A Passion Filled Future

All my life my parents have always told me to find something I loved doing, and then try to make a career out of it. Well I probably took that way too seriously and now I find myself at a crossroads.

Throughout our childhoods we are constantly asked the question: “what do you want to be when you grow up?”, it was almost like a game and you could muster up some crazy, exciting idea and it didn’t matter if you said an astronaut or a secret service agent; at that age you felt like anything was possible. Then we grew up, reality kicked in and I realized my dream of becoming a pilot was dead due to my serious lack of math skills.

Fast forward to high school and we’re seriously being asked what is it we wanted to do when we graduated which was only two years away. I know people going into many different fields for many different reasons. There are those who are forced into professions by parents; the pressure to become successful in something they aren’t passionate about always there weighing on them and there are those the complete opposite; trying to make one of their passions a career.

Then there’s me, who has no idea.

I have put so much pressure on myself to find something that I enjoy doing. One of the biggest fears in my life is waking up everyday and having to go to a job that I’m not happy doing. This goal of mine of finding a career I love has caused me to waste two years at a university taking classes that won’t help me in my current program whatsoever. It’s a good thing that I believe everything happens for a reason so in my eyes those two years weren’t a complete waste.

Those two years helped me find the program I’m currently in but of course, because I want so badly to find something I enjoy I’m questioning again if it’s what I want to do. It feels like I’m stuck in a constant cycle of wondering if any job will ever make me happy, then I think about being Beyoncé and I’m pretty sure that would do the trick but unfortunately that’s not going to happen.

With all of this, I’m trying to maintain a positive attitude and remain confident that I’ll flourish in my program and find an outlet in which I can do something I love and makes a difference in at least some people’s lives.

Here’s to all of those adults out there that love what the do, and to all of those still trying to figure it out, I’m with you and it’ll be an adventure finding where I end up.

In the Spotlight: Demetrius Harmon

The internet is a place for virtually anyone to share pretty much anything and we have seen some terrible people do some horrific things online but I have decided to forget the negative and focus on the positive, because there are so many people that spread love and positivity and that’s what the world truly needs.

One of those people is a man named Demetrius Harmon. He started out as many internet personalities do; on Vine, and then began posting his hilarious videos on YouTube. His videos are usually unique skits of really funny situations featuring himself and his best friend Angelo.

As funny and popular as the videos are, that not the only reason I’m writing about Demetrius. He is someone who suffers from mental illness and shares his struggles with his 1.3 million followers. He often posts videos talking about how he overcomes difficult days, hardships and is always sharing ways to be more positive and feel better when feeling low. Demetrius has started a line of hoodies with the line “You Matter” on the front and has sold out every time he has put them on his site. I, myself bought one because I support him and his will to make mental health a more openly discussed issue.

He also released a line of hoodies in coordination with Breast Cancer Awareness and portions from the sales went to select breast cancer nonprofit organizations.

On his website https://www.demetriusharmon.com/ he has a section showcasing some of his poetry which show his vulnerability. He is not afraid to share how he feels, as many males in this generation are. Talking about feelings can be hard, but when they are shared it can make a world of a difference. He also has some of his modeling work and in my opinion, wow. That’s all I’ll say about it.

One thing that really got me was the commencement speech he did for a graduation at Edsel Ford High School, located in Michigan. He shares some of his lowest moments and how he has overcome them. It’s motivational for someone like me who also suffers from similar things. He also shares that one of his best friends took a psychology class in order to better understand Demetrius and what he goes through. Things like that make me believe that there are some amazing people in the world.



So, Demetrius, if you’re reading this, thank you. Thank you for sharing your story with so many people who need to hear it. Thank you for being vulnerable with us and trusting us with your darkest moments. Thank you for lifting us up when we need it. Thank you for the laughs. And thank you for being you. You matter.

If you need a laugh, here is one of my favorite skits Demetrius and Angelo have done! Content Warning: Explicit Language.

Your First Car = Your First Taste of Freedom

You pull into the parking lot at ICBC and the instructor asks you to reverse into a parking spot, this is it, you and your car have gone through so many lessons and some crazy trips to school with your mom in the passenger seat shouting at you to slow down and now is the moment that decides your freedom.

The car you first learned how to drive on will match no other. You probably rear ended someone at some point -or if your like me you reversed into a parked car, you definitely popped the speakers from blasting “Call Me Maybe” on your way to basketball practice, you ate breakfast in that car, you hid your weed from your parents in that car and don’t forget the steamy make-out sessions in the backseat with your high school boyfriend/girlfriend.

Your first car holds so many memories and it is a sad day when you see it go. My pickup is a white GMC and her name is Petunia. She got me through a lot, took me to college every day, hauled me and my friends to Kelowna to go snowboarding, the countless trips to the lake in the summer with our giant floaties in the back and I definitely won’t forget all of my nights DDing my very wasted friends.

It’s not as if I have a strong attachment to inanimate objects but it’s my first vehicle. The memories in that thing will probably be some of my best, I mean who are we kidding I’ve had it since I was 18 and I’m 21 now. There’s no better way to describe these past 4 years apart from rowdy. So here I am, upset to have to say goodbye to the vehicle that took me everywhere and helped me discover my freedom. You will not be forgotten Petunia.

(yes, that is me in front of my truck, I loved her so much I took pictures with her)

Finding your light at the end of the tunnel

Do you ever feel like getting out of bed some days is physically impossible. Even sitting up in bed is a task in itself. To physically get up and put one foot in front of the other is more difficult than you could ever imagine. Today is one of those days for me.

I have these days every once in awhile and I’ve learned to cope and accept that some days are better than others because I suffer from clinical depression.

I woke up and pressed my snooze button seven or eight times today because I couldn’t bring myself to move. What was the point? I asked myself. I’ll get up, brush my teeth, change, drive to school, go to class, drive back home, go to sleep and repeat this until it’s Friday.

A week with this mentality can really get the best of you. You become low and feel as if everything you do has no purpose. For me, that can last a number of days and it reaches the point in which I find it hard to shower, clean my room and get anything productive done. I even forget to eat at times. You can probably imagine how hard this would get if I kept going like that. School work sits around because I have no motivation, self care goes out the window and I neglect all of my responsibilities. My relationships suffer because I shut people out and I become a version of myself I loathe.

But the most important part about all of this, is how to get out of it. And the fact that one can bring themselves out of that dark hole, but it takes time and effort.

I have fallen into that hole numerous times, but I am here and that’s what matters. There are many things I do in order to get out of that dark place and continue to live. Sometimes it’s just about letting yourself feel all of those emotions, and being sad for a few days. Crying about it actually helps because you get release all of those feelings. Sometimes you have to motivate yourself, and force yourself to get up and get out of the house. Even taking a walk outside can be a positive step. I try to bring myself back with accomplishing one task a day, whether that be a shower, making a good meal or exercising. If I can accomplish one thing like that a day, I can build it up and get back to living normal life. Having people around you to provide support and lift your spirits can be incredibly helpful. I have to force myself to make plans with friends instead of getting into bed after my school day.

All of this being said, your girl is currently going through it. I won’t lie, I didn’t go to class yesterday. I didn’t get out of bed until 2 pm and while that’s not totally good, its okay to fall down sometimes, you just have to get back up eventually. I am here, writing these words, on this page and that means I’m doing something that is productive and not sitting in bed and that in itself is a positive for me.

Humans; The Only Living Organisms In The Universe?

Have you ever thought about how big the universe is? We live on planet earth and we know that our solar system is inside the Milky Way. First we have all of the planets in our solar system; Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and I know NASA said it’s not a planet anymore but Pluto. But that’s pretty much the extent of basic knowledge the average human knows about space. But there is so much more. To trip you out completely here is a video explaining just how massive the universe is and how our sun is just a medium sized star.


That video has you mind blown, don’t deny it. Now imagine watching that video high. Pretty trippy hey. Regardless of that, it’s still pretty unbelievable to think that there’s so much out there we haven’t discovered. I am a firm believer that we are not alone. Whether there is aliens that are green with antennas out there or beings that look just like us, I am positive that there is other living creatures somewhere out there. I mean how could there not be. The sheer enormity of the universe is reason enough to believe that were not the only living organisms around. All of this being said, will we ever find out if there’s anything else out there and how? It’s not like we can jump on a spaceship and explore the far reaches of space for some sign of life. If this does happen, I don’t think it’ll be during my lifetime but I’m not sayin g I wouldn’t love to visit Jupiter and experience a diamond rain, yup diamonds fall from the sky like rain on Jupiter and Saturn. 

Let me know if you’re a believer on Evolution’s Facebook and Twitter!



The Benefits of Diversity within your Friend Group

Most of us have a few close friends, some that are your go-to’s, others that are fun to party with and then the ones that you’ll see once a year but regardless of how much time has passed it’s like nothing has changed.



When you love somebody so much, that if you could save their life by never eating pizza again, you would do it, no questions asked 



Most people make friends in school. I mean we go to school at the age of 5 up until we are 18, we are bound to find some people to chill with during that time. Some high school friends aren’t always forever but high school wouldn’t be a crazy fun time if it weren’t for that group of people you had around you.

Then there’s the friends you make post secondary and whether you’re working or in college, people say that the friends you make in university end up being your lifetime friends. They’re the people with you while you go through the stresses of becoming an adult so they tend to stick around.

Now I consider myself super lucky. My best friend is someone I went to elementary school with and she is my everything. I also have a few different friend groups which makes for an awesome time when bringing them all together. There is a special bunch I keep close from high school and my time in university has brought me some people who I have found best friends in.

My whole point to all of this is to not be afraid to talk to new people. I live in a small town and my high school was full of East Indian students and now that I have ventured out I’ve found friends in many people from different backgrounds, with different perspectives, different upbringings and fresh outlooks on life. Becoming friends with people who come from different places has taught me so much and has expanded my knowledge. I want to travel to so many different places, try new foods and experience new things all because I have made a few friends that aren’t from where I am from.

Having friends with different upbringings makes for some very interesting conversations and adds so much depth to friendships. Don’t be afraid to make friends with international students or someone who doesn’t look like you, and make sure you bring that knowledge to your existing group of friends.


Why Dogs Are Pawsitively The Best Pet

First things first, a compilation of dogs doing adorably weird things.

Now that you’ve giggled a bit at some crazy canines I would like to share with you how dogs can change lives. I myself have a white lab and my family and I rescued him about 3 years ago, but we like to say he rescued us.

When he came into our lives we were in the midst of a big move, I was making the transition from high school to university and my family was in need of some light in our lives after a rough year involving some deaths in the family and an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. It was safe to say we had all been through a lot and Sheldon was the light at the end of that dark tunnel. He also had a rough past; being abused and abandoned twice by his owners, which has caused him to be somewhat aggressive towards men mostly, but I mean can you blame him -he’s a good judge of character.

Throughout these three years we have gotten to know his quirks and he has found his forever home and we are able to tell how much love he has for us. I will come home after a long, hard day of classes and be ready to breakdown and Sheldon somehow senses my emotions. I’ll here the tip tap of his paws up the stairs and down the hall until he nudges my bedroom door open and climbs into bed with me, looking at me as if to say “don’t worry, everything is going to be alright”. That kind of bond is hard to come by.

My mother also shares a special bond with him. She is his mother in a sense and he follows her everywhere. Sits in her room when she gets ready for work, leaps up on the couch when she sits down with her tea and immediately runs to wait by the door when he hears her truck in the driveway. I kid you not, I will be walking him down the street and if a Jeep drives by he’ll look and smell and make sure its not her. And if it is, no matter how far we are from the house, he will drag me back until I let him sprint to the door.

A dog is so much more than a pet, they are companions who stick by you through everything. I understand why many homeless people keep dogs, they are going to stay with you and their loyalty is unmatched. All a dog needs is love and that love is truly unconditional. I get that there are many pets one can have and hey I’m not a cat hater, but you can’t find the love and happiness a dog can bring you anywhere else. And you know it when dog owners talk about their dogs, their faces light up and they can’t wait to show you pictures and gush about their best friend.

Of course I’m  going to do the same thing, so here are some pictures of Sheldon, he truly is my best friend and his tail wagging when I come home at the end of the day makes it all worth it. 

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It! Or Is It?


If you think movies about the world ending started with 2012, boy are you wrong. This trend that involves the inevitable destruction of humans and our beloved planet has been happening on the big screen since before the 50’s. The movie industry has just seemed to run out of ideas and has taken this idea that we are going to destroy the planet and twisted it enough ways to still be making movies about it 69 years later. I’m 21 so the very first “world ending” movie I actually understood was “A Day After Tomorrow” and that one is very well done. After that, “2012” was the next big one. I was younger and I’ll be honest, movies about the planet I lived on being destroyed terrified me. Since then writers have written the world into oblivion using zombies, aliens, weird invisible entities, natural disasters, giant nuclear clouds and a plethora of other supernatural phenomenons. I’m not complaining because I do really enjoy some of the apocalyptic movies that have been released but I wouldn’t mind seeing some other themes. That being said, I am also curious to see what other earthly ideas writers can come up with. Maybe the world will be overrun by some giant teletubbies or giant puppies. I am going to leave you with a list of my favorite movies where the world is either ending or has ended already because some crazy stuff can happen after earth has been abandoned for years. Also check out this Watchmojo video of their top ten world ending movies. 

Amara’s List:

Warm Bodies
This Is The End
Bird Box
The Girl With All The Gifts
The Edge of Tomorrow
After Earth 

Most of them are on Netflix so you’re welcome and enjoy your binge session!

Beyond The Mask

Imagine, a little 5 year old brown girl, staring at the TV screen in awe because Spider man was on and he was swinging from building to building, fighting crime and saving the day. That little girl was me and I thought maybe one day I could grow up to do something just like that! Fast forward 16 years and clearly I’ve realized that’s not exactly possible, but something that could be possible, hasn’t exactly happened yet. Someone like me, portraying a superhero.

Over the past two years we’ve seen some significant changes in the movie/TV industry. “Black Panther” broke not only Blockbuster records, but also some big barriers in representation with the cast being majority African American. And if that wasn’t enough, there was “Crazy Rich Asians” with an all Asian cast – something that hasn’t been done since “The Good Luck Club” 25 years ago. I saw and loved both movies, and it’s great to see diversity grow in Hollywood. But one thing I am still craving is a superhero that looks like me. I am an East Indian, 21 year old woman and I have yet to see any mainstream hero that looks even just a little bit like me. Any brown representation would be satisfying whether it be characters that are Latina, Muslim or like me, Punjabi.

Growing up would have been so much different, having a strong woman kicking ass on screen to look up to. It would’ve empowered me and so many other girls around the world, motivated us and given us hope that one day we could do something just as significant. The only hero I could remotely see myself in was Storm from X-Men, who was portrayed as Halle Berry, and don’t get me wrong she is bad ass but she’s not entirely easy to relate to.

Then we have Wonder Woman who is played by Gal Gadot who is pretty freaking amazing but again she’s a tall, incredibly beautiful goddess from Israel and became Wonder Woman being a byproduct of Zeus so not completely relate able either.


So here’s me hoping we see a brown girl on the big screen sometime soon, maybe she’ll fight crime in a big city or be able to fly. And if there’s no actresses available, I will gladly step in.

How Much Tequila You Should Not Drink

The holidays are over and it’s a new year which means you’re probably watching what you drink and eat after a month of indulging and being intoxicated 50% of the time. Well not me.

I didn’t go out for New Years, I spent it sick in bed so I felt I had to make up for that somehow and let me tell ya I probably took making up for it a bit too far. Picture this: Friday night, me, my parents, my two aunts, my brother and a few cousins all around the kitchen table taking shot after shot of tequila. Keep in mind, I’m about 110 pounds and after 3 shots I was starting to feel a little tipsy, but did that stop me? Of course not! I was with family, still on vacation, feeling the love and when my father says another one, you take another one.

The last thing I remember clearly was dancing on the living room table with my aunt and mom, after that it was all a blur. All I know is I ended the night on the bathroom floor and a good thing too because who knows what I would have done had I kept going. Fast forward to about 2 am, I wake up and realize my family has put me in bed, bless their souls, but I need to puke again and spend the next few hours throwing up any water I try to drink. Now it’s about 7 am and I’m shaking from dehydration, with physically nothing left in my body to regurgitate even though the nausea hasn’t gone away and stomach pains so bad I was hunched over. At this point my mother decides we should probably seek some medical attention so off to the hospital for an IV and some meds.

The conclusion to my story; I had given myself alcohol poisoning. I lost count, but 7-10 shots of tequila in the span of an hour, definitely not one of my best decisions. It’s a really good thing I was at home with family because that could’ve been dangerous. I’ve never done that before and trust me when I say, never again. I’m young and stupid, something like this was bound to happen at some point but for all of you who are like me and enjoy a healthy dose of alcohol, just be careful, it could end painfully.

Why New Years Resolutions are B.S.

Here we are seven days deep into 2019 and I’ll ask… how are those resolutions coming? Maybe you signed up for the gym, maybe you quit drinking or went on a diet, maybe you even went vegan because hey, it’s 2019, new year, new you right? Wrong!

I’ve always wondered what the hype is around new years and why people all of a sudden decide to make big lifestyle changes because we changed the 8 to a 9 when we write out the date. Really it’s just another day, and I know this may be an unpopular opinion but who’s to say you can’t make those changes any other day of the year. Why do we have to wait for January 1st to start making positive changes in our lives. Now that being said, I sat around with a migraine on New Years Eve that continued into New Years day, so I am a little bitter towards the people who actually enjoyed ringing in the new year. But still, getting drunk and kissing the person next to you at midnight doesn’t really correlate with the wave of good decisions you’re going to make the next morning because “new year, new you”.

So go to the gym whenever you goddamn feel like it, go for that run, buy that new vegan protein powder, pick up a new book or do whatever the hell it is that you think will make you a better version of yourself, because life is just too short to wait for a new year.