The Mike Tyson Painting Story

Mike Tyson is a very controversial figure to say the least.  The now retired boxing superstar is far from perfect, despite that he still is a major pop culture icon his likeness is portrayed on many merchandise items like t shirts and posters and is respected by some. A restaurant in North Vancouver put up a painting (valued at five thousand dollars) of Mike Tyson. The painting was part of a entire exhibit entitled “An Audience” where the artist (David T. Cho) painted pop culture icons he grew up idolizing as a young kid in South Korea. The point of the piece is not what Tyson has done, but what he represents. It’s the American dream every kid who doesn’t live in North America dreams of.


The painting was met with praise at first, however, some people started to bring up the obviously vile things that Mike Tyson has done in his past and while those things are inexcusable, the artwork goes much deep than that. The painting was put up to celebrate Canadian artists and Canadian art in general. Letters were written to the owner many times and after standing his ground for many months it was decided that the painting should be taken down and replaced with a different painting by the same artist. Is this what the world has come too? People can’t express themselves if it might offended someone somewhere? Where do we draw the line. Was the restaurant right to take the painting down? This is an interesting topic that still leaves a lot of questions unanswered

The Canucks: Then and Now

After a few years of of mediocre seasons, it seems the Canucks are on the right track for a playoff spot. The Canucks have only made the playoffs twice after the heartbreak that was the 2011 Stanley Cup finals where we lost that game 7 to the Boston Bruins. Even when we did make it we haven’t made it past the 1st round. But this year something feels different. We are first in the division, we have one the best lineups that we have had in a while. Making the playoffs again would be good for the city of Vancouver, There is nothing like a city coming together to cheer for the flagship team. It increases profit for businesses, brings overall morale up and mostly importantly, it gives us someone and something to cheer for. I remember gathering in the streets of downtown by the thousands to watch the Stanley Cup finals games on the huge screen they had set up on Granville. We shut down for hockey and I would love to see that happen again.

The riots that took place after the finals in 2011 were awful, but I feel as if they were bound to happen no matter outcome. The more I read into the more I find that people were coming down JUST to riot and stir things up. Obviously it’s inexcusable but I really don’t think it reflects how Vancouver sports fans react to things.


The icing on the cake is it’s the year that Canucks are honoring the Sedins so what perfect timing to return to form.


So here’s to deep playoff run and some good times along the way. Vancouver hockey is back where it belongs… At the top.

Billie Eilish is on Top of the World

Incase you have been living under a rock for the past year or so Billie Eilish has had one of the single most impressive rise to success that I have ever seen. Now I always like to throw my own thoughts into these articles so I personally was late on the Billie train, but I;am now more recently wrapping my head around just what she and her brother Finneas have accomplished. 

She had a single called “Bad Guy” you may have heard of, it currently has 762 million views on youtube, it debuted at #1 on the Billboard 100 and stayed on the chart for the next 45 weeks. I mentioned her brother Finneas, he is her composer/producer/engineer. He already worked with some huge artists like Selena Gomez and Rhianna.  This is where the controversy kicks in though. Although Billie’s singing talent is undeniable, it has been pointed out that her brother has helped tremendously when it comes to launching her career. Would she have even made it half as far as she has without him? Maybe, maybe not but Billie has shown she is not a one hit wonder, with her debut album also hitting number 1. My question is where do they go from here? They’ve already swept the major awards at the Grammys,  they’ve played the Oscars. How do you beat that? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Oh did I mention that she is only 18? When I was 18 I was playing video games in my parents basement working at a grocery store, funny how that works.

The Vogue Theatre

When I think of classic venue’s in Vancouver I think of the Vogue Theatre. After being used as a movie theatre in the late 80’s and early 90’s . It was shutdown then bought out, then restored as an event space for the future generation. This venue has been home to a lot of great bands from Vancouver and internationally. While it is a small venue, it’s the intimacy of being so close to the performing artist that give the vogue its magic. Most shows are general admission, meaning its every man for himself to get to the front. It’s a rush trying to squeeze past people trying to get a better view. There were always seats in the back so if things got a little too intense (due to it being 1000 degrees when you are in a large group of people that are all packed together) then you could hang back and take a breathe. There was also a 2nd floor balcony area that was a bit of both, on one hand it was a little further away so less people up there makes it easier to be at the front of the balcony row, which isn’t that far away from the stage so you still have decent view but on the other hand it was nothing like being in the crowd below jamming and having a good time. The future of the Vogue is unknown, I’ve heard stories of it being shutdown but nothing is set in stone. My hope is it will keep being a space for the younger generation experience some of their first live concerts in their purest form.



Young People and The Election/Voting Process

With the Canadian Federal Election finished it’s time to take a look back at the journey to  election night and go over some key storylines that lead up too, and followed the election itself. Every election year it feels like we hear the same thing “You have to vote liberal if you want to avoid a conservative government” or the other way around. This can sometimes make you feel limited or that your vote doesn’t matter because if you don’t vote for the big dogs (liberal and conservative) then you are throwing away your vote. You really should be researching each party and see what their ideas, value and policies are. See if they resonate with you personally and make an educated choice about who you really think deserves to run our country. But like every year we had another two way battle between Justin Trudeau and the red liberals and Andrew Scheer of boys in blue conservatives. Now the divide between the reds and blue is not nearly as bad in Canada as it is in the U.S. but the two parties still do not like each other very much. It seems a lot of people thought both parties leaders were acting childish on the stage at the big debate. It was just Scheer and Trudeau taking shots at each other about black face and gay rights and this and that. It was all just a load of crap. The biggest surprise was the NDP, they have been slowing inching their way more and more into the house and this year was no different thanks top Jagmeet Singh

Jagmeet is one of the most charismatic and likeable candidates for the NDP since Jack Layton, His position on tolerance and acceptance, as well as his willingness to help the First Nations community in this time of pipelines and big business intruding on their land. However, despite his noble efforts, the NDP did not make much of a splash in this election. Their fire is not out and it actually grows stronger every election season. It seems like more people are hoping on board the NDP train, and who knows maybe they will be a big contender in the next 20 years.


Young people still need to get out there and vote. Young people are all the same though, you can tell them to do something 1000 times and the only time they’ll do it is if there is something in it for them. Problem is they don’t understand what’s in it for them. It’s hard as a young adult to fully realize just what this election means. Policies, priorities and where they will spend their money and time. It’s hard to gauge what works for you and your current situation. That’s what the main problem is, people just din;t understand the stake of these elections. Just look at the U.S. people didn’t know what they wanted and now they have a big problem. While keeping the Liberal government might have been the safest move for Canada right now it is really hard to see who has our best interests at heart and that’s why voting can seem so daunting for some young people.

The Real World and What it Take to Make it

As we all know, students only stay students for a while, some short, some long but it always ends at some point. A lot of people get out of school knowing what they want to do, they have a job secured or have thousands of interviews lined up. However, there are some who still feel lost after school. Some people who went straight into post secondary after high school only know what it’s like to be in school so when there routine is disrupted the real world hits them in the face like a ton of bricks. School can only point students in the right direction, it’s up to them to make the final call. No more curfews, homework and mandatory classes. What is the real world? It is supporting yourself and and making choices that make a difference in the long run. High school and post secondary can feel like they take up most of your life, but really it’s a small fraction of the big picture. That’s what the real world is… The big picture. The big picture means not thinking in the moment. There is so much to think about, family, friends, health, job, relationships, hobbies. The list can go on and on. That’s the most overwhelming thing about life after school. It’s unpredictable and sometimes unforgiving but you persevere because in society today there many tools out there to help you succeed. 

Social media opens the door for so much opportunity that they might not have had 10-20 years ago. In that regard this generation is lucky to have access to all this new technology and information. Being independent and self driven has never been easier when you can build and entire brand and platform for yourself online. The tricky part is, is that everyone wants a piece of the pie. For a radio student, over 200 podcasts are being made everyday, so there is no shortage. The hardest part is getting your name and brand out there and setting yourself apart from the crowd of everyone else trying to get some. That’s something that they try to teach you in school but you only really learn the most important lessons through experience as well as trial and error. That the thing, you may be out of school, but you are still always learning. You never truly stop being a student because there is always a lesson to be learned and something that you can do to better yourself. The real world forces you to constantly better yourself, sometimes you are not bettering yourself for personal gain, a lot of the time the more you better yourself the better the people around you respond to your positive energy. Surrounding yourself with people who share your interests and support your goals is another crucial part of going into the real world. It’s hard sometimes to keep all your connections from when you were growing up and meeting new people in the real world can be challenging sometimes, but there is always someone out there for you who will support you. 

The biggest and most obvious part of making it in the real world is making money and being successful. People always think that they have to have a super expensive and fancy education to have any hope of making decent money (or enough to live comfortably) and while that may be true for some jobs, there are plenty of independent opportunities. It’s the hard truth, but anyone can make a living off social media these days, whether it be a fitness, beauty or comedy themed pages on any of the major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) can make tons of money from advertisements, endorsements and shout outs (endorsing other peoples pages). Not saying that you have to make money this way if you didn’t go to school or are not sure of what to do, the point is that opportunity is out there

The most important thing about getting ready and going out into the real world and joining the workforce is to stay positive and don’t give up. You ARE going to make mistakes and experience setbacks, the most important thing you can do is learn from your flubs and failures and learning. This going back to NEVER stop being the student. You have to work hard to be able to do what you love and make a living out of it. Some of the most influential and successful  people did not graduate from college. People like former Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Coca Cola CEO Charles Culpeper. They had a vision and they never gave up. If you are ever feeling like you can’t do it look up how some of these insanely successful people did it when no one else thought they would. Take these next few years of your life to find the secret ingredient for you happiness. It may not come right away, but most good things don’t. there would be no fun and pleasure if everything was just hand to us. It’s up to us to find our self worth, for so long we had number and grade define our self worth but now we have to go out there and show the world that it doesn’t take a boat load of cash and an education at some 1000 year old university to make a name for yourself in this great jungle we call adult life. 

Beginners Guide to Vancouver

Vancouver is a beautiful place. Named after Dutch explorer George Vancouver (who had a hand in discovering major parts of the Pacific North West). Mountains, oceans, wildlife and the big city all wrapped into one. Being living in Vancouver is such a privilege but it’s hard to see how good it is here. With the growing population, expensive cost of living and the homeless problem downtown it can sometimes seem like Vancouver has more problems than it does hands to fix it but if you look at some of the incredible things around us, it is really something to behold. Take Stanley Park, it  is a 405-hectare park that borders downtown Vancouver. The park has a vast history and is one of the first areas visitors come to explore in the city. the park was named Vancouver first park in 1866 and was named after the then recently appointed Governor General Lord Stanley. This park was not created by man at all, but rather the evolution of nature and the landscape over the years was the only thing that progressed this park. Talk about a natural process. Attached to the park is the Vancouver aquarium which is one of the most interesting aquariums on earth. There is a seawall in which you can walk around the perimeter of the entire park right on the water, the best part is taking a bike out there. Nothing beats and bike ride by the water on a hot summer day. Stanley park is just the beginning though there is also the Telus World of Science, a magical place where any kid will an absolute blast (the adults have fun too). With events and shows changing seasonal and tons of little mini games it’s a kids paradise. The only downside is it’s another hot spot for tourists and day camps, you have to go on a chill day so you get to experience all the cool science and less of the screaming children, unless you like that sort of thing

Another unique thing about Vancouver is the people. Sure you sometimes get your run of the mill douche business man who thinks he is better and doesn’t have time for anyone, but mostly you get some of the most caring, hardworking and charismatic people in the world. Vancouver is a place of beauty and opportunity so you find a lot of people here who are trying to make a life for themselves and they really try to take advantage of all the good stuff we have going for us here. Something like the weather is something that sometimes goes really well for Vancouver and sometimes… not so much. Yes, we do have the nickname “Raincouver” however, compared to the rest of Canada Vancouver has it pretty good. Vancouver gets significantly less snow than other provinces and our summers are much hotter than most. Vancouver is also a small city compared to big city standards. It has a population of around 600,000 people and it is in a rather compact area so it’s easy to get around the city. There is “Greater Vancouver” which is just a bunch of smaller cities that no one has ever heard of. If you take that into account then maybe Vancouver is not THAT small. As far as downtown goes thought, it’s pretty small. It’s easy to get from place to place because of a beautiful thing i like to call… The Skytrain, which is just a monorail or subway but it’s much nicer. It feels cleaner, safer and can get you around the city real quick. 


The top 4 streets you want to know are Robson Street, Denman Street, Davie Street and Granville Street. Robson is the trendy Street where you will find all the high priced shopping stores, a lot of big American Cruise line passengers spend their afternoon here when they dock. Robson connects to Denman where you have a lot of cool restaurants and English bay. English Bay is a scenic beach that is very popular in the summer. It has a lot of volleyball and drum circles so if that what you’re into have at er. Denman connects to Davie, which is best known for being the “gay” street as its very rainbows and full of pride, its very lively and has good sushi restauraunts. Lastly Granville Street is where all the bars, clubs and hostels are. It is very entertaining to just walk down the street at night because no matter what the time there is always something happening on Granville Street.

Now that we know our streets let’s talk about some more tourist traps like Gastown. Which is a poor depiction of what some developers in the 70’s thought Vancouver would look like in the late 19th Century. Unfortunately nowadays it’s about 70% souvenir shops and 30% overpriced boutiques. But the one thing that trumps all in Gastown is the Gastown Clock, which is a clock that looks like it runs on steam but it does not, it also looks very old but it was made in 1977. Next up is the Granville Island Market where you can get fresh food and all sorts of knick knacks, no harm in this place just a nice place to get some food and cool tokens (just don’t let the seagull get the food). Vancouver also has a few iconic buildings. We have the weird sailboat roof on Canada Place, the Ball roof on the Telus World of Science, we also have a knock off Space Needle. Grouse Mountain will wrap up our Vancouver tour where you have the option to torture yourself and climb 860m upstairs to the top… or just take the gondola. Once your up there, if it’s winter, you can go skiing and snowboarding as it is the closest mountain to Vancouver. If it’s a warmer season there are lumberjack shows, bird shows and bike trails to go on. We are just scratching the surface when it comes to what Vancouver has to offer but hopeful this gave you a better look at what a lot of us call home.

Midterm Stress and How We Handle It.

Around this time of year, every year, students around the world buckle down and get ready for midterm exams. Stress hits students in varying ways and it’s always important to remember to take care of yourself before anything. Studying for exams can lead to late nights, early mornings, and less social time overall, however, it’s important to make sure you don’t completely overload yourself on cramming and make sure you get some time to relax. Relaxing has different meaning for some people, it can be cuddling with your pet, going for a run, watching a movie, playing video games or reading. As long as you find balance with working and relaxing you really have recipe for a good exam season.

Studying can be a major pain and some people don’t really know how to study effectively (myself included) but there are always few go-to’s that help any study session. First off, go somewhere far away from distraction like the school library, coffee shop or a park. It also can’t hurt to bring a study buddy with you because multiple minds are better than one. Make flash cards, there a super effective and easy way to study while you write them down and make them, and then they can used to quiz yourself and your class mates later on. Make little songs, poems, or make an abbreviation to remember long information. Always get a good nights sleep the day before the exam and try not cram because fatigue during the exam can leave you forgetful. Eat full meals before exams and always take 30 mins before to go over your flash cards and ask any last questions. With these tips this exams season should a walk in the park and a good way to get eased into the main event… Finals season baby!

Spooky Season Begins!

It’s that time of year again. Hockey starts, the leaves star to fall and the Halloween festivities begin. Everyone has a tradition this time of year whether it be Fright Nights at Playland, or something a little more tame, like the pumpkin patch, there is always something to do this time of year. This year, the Halloween train at Stanley Park looks very interesting. Every year the train ride has a new lineup of costumes, sets and scares to go along with a brand new theme. This year the train theme is Alice in Nightmare Land. This theme combines two amazing things: Old school animated movie nostalgia and spooky scares. Name a better duo? All jokes aside this year is a must go and you can STILL buy tickets for most dates if you go on their website, so you really have no excuse.

Aside from the spooky train rides and all the other fun things to do, there always the main event… Trick or Treating. For most of us this time of going around house to house collecting candy has long passed us. However, for those who still maintain this innocence and still carry on this tradition, it is another year to get those full size Aero bars from the nice old lady down the street and for that, I salute you young ones. Now the question begs to be asked… How old is to old to Trick or Treat? Some say around 13? It’s a tough question that doesn’t really have a wrong or right answer. It’s never to old to dress up though! You could just be going to a Halloween party or having a movie night with your friends and you feel inspired to dress up. GO for it, it’s the one time of year it’s socially acceptable and that is why spooky season is so great.

We The North

It look like it could be the year for Toronto Raptors. It’s a little different for basketball fans around Vancouver as we lost our NBA to Memphis of all places, and that happened years ago so now we all ride the Toronto Raptors wave, as they are the only Canadian team still left in the NBA. It wasn’t always easy to root for the Raptors as they used to be a very poor performing team, one year they posted a 0-18 opening to a season. It’s kind of cool how, like in MLB, when there is only Canadian team, the entire country can rally around one team. Now that the Raptors are doing well the “We The North” slogan can be seen being used by all Canadians. That slogan encapsulates basketball in Canada, we are not just the west coast of Canada, no we are all of Canada, we are the neighbours from up top, we the North.

Things like these make it a proud moment to be a Canadian. There is no divide in the commitment to our Country one and only hope for capturing the NBA title. The Raptors have gotten close many times but with Kawhi Lenord lighting up the hoop and Lowry finally showing up, this is the best chance they have ever had and now they need to seize the moment. You can only imagine the amount of hometown pride we all will feel if they are able to win. That’s why you should start watching the Raptors play if you haven’t yet… You won’t regret it.

Is Designer Clothing Worth It?

With the Lyst Index revealing today that the Virgil Abloh created clothing brand Off-White is the most popular brand on the planet it makes you wonder. A typical shirt from Off-White can range anywhere from $300 to $1000 and that seems a little ridiculous for a t-shirt. So why are super expensive brand such as these so popular? It might be because of social media and how popular influnencers show off the brand and clothes they have. It makes people who look up to them, desire those clothes even though they may not be able to afford them, you would have a to make a absurd amount of money to be regularly spending thousands of dollars on clothes.

Perhaps it’s the fact that people may not be buying clothes in bulk, it’s not uncommon for people to own one or two expensive pieces of clothing or jewelry, but not go overboard. While there is no problem in spending your money the way you want, it also may be considered un-healthy to perceive your self-worth through what kind of clothes you wear. This is more prominent with children. There is a Youtube series called “How Much Is Your Outfit Worth?” it’s basically a show where kids get in a circle and take turns telling everyone how much their outfit is worth, in the wrong context it can look really bad. It’s not bad to show off what you have earned and bought with your own money but judging other people based off what they wear is not the way to approach life.

Why This Year’s NHL Playoffs Are So Great

This year’s NHL playoff s have been amazing. From under dog victories, to intense game 7’s it’s not hard to argue that this year’s playoff have been the best we have seen this decade. Let’s start off with the St Louis Blues, halfway through the regular season these guys did not look like they were gonna make it to the playoffs. With a second half of the season surge the Blues made it into the playoffs and are now on their way to the Western Conference Final after their double overtime win last night against Dallas. Another shock in the playoffs comes from the Tampa Bay Lightning, this teams was setting regular season records for most points and wins and looked to be one of the most dominating teams in the league. Then… BAM they get SWEPT by the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Blue Jackets were a team that made it into the playoffs by the skin of their teeth and they went ahead and no only beat the best team in the league but SWEPT them. That has to be one of the biggest upsets in modern age hockey.

Besides the Boston Bruins the only team that is still in the playoffs that won a cup in the last 20 years are the Colorado Avalanche who won in 2001. The fact that any team has a chance to take it all home is what makes this year so exciting. Now only time to tell if there are more upsets will come or will Boston make it another cup in their legacy I guess we ill all just have to tune in.

The Sedin’s Run a Marathon. Who’s Faster?

Everyone’s favourite Swedish twins took on the Vancouver Marathon on Sunday. The brothers were bearing the same numbers they once represented on their Canucks  jerseys. It’s been a while since the Sedin’s were playing hockey but it seems they weren’t completely done competing physically. Daniel seems to be putting in the work in the gym as he casually got a time of 3:11:45 which is in the top 200 and almost qualifies for the Boston Marathon. The time to qualify for Boston was 3:10:00 so Daniel was so close and probably could have done it if he was actually trying to make it. Henrik on the other hand, finished with a time of 3:24:11 which was only 12 minutes behind his brother, still a commendable effort by both former hockey stars. The brothers have expressed desire to return to the 42 km run next year. It begs the question, is Henrik salty that he finished later than his brother or has the sibling rivalry been left in the dust after playing together for so long.

The Swede’s have been warming up for this race, they ran in a couple local races leading up to the big one. What retired hockey players could outdo Daniel’s time. He’s probably among the elite when it comes to that specific area of retired hockey players turned marathon runner. Will they actually start to train specifically for marathons and maybe start a new career as the Swedish twins that are taking the marathon community by storm. Probably not but you can’t say you wouldn’t like to see it happen.


Clash of the Ships

Craziness at Canada Place cruse ship terminal. It seems it was bound to happen with that small port, but two cruise ships collided early Saturday morning. Funny enough the ships are owned by the same cruse line company, Holland America. The damage was minimal but it was still a scary situation for those involved. You can go on Youtube and check out some first hand video of the two massive ship colliding it’s pretty crazy. The name of the two ships that were involved in the collision are the Oosterdam and Nieuw Amsterdam. Both ships were heading for round trips to Alaska when they left port on Saturday. No injuries were reported from either ship and only six rooms were affected on the Niew Amsterdam and repairs on those said room began very soon after the crash happened. The Ships are not trying to lose out on profit from missing a whole round trip so it is easy to see why repairs are happening so quickly.

Apparently no travel plans were affected by this crash which saves Holland America’s Public Relations person a head ache. The question begs to be asked, was this just a freak accident or should extra precautions be taken in the future. It seems that things like these happen sometimes as human error does occur, however if this crash was a little bigger than it might have been handled differently. Both ships seem to be back up and running. Hopefully they make a safe voyage to the land of the north.


With ELITE CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING announcing the cancellation of their CINCO DE HAYHEM event on May 5th. Many Vancouver pro wrestling fans are disappointed, but what does this mean for the wrestlers scheduled to perform?Professional Wrestler Ravenous Randy Myers talks about how missing a show effects wrestlers.

“It’s always a major disappointment when a show like that gets cancelled for whatever reason. We do obviously lose out on pay but it’s not going to make us miss any bills or anything like that.” – Ravenous Randy Myers, Professional Wrestler 

ECCW hopes their anniversary show on the 31st of May at the Anvil Centre in New West will more than make up for this lost show.

Corkscrew Permanently Shutdown At Playland

Many Vancouverites are disappointed at the permanent closing of the Corkscrew roller coaster at Playland. The beloved coaster was apparently never expected to be such a key part of the parks attractions. Now with plans of expanding the park, the Corkscrew will be departing Vancouver.


It seems it’s out with the old and in with the new, but the corkscrew will not so easily be forgotten.

BC Employment Standards Act Receives Changes

The British Columbia government is changing employment standards regarding children in the workplace.Harry Bains, the Minister of Labor here in B.C. has implemented new amendments to the employment standards act. Making the workplace safer for young children by not allowing them to work dangerous jobs until they are older.


Children under the age of sixteen are eligible to do “light work” although what that specifically entails is still being debated.

Canada First Official Country with Sikh Heritage Month

The Canadian Sikh community is getting some long overdue recognition.The Sikh’s have been part of Canada for over one hundred and fifty years. Now this strong community is being properly recognized through a brand new bill making April Sikh Heritage month. MP Sukh Daliwhal, who introduced the bill, says this month will help showcase how much the Sikh community has helped build our country.


Daliwhal adds that he is very excited for next April already as he is expects important stories to be shared.

BCIT Pride’s Final Monthly Social Promotes Safety and Fun For All

BCIT Pride is hosting it’s final  spring social this year for all BCIT alumni, students and staff.

Attendees will be greeted with board games, pizza and good vibes as this event looks to bring a safe and friendly place for members of the LGBTQ+ community. It’s all about bringing everyone together and feeling accepted by one and other.

The reason why we are hosting this again is just to have that fun aspect and bring the community together to feel like they have a safer space on campus and it is really important for LGBTQ+ community to have something to look forward to each month and come together and be celebrated, especially during this time of the year everyone is busy with exams that’s why we have the social” – Trina Prince, Event Organizer

Trina is confident the socials will return next year.