Interview with Charlie Kerr, aka Matt and Sam’s Brother

We were given the opportunity to interview Charlie Kerr, well known for his work with JPNSGRLS. Charlie released an album under the name of “Matt and Sam’s Brother” back in April, a solo project he intends to keep with him the rest of his life, his reasoning being that he will “always be Matt and Sam’s brother”.

Charlie Kerr Matt and Sam's Brother May 24 2017 Live at Evolution 107.9 - Alexis Dayfoot - BCIT Radio

I was able to sit down with Charlie for an hour and bit, to discuss a wide range of topics including: pets, head injuries, touring, artwork, upcoming films “Ice Blue” and “Blackout”, the future of JPNSGRLS, and most importantly: his opinion and education on boy bands.

Matt and Sam's Brother at Evolution 107.9 - May 24, 2017 - BCIT Radio

Above: Alexis Dayfoot and Charlie Kerr at Evolution 107.9.

He also took the time to bring his guitar along and play a couple songs: an acoustic version of “This Means Nothing” and an unreleased track called “3AM Lullaby”.

You can find the full interview below, along with the two songs!


The Mama Project: An Interview with Emily Van Lidth De Jeude

Evolutionary Alexis Dayfoot caught up with Emily Van Lidth de Jeude, creator of the Mama Project, an art exhibit which features used bedsheets painted with images of mothers from different backgrounds.

The Mama project is set to appear at the Deer Lake Gallery in Burnaby BC, from May 11th to June 2nd, 2017. The grand opening being on May 13th!

You can listen to Alexis’ interview with Emily below!

Find out more about Emily online:
Find out more about the exhibit:

Evolving 20 Countdown Week Three!

A fall for July Talk’s Beck + Call as K. Flay’s High Enough takes over the top spot!

A lot of new releases that have been taking over the charts worldwide, such as HAIM’s Want You Back. Toronto-based grandson makes his debut on our airwaves and our countdown with Bury Me Face Down. Peach Pit, another new addition takes over the end of our countdown for this week, keep your eyes – and your ears – open for Sadie Vadnais’ countdown next week!

Salvador Dalí Sculpture to be unveiled May 6th

May 5, 2017

Photo from Chali-Rosso Press Room.

It’s a typical rainy day in the Lower Mainland, and over the phone Oree Gianacopoulos, the Gallery Director for Chali Rosso is at home resting her voice before tomorrow’s unveiling on May 6th of Salvador Dalí’s the “Dance of Time I”.

The sculpture is one of Dalí’s many pieces that the Chali Rosso has for their exhibit Definitely Dalí.

Gianacopoulos hopes that it will encourage more people to interact with art.

The 7 foot tall bronze sculpture will be unveiled for the public to view on the corner of West Hastings and Hornby tomorrow at 2pm with gallery tours to follow.

Heightened Emotions at the All Candidates Meeting Last Night in Fleetwood

May 4, 2017

Emotions were heightened on May 3rd at the Fleetwood Christian Reformed Church in Surrey, as current MLA for the BC Liberals Peter Fassbender, former MLA the NDP’s Jagrup Brar, and Green party candidate Tim Binnema set up to debate.

Attendees were tense, as the long running court battle between the BCTF and the provincial government was brought up.

All Candidates Meeting Surrey Fleetwood

Fassbender, former Minister of Education said he would not apologize on behalf of the BC Liberals, which forced teachers to go on strike and take matters to the Supreme Court over basic education needs.

Brar didn’t hesitate to point out the BC Liberals were not fighting for students over the past 12 years.

All Candidates Meeting Surrey Fleetwood 3

Whereas Binnema opted to describe the Green party’s view of education as a life-long development, rather than addressing the fight.

Election day is May 9th. Advanced polls are currently open from 8am to 8pm. Make sure you get out and vote!

International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia

May 3, 2017

Coming up this month, is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. BCIT is set to hold an event on May 17th outside SE 2.


Hannah Bielert who is organizing the event is excited to encompass diversity and bring the community together at BCIT. There will be activities, such as colouring the crosswalk outside in SE 2’s courtyard with the colours of the rainbow, as well as a Skittles guessing contest.

Bielert hopes that students and faculty alike will join the event and celebrate diversity.

The event will be on May 17th from 11-2 outside SE 2. You can also email the student association to be a part of BCIT’s float in the Vancouver Pride Parade this summer.

Advanced Education Debate at BCIT Burnaby

May 2, 2017

Debate at BCIT

Today at BCIT Burnaby, candidates from the NDP, Liberal, and Green parties debated the state of advanced education.

The debate got heated between the Liberals and NDP. Liberal representative Andrew Wilkinson questioned the NDP’s budget plan for the new hospitals and advanced education funding, calling the plan “a chicken in every pot”.

Debate at BCIT

NDP candidate David Eby rebutted, indicating the Liberals had not given details themselves on their budget plans, pointing out the lack of information on funding for the new proposed bridge.

Green candidate Peter Hallschmid steered clear of the fire.

Election day is on May 9th, you can find each party’s platform online.

The 1975 play Vancouver for the 6th time at the PNE Forum on May 1st

Tonight, May 1st, 2017 in Vancouver, British band The 1975 are set to play the PNE Forum. The group has played Vancouver many times before, starting in 2013 at VENUE nightclub, and tonight will be the 6th time they’ve played our city.

Over the 4 years, their fanbase has grown, with many people camping out overnight. Maria Barr explains that camping is important to the experience, specifically because it is possibly her last time seeing the band with her best friend Tiana.

Friends outside the PNE Forum

Tiana, Maria, and Emily outside the PNE Forum in Vancouver, BC. May 1, 2017.

As for the show tonight, Maria’s friend Emily Head is excited to see them perform The Sound. She says that the feeling of jumping in the crowd to The Sound is something that is unlike anything else, stating other instances she’s seen the group, where she could not physically stop jumping because the force of the crowd propelled her.

The 1975 @ PNE Forum

The 1975 play tunes off their album “I like it when you sleep” at the PNE Forum May 1 at 7pm.