Interview with Chris Den Hartog

Our local music nerd here at Evolution 1079, Elias Whitfield, has been interviewing various Vancouver based musicians over the last few months but during his time as Music Director he went the extra mile and did an acoustic session with local musician Chris Den Hartog. You can check out the live performances and accompanying video on his most recent episode of “The Alt Show” below! Enjoy!

The Pack A.D. are Playing The Rickshaw Tonight!

If you’re familiar with Vancouver’s local rock/punk scene you have no doubt heard of the wonderful duo know as The Pack AD. This two piece girl rock group was formed back in 2006 and to date has a total of seven albums, pretty solid for a ten-year career. Their most recent album Dollhouse came out back in October of this year and since then they have been in tour mode travelling all across Canada and the United States. Their tour has finally brought them back to their west coast hometown!

Tonight they are playing at the Rickshaw on East Hastings with guests Sorry Edith, who I talked about yesterday, Gang Signs, Dopey’s Robe, and The Actors. The show starts at 8 PM and tickets are only $18.50, quite a steal for such an amazing night of talent!

If you haven’t seen them before I can’t suggest this show enough! I saw play The Pack A.D. back in high school when they opened for Tokyo Police Club and Said The Whale in Victoria and they stole the show! They put on such a good show that people stormed up to the stage and started mashing as soon as they struck the first chord. There was even a group of girls up at the front of the stage with a cardboard sign that read “ Becky (lead singer) I wanna have your babies!” Now that’s what I call rock and roll!

Check out The Pack A.D.’s newest tune Dollhouse from their most recent album! Enjoy.

Davenport – Indie Rock for the Soul

Growing up on Vancouver Island I have always had a certain feeling towards the city of Victoria, British Columbia. It’s hard to describe exactly, but the island holds something peaceful yet bitter in my heart. The city is in a weird plateau where it’s too small for you to do anything big and adventurous with life but too large to be considered a quiet and content town. This uneasiness and unsure tone I have felt my whole life finally has a soundtrack, and it’s called Davenport.

Davenport is an indie rock band from this capital island town that feels relaxed and peaceful while still holding a feeling of uncertainty and discontent with the world. Their music makes you wanna smile and laugh while at the same time letting a single tear drip down your face. Fronted by vocalist and guitarist Peter Day, who has toured alongside Sam Weiber, they are the perfect indie band to describe life on the west coast without becoming another clone of the past. They bring something new and exciting without reinventing the wheel.

This weekend Davenport is bringing their unique indie sound to the big city and are playing at The Roxy Cabaret on Saturday night! Tickets are only $13 at the door but if you are fast you can get one online for only $10! Doors are at 7 and you must be 19+ to attend.

Check out the band’s most recent tune “City Night Sleeps” on Youtube and make sure to go out and support these Island boys, you won’t regret it!


Sorry Edith – Indie Rock with a Punk Rock Attitude

Vancouver has always been a city built on traditional punk rock attitude. Ever since it’s glory days in the 1980’s with groups such as D.O.A. and Subhumans playing little dive bars on the downtown eastside, we have seen an overlying attitude follow the ever-changing music scene. However, as the computer age took over in the 2000’s we started to see more electronic and indie artists emerge. Unfortunately, a lot of these new artists were missing the passion and emotion that their punk rock ancestors had carried with them all those years ago. Then I found Electro-rock three piece Sorry Edith and my view changed.

I saw these rockers in a grungy little bar, and at first, I didn’t know really what to expect. You had two female singers playing guitar and synths accompanied by a drummer They could have easily been just another electro indie rock band with a couple catchy chord progressions. However, as soon as they started playing, I instantly fell in love. This sonic wave enveloped the room. It wasn’t necessarily hard by any means. There were some beat fast tunes, but overall the only way I can describe their sound is beautiful. Taking influence from new wave and post-punk there’s something inherently punk rock about their sound… At first, I couldn’t put my finger on it. It wasn’t the thick guitar tone, it wasn’t the drum patterns, it wasn’t even the lyrical content… it was the attitude. They held that stage like it was the only thing that mattered in the world.

If you have a half an hour free I strongly suggest taking a listen to Sorry Edith’s GOODBYE FRIDA EP on their website below. From start to finish it’s an amazing piece of art!


The Killers Are Back In Vancouver!!!

Tonight one of the biggest bands of the 2000’s is making their way to Vancouver! I’m of course talking about Las Vegas based band The Killers who were part of the resurgence of the Post Punk scene in North America during the mid-2000’s. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t immediately start dancing as soon as they hear that classic intro riff to their 2004 hit “Mr. Brightside” off their first album “Hot Fuss”. The album turned them into international superstars over night with Brandon Flowers unique voice being heard on basically every modern rock station throughout the western world, day after day. They then followed up the album with the 2006 release “Sam’s Town” that once again blew the world away with its new wave inspired sound. They then came back with one more album in 2008 entitled “Day & Age” before taking a hiatus for a few years till they made their in 2012 with “Battle Born” that got lukewarm reviews.

Moving forward a few years the band is still kicking it and are back in Canada touring their newest album “Wonderful Wonderful” that came out earlier in the year. They are going to be playing at The Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Stadium tonight for a sold out show. If you don’t have tickets it looks like you are out of luck but you can always try and see if someone is selling their tickets last minute.

If You haven’t heard their new tune that we have been blasting on Evolution then make sure to check out Run For Cover! Enjoy!


Not So Silent Night – Dear Rouge Concert

Vancouver based electronic rock duo Dear Rouge are getting ready to give Vancouver a brand new Christmas Party! “Not So Silent Night” is a concert event hosted by local station 102.7 The Peak at the Commodore Ballroom this Thursday, that’s the 7th of December. Accompanying this local duo which consists of husband and wife Drew and Danielle McTaggart is Ben Sinister who also got their start in the good old Van City. They also have DJ’s after all the live music is done so that you are able to dance all night long!

The event however isn’t all about music and dancing though. Partial proceeds from ticket sales will be going to Covenant House Vancouver to help young kids between the ages of 16 – 24 who have been forced to leave their homes and go into foster care due to physical, emotional and sexual abuse. We all know the Christmas season is about family, but when you don’t have a family it can be a pretty difficult time. Each year Covenant house gives homeless youth a backpack full of gifts and necessities to help them get through the festive season.

Tickets for this event are only $15 – $25 which is a bargain seeing as its being held at not only one of the best venues in the city but the entire country! So don’t make an excuse get your Santa hat, your dance boots and swinging hips ready for one hell of a show! Tickets are available online at or by phone at 1-855-985-5000.

Not familiar with Dear Rouge? Check out their video for Black To Gold here!


Concert Alert – Queens of The Stone Age – January 24th, 2018

Although 2018 feels like the distant future, it’s right around the corner, and this means we are getting close to one of the biggest shows of the year! I am of course talking about legendary rock giants Queens of The Stone Age (QOTSA) who will be playing at The Pacific Colosseum on January 24th.

Starting back in 1996 this Josh Homme fronted band has become one of the holy fathers of Rock and Roll! With them recently releasing their newest album “Villians” last summer QOTSA have taken to the road to once again tour the world. What is special about this tour, however, is its the first time the band is playing in Vancouver since 2013! On top of this show, they are also making a trip to the island to play for their Victoria fans at The Save on Food Memorial Centre.

*Tour Artwork for January 24ths Show*

Accompanying the band on this leg of the tour will be Homme’s side project Eagles of Death Metal (EODM) in which he plays the drums. These bands haven’t toured together since the November 2015 terrorist attack in Paris where 90 people were killed at an EODM show. Josh joined the band when they went back to play the venue only a few months later but its good to see Josh and lead singer of EODM, Jessie Hughes are still supporting each other even two years after the tragic attack and joining forces to remind the world that they are still here to do what they do best, play good old fashion rock and roll. Tickets are still available on Ticketmaster and range around $50 – $100. Small price to pay for one of the best rock bands of all time!


If you haven’t heard the new Queens of The Stone Age song that we at Evolution are playing then check out “Feet Don’t Fail Me” below:

The Dead Zones – Vancouver’s Next Big Rock Act?

Since moving to Vancouver only two years ago it has been my goal to immerse myself as much as possible in Vancouver’s music scene. I recently got a job working as a sound tech at a local bar that does a weekly battle of the bands and throughout my short time working there I have seen band after band walk through the doors trying to impress the crowds with their unique sonic sound. However, only a few have managed to stand above the rest and leave the crowd breathless. Local rockers The Dead Zones by far take the cake for the best act to play this showcase as they managed to wow the crowd like few others.

With only three guys and a mixture of post-punk and garage rock influences, these rockers managed to bring something new to Vancouver. Playing shows with such local talent as Owlface I wouldn’t be surprised if these rockers were the next real rock band to break it in this city. I’m interested to see what will come next from this garage base three-piece as currently they only have one self-titled EP that came out back in April of 2017. WIth quick upbeat songs that feel like punk rock with slight more swagger and sass their stage performance is like if The Beatles performance on Ed Sulivan was mixed with a more socially conscious White Stripes. Kinda a weird mix I know but trust me, when you see it you will understand. 

If you want to hear their self-titled EP make sure to check out their Bandcamp and Facebook page:

Slow’s First Show in Vancouver in 30 Years

Last Friday, December 1st marked the first time legendary Vancouver based punk rockers “Slow” have played in their hometown in over 20 years! They were able to sell out three separate shows at The Fox Cabaret with guests “The Orange Kyte” and “The Prettys”. Although the band hadn’t played together in over two decades they managed to put on a better performance than most modern bands dream of. As soon as they hit the stage they made sure they had the attention of every person in the room.


After finishing their first song lead singer Thomas Anselmi poked fun at the crowd asking “Where the f**k were all you guys 30 years ago?” It goes to show that some bands aren’t remembered until they decide to step away from the game. The highlight of the entire show was of course when they drove into their biggest hit tune “Have Not Been The Same” off their EP “Against the Glass that was released in 1985. I was surprised they pulled this song out so early in the show as it was only their 5th song of the set. After it ended my initial thought was “well they can’t top that”. Boy, was I wrong… They pulled a fast one and decided to think outside of the box by playing a cover of “The Rolling Stones” Gimme Shelter. Accompanied by two female singers the band harmonized amazingly to create some truly beautiful melodies.


*Picture of setlist from Slow fan John Haggerty*

In conclusion, the show was an absolute treat for fans both new and old with the band reviving their post-punk sound! They couldn’t have picked a better time to come back because this was a jolt Vancouver’s scene needed pretty badly! The only issue I had with the show is that Slow went on stage at 12:30 which felt a little late. The DJs in-between each band also felt somewhat lacklustre.

Mark: 8 / 10

Vancouver’s 10 Year Housing Strategy

The city of Vancouver recently revealed their full 10 year long housing strategy that emphasizes on building and preserving rental units. The new plan calls for 72,000 new units of housing in the next decade, two-thirds of which will be rentals.


The city’s strategy includes: The creation of 20,000 new rentals in the city, New rental programs along the Broadway corridor and rapid transit stations at the Nanaimo, 29th Avenue and Olympic Village stations. They also hope to create a dedicated renters protection manager to help insure renters safety. The city is also working with the provincial government to allow rental-only zones

The housing report comes only a day after the federal government announced $40 billion for its own 10-year national housing strategy.

Elias Fox

Flooding Troubles Blackcomb Valley…

Although there was enough snow on Blackcomb Mountain to open whistler last week, the weather has quickly caused problems in the valley bellow… With the Pineapple express storm rolling though BC this week. The municipality’s Valley Trail system near Meadow Park flooded with water and saw as much as 50 millimetres of rain fall there in the last 48 hours.

These conditions have meant that watersheds such as the River of Golden Dreams, Crabapple Creek and Van West Creek are running high, according to the Resort Municipality of Whistler.

Colder conditions are expected in the coming days, with a high of three degrees projected on Friday and a high of four on Saturday.

Bunny Yoga at The Simon Fraser University

At the Simon Fraser University some fluffy friends visited the students for some distressing around exam time. The small animal rescue society brought in bunnies for a yoga class, but some of Vancouver’s yoga instructors say this is giving the exercise a bad name. Instructor Alana Eberts criticizes the scene for becoming over saturated…

“I always say its so over saturated here… and there’s like yoga with your cats, and yoga with bunny rabbits, whatever the trend is…”

Last time SFU hosted bunny yoga there were 12 participants, this year there were over 80.

Elias Fox, Evolution News.

Fentanyl in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastide

During the last few years Fentanyl has been an ongoing issue in Vancouver, especially on the downtown east side where drug users are ODing at an alarming rate. Since 2016 there has been a 147% increase of the number of Fentanyl detected deaths Fentanyl has been found in various drugs, but most notably, heroin. Jeff a witness of Fentanyl overdoes on the downtown east side had this to say about the issue…

“I’ve actually thought the issue is more not about the Fentanyl but more about the amount of people doing heroin to escape life here in Vancouver”.

If you live or visit this part of town on a regular basis, authorities say it’s beneficial to get a Naloxone prevention kit, regardless if you use or not. LDSB school district is even going as far as putting Naloxone kits in high schools across the district.

Elias Fox

BCIT Is Planning on Using Sheep to Keep Their Burnaby Campus Habitable

On BCIT’s Burnaby campus, faculty have been trying to preserve the environment around the school. With the school grounds being home to a creek, forest and various wildlife, BCIT’s Energy and Sustainability Manager, Alexandre Hebert says they have considered trying some unconventional to keep the grounds habitable.

Alexandre states “There has been some experiments on bringing sheep and you leave them, you build a fence around the area you want them to take care of. You leave them there for a week and they get rid of everything”.

Although this may sound like an odd means of keeping the area clean, scientists have said this process is very successful for getting rid of invasive species. Although there is no exact date on when this program will happen, Alexandre says they are taking the option as a serious possibility.

Review: “OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997-2017” by Elias Fox

20 years ago, Post Brit-Pop masterminds, Radiohead, released one of the most iconic albums on the 1990’s, OK Computer! The critically praised record marked a major change in British music from the upbeat sound of Brit Pop bands such as Oasis and Blur to a more mellow and introverted sonic scene that focused more on haunting melodies and analogical lyrics. One journalist by the name of Nick Kent wrote in Mojo Magazine that “in 20 years time I’m betting OK Computer will be seen as the key record of 1997, the one to take rock forward instead of artfully revamping images and song-structures from an earlier era.” It’s amazing how on the ball Kent was… With the album being re-released this summer as “OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997 2017” with the addition of a few previously unreleased track, how exactly has this album stood the test of time?

Lyrically the album took a much more abstract approach than “The Bends”, the band’s previous release, as lead singer Thom Yorke ponders idea such as technology, globalization, insanity, death, anti-capitalism and average modern day life. Although the band has confessed that the record wasn’t intended to be a concept album, it feels like every song on the album feeds into each other and continues a story that boils down to the concept of; trying to understand this modern world. What’s most interesting is that even 20 years after the album’s release, the lyrics are still extremely relatable… Songs such as “Karma Police” contain heart filled pleads of agony such as “for a minute there, I lost myself”, that connect with any listener, no matter how old they are…

The previously unreleased tracks from the re-release include “I Promise”, “Man of War”, and “Lift”. Although all of these songs are wicked to hear after the fact I understand why they were left off the 1997 release, they do feel a tad similar to the albums original sister tracks. Although “I Promise” feels like a cheery but somewhat unmemorable indie pop tune, “Man of War” and “Lift” make great additions to Radiohead’s vast catalog of emotional anthems!

Ultimately this re-release does an excellent job of showing off the full scoop of Radiohead’s vision during the writing of “OK Computer” all those years ago. These new songs had a lot to live up to and overall they add another solid sixteen and a half minutes to one of alternative rocks most prize pieces of work! It’s amazing how even 20 years after its original release this bundle of songs can so perfectly sum up the emotions felt in everyday average life. It’s a shame that Apple SimpleText doesn’t hold up on Fitter Happier… Oops.. Guess you can’t win them all…

Here is the classic video of one OK Computer’s best songs, Karma Police! Interestingly enough this music video was intended to be for Marilyn Manson but he rejected it saying he wasn’t a fan…

Album Review – Queens of The Stone Age “Villains” by Elias Fox

Queens of the Stone Age have always been a leading force in the world of Alternative Rock! Since they hit it big with their breakthrough sophomore record “Rated R” back in 2001 they have become a traveling gypsy circus of sorts, swapping members almost every second tour or so and bringing in various guests to play on their studio releases. But after their 2013 release “Like Clockwork” they decided to take a different approach and stick to their core group rather than focusing on guest appearances…

This is were “Villains” comes in! Released on August 25, 2017, the bands most recent album follows in the same vein as “Like Clockwork” while taking on a dancer and sexier approach. Starting with the errie intro of “Feet Don’t Fail Me” we are instantly enveloped with a dark and evil atmosphere, then instantly thrown into an broken disco rock tune! This is something the album accomplishes best, you are never really sure where its gonna take you. A song can start off one way and then end up somewhere completely different.

Interestingly enough the first single off the album, “The Way You Used to Do” is my least favourite song… Not that its a bad song… It just falls a little flat compared to some of the spectacular anthems such as “Fortress” and “Villains of Circumstance” that are scattered throughout the album. These two songs in particular highlight just how amazing of a songwriter lead singer Josh Homme has become. When he wears his heart on his sleeve like this, he showcases how he really is the definitive desert rock Dad, as both of these love songs were written for his family.

Another stand out tune is “Domesticated Animals” which Josh Homme describes by stating, before his first broadcasted performance of the song; ”Perhaps it’s an odd thing that one of the commands that you have is to play dead. Perhaps that’s an odd thing. Perhaps telling someone to play dead is diabolical”. This tune brings a sort of unease that is necessary in the current world of rock and roll. Although as I mentioned before the album is very dancy and sexy it doesn’t forget what Queens of the stone age does best… Creepy, heavy and uneasy alternative rock!

Unfortunately, the late middle section of the album kind of trails off. Again not that songs like “Un-Reborn Again” and “Hideaway” are bad, they just feel a little unmemorable compared to some of the other masterpieces on this record. This is quickly shaken off though, and the final two songs of “Villains” wrap up the performance impeccably! “The Evil Has Landed” kicks off the finale with more unease as Josh whispers, “Close, come close”… Then after a crazy outro riff we conclude with the masterpiece I mentioned before, “Villains of Circumstance”, which may be one of my all time favourite Queens of the Stone Age songs.

In conclusion “Villlians” stands as a strong addition to Queens of the Stone Age’s catalogue bringing in both new and old styles that will keep old fans happy and hopefully turn some new people on to the band. Additionally, one thing that most critiques and fans have mentioned is producer Mark Ronson’s mixing of the album. Old fans have criticized his work stating that it feels too poppy. Overall though he did a pretty solid job!

Mark – 8.5 / 10
If you wanna know more on this banger of an album check out Josh Homme’s track by track walk through of the record! He has some pretty cool thoughts on the music!