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Hey you! Yeah, you! I bet you love concerts, don’t you? Well, you’re going to love this series called Bands To See In Van City. This is a series where I tell about bands from all around the world who are performing in Vancouver and who you have to see when they play here.

Back in May, I went to my first-ever concert which was headlined by four bands. One of those bands is this band from Wales called Holding Absence which was incredible to see live.


Now this was an interesting experience for me. I went into this concert not having listened to a single song by Holding Absence outside of one. My friend Sean suggested I do this because it would make for a great concert experience. And my goodness what an unreal experience it was. Lucas Woodland who is the lead singer, is the best live vocalist I have ever seen (even though that was my first concert). The energy that they brought to that show was insane. The show was at the Rickshaw Theatre and they had that whole place on their feet and belting out their lyrics.

Holding Absence is a post-hardcore band and their music is something you have to see live. Afterlife is a great song to listen to start getting into them. Gravity is a fantastic listen as well after Afterlife. And then you have to listen to Wilt. Wilt is the last song they played at the concert I went to and it was a life-changing experience. Lucas just put his all in that performance and the song itself is phenomenal. You have to check that one out.

Holding Absence has a great new album called The Noble Art of Self Destruction which is a fantastic album but it wasn’t released when I went to the concert. Which is all the reason why you should go see them in concert when they’re here next which might not be that far into the future.

They usually come to Vancouver about once a year and the last two times have been in May so keep your eyes peeled.

When it comes to shows in Vancouver, Holding Absence is a band you need to check out when they’re back here. You will love the crowd atmosphere and you will absolutely adore the band.

Trust me when I tell you this, you don’t want to miss them when they’re here, especially when they are playing smaller shows because they might just become a mega-star band.

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