warriors played their first season in Vancouver this year after relocating the franchise from Langley last season. The warriors are out of playoff contention, but finish with at least three more wins than they had last season playing in Langley.

Ariana Grande says “Thank U, Next” to non see-through bags and non-cellphone cameras at her Vancouver show

The singer rolls through town performing at Rogers Arena this Saturday, April 27th on her “Sweetener” World Tour with openers Normani and Social House. The heightened security measures come after a bombing at her show in Manchester, UK in 2017 which killed 22 people and injured 500 more. Grande has said in recent interviews that she still suffers from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) in relation to the 2017 show.

Each fan will only be allowed to carry one bag that is 100 per cent transparent. No other bags will be allowed in the venue. Each time we have a concert, each entertainer will have various policies that are different from one another so we adjust to those policies and in this case, she has a strict no camera policy except for phones so we will be enforcing that as well.” – Jim Day, Director of Event Operations and Security – Rogers Arena

The singer made headlines last year after breaking up with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson and in dealing with her grief surrounding the passing of ex boyfriend Mac Miller to an overdose in September 2018.


Tax Time: The deadline to file personal income taxes is fast approaching

The deadline to file your personal income taxes for 2018 is this Tuesday, April 30th. Some Canadians think there’s no big deal in waiting to file but delaying will only cost you.

It’s important to file your taxes by April 30th to avoid late filing penalties which is a five per cent initial charge on the outstanding balance, plus an additional one per cent, per month for up to twelve months after that. To help those who haven’t yet filed, the CVITP (Community Volunteer Income Tax Program) is a program of people helping people where local communities help low income individuals file simple tax returns for free.” – Lisa Ko, Canada Revenue Agency spokesperson

Even those whom owe at the deadline, don’t have to pay the full amount by the April 30th deadline. Just filing your personal income taxes by Tuesday’s deadline means you can avoid penalties and charges associated with a late filing.

B.C. director is the toast of town at the Hot Docs film festival in Toronto

Russian-born Canadian Julia Ivanova will have her film career featured at the biggest documentary film festival in North America. The Toronto based Hot Docs film festival will feature work throughout her career and she is only the third director from B.C. since 2002 to be featured in the “Focus On” retrospective.

Her latest film “My Dads, My Moms and Me” will make its world premiere at the festival while her 2017 film “The Limit Is The Sky” will make its Toronto premiere. The latter film focuses on the build up to and immediate aftermath in the wake of the Fort McMurray fires in the summer of 2016.

Hot Docs is the biggest, largest documentary film festival in North America so for any filmmaker, to be featured as the “Focus On” filmmaker is a huge honour. My film “The Limit Is The Sky” is not a political film. It is more about young people and the environment.” – Julia Ivanova, Filmmaker

Ivanova has made films for NFB, CBC, Knowledge network as well as winning multiple awards and being featured at the Sundance film festival. Since coming to Canada to start her career at age 30, Ivanova has made a large impact on not only the B.C. film scene, but the Canadian film scene as well.