In Conversation with: Lostboycrow


Lostboycrow at Fox Cabaret / Oct 20, 2017 / Alexis Dayfoot

Last Friday (Jan 19, 2018), I had the opportunity to chat with one of my favourite singers, Lostboycrow.

We talked about everything, from his newest single “I’m a Sailor Not a Salesman,” to what TV show he just finished, to the story behind “Rivers Run,” and plans for the new year. You’ll find a link to the interview below.

Lostboycrow Interview

A photo of our lost interview in October 2017 / Tessa Keel

Evolution: Hi, this is Alexis.

Lostboycrow: Hey, this is Lostboycrow.

E: Hey, nice speaking to you, how are you doing?

L: You as well. I’m doing well.

E: That’s good, how’s your day been so far?

L: Pretty great, I just got back to Los Angeles a couple days ago, so I’m kinda getting back into the swing of things, getting some exercise in, singing some songs, writing some music. So, it’s going really well. How about you?


Lostboycrow at Fox Cabaret / Oct 20, 2017 / Alexis Dayfoot

E: Pretty good, thank you. So today you released “I’m a Sailor Not a Salesman,” how’s it feel having a second song off the last Legend out in the world?

L: It’s always really rewarding, to be honest, especially with a song like “Sailor,” I put, obviously a lot of myself in all of the songs I release, but some songs more than others are just more about the story of me, personally, becoming Lostboycrow, and “I’m a Sailor Not a Salesman” is one of those songs that, I consider to be more a part of that story, part of the origin and all that. So, it feels good to be able to share that with people and have anyone listen to it and respond in a positive way, that’s very rewarding.

E: So, for this song, I know you’ve been collaborating a lot, for your most recent releases, did you collaborate with anyone on this song?

L: Yeah, I did. This song came about when I was working with my close friend Dylan, Dylan Williams, he’s in the band flor. And we decided to have our other friend Zach [Grace] who’s the singer of that band flor, as well, decided to have him jump in the session – we’re all in the same house, so we just wanted to make something together, so it was really cool to have that dynamic, kinda back together again. We’ve all worked on a collab for flor and Lostboycrow before, so it’s kinda cool to get those minds back together and create something.


Lostboycrow at Fox Cabaret / Oct 20, 2017 / Alexis Dayfoot

E: You guys have collaborated a few times, I know Dylan’s done a lot of production on your work, right?

L: Yeah, yeah. Since the beginning.

E: What is it about them that makes you keep wanting to collaborate more?

L: You know, I really only work with a small group of, what I consider to be close friends and, they happen to be close friends, first and foremost. You know, we were able to kinda start doing music together while we were just becoming really close in life, you know, outside of music as well and kind of alongside the music. And so, Zach and Dylan are two of my best friends and two of my favourite musicians, and I think that just says it all right there y’know. Music is a very vulnerable thing, it’s a very special thing, and it should be those things, and it should be fun as well. So to me it just always makes sense to just work with people that, I really love and respect and trust, definitely.

Hear the entire thing here:

Gallery of the lost interview + show:


Find Lostboycrow online:

A massive thank you to Matt for setting this up.

Find me online:

A Harmonious Monsoon of Sound

Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus (Nathan Stocker)/ Jan 18, 2018 / The Imperial Vancouver / Alexis Dayfoot

Rain never dampens any Vancouverite planning to have a good time. Though there are moments which can weaken our spirits, we tend to persevere. That was extremely evident before the doors even opened at the Imperial last Thursday for an evening of soothing tunes played by Hippo Campus and Sure Sure.

Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus / Jan 18, 2018 / Alexis Dayfoot

The crowd was slow to set themselves into place, but about fifteen minutes before the group Sure Sure took the stage, the Imperial’s dance floor was packed. Fans were immediately welcomed to what you might call a typical “indie band” out of LA but, if you listened closer to Chris Beachy, Charlie Glick, Kevin Farzad, and Michael Coleman, you realised no one else could open up this show.

Sure Sure

Sure Sure / Jan 18, 2018 / Alexis Dayfoot

A particularly fond moment for the crowd was during the track “Hands Up Head Down,” a zombie-like anthem which guitarist Charlie Glick encouraged everyone to follow the motions of putting their hands up and keeping their heads down. Everyone let loose, and danced like the undead, creating an undead indie dance party.

Sure Sure

Sure Sure / Jan 18, 2018 / Alexis Dayfoot

The group finished off their set with “Koreatown,” and looking around the audience, it was nice to see a few singing along. They left the stage to cheers from the crowd for “one more song,” which set the scene for the rest of the show. This wasn’t the place where people felt “too cool” to dance: this was a gig that people came to invest themselves in, to cling on to everything that the bands lay on that stage for them.

Sure Sure

Sure Sure / Jan 18, 2018 / Alexis Dayfoot

The shift between sets was one that was, for once, a memorable part of the show. The playlist Hippo Campus had between sets included the classic anthem, “500 Miles” by the Proclaimers, to which EVERYONE in the crowd sang along to. It was the loudest the crowd had gotten so far in the evening, aside from chanting for “one more song” from Sure Sure.


My friend Abigail Burns laughing and smiling while enjoying the crowd singing / Jan 18, 2018 / Alexis Dayfoot

Once the crowd had sung their hearts out to “500 Miles,” Hippo Campus climbed on stage. They started off their set to an eager audience, ready to sing to every single song that came along. They kept everyone’s spirits high, playing tune after tune off their full-length album Landmark, avoiding slower songs until about halfway through the set when they pulled out the heart-stopping “Monsoon.”

Hippo Campus

Jake Luppen / Jan 18, 2018 / Alexis Dayfoot

Like the title of the song, there’s something about hearing it performed live that just drowns the crowd in an all encompassing reflection. The song on record is something suited for the constant rainy days we experience here in Vancouver, but it’s a whole other ball game when performed live. It’s utterly heartbreaking. The moment lead singer, Jake Luppen, pulled out his chops and ad-libbed through the spacious, mournful song, some people in the crowd – including myself – shed a few tears. This was definitely a step up from when they played the Cobalt last February.

Hippo Campus

Nathan Stocker / Jan 18, 2018 / Alexis Dayfoot

They bounced back from Monsoon, shifting into other upbeat tracks, such as “Buttercup,” “Little Grace,” and eventually “baseball” off their most recent EP warm glow. What was truly lovely was that their sound was in full form. Compared to last time, their stage presence had grown, their confidence had grown, and it was easy to tell that being on the stage meant a lot to them. They smiled, they laughed, they poked fun at the crowd when a group of guys yelled out “let ‘er rip.” And it was a real, genuine, heartfelt Hippo Campus show, in full colour.

Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus / Jan 18, 2018 / Alexis Dayfoot

The thin crowd at the Cobalt hadn’t been inspiring. Maybe people were more invested in the songs this time since Landmark had come out a year ago. This time, they gave Vancouver a real show – one for fans to remember fondly as the place they were drenched in sweat, hopping around the dance floor, but also coated in their own tears from hearing “Monsoon.” Both bands gave the crowd a chance to soak in each moment, to focus on the people around them, and just, live in a harmonious happy-sad evening.

Below is a gallery of the show:

Hippo Campus

Find Hippo Campus online:

Find Sure Sure online:

Sure Sure play the Fox Cabaret on April 6th, find out more here:

Tickets available at Red Cat on Main, Red Cat on Hastings, Zulu Records, and online here:

The soundscape of LANY: An Interview with Jake Goss and Les Priest

LANY Interview

Words by: Alexis Dayfoot / Photos by: Syd Wong, unless otherwise stated.

In November, I had the privilege of sitting down with Jake Goss, and Les Priest, of one of my favourite bands, LANY. We had a chat before their show at the Vogue Theatre here in Vancouver.

We talked about their adventures while touring, specifically in the Philippines, and around the rest of the globe. We talked about the influence of technology on their music, Jake and Les’ project WRLDS, and it’s influence on LANY, as well as Les’ project DREXLER. We also talked about their self-titled debut album, a bit about their EPs, and who’s designed the artwork from the start. And, of course, COFFEE.

Below is the beginning written up for you, but at the very bottom is the full audio.

This interview will also be airing on Evolution, on Sunday, Dec 31st, 2017, at 5pm, P.S.T., here:

LANY - Jake and Les

Jake Goss (left) and Les Priest (right) of LANY / Nov 9, 2017 / Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, BC – Taken by: Alexis Dayfoot

Alexis Dayfoot: It’s November 9th. We’re here at the Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Jake Goss: Let’s go!

Alexis: And, you guys are playing here tonight. How’s it feel?

Jake: It feels awesome. We’ve played here a few times – it’s our 4th, maybe 5th time playing here? Yeah. Love Vancouver. It’s awesome.

Les Priest: Yeah.

LANY Interview

Les, Jake, and Alexis

Alexis: Okay, cool. Awesome. So, going through venues, opening up for others, touring as a headlining band… how have you see yourself grow?

Les: Growth. Well, I just think back to our earliest shows here. Doing – opening for – I think the first time we were here was for Tove Styrke. Me, personally, I was really nervous back then, about being on stage. But, we’ve played hundreds of shows every year, so, it’s nice. You get used to being on stage and now that it’s our show, it’s fun.

Jake: Build some confidence, become performers a little bit. Les’ll sometimes, come to the front of the stage, or he’ll walk over to the drums. Our first tour, I couldn’t ever imagine Les coming over to the drums.

Les [quietly]: I love just being next to Jake.

Alexis: [laughs] Is there a feeling you associate with each tour that you’ve done?

Les: [laughs] I mean for me, I kinda almost define each tour by our means of transportation. You know, in the early days it was just us three in a van, driving around by ourselves. And then we kinda like, stepped up each run, y’know, we got a sprinter, and now we’re in buses… so our level of comfort has risen each tour.

LANY Interview

Les, Jake, and Alexis

Jake: Yeah, we did Asia, Australia, Europe for like a month and a half. We were gone the whole time, and how many flights did we take on that? Close to 30 flights.

Les: Yeah, almost a flight a day.

Jake: And that was like all flights and stuff, but that and just, now that we have a debut record out, like each tour has had more weight to it, and more meaning. Like the first ones, we just had a few songs – like all we had was like 5 songs – our first few tours, that’s all we could play. So our set was like, 23 minutes for a year. So now it’s fun that we have so many songs to pick from, and so many more people are coming out.

Alexis: Awesome, so. Correct me if I’m wrong. You mentioned earlier how many times you’ve been here. I believe this is your sixth time playing Vancouver?

Jake: Nice.

Les: Alright.

Jake: That’s crazy!

Alexis: ‘Cause, you went from opening at the Media Club, right?

Jake: Yep.

Alexis: And then the Imperial, I think.

Jake: Was that –

Alexis and Jake [together]: Twin Shadow.

Alexis: And then the Commodore with-

Alexis and Jake [together]: Oh Wonder.

Alexis: And then you headlined VENUE last year, and then you opened up for –

Les: John Mayer.

Jake: Wow.

Alexis: And now you’re playing a headline show at the Vogue. So, how has that journey made you feel? Just moving through the different sizes of the venues, seeing the growth?

You can hear the whole thing on Soundcloud here:

Culture Connection: Vancouver Mural Festival

Mural - 1

If you’re like me, and enjoy wandering around the streets of Vancouver, it’s likely you’ve either been to the Vancouver Mural Festival, heard of it, or seen a mural or two in your adventures.

Last week, I had the chance to speak with Tom Nichini, Executive Assistant and Project Manager of the Vancouver Mural Festival. We talked about the impact our changing visual landscape has on the culture of Vancouver, and how the festival incorporates cultural sustainability into its platform, while also intending to make Vancouver a more vibrant place for artists.

You can hear the full story here:

I Know It Might Be Cliche But…

Lately around Evolution, there’s been a communal appreciation for cute celeb couples.

Okay, maybe it’s just Syd and I swooning over the same couple, but it inspired some part of me, and got me wondering, who are your favourite celeb couples?

I decided to wander around the radio building, and ask some fellow students and profs who their favs were. I got varying answers – from Sportscasters, YouTubers, musicians, to film stars – anything. Some couples weren’t the traditional thing you would imagine (see: Todd’s answer).

Now, I know some of these are jokes, but I couldn’t help it. I just had to include them.

Breton’s favourites:
Kanye West and Kanye West:

“Who’s Kim Kardashian?”

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka:


Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli:

“I love them because one of them was a writer on Orange is the New Black, and she was like “hey, I’m really good at this, I wonder why” and ended up divorcing her husband after she realised she was a lesbian.”

Mckenna’s fav:
Jenna Mourey (Marbles) and Julien Solomita:

“YouTubers count, right?”

James’ favourites:
Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid:

“I mean, they’re just a power couple. Who’s more attractive? Who knows?”

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani:

“They remind me of Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne.”

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth:

Me to James, “Didn’t they break up?”

Syd’s favs:
Paul Klein and Dua Lipa:


Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively:

“Just a classic, adorable couple.”

Andrew’s fav:
Obama and Biden:

“I’m here for the endless memes. Michelle who?”

Liam’s Fav:
Key and Peele:

Gotta have SOME humour in here.. I MEAN.

Nick’s fav:
Jay and Dan:


Sadie’s fav:
Danny Devito and Rhea Perman

Autumn’s favs:
Dan and Phil:

“I hope they don’t see this.”

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith:


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler:

“Ok, put those two together, and they make THE BEST comedy.”

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake:

“Actually, take off Jimmy and his wife and put Jimmy and Justin Timberlake. Yeah, that’s better.”

Brian’s fav:
Tamra Davis and Mike D:

“They’ve just been together so long.”

Todd’s favs:

Crosby and Concussions:

“Hahhahaha Autumn, that’s too great. Put it down for me.”

Cheech and Chong:

“You mean, it doesn’t have to be serious? Ok, Cheech and Chong.”

Kirk’s fav:
Himself and James Bryce:

Kirk and James

“I mean, I’m out here to steal your boy.” (I know it definitely looks like James is actually the one stealing Kirk away though).

As for myself, like Syd, I appreciate how adorable Dua Lipa and Paul Klein are together. They’ve had me swooning over the past few months.

LANY just came through Vancouver on Nov. 9, playing the Vogue Theatre, and they just finished off their tour in Calgary. Right after, Paul flew ALL THE WAY to Argentina to be with Dua! If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

I mean, just look at how cute they are together!?

Dua’s coming to Vancouver to play the Vogue as well, next year on February 16th.

As for my other favs, the constant back and forth with Madeon and Porter Robinson has me, shook as my pal Andrew might say.

Okay, I know! They’re not really together, but can I get an Amen on bringing back the “Shelter Live Tour” 2.0? That tour was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced. I mean, just look at these visuals.

So, I guess maybe this isn’t so much a “celeb couples” list, but a list of people, and maybe some problems (like concussions), that seem to love each other. No harm done in a bit of love, whether that’s on a level of self-love, romantic love, or platonic love… or in some cases just unfortunate reoccurance (see: concussions, again).

Do you have any combos that you just can’t get enough of? Silly or not? Cute or stupid? Romantic or friendly?

I want to hear what you think, so shoot me a tweet: @alexisdayfoot
Or, shoot evolution one: @evolution1079

PREVIEW: The Boom Booms at Evolution

On Wednesday, November 15, we had the pleasure of having The Boom Booms come into Evolution 107.9. Organized by the lovely Mckenna Reubens, we had the chance to hear some tunes and have a chat.

Three of the guys came in: Aaron Ross (Vocals), Sean Ross (Keys), and Tom Van Deursen (Guitar). They told us a couple stories while setting up, and played a couple songs in the studio for us: “Masterpiece,” “Lord, I’m Ready,” and “All Day and All Night.” Then, we got them all in the studio with Buhlebenkosi for a chat about touring, marriage proposals, and their experiences travelling the globe together among other things.

Syd Wong put together a vlog about their time here to get you pumped about the interview and performance:

I was lucky enough to take photos of the event, and wanted to share the gallery with you:

The Boom Booms at Evolution 107.9

Keep your eyes open over the next week for Buhlebenkosi’s interview, and make sure to tune into Evolution to hear tracks off the latest album!

Find the Boom Booms online:

A Fall into the Life of a Wayfaring Friend: Lostboycrow’s “Traveler: The Second Legend”

Lostboycrow’s Traveler: The Second Legend is a dark, yet graceful, brooding fall into the life of a wayfaring friend. It’s an ode to the traveler’s ongoing journey: snapshots of constant changes, fears, relationships, and memories.

In a constantly changing world of listeners, Lostboycrow has done something smart: he’s consistently released songs through the year, providing tunes for fans all year ’round. It’s evident, as just earlier this month he hit over 100 million Spotify streams – a pretty crazy accomplishment for an unsigned artist.

Listening to The Second Legend you can understand why he’s hit that number: his sultry, smooth vocals instantly lure you into the world of Traveler.


Lostboycrow at the Fox Cabaret, October 20, 2017 / Alexis Dayfoot

When “Spin The Globe” opens up with its wave-like hum of strong winds passing through a car on the highway, it’s clear that the title of Traveler for Lostboycrow’s complete eventual release is a good choice. With the intricately woven percussion throughout the track – various hisses of cymbals and drum pad claps – it’s obvious that singing was the easy part of creating the second part of his eventual three part journey to a full album.

Lyrically, there are similarities – as expected – to the First Legend, but the focus of this part shifts after the constant travels in “Spin The Globe.” “Missing London” sees him drowning in an all encompassing, lustfully drunk haze. This is especially evident in lines like “I wanted gold and you were my giver / Holding my heart and pouring me liquor.”

The third song and single, “All My Lives At Once” slows it down for a more spacious continuation of that lust. In this track, Lostboycrow vividly paints the story of a romanticized, destructive, adolescent relationship: summer hair, sneaking through the window, drunk in love. In the video for “AMLAO,” a couple can be seen loving, laughing, and yelling in the landscape of Enoch Cree Nation in Edmonton, Alberta.

The song concludes in a sense of reflection, hearing him chant “If life is a comedy show / then I don’t feel nothing at all.”

“If I Change” cranks things back up, making it impossible not to jam out, snap, and sing. The lead up to the chorus builds up in the same way as dubstep: slowly climbing, eventually hitting that high, getting to the drop. The drop in this song pays off so well, and contrasts against the lyrics, crying for an answer in a choir-like harmony: “Would you put me back in your frame / If I change?” a resounding “Change” heard within the bass drops following the chorus. This song was a welcomed surprise, hinted at sound-wise in “Traveler” off The First Legend.

“Vanessa” ends off the album’s second part, ushering it out in a more acoustic tone. Returning to that lustful haze heard in “Missing London” and “ALMAO,” but mourning the departure from that engulfing relationship: “I never thought you’d call it nothing and leave before the rain / I never thought / I guess I never loved you / I should have loved you better.”

Find Lostboycrow online:

Who Are You?

There are moments in life which can generally shape who you are. Maybe your mum got you running around at age 5, continuing to encourage you to go into track and field. Maybe your dad took you to your first concert at the age of 13, causing a greater investment in going out and seeing live music.

Later in life, you have friends who can shape you. Experiences they’ve had, or experiences they’ve been a part of with you, that solidify and give you comfort, make you feel safe to come out of the skin you’ve been assigned in some way or another.

A wave of nostalgia can come and wash over you at any moment. It can come up so easily that it engulfs your every thought. For me, it happens every once in awhile, typically after a mention of music which takes me back to a time and place I can vision myself.

Identity can be a struggle to settle on in some cases. You might have struggled settling on your sexuality, your gender, or where you stand as a human being. Personally, the moment which I finally said out loud, “I identify as non-binary,” happened in the most me way possible: at a concert.

If you involve yourself in the music scene, the everlasting list of musicians coming through Vancouver, you find a home in the people you see all the time, and they can become your greatest friends.

The night I came to this conclusion – the one where I finally figured out I am non-binary – was one which I was surrounded by those friends, shaking apart the Media Club on a cold December evening. The memory is one which is coated in glitter while dancing along to the post-punk, sadwave tunes of the band Hunny.

My friend Kit laughed, knocking back a drink while trying to keep their curly blonde hair out of their eyes. They turned to me, and in my rose-glittered smile, I told them “I think I identify as non-binary too.” Instantly, I felt that element of safety, knowing I was surrounded by people who would understand how I felt, who would accept my identity without the snap of a finger, is one that I’m still grateful to have. Kit engulfed me in a hug, and we continued our glittery, giggly shake-down of the Media Club.

There are spaces, moments, soundtracks, parts of our lives that are so personal, so close, so infinitely precious, and I’m happy to share mine with you.

What moment shaped you?

Who are you?

Contrasting Crowds: A Review of LANY in Vancouver and Edmonton

Chance is, you’ve been to a concert in Vancouver before. You’ve probably seen one of your favourite artists perform at the Vogue Theatre, or the Commodore Ballroom, maybe the Biltmore Cabaret, or Fortune Sound Club.

But what’s it like seeing the same band, in two different Canadian cities?

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favourite bands LANY, at the Vogue Theatre on November 9, and then again in Edmonton, Alberta at Union Hall on November 11.

LANY performs at Union Hall in Edmonton, Alberta on Nov 11, 2017.

LANY in Edmonton, AB at Union Hall, Nov 11, 2017

If you’re someone who likes to travel for concerts, or see the same band multiple times, it’s likely you’ve seen first hand the reaction a crowd can give in a different city. Yes, there’s a certain feeling you get seeing a fav in your hometown, in a venue you frequently see gigs at, but there’s a sense of anticipation when you see an artist in a city that you barely know anyone.

Let me tell you, Canada is very enthusiastic about LANY – we sing, we dance, we smile, we laugh, we cry – we go through all kinds of emotions while attending one of their shows.

But I have news which may seem unfortunate to Vancouver: we’re lame.

Don’t get me wrong, seeing LANY here with my friends was an experience I loved. Goofing off, singing the lyrics in various tones, and embarrassingly enough reciting word for word the entirety of “Parents” – a voicemail track of their drummer’s mum going on about a tattoo which Jake Goss got that says “parents.” The show in Vancouver was something I was looking forward to for months. But I was disappointed at the crowd’s overall lack of enthusiasm through a majority of the show. The only track I heard people singing along to every word was “ILYSB,” and I felt that it could have been more than it was.

Obviously, I was alone in the feeling as the lead singer Paul Klein, tweeted after the show his excitement:

Edmonton, in my opinion, was more ready to see LANY than Vancouver. Being with a single friend in a crowd of virtual strangers, I felt more closely bonded to their reactions, more receptive to each song, as the crowd sang along to each one, and was more willing to dance for their time.

The Edmonton show was overall the most memorable. The group came on stage and Paul commented that it was likely the smallest stage they had ever played on. Even though they were a group of three, they were almost stacked on top of each other, and that forced Paul to be even more invested in the crowd’s reactions. Compared to Vancouver when he came into the crowd once, Edmonton saw him come close multiple times.

“ILYSB” was still the most well known song, and Edmonton proved that they knew every single word, chanting the chorus “Oh my heart hurts so good / I love you babe, so bad, so bad” at the top of their lungs. One member of the crowd handed Paul a trans pride flag during the track, which he wore on his shoulders the entire song.

LANY performs at Union Hall in Edmonton, Alberta on Nov 11, 2017.

LANY in Edmonton, AB at Union Hall, Nov 11, 2017

Though Vancouver had its moments – mostly during LANY’s Harry Styles cover of “Sign of the Times,” and their tracks “4EVER!” and “ILYSB” – Edmonton’s crowd was prepared to give it their all, the whole show.

Find LANY online: