Terry Fox

39 years ago, Terry Fox began his Marathon of Hope in St John’s, Newfoundland. That day he started a legacy that has been engrained in the minds of millions of Canadians across this country.

Growing up, I always heard the name and his story. The Terry Fox Run happened every September and it was always a reminder of what he meant to so many people. As I grew older, I learned even more about his story and it made me appreciate him even more.

Terry Fox was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and raised in Port Coquitlam, BC. He had a relatively normal life but he grew older his health began to give him troubles. Fox was diagnosed with cancer in his knees in 1977. Sadly because cancer had spread in his knee, he had to have it amputated.

During this time, Terry Fox was determined to not let his cancer limit him. Through some inspiration, he decided to embark on a cross Canada run which he titled the Marathon of Hope in 1981.

His intention was to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. Throughout the entire time, he was supported by thousands of Canadians across the country at different cities from Halifax to Montreal to Toronto. By the time Terry Fox was getting to Thunder Bay, it was discovered that his Cancer has returned and was spreading quickly. Due to this, Terry Fox has to make the tough decision to cancel his Marathon of Hope.

He was flown back home to BC to get treatment but sadly on June 28, 1981, he passed in a New Westminster hospital.

Terry Fox legacy is something unmatched. He is a Canadian icon who will never forgotten.

What Makes Good Reality TV

Reality TV is something that so many of us enjoy. Many times we use it as an escape for an hour or so. But with so much reality TV, what really makes a great show or season?

Well, there are many factors, I think that a mixture of drama, makeups and good villains are what really make them succeed.

Let’s take, for example, The Real Housewives of Vancouver. In this short-lived show, we had a really good villain through Jody Claman who was truly one of the ultimate villains on reality TV. Jody brought hatred and drama that we all need. Ronnie Negus and Mary Zilba really came with the drama that lasted the entire season. The Real Housewives of Vancouver really was a great reality tv show.

Season 2 of Rupauls Drag Race: All-Stars is another reality moment that was great television. We had a great villain through Phi Phi O’Hara who was able to keep up with the rest of the pack. As well, there was an interesting twist in which the contestants were the ones who chose who got eliminated and finally, the contestant to episode ratio was fairly equal.

Now what doesn’t make a good season of reality TV is if there are too many gimmicks or if the villain in that particular season is not able to keep up or compete with the other cast members. Yes, reality TV can be good and not just trash TV if it is done well.

I hope that after this you will be able to analyze Jersey Shore: Family Vacation the next time you watch it.

Billie Eilish

It seems as if the artist on everybody’s lips right now is Billie Eilish. With her recently released album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? she is truly the 2019 artist to watch. But her sudden rise to fame has made people analyze her and what her music is all about.

People are really divided on Billie Eilish, you either get her or you don’t. And with that comes comparisons. The main one people seem to be saying is with Lady Gaga. Now, while on the surface Billie Eilish and Lady Gaga have 2 completely different styles they can still be compared. Lady Gaga was also the first artist in a long time that came along to really shake things up in the mainstream Pop music scene.

When Lady Gaga first came along, her over the top style and extremely thought out videos rubbed people the wrong way. It seemed as if the younger generation of music fans really loved her and supported her from the get-go. Lady Gaga really changed the music scene with her presence. As of now, Billie Eilish’s music is really captivating a wide range of people and it seems as if she’s fully on the road to becoming a mainstream success.

Just like Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish’s debut album earned incredible first week numbers on the charts. We will see if her impact will be as big as Lady Gaga’s but with the comparisons, it is definitely possible.

Mandela Effect

Do you ever have a feeling that something is just a little bit off? Like you see something that you swear you’ve always seen one way and then one day it’s just different. Well, you’re not alone. What you’re probably experiencing is a Mandela Effect.

The Mandela Effect is a theory in which many people claim to experience the same false memory of something that didn’t happen or was always a different way. For many people, little things have changed like dates of events of letters in names. Weird right? The most common Mandela Effect that really made people question a lot is that of the Berenstain Bears. When people think of the childhood classic, many people remember it being spelled Berenstein Bears, but now its Berenstain Bears. Personally, this Mandela Effect is the first of many that made me question a lot of things.

Another big one that people cite is one in Star Wars. Do you remember the iconic line Luke, I am your father? Well if that’s how you remember it then you’ve been mistaken. The actual line has always been No, I am your father.

Are you a fan of that classic movie Forrest Gump? What’s the line again? Life is like a box of chocolate right? No, the actual line has always been Life was like a box of chocolate. Am I freaking you out yet?

The list of Mandela Effects is endless. There are new ones popping up all the time. All I can tell you is that its good to question everything. Just keep that in mind.

The 27 Club

There’s a myth in Hollywood about death at age 27. So many celebrities, especially musicians seem to die at this age. But what’s the reason for this phenomenon? Is the 27 club even a real thing?

Many of the celebrities who have passed away seem to have done so from some sort of drug overdose. Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin and Amy Winehouse all died of drug overdoses. Others at age 27 who have died include Kurt Cobain and Korean singer Kim Jong-hyun from suicide.

In all honesty, there is no evidence to support a theory that the age of 27 is related to tragic celebrity deaths. Just as many people have died at different ages in similar circumstances.

The idea of the 27 Club at this point is a cultural phenomenon that makes it sound almost like an exclusive and prestigious thing. A lot of magazines, websites or journalists have really pushed the idea of this 27 club which is why so many speak about it today. Also, the death of Amy Winehouse in 2011 it really brought attention back to the 27 Club. Amy was such a beloved artist of this new generation who was truly the first big-name artist to enter into this club.

In conclusion, the idea of the 27 Club is definitely one of the more intriguing things to come out of the Hollywood machine, but the scientific evidence is clearly lacking.

Let’s hope nobody joins the 27 Club anytime soon.

On My Block

Season 2 of the popular Netflix show “On My Block” was released on March 29, 2019, and its already gotten rave reviews.

The show centres around a group of inner city kids living in the fictional town of Freeridge, California. The show deals with many aspects of these kids’ realities. This includes gang violence, broken families, coming of age, friendships and so much more. Season 1 premiered in early 2018 and it was praised for showcasing the true realities that many people, especially in Southern California, face. The characters from all walks of life which is further expanded in the 2nd season.

It’s important with shows that deal with harsh realities for them to be authentic. I appreciate that with “On My Block” there are consultants on set to help move the story along in a way that can translate those realities on TV. This is really important to do, especially in today’s age when so much can be misconstrued and people think a certain way about groups of people.

I know that coming of age shows are sometimes a bit clichè but “On My Block” is truly a needle in a haystack. The visible minority representation is amazing, the actors playing these roles were made for them and you can truly feel the chemistry oozing out from the screen.

“On My Block” is truly must-see TV! Make sure you check it out on Netflix and support this amazing show.

5 Places to see Cherry Blossoms in Vancouver

If you’re on the hunt for some cherry blossoms to put on your Instagram feed, Vancouver is the place to be. So many people flock to the city in the springtime to check out these incredible flowers. Sure you can find them in all parts of the city but these places are known to be beautiful picturesque for these flowers. Check them out!

Queen Elizabeth Park (Riley Park)

Burrard Station (Downtown Vancouver)

Granville Plaza (Waterfront)

Granville Island (Kitsilano)

Check out these places and make your Instagram cherry blossom filled!