Does the New Avengers Need Promoting?

The Trailer we’ve all been waiting for launched today. Avengers 4 (now titled – and stop reading now if you’re afraid of spoilers – Avengers Endgame) launched it’s first teaser today.

Last year, part of the promotional campaign for Avengers Infinity War was putting superhero easter eggs in cities all across Canada. For example, in Victoria there were Spiderman webs found in random spots with fake bad guys caught up in them, and Black Panther was in Vancouver. It was a very unique promotional campaign that only a big company like Marvel could pull off. It will be interesting to see if they do something similar with the upcoming Avengers film, though obviously with less heroes because well, you know… As for the new Avengers movie, it maybe the most anticipated movie in the last decade and probably doesn’t need any additional marketing. It does seem that some heroes are returning in the new movie (namely Hawkeye, who appears to be going by a different name/ego now) though apart from him it is unclear what will be happening with the other heroes who are no longer. There is an upcoming Spiderman film that should ensure that at least some of the vanished heroes will be returning, bur as for the rest we will have to wait until April 26th to see.

Alexander Ludwig Maybe Vancouver’s Next Big Actor

Alexander Ludwig is taking the acting world by storm, and for a kid from Vancouver, that’s all the more impressive. His first major role was as Cato in The Hunger Games, who was one of the main foes for the two main characters in the first Hunger Games. Ludwig then played some more minor roles, with the most popular movie being Grown Ups 2. In 2014 he finally hit another main role though, as he was cast as Bjorn Ironside in the TV show Vikings. It was his first main role since The Hunger Games, and it is a role he continues to reprise as the series continues. Alexander has also recently taken a role in the web series Swerve, which is filmed in Vancouver. The trailer for the series can found below, and it definitely looks interesting.

He has also received a couple awards for his performance in The Hunger Games, one Teen choice award for Best Villain, and one MTV Movie Award for best fight scene. So obviously there haven’t been any major awards but the 26-year-old is on the rise in Hollywood, and you may potentially be seeing him taking on some more major roles sooner rather than later.

The Night Before should be Appreciated more

Seth Rogen has done a lot for Canada, maybe even a little too much (looking at you, repetitive TransLink messages). Though he has done so much, one of his most under appreciated creations is his Christmas movie – The Night Before. Rogen was one of the three main stars, along with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie, and Rogen also was credited in a Producer role. The movie follows three friends as they make their way through a final Christmas night together, as two of the three are growing up and starting families. In typical Seth Rogen movie fashion, there are hijinx related to marijuana, and him being jewish.

It’s a real great, feel good movie that is something that is definitely worth checking out this holiday season. That’s just my opinion though, and I am easily entertained, which probably says a lot about me. The reviews on the movie since release in 2015 have been mixed. Rogen definitely isn’t a huge part of the movie, as it mainly revolves around Gordon-Levitt’s character and how he is dealing with the loss of his friends. Regardless, Rogen still makes his usual funny appearances. The Night Before is definitely a worth while movie to check out, especially if you’re already a big fan of other Seth Rogen movies.

Do Baby Blue Blazers Need to Come Back?

Broadcasting can get very similar, especially in sports. It seems like there’s a competition between all sports broadcasting companies to see how much content they can fit into an hour while still being generic enough for everyone to like. The idea of having non-stop content is great, but in reality it can be too much. Saturdays in Canada, however, used to be sacred. They were reserved for hockey, and only hockey. Saturdays were made to sit in front of the TV and watch Canadian teams battle it out against their NHL counterparts, while the staff of CBC’s Broadcasting crew donned their beautiful baby blue blazers – setting them apart from other broadcasting companies (these blazers were recently worn for a single Saturday, and I have no idea why these aren’t worn full time).

Yes, Hockey Night in Canada is still a thing, but it doesn’t have the same effect. Maybe that is just because instead of being on just CBC, it is spread across three or four separate TV channels, while still trying to keep the broadcast unified. Or maybe it’s just because we have access to so many different forms of entertainment, and as a hockey fan, Saturday’s just don’t have that sacred feeling anymore. Either way, bringing back those baby blue blazers is probably a good place to start.

Does the House Hippo Need to Return?

The North American House Hippo was a phenomenon that swept across our great nation (and the Eastern United States). Urban Dictionary defines the House Hippo as “A rather rotund house pet (eg. cat) due to it’s contant hoovering up of chips, raisins, crumbs from peanut butter on toast and anything else it can get it’s gums around.”, the House Hippo will also make it’s nest from lost mittens and dryer lint, as they usually sleep around 16 hours a day.

You know that commercial, it’s made by Concerned Children Advertiser’s of Canada, and was a staple of Canadian television in the early 2000’s. It was meant to be spoken in the same style of narraration as the Hinterland Who’s Who series (which was also a staple of Canadian TV commercials), which was meant to make it seem more real.

Concerned Children Advertisers statement about the commercial was to educate children about critical thinking with regard to what they see in television advertising, and remind them that “it’s good to think about what you’re watching on TV, and ask questions”.

The idea that children should think more about what they’re watching is something that should be more prevalent today, especially with the rise of Youtube as a source of entertainment. With this new age of entertainment the world may need a little more House Hippo.

James Cameron Is Bringing New Techniques to Film making

James Cameron, born in 1954 out of Kapuskasing, Ontario, has been a pioneer in the film industry for decades. Whether it’s The Terminator, Titanic, or Avatar, Cameron has been pushing the limits of film and exploring new ways to deliver on a movie. Many people consider Avatar one of the best visual and audio experiences you can get in a theatre, and due to the widespread success of the original Avatar, why has there been such a long wait for the 2020 sequel?

Well, in James Cameron fashion, he was waiting until he could perfect underwater motion capture. As the sequel will be mainly set underwater, Cameron believed it was crucial to have the proper technology available to capture movements underwater properly, which is something that hasn’t been done yet. James has said that he will be releasing three or four sequels within a short span, as opposed to the eleven year wait from the 2009 original to the upcoming sequel. Most of the sequels are rumoured to be mainly set underwater, and almost all are being filmed simultaneously, which lends itself well to the rapid release of the sequels. We will have to wait until 2020 to see what changes James Cameron is bringing to filmmaking, but you can be sure it will be a great experience.

Where has Jim Carrey been?

I know what has been burning your cranium lately, and in fact it’s been burning everyone’s cranium – where is Jim Carrey? The Ace Ventura, Truman, Grinch actor was as prolific as anyone in the late 1990’s on the silver screen. He is one of the most famous Canadian actors ever, but he seemed to just disappear after dumb and dumber to. Like many extremely famous people, Jim Carrey got weird. Like really weird. The elephant from Horton Hears a Who has been painting political art, with a specific focus on Donald Trump and what is happening in US politics. The art is oddly abstract and kind of unnerving, here’s an example, titled i-scream:

It just makes me uncomfortable, but maybe that’s what he’s going for? He has seemed to create a new signature Jim Carrey character, though this time it obviously isn’t in a movie. Many famous people seem to go down a weird road once they’ve fallen from grace – Britney Spears is a prime example.
Jim has also recently began starring in a tv series titled “Kidding”, which debuted in September. The show is currently running on showtime and has received mixed reviews, though most reviews of Jim Carrey’s acting has been positive. Hopefully he continues to develop his characters and maybe take on some more career defining roles in the future.

Ryan Reynolds is set to be a prolific character

Ryan Reynolds is one of Vancouver’s, if not Canada’s most famous actors. He has tackled multiple super hero roles, with his most iconic being Green Lantern Deadpool, and has also taken on many dramatic roles. But his most challenging role maybe upcoming, as he is morphing his voice and face into the most iconic Pokémon of all time. Reynolds will be doing both the voice and motion capture of Pikachu in the upcoming movie Detective Pikachu. There isn’t too much information about why Ryan Reynolds decided to take on this role, as money most likely isn’t an issue for the uber-popular actor. He does seem to know what his audience is about and judging from the first trailer (found below), the upcoming Pokémon movie will have a similar, though more kid friendly, tone as Deadpool.

Obviously, it won’t be exactly the same, but a lot of the traits Ryan Reynolds have as Deadpool will carry over to most of his characters. Time will tell us how this venture goes for Ryan, but the movie does seem to be trending positively, well at least as positive as you can get for a hyper-realistic Pokémon movie. Detective Pikachu debuts in theatres in May 2019.