Why Smaller Concerts Are Far Superior Than Bigger Concerts

I know that you love going to concerts. How could you not? It’s so fun to just let loose for a bit and enjoy some kick-ass music with your friends. And we are absolutely spoiled with the shows we get in Vancouver. So many artists come to perform here, whether they’re big or small artists.

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You can see a big megastar like Taylor Swift or Drake. Or you could see a smaller concert and see a local band like Rare Americans or Hotel Mira. There’s something for everyone to enjoy no matter what size the concert is.

But that does beg the question; which is better between bigger or smaller concerts. You may disagree with me on this, but I think smaller concerts are way better than bigger concerts. Don’t get me wrong, bigger concerts are great and all, but smaller concerts are just way more intimate and way more exciting.

But first, let’s talk about why bigger concerts can be really good still. When you go see a show at Rogers Arena or B.C Place, the production for the shows is unreal. If you go see someone like The Weeknd for example, you will get an entire movie-like show. The sound is great, the visuals are like no other and you just feel like you are witnessing art. Bigger concerts feel almost like watching and listening to cinema and that is such a big reason why they can be so great.

But the one thing bigger concerts may lack is intimacy, which you won’t lack at most smaller concerts. Since the shows are so small, you can often interact with the band more and the people around you. And you can actually fricking move!

Back in May, I went to a show at the Rickshaw Theatre where there were four bands playing. Before the show started you could buy each band’s merch and they were sold by members of the band. You could actually interact with the people you are about to see and being able to connect with them on a personal level can make you relate to the band more.

The actual performance itself can be so good as well. When you’re belting out the lyrics to a song along with the singer and you’re close enough to be almost on stage with them, that creates a way-funner concert experience. You also just get the chance to meet new people way easier because you can move more and enjoy the music in a much closer space, which could be good or bad depending on how you feel about that. But it can result in making some great new friendships. My buddy Sean has made a few friends from just going to concerts and now any time he goes to a concert, he’s always asking his concert friends if they want to go. He was able to make some great new friends from concerts and that likely wouldn’t have happened otherwise or at a big concert.

The experience of a smaller show is much different than one of a bigger concert and in my opinion, smaller shows are way better. Big concerts in Vancouver are still great, but going to a smaller show in the city is an experience like no other.

So go out there and experience some smaller shows because I know you will love it. Just do me a favour if you do go to a small show. Try not to kick people in the face if you crowd surf.

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