Music venues In Danger? Possibly

Since October 19th restrictions have been lifted on event hall concerts for the most part. But will they survive let’s look as a couple of places and let see they will survive in Vancouver

And remember this is why

  1. BC Place and Rogers arena: This one is a no brainer. It will survive  this out of all the place that you can hold music events or really anything. It rode on the backs of Sports for a good while so that would present a huge advantage towards other venues that could be used for music.
  2. Commodore ballroom : Pretty good shot at surviving. But not an easy road for them. I would imagine they would have some considerable debt since they were closed for a long time. And the government business grant can only do so much. So as of right now they are expected to live with the steady amount of musical talent coming in. Really the only thing that can stop them now is if we had a 6 month shut down and I do not see that happening at this stage.
  3. Orpheum theatre: Also a good shot. They have managed to survive by going online and holding what seems to be Netflix like services. And what I mean by this is basically they hold exclusive streaming for symphonies and keep them for a limited time. Although I find the prices a bit out of my price range. It does work because it is still open. But like the ballroom I would say they would have debt but it would be bigger because the building is really old and maintenance costs for the regal decor are most likely high and being closed for a year even with government assistance. 


What are your places that you think that may or may not close. Would love to hear them. Thanks for reading 

Yukon Blonde

Yukon Blonde is a band you should look out for. If you do not know who they are they are an indie band that have reinvented themselves 3 TIMES!!!! Over the last Decade. Never have I  seen something like that before. They first started as a rock band. After that they became a 70 disco like band. This is hard to describe because the 70’s music is very fluid in the sense it is sort of hard to grasp  stuff with Disco and Soul and What got me into it, Which is there current format, And that is pop music. And to maybe get you hooked I will share how I got into listening to this band. I am not a big indie guy personally. I listen to anime and video game music and How I got introduced is I had an On- Air shift on the Radio Station and making the script on what I was going to say I listened to a bunch of songs and I found there latest one called YGTT, also known as You Got That Face.

I know the last part of the acronym does not match. Do not ask me why I have no clue either. It is just like that so I will roll with it, But anyways the song has a very mellow feel. Very reminiscent of Jason Durelo. Admittedly  I played this at double speed on youtube at first then I set it at normal. But that Jason Durelo part is just when it is played at normal. But the song has a really good feel to it and I got it stuck in my head for that week partly because it played a lot. Since they did music of three genres they can appeal to a large audience, You can get into the band like I have. If you want to see them live  there on Hollywood Theater on December 10, so you can get the full live experience. And that is all I got to say the link to the event is down below thanks for reading.

Yukon Blonde – Hollywood Theatre – 20211210

Vancouver street busking

Vancouver street busking is pretty unappreciated in the music scene. Here are some reasons why.

  1. No one really knows about it. I mean honestly , let’s be real you do not really pay attention to busking. I do not either.  Maybe you see them in downtown while walking to your destination. you think they’re cool but you do not really pay attention to much. I mean with indie you are able to at least there is a small community that actually knows you and follows you but for busking are very much on the fickle end.
  2. Busking was pretty scarce even before the pandemic. To busk in Vancouver is actually pretty difficult. I looked at the process and there are a lot of hoops you have to jump. And the laws are very strict. Did you know you can busk in a location for 1 hour? I did not and I bet most people did know either. And there is a limited space in Vancouver to do this so yeah pretty scarce.
  3. Pretty good talent but not marketed well. Some of the buskers are actually really good and I think they can go all the way into stardom. But the way they put themselves at least in my opinion kind of sucks. I say this because when talented people busk their demographic is a little too big. They can appeal to a large crowd but not really appeal to a fanbase or at least it would be harder.If you are in indie and I say this again it is much easier  to  have a loyal fanbase than anyone who busks. If you are busking for fun that is fine but if you are busking for stardom I would recommend the indie route.

Overall despite the flaws busking is pretty unappreciated. What are your thoughts. Please comment them down below. Thanks for reading

Hey look an anime event in a Chruch

Yeah you hear it right this is real. There is an anime music event in a church. I will admit, very much surprised. I do not think anime and church would ever be in the same sentence unless it is a 90’s Christian pastor saying it is from Satan or something. This takes place in a Presbyterian Church in Kerrisdale. I think if you are a big anime fan like myself you really should go see this. Why you ask. It is rare to see these events in Vancouver EVER the closest we have seen this is with Pokemon Symphonic evolutions, Which I have personally seen and it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!. But they have not been here in about 5 years so I do not expect them coming back anytime soon. Another reason you should go is it has a good set list. Looking it from a glance  it has  two out of the BIG Three. And if you do not know what they are . They are Naruto, One Piece and Bleach. Naruto and One Piece are in there. But we do not know what specific theme they are playing.  But for me personally I hope they do Heroes Comeback  or Blue Bird by Ikkimono Gakari.The first one may be a little hard but Blue Bird would fit seamlessly.

This is Heroes Comeback

And this is Blue Bird

 There is also so more Modern Anime in there like  Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul and Yuri on Ice. Which if they want to hit there anime demographic, Which they are, are definitely good choices to put on a set list. 

The reviews on the site are pretty good.  They talk about the church being a very beautiful venue  and looking on photos on Church website very much check out. The architecture seems reminiscent of what you would a Viking Lodge house look to me at least, But very European but really nice.

And they say the music is very well done. This part I think with there set list checks out if they played badly There would be lot’s of reviews on how much it sucks and so far I have not seen that. If you want to check out that I will provide the link to purchase tickets below it does cost 35 dollars per person little pricey but Definitely worth it. And do not worry they are obeying social distance and other pandemic protocols if they did not they would have been shut down. 

Thank you for reading – Baron 

Candlelight: The Best of Anime

4 Franchises that Vancouver symphony can use to to boost there viewership

Hi These are 4 franchises  from various video games franchises that are a really good fit to get a younger audience to attend The Vancouver Orpheum. This is in no particular order.


1) Pokemon. This  I can personally attest to. I went to Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions when I was 15 and It was MAGICAL. I fondly remember two people around my age giving out Pokemon cards in commemoration of the event and they were not even a part of it. I was just wanting to spread the love of the community. It was really cool. And to see a bunch around my age and older really attend. I would have never  thought such an old historic place have such lively energy ever. So this is a must. Photo by Branden Skeli on Unsplash 

2) Sega’s Sonic Series. Ok this would be a good one to one  at the orpheum. They just did their 30th anniversary a few months back In Japan. So when The pandemic ends If it does a tour around the world. It should stop by Vancouver. If the reasons I explained early was enough . The Sonic the hedgehog Movie was filmed here so it would not make sense to miss that opportunity. 

3) Fate Grand Order. Sony’s Greatest Mobile Game of all time it has bought 4 billion dollars as of 2020. I know these are old figures but still a lot of money. It has still been going strong. I know because I personally have been playing it since Day 1. So yeah. Their epic music scores in the game which have the use of symphony instruments , That could be applied into a symphony. If you do not believe me I would search Epic Fate Grand Order Music  on Youtube. You will know what I am talking a little bit more and trust me you would think this is a perfect fit.

4) Mario. Everyone knows this series. If you do not. You are probably living under a rock. The iconic red plumber who rescues princesses from spikey turtles. Have won the hearts of many. So there is no doubt In my mind that this would draw in a huge audience into the Orpheum.

I really hope you really had some fun reading this article as I  did making it. What are your thoughts? comment them down below. 

What can the BC Music Scene learn from The tragic Travis Scott Concert

 As many know there was an unfortunate loss of life at Astroworld. The event that Travis Scott held  a few weeks back. I believe Vancouver and music venues can  do something better so they can, you know not be held liable for anything serious.

  1. Security checks. Yeah they really suck this. Well why you ask  In rave concerts specifically at the security checkpoints. A way we can solve this is by really trying to see if a more female security guards. This is because I have talked to some people about this kind of stuff and mostly female. They say It is easy for Women to bring drugs and alcohol into these things. For example women would hide these drugs in there bra’s  or alcohol in something a Tampon flasks. Which basically a fake tampon with alcohol in it. You will need to google search that because I am not putting an image of that in here. You will need female security guards to check other females because most of these security guards are male and if they try to touch a female, There is a huge chance of a lawsuit and no one wants that. 
  2.  Concert owners should really step up. This is another thing I really need to address. With all this liability that could be coming in, Concert owners really need to stop being apathetic. They have rules against this but they seem to not care. This is also because there are overdoses that happen in these things. Mostly there fine but what if they are not? People “Greening” Out can lead to something worse, Like death. Travis Scott as time of writing  being sued for about 2 BILLION DOLLARS. And I am pretty sure if you are an event owner you really do not want to be in that position because not only you have to deal with that. The media will eat you alive. So please start cracking down on doing this.
  3. Encourage a safe culture. This is something a community has to handle. I would first try to remove the societal conation of Raves being associated with drugs and alcohol. This part I will say I do not have to much of an idea to go on but I would Recommend something like a MADD campaign. And if you do not know what that is. It is Mother’s Against Drunk Driving.


So please consider this for any music venue. I am not limiting this to raves as I alluded to here.  Thank you for reading.


Vancouver symphony who actually goes?

Vancouver symphony? Who really goes there. And I do not mean this in a demeaning way. I get that there is an audience to it. Partly because it is still running today.  To put this in context I am 21. I would never hear any of my friends say hey let’s go on the symphony ever. Like almost no one in that age group would ever really say that. 

 I think to an extent that  it does not really suit young people to an extent. What I mean by this is the music to an extent does not appeal to a modern crowd. Sure people in the 1800 around the same age enjoyed the music but now not so much. This is basically a lack of modernity in some ways.


With the advent of stuff like Youtube and Spotify and other apps you can listen  to. Why go to a symphony in the first place? What is the point? I think this is an experience. For instance this would be the Orpheum. A very opulent place to listen to music. The person who is playing. I am aware of famous conductors  in the modern day world but most of the general public realistically does not know them. Not because there dumb or anything like that it is just not mainstream is why.

This gives me an idea who does go to the symphony nowadays,  upper middle class. In other words ,rich people. Like the 1800 example earlier, at that time the rich people could really afford these things and at present this still seems to be the case. Let’s look at an example : you can pay 140 dollars for 10 concerts that are online. This is dumb. Like really dumb. And these concert live streams go away in a short time, in a middle class family or anyone who is not in a rich demographic cannot really afford this on a whim. Also if we look at the symphony and who goes in it. They mostly dress very much in a formal way in  suits and ties and nice dresses sort of like what you would see in award shows. In the future I wonder if they are going to move from this demographic.  I am a fan of the Orpheum but I do wish they were more around my age. Thanks for reading.



Why does no one really know of our local indie music industry?

Now I know what you are going to say IT IS INDIE. Yes I do get that indie does not get much coverage as more mainstream stuff  due to it’s nature but let’s get specific.

1.  Generally what I mean by this is basically most do not have a strong media presence. The use of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They do not in a general sense know how to manipulate the algorithm into their favor.

2. Hitting their demographic is super niche to non existent. Indie bands. I think half of them are guilty of this. When you have Indie rock as  the music for your band you can get a sizable amount to listen, although small. But if it is anything other than that. No one really knows who you are  or what you are hitting at. Like if you had an indie country band in BC don’t expect to play in any nightclubs in Vancouver anytime soon.

3)No one cares. I know this may sound harsh, But I say this realistically this is true. You would need to have the actual talent and marketing prowess to make it big. Like sure you can play in a nightclub in Downtown Vancouver but people are there to enjoy the nightlife. The indie band is just there realistically to play some music to people to enhance  that experience. And since they are not really mainstream most people would not give them the time of day to really listen much less care about their music. Unless they have something truly exceptional which most indie bands do not have. Photo by

What are your thoughts on this? I know I am harsh in my criticism . But I am only saying what I am seeing. I hold no malice for these bands and I do find some of their music enjoyable but I think in a  more long term sense. if they want to be popular.  Thank you for reading this far. I think you have an open mind if you made it here. Comment down below on your thoughts. I would love to know them. Thanks for reading.

Here is a small guide also if you want to get into the indie scene

Music venues on life support?!

We should seriously really consider opening Music Venues back up and here is why.

  • The economy is not running at full capacity. While I do get there is a deadly virus out there in COVID 19. We are getting vaccinated. All of the elderly homes have been vaccinated at least once in BC. We need people working and spending again. It makes our economy actually move. The pace we are going right now at this time where mass vaccination is not even possible
  • We have creative ways to  make a safe environment for all participants . For example in Aichi Japan they made a peephole to see others perform there art. The mere fact that we can do that shows that we can solve this whole problem of them not being able to play or get payed. We just need to get of our seats and actually do something than cower in fear. And that really does lead me to my next point

Realistically we have to deal with COVID, for a long time. I know it is tough. If the virus were gone with no traces in the world tomorrow I would want that. But that is just not possible. We would eventually have to get used to it like the flu and the common cold. And if you think that is scary. What is worse about all of this is the whole world is opening back up.

The economy in places such as America and the UK  are opening up. Economies that we need here in BC not just Music but in general. Music does have a stake in it because of tourism. People in the music industry partly in this because of things like street performance, Vancouver Orpheum theater(Symphony) and Vancouver Chan Center need that money. Or else they do go out of business and lose out on something great. And none of us truly want that.

So in conclusion I really hope this at least give you something to a least consider when it comes to COVID. Thanks for reading.

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Are Virtual concerts really effective In BC?


Since the COVID 19 lockdown. Most concerts are cancelled or moved online? But has it really been effective? I really do not think this is. And here is why

  • In a digital age like we are in now. Marketing is a very important tool to get word across to would be listeners of content you are producing. In that regard. From what I have seen is a very poor job.  Now how to prove this. Here it is. I have had to go out of my way to find these virtual concerts.  No form of ads on social media. Places like Youtube, Instagram and Twitter you will not necessarily find these if you are not following them, In Bc or just generally. Especially if you are indie. You actually invest in some adds or have a campaign to spread the word out to people. After all being if being a Musician is your main source of income. You would really need to adapt  to the format quickly.
  • Tech setup. When you have a virtual concert please, and I mean PLEASE HAVE A GOOD SETUP. When you hear some of these Virtual concerts the sound to be totally blunt it is Garbage. If you want to see the worse aspects of this  I would recommend watching Global’s The Morning Show Couchella  If you manage to find that. Those of some of the worse tech setup and production ever. It kind of sounds like when a you have a Zoom class and the teachers Mic is poor. Now I do not want to throw shade at the singers that performed, I am sure that they are great, But the there mics and setup are so bad I could not really concentrate on there performance. They were echoes on nearly everything because poor acoustics choice like filming in their living room , and the feed of the Camera is so bad it looked like something out of 2006 You Tube. The ones I have found in BC are ok but not better. The only good ones I have seen personally Is the Orpheum Theater and UBC Chan Center. Which I do get to an extent because they actually have a higher budget than your average performer. Even though that is the case you can apply practices in VO(Voice Over)   specifically in terms of getting a good mic and some sound proofing in the room you are performing in would definitely better your performance 100 fold.

Now with that hopefully helps. And I hope the quality improves. Remember at the end of the day this is just constructive criticism  as harsh as I sound. Thanks for reading

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